Lamar reviews - I feel pretty

April 27, 2018

I was an Amy Schumer fan for a long time.  She is smart, edgy, and fearless in her comedy.  She said things people normally don’t say and some of it was shocking.  And she wasn’t afraid to go over the line.  All things a great comedian does.  But then she started to think the best way to advance her career was to not only cross the line but just keep going and never look back.  For me clever, clever, shocking, and back to clever is so much funnier.  If all you do is try to be shocking I get a little bored.  But if you like the filthy Amy Schumer you’ll be disappointed with the PG-13 Rating she’s handcuffed with.  None of her dirty words have less than five letters and some key consonants are missing.  You go in looking for Amy Schumer live in the bathroom of a hair salon in a women’s prison and what you get is a highly agitated Ellen who stubbed her toe on the corner of the dresser.  But let’s put that aside and say you just want a funny comedy to take your mind off your troubles.  Sorry, you’re still out of luck!  Last time I checked comedies are supposed to be funny.  I Feel Pretty is slightly funnier than the last 15 minutes of Old Yeller but not near as many laughs as The Sixth Sense.


So ok, we don’t have an R-Rated Amy Schumer comedy but at least we have a movie that addresses the issue of low self-esteem some women have when they compare themselves to super models and TV stars.  Well it’s hard for that to be the case because first off Amy Schumer is not an unattractive woman but they try to portray her that way even though she looks normal.  There is no ugly duckling turning into a swan moment.  She goes to a wishing well and wishes to be beautiful, gets a concussion, and wakes up thinking she looks like a fitness model.  This gives her the confidence she needs to start dating, get her dream job, and unfortunately turn into a smug, condescending, know it all that treats her friends poorly.  The message they want to convey is a good one.  There is nothing more attractive than confidence.  I’ve known women that physically are never going to be the most attractive person in the room but they felt like they were and most importantly, walked into the room like they were.  And you know what?  The room took notice, and people gravitated toward them.  Why?  Because confidence is attractive.  Sadly this movie did a poor job of getting that message across.

The movie is a too long hour and fifty minutes.  Rated PG-13.


There are a few moments that shine, one of them being when Amy’s character Renee meets Ethan, played by Rory Scovel, in a Dry Cleaners.  It was a great scene but you have to wonder if Renee, who sees herself as super attractive, would go after an average guy.  And sadly the “I’m good enough just as I am” gets lost in the “our makeup will make your dreams come true” marketing campaign.


So what we have is an R-Rated comic in an unfunny PG-13 comedy that is supposed to have a message about self-esteem and confidence in the face of body image issues that totally misses the point.  Instead of something for everybody, this winds up being nothing for anybody.


My Score: 1 Bud        

Lamar reviews - I feel pretty

Is it a hit or miss for Amy?