Lamar reviews - Daddy's home 2

December 1, 2017

Is this it?  The best we can expect for Christmas movies this year?  This and Bad Moms Christmas?  Not only do both of the movies suck equally but they seem like the same movie but one with women and one with men.  In Bad Moms the grandmothers show up and complicate Christmas.  There is an overbearing grandmother that tries to have everything her way.  There is another grandmother that is so sweet you need a shot of insulin to watch the movie.  In Daddy’s Home 2 you have grandfathers show up to complicate Christmas.  One, a macho overbearing control freak, the other a sweet doting Pop Pop who sees the best in everyone.  And both movies end with the promise of a Vegas trip that could lead to a third movie.  And just like the first Bad Moms, Daddy’s Home was a really good movie that was probably funnier than it should have been.  The problem with both of these movies is as good as they were there was not enough left for a sequel.  But Hollywood can’t take a win and go home they have to come back with a sequel and not stop until they have a total box office disaster.


I really had higher hopes for this movie.  When they put Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg together in The Other Guys it was comedy gold.  That same chemistry worked in the first Daddy’s Home but not so much in this one.  In the first movie Brad, played by Will Ferrell is a super nice guy that is trying his best to bond with his step children.  Mark Wahlberg plays Dusty their real dad.  He is the macho good looking cool dad who rides a Harley.  And although he is mostly an absentee dad, when he does come to town he showers them with gifts so of course they love him.  By the end of the first movie Brad and Dusty have joined forces to become co-dads and it’s the best of both worlds.  In this one they have the co-dad thing down pat and are best friends.  Now they have decided to do one Christmas together and everybody’s happy.  Until the granddads show up.   


Mel Gibson as Dusty’s dad Kurt is the best thing about this movie.  He is a retired space shuttle astronaut, a macho womanizer, an absentee father who is critical of his son, and determined to destroy the whole co-dad thing that Brad and Dusty have going on.  In fact Mel Gibson’s performance reminds you of one of his crazy rants caught on tape. 

There is a lot of slapstick comedy by Farrell that is reminiscent of Home Alone and Christmas Vacation but it never comes close to that level of funny.  Brad’s dad is played by John Lithgow who is always excellent in everything he does.  Even with the weak storyline and even weaker writing he rises way above the material.  Whatever character he plays he always gives it 100 percent.  John Cena shows up as the father of Dusty’s stepdaughter so that he gets a taste of what Brad went through in the first movie.  But really Cena is wasted.


It is 100 minutes long, Rated PG-13 for suggestive material and some language.  It not near as raunchy as Bad Moms.


The movie was not painful to sit through but I only laughed a couple of times.  This is a lot of wasted talent with nothing much to do.  This is just another reminder that there are very few movies that actually need a sequel.


My Score: 2 Budweisers and that’s being generous.   


Lamar reviews - Daddy's home 2.

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