Lamar reviews - 12 Strong

February 2, 2018

All you really need to know is Jerry Bruckheimer is directing Chris Hemsworth who is riding a horse shootin’ bad guys.  Who’s not buying a ticket to see that?


If you are looking for a war movie that is packed with action and makes you proud to be an American then this is 2 hours you are not going to want to miss.  And the fact that it is based on the true story of 12 actual Green Berets that rode horses into battle in Afghanistan is the bacon on the burger.


The movie opens up with actual clips of the previous attacks on the U.S by Ben Laden and the Taliban that led up to 9/11.  Chris Hemsworth plays Green Beret Captain Mitch Nelson who left active duty to be closer to his family.  When he sees the attack on TV he heads to the base to get his old unit back so they can fight.  Colonel Bowers is reluctant to put him back in.  As a side note Colonel Bowers is played by Rob Riggle, who served in the Marines, and he actually served under the real Colonel Bowers.  Bowers is convinced by Chief Warrant Officer Hal Spencer, played by Michael Shannon, to let him.


When the team gets to Afghanistan they find out the mission is to hook up with General Dostrum, a warlord to destroy the Taliban strongholds.  They also discover there are other teams trying to get the mission.  Although Captain Nelson has never seen actual combat he convinces the Colonels to pick his team.  The odds of most, if any, of the team making it back are not good.  If they find themselves in a tight spot help will not be able to get to them.  When they meet up with General Dostrum they find out the only way to get to the Taliban camps is by horseback.  Captain Nelson is the only one of the 12 soldiers that had experience riding a horse.  It takes a while for Captain Nelson’s team and General Dostrum’s group to earn each other’s trust and they are a force of less than 250 fighting against the Taliban’s over 50 thousand.  There is no real game plan, they have to learn as they go.  What they do have is Captain Nelson and his men directing the B-52 Bombers where to drop their bombs.

The action sequences are well done and very tense.  The movie moves at a good pace.  20 minutes in and you forget all about Thor and his hammer, all you see is a determined Green Beret.


The movie is 2 hours and 10 minutes, Rated-R for violence and language.


In describing America’s role in Afghanistan General Dostrum tells Captain Nelson, “The US forces will be cowards if they leave and enemies if they stay.


I always say just because a movie says based on true events that doesn’t mean everything you see is true.  But if the research I’ve done is correct, although there was some added drama for effect and some things left out, all in all they stuck really close to what happened.


This is a great movie to remind us that there are still American soldiers that are willing to do what we either can’t or won’t do so that we can continue to live the greatest lifestyle in the greatest county on the face of the earth.  And God bless them for it.


My Score: 6 Budweisers

Lamar review - 12 Strong

How many cold Buds did the PMC give it?