Lamar reviews - Jurassic World: Fallen KIngdom

June 29, 2018

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


I loved Chris Pratt as Andy on Parks and Recreation.  You have to be really smart to play a character that dumb correctly.  If not the character winds up being annoying and not funny.  Then he transitioned both physically and character wise to action star in Zero Dark Thirty.  Next he totally smashes the role of Marvel Hero Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Does grate voice work in the Lego movies, brings new Life to the Jurassic Series, and cowboys up in The Magnificent Seven.  And just when I think there is no way for this man to impress me any more than he already has he makes the speech of a lifetime at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. I cannot put into words the admiration I have for this guy!  The amount of testicular fortitude it took to stand on that stage and speak those words to that crowd is huge.  And I can’t think of an audience that is need of hearing it more than the young people in that room.  His important message was wrapped in the perfect amount of humor to keep those people engaged enough to take it in.  It was identical to his analogy about putting the dog’s medicine inside the hamburger. 

Off the top of my head I can’t think of another Hollywood star that could have pulled that off.  I say to Chris, “God Bless you my brother and I can only hope you get to be in a movie with Tom Cruise so maybe we can get him back on the J Team.” 


As far as the movie goes I’m not sure there was an actual need for this one but nobody is leaving this kind of money on the table so it was going to be made no matter what.  To change it up they decide to get the dinosaurs off the Island.  This comes by way of an impending volcanic eruption that will wipe out the Island and the dinosaurs.  The question is does the government step in or let them die.  We bring back Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm to testify before a Congressional hearing to come up with a solution.  Congressional hearing?  You’d be better off with 3 blind monkeys flipping a coin.


Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, enlists Owen, played by Chris Pratt, to help her save the dinosaurs by working with billionaire Benjamin Lockwood, played by James Cromwell.  Of course it turns out that the man Lockwood puts in charge has his own agenda which is to capture the dinosaurs and sell them as weapons for millions of dollars.


The problem with continuing to make these movies is there is only so many ways you can go and it all goes back to running around trying not to be eaten by dinosaurs.  Whether you are running through the jungle or the hallway of a huge mansion you are still trying not to be eaten by a dinosaur.  And we’ve seen these same dinosaurs multiple times.   


128 minutes long, Rated PG-13 for intense Sci-fi violence.


Don’t get me wrong, the movie is still fun.  The special effects are fantastic.  Owen is in full out Indiana Jones mode and Claire is totally ready for action.  So she has traded in her 3 ½ in. Sam Edelman heels for boots.  The chemistry between them is awesome and everyone in the movie does a great job.  It’s just that we’ve done this before.  This honestly should be the last one but they have hinted that it will be a trilogy and they leave it open for a sequel.  Hopefully somebody will come to their senses.


My Score: 4 Budweisers      

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How many buds do these dinorsaurs get?