Lamar reviews - Game Night

March 2, 2018

If you are a Jason Bateman fan you cannot miss this movie.  If you are not a Jason Bateman fan, and I can’t for the life of me understand why, go see this movie and you will be.  I’m not really sure how to describe Jason Bateman.  He is the everyman that is constantly getting the short end of the stick but he still keeps going with optimism and a good attitude.  He is that guy you can’t help but pull for.  Joining him in this movie is another favorite of mine, Rachel McAdams.  She is phenomenal in everything she’s in. 

Jason plays Max and Rachel plays Annie.  Both are ruthless competitors in any game they play.  They meet during a trivia night, fall in love and get married.  They have a group of friends that meet up every week for game night.  It might be Monopoly, The Game of Life, charades, or whatever.  There is a husband and wife, Kevin and Michelle, played by Lamorne Morris and Kylie Bunbury. Another friend Ryan, played by Billy Magnussen, who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Every week he brings a new girl, each one more beautiful and more clueless than the last.

 But this week for a change he brings a coworker from his office that is really smart played by Sharon Horgan.  The other player is Max’s brother Brooks, played by Kyle Chandler.  Kyle has always been better looking, smarter, stronger, faster, and more successful.  Which is so stressful to Max.  The other player that is not invited is the next door neighbor Gary, played by Jesse Plemons.  He is a police officer and is recently divorced from his wife.  He is really weird and really creepy.  The only reason they let him come to game night was because of his wife.  Now that she is gone they try to keep game night a secret from him.

Brooks trying to one up Max offers to have game night at his house and when everybody shows up he announces they are not playing the usual boring games.  He has hired a murder mystery company to come do a kidnapping and the group has to find and rescue the kidnapping victim.  But what happens is an actual kidnaping that the group mistakenly thinks is part of the game and they treat it as such.  Until somebody actually gets shot and then they know it’s all for real and because of situation they can’t go to the cops.

The movie is totally silly and the multiple twists are crazy but because it all works so well you can’t help but go with it.  The creepy cop next door either doesn’t have a clue or he’s clever as a fox. 

A perfect 100 minutes, Rated R for language.

This movie could not have worked without Jason Bateman and honestly I can’t think of anybody better than Rachel McAdams to play his wife.  Each character brings something to the table, especially Jesse Plemons as the cop.

I had no expectations about this movie and it caught me totally by surprise.  A lot of fun.

My Score: A full 6PK of Budweiser



Lamar reviews - Game night

How many cold Buds can Jason Bateman pull down with his new flick?