Dad's Old Car

June 19, 2017

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show...

Hour 1
Beloved Animal House actor dies.
Bob talks about his Father's Day.
Amazon buying Whole Foods.
Morons in the News.

Hour 2
"World's Greatest Dad" gifts are the worst.
Woman kicking officer in the groin.
Dad's beater car.
Matt grew up with a car that was part plywood.

Hour 3
David was riding a modern day Flintstones car.
Jennifer experienced an explosion in the passenger seat.
Sarah rode in a two-seater car with eleven siblings.
The floor board was flooded!

Hour 4
Bob schedules things from their level of iritation.
Sheri's daughter thinks she's a diva!
Day drinking is not for everybody.
Today's kids think they are having it rough, compared to their parents.

Dad's Old Car

Riding in the back of dad's beater car!