A Crazy Living Situation

April 5, 2017

Today on the Bob & Sheri Show...

Hour 1:
Jessica Simpson, the smart successful buisness woman.
Flip or Flop divorce couple still making show?
Ed O'Neill on "Married with Children" to "Modern Family"
Morons in the News...

Hour 2:
Questions and For Answers!
Do not use the word "FINE"
Sheri's family is living like monkeys!
Bob took all the liquor!

Hour 3:
Ed had the party house!
House by the railroad.
Carly lived in her car.
Is The King of Rock not familirized with Millinials.

Hour 4:
How much money in damages has these movies cost?
Why people do not like you.
Barry Manilow comes out gay.
Beverly Hills is disappointing 

A Crazy Living Situation

Living like a monkey!