I refuse to do it!

June 7, 2017

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show:

Hour 1:

What will replace Twitter?
Wrap my chicken in cookie dough.
Avoid being cranky.... Man.
Morons in the news.

Hour 2:

George is still sedated.
Ed Sheeran joins James Corden.
I just won't do it.
Laura's man won't eat from her plate.

Hour 3:

Cameron won't wash his pillow case in five years.
Scott's girlfriend won't eat at places that serve cute things on the menu.
Robin's brother won't stop making the rude noises.
Susan's roommate won't stop watching conspiracy videos.

Hour 4:

Ed Sheeran on the Late Late show.
The creation of bluetooth.
Britney as you never heard her before.
Jerry won't give hugs.

I refuse to do it!

You can't make me do it.