Lamar reviews - Forever your girl

February 9, 2018

When you mention a Nicholas Sparks movie people tend to smirk and make the comment that they are all alike, you know exactly what’s going to happen.  If you ask that person did they go see the movie the answer is usually “well, uh, yeah.” And did you like the movie?  “Well, uh, yes I did”.  Which explains why movies based on his books have done over $800 million at the box office.  So it’s not surprising that other people are writing books targeted at this huge fan base.  Forever My Girl is based on the book by Heidi McLaughlin and it is directed by Bethany Ashton Wolf.


The movie opens up in a small town country church in Louisiana on the wedding day of Josie and Liam who are played by Jessica Rothe and Alex Roe.  Liam, who has just been discovered as a country music star, doesn’t show and Josie is devastated.  In these first few minutes this looks more like a video for a country music song and the accents are dripping ice tea that’s a little too sweet.  All that’s missing is a dog and a pickup truck.  All of a sudden I feel like I’m watching a new cable channel called Southern Fried Lifetime.  But after a few minutes everything settles in when we catch up with Liam 8 years after he was the runaway groom.  He is now the country version of Justin Bieber who can’t do anything for himself and seems to have a drinking problem brought on by sadness we assume for jilting his bride.  They actually play up the drinking to a point and it just disappears.  Something happens to drag him back to his hometown where he is forced to face the disappointment of his dad and scorn of his ex-fiancé, her brother, and the rest of the town.  The big surprise is Billy, the daughter he didn’t know he had, played by Abby Ryder Fortson.  Now things start to get Nicholas Sparkly only without the water.  Liam has to win back Josie’s trust and hopefully become a father to Billy.  To be honest it helps to accomplish this if you have the unlimited budget of a country superstar.


Wolf went at the country music part of this movie hard.  She wanted Roe to get the feel of being a country music star so she took him to the CMA fest in Nashville 5 months before filming.  She arranged for him to be backstage on the last night to feel what it’s like to be a country star.  The lineup included Thomas Rhett, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, and Luke Bryan.  She and Roe walked a couple of feet behind each group as they took the stage so he could feel what it was like performing in front of 60,000 people.  Roe then spent 5 months doing singing rehearsals every day, performed on stage in jam sessions with a live band each week, and then recorded in Nashville.


A very quick 108 minutes, Rated PG for drinking and language that I really can’t recall.


This movie does not stray from the formula.  You know exactly what this movie is and if that is what you’re looking for it will fit the bill.  It’s not Nicholas Sparks but since apparently he’s not doing any more films based on his books this is an adequate first entry.  I loved Jessica Rothe in Happy Death Day, but she had more to do in that movie.  Alex Roe is a great looking guy who could pass as a country artist.  Their chemistry worked.  It was a very pleasant 108 minutes.  It should have released the same day as the new Fifty Shades movie.  People too embarrassed to buy a ticket could get one for this movie and sneak into that one.


My Score: on the cheesy romance scale 4 Buds

Lamar reviews - Forever my girl

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