I'm Calling You Out

June 12, 2017

Hour 1
How was Adam West typecasted as an actor if William Shatner broke out of his typecast.
The most famous VMA moment, brought to you by Kanye.
Kevin Spacey's opening for the Tony Awards confirms the rumors.
Morons in the News

Hour 2
Jennifer Lawrence horrifying place ride.
Bob controlling his rage.
Make yourself three inches taller, painfully!
Scott tells us about his leg lengthening experience.

Hour 3
Jerry Seinfeld angered by The Kardashians.
Kids just don't understand.
Sheri got a haircut, Bob didn't notice... Uh oh.
Tasty BBQ ideas.

Hours 4
Sheri is experimenting in the kitchen.
Bob's Uber driver experience.
If Bob was a guard in Orange is the New Black.
Dark moments of Princess Diana after her wedding.

I'm Calling You Out