Lamar reviews - Deadpool 2

May 25, 2018

The fact that the sequel was guaranteed a few days before the first Deadpool was released was either scary or an exciting bonus depending on how you look at it.  It’s scary because possibly the movie could suck.  But it didn’t.  It’s still scary because even if it was awesome it could be one of those movies that didn’t need a sequel but the money was so good that did it anyway.  It’s a bonus because it shows they know for a fact they have struck absolute gold that is for sure going to be a successful franchise.  But since it did turn out to be possibly the funniest superhero movie ever made how could you possibly match it with a sequel, is the scariest thought of all.  That happens more often than not.  The poster child for that is Hangover.  But one that is closer to this type of movie is Pirates of the Caribbean.  The first one was so awesome because we had never experienced anything like Jack Sparrow ever.  At the time it was the greatest character ever!  So of course they made more Pirates of the Caribbean, five in fact.  Should have never went past 2.  You can only experience the Jack Sparrow character the first time once.  The second time no matter what he does it’s not the same.  Not as fresh.  Now you have expectations that not only must be met, they must be exceeded or you are going to be disappointed.  That is also the secret to my love life, keep expectations low.  Hold something back, don’t set the bar high.  My point is we will never be able to experience what it was like to watch the first 15 minutes of the first Deadpool again.  It was absolute cinema magic.  It was the perfect blend of action, music, and smartass dialog delivered like only Ryan Reynolds can do it.  The entire movie was that way.  Everybody left the movie counting the days until Deadpool 2.  And as that count down got lower the expectations got higher.  So we go in wanting to be wowed even more than that first experience.  That my friends is impossible.


But I gotta say they got as close as they possibly could.  It is just as fast paced, and again the action sequences are huge and exciting.  The plot picks up where the last one left off but no spoilers.  We jump into a huge action scene and everything goes crazy.  Deadpool becomes an X-Men Trainee so you can only imagine where that winds up.  But he does come in contact with a misunderstood mutant kid who if his course is not changed will grow up to be a killer.  We know this because Josh Brolin as Cable has come back from the future to kill this kid and make sure he stops his future murders.  This puts Deadpool protecting the kid from Cable, which leads to all the action.


119 minutes Rated-R for everything you can imagine and a lot you can’t.  Don’t take your 12 year old and be surprised.  That’s why it’s rated R.   I don’t care if you bought your 9 year old Grand Theft Auto, don’t take him to this movie!


It’s everything you wanted it to be and maybe more.  If you loved the first one, then you will love this one.  My biggest concern is can it be done again.  Without repeating itself.  If not, let it go.  I don’t want to see this franchise tarnished by a bad sequel.  When it’s over sit still, don’t move.  There are 2 scenes during the credits that may be better than the movie.


My Score: A full 6 Pack of ice cold Budweisers.


Lamar reviews - Deadpool 2

Ryan's back and this time he brought his friends.