Kids say the coldest things.

March 13, 2017

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show:

Hour 1:

Is there still love for the Bachelor?
Busy weekend for Weston Cage.
Judge Judy's net wort.
Morons in the news.

Hour 2:

Sheri's daylight savings wake up call.
The facts about Daylight Savings.
Kids say the coldest things.
Kate's kids team up against her with their comments.

Hour 3:

Art's daughter wants it all when he goes.
Angela's daughter took a shot at her size.
Terry had to discuss with her hubby over daughter's comment.
She is planning for my funeral.

Hour 4:

Middle aged Ron-Com movie titles.
The ole college party.
Driverless car time.
The fast food chain we all like.


Kids say the coldest things.

Kids call it like they see it... find out what they are saying during the Phun Phones.