Lamar reviews - Avengers - Infinity war.

May 4, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War


Ok in this review I’m not going to reveal any major plot points. But if you are like my son Clay who went into total media and friend black out until he could see it the first time and then watched it again the next day before talking to anyone, you might want to wait until you see it before listening to this review.


This is a smart movie. It remains an example of how Marvel gets it right and DC most of the time just misses the mark. This movie is a herculean undertaking. There are over 70 characters in this movie and I feel that each one got the attention they deserved. There were storylines going on in New York, different outer space locations, and Wakanda. And yet for me it did not seem confusing.


There are so many things going on even if I didn’t worry about spoilers there would be no way to describe them all but the overall plot is simple. Thanos, the villain, played by Josh Brolin is on his way and unless the Avengers figure out a way to stop him he will destroy the universe as we know it.

He is collecting the six “infinity stones” and once he has them nothing or no one in existence will be able to stop him. What makes Thanos interesting is this is not just a power grab, he actually believes the mission he is on is a good one. For everyone involved. There are actual moments you look at things from his prospective and it makes you think.


The groups are interesting. The Guardians of the Galaxy hook up with Thor. Doctor Strange, Spiderman, and Iron Man are together. Not getting along but in the same place. Another group is in Wakanda, and some more in other places.


The action is non-stop and the battles are numerous and fierce. When the action does stop it’s for an important reason. And most of the time it is a very critical point in the story.


The movie is 2 hours and 29 minutes but it goes by so fast you won’t know it. Rated PG-13 for intense sci-fi violence and action. Some language and crude references.


One of the things that really sets the Marvel movies apart from other superhero movies is the humor.

Years ago they found the balance for just the right amount of humor and they have been able to maintain that balance. It is no different in this film. What is really amazing is this movie has a lot more serious moments than the usual Marvel movie. But even with that the humor still shines through, especially with the Guardians and Thor.


If you have not watched the majority of the rest of the Marvel movies this is not the one to start with. You would be absolutely lost. Carla went with me and even though she has seen a lot of them she had some trouble keeping up. Also I failed to tell her this was the first of two movies with this storyline so she wasn’t very happy at the end. All I will say is I can’t wait till next year and see if it’s remotely possible that they can top this. I hope so.


My Score: A Full 6 Pack of Budweiser!

Lamar review - Avengers - Infiinity war

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