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September 8, 2017



I have a public service announcement.  If you are one of the idiots across the country that over the last 6 months have been dressing up like creepy clowns and sneaking through the woods and backyards scaring people, you might want put them big shoes and face pant in a box and set it on fire.  The next few months ain’t gonna be a time for that crap. 


I did not read the book.  I did not watch the mini-series on TV back in 1990.  But you would have to live under a rock not to know what IT is.  So I had no intention of going to see this movie.  Which is exactly why Todd sent me to see this movie.  The Regal Spartan 16 movie theater where I see the movies is awesome.  Great popcorn, nice theater, and for these preview movies I never have a problem finding a seat so I never go early.  This time the theater was packed!  I’m talking Avengers, Fast and Furious packed.  Carla and I got the last 2 seats.  This made me even more nervous about this movie.


The movie is based of course on the Stephen King novel that is 1100 pages long.  This movie is the first half of the book.  The second movie will be made if this one does well at the box office. 


The movie is set in the 80’s in a small town in Maine.  People, especially children are going missing and are never found.  For some reason this is not headline news except to a group of outcast pre-teen kids who call themselves The Losers’ Club.  Bill stutters, Richie wears Coke-bottle glasses, talks all the time, and cracks bad jokes. Eddie is a hypochondriac that constantly sucks on an inhaler.  Stanley is preparing for his Bar Mitzvah and Ben is a new kid who spends all of his time in the library.  Mike is home schooled and seems to be the only black kid in town.  Beverly the only girl in the club is the coolest of the group but has a terrible home life with her abusive father.  There is an assortment of older boy bullies that make the Losers’ lives miserable.  The creepy, murderous clown Pennywise is played by Bill Skarsgard who reportedly had constant nightmares during production.


Bill’s brother George is Pennywise’s first victim and all seven members of the club start seeing the clown and or other manifestations of things they fear. 

If they are going to defeat Pennywise and get their lives back the Losers will have to stick together.


This movie grabs you by the throat in the first 10 minutes and never lets go.  But mixed in with the suspense and horror is seeing the group of kids bond, deal with their individual fears and problems, and start to grow up.  It’s sorta like watching Stand By Me if Leatherface was chasing the kids with a chainsaw.  This is another edge of the seat movie that gives you just enough humor to let you get your breath before it takes off again.


2 hours 15 minutes, Rated-R for violence/horror, bloody images, and language.


Yes it scared the crap out of me but it really, really, is a good movie.  Will the second one get made?  The teaser trailer for this film generated 197 million views within 24 hours. The Fate of the Furious got 139 million.  So yeah, I’m pretty sure.


My Score: A Full 6 Pack of ice cold Budweiser

Lamar Reviews- It

How many buds did the movie critic give?