Lamar reviews - Bacon Boss

June 13, 2018

I’ve been saving this product with huge anticipation.  There are a multitude of microwave bacon cookers on the market.  Bacon Wave, Power Crisp, Bacon Magic, and many others.  When you call something the Bacon Boss you have raised the bar.  I’m thinking this will be a life changing experience.  Sadly, it was not.


What is special about the Bacon Boss is it has a screw down glass lid that not only keeps the grease from splattering everywhere it forces the bacon to lay flat.  That is a wonderful idea.  The first and biggest problem is the amount of bacon it holds. Four slices.  What am I supposed to do with four slices of bacon?  I don’t consider four slices of bacon a serving.  That is a lie that the restaurant industry has been trying to sell us for years!  Sorta like the greeting card industry has convinced us that we have to purchase a $7.99 card to give with a $10.00 gift.  Be woke America! Don’t fall for this trickery.   I eat four slices of bacon while I’m cooking the eggs.


I decided to cook the four measly slices with the Bacon Boss at the same time I cooked ten slices in a pan in the oven.  I placed my pan in a cold oven and turned the oven to 395.  I placed the Bacon Boss in the microwave and put it on 6 minutes.  The Bacon Boss is just a little too large to turn in my microwave so I turned it by hand a quarter of a turn every minute for even cooking.  After 6 minutes the bacon did not appear to be as crisp as I like it so I added 4 minutes to it.  Now we are at 10 minutes cooking time but probably 12-13 overall since I started.  At the end of 4 it still looked not crisp enough.  I did 2 more minutes and pulled it.  The grease had drained into the catch tray and the bacon was not greasy.  I might have went a minute too long but the bacon was fine.  By this time the bacon I had in the oven was done to the normal perfection and I took it off the pan and placed on paper towel.


As far as clean up goes the Bacon Boss looked really bad but it clean up perfectly in the dish washer.


As far as taste goes the oven bacon was far superior but I’ve done it that way few thousand times and only once with the Bacon Boss. If I did the Bacon Boss consistently I would have better results.  But all of that is moot point! If you cooked the bacon perfect with the Bacon Boss what have you got?  I get more bacon that that at a Costco Sampling!  Forget that and pullout you pan, put some aluminum foil down.  Put your bacon in a cold oven and turn it on 395, skip the overpriced greeting card and live your life! 


My score: 0 Budweisers    

Lamar reviews - Bacon Boss

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