Chow down!

April 20, 2017

Today on the Bob and Sheri show:

Hour 1:

Hello driver.
Bill's day is over.
Squirrels need love too.
Morons in the news.

Hour 2:

Popular stoner snacks.
The ugliest people in America?
The gross snacks you're eating.
Darcy's man likes mac and cheese pizza dough.

Hour 3:

Jessica eats the handi-pack cheese and crackers with pop tarts
Coby is eating the whole can of rolls.
Courtney is chowing down on corn flakes and ketchup.
Gerilyn is eating the pickles, strawberries and sour cream.

Hour 4:

Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke.
No love at the tennis match.
Eating healthy at fast food places.
Gators all around.

Chow down!

Sometimes you just have to have it.