Be More Like Him

July 17, 2017

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show...

Hour 1
No one really likes the beach...
How beach vacations became a thing.
Lamar gives us the best movies to watch when it's hot outside.
Morons in the news...

Hour 2
Sheri is figuring out what car her children would get when they can drive.
Be bitter or Be better, Sheri's advice to her daughter.
Bob has an Elvis impersonator singing with him.
When she asks you "Why can't you be more like him"?

Hour 3
Bob noticing all the attention he got after singing "Falling In Love" to his wife with Elvis.
Has Bob changed or is trying to hard to be positive?
Sheri at the Cat Cafe!
Bob doesn't understand goat yoga.

Hour 4
Lamar giving us the best movies for the heat!
Should you stay for the post credit scene?
Jim Szoke with Sports confuse me.
The one thing ever single guy has lying around.

Be More Like Him

Why can't you just be more like him?