Lamar reviews - Justice League

November 27, 2017

The biggest problem Justice League faces is the Marvel Comic Universe.  If it didn’t exist we would probably think DC comic movies were awesome because we didn’t have anything better to compare it to.  The same could be said for turkey bacon if the much more delicious and delectable, undisputable king of flavor, pork bacon, had not already taken control of our taste buds.  Marvel has done a good job of setting up each superhero with their own standalone movie so that we know them and what they’re all about.  By the time The Avengers movie came out we didn’t need to waste time on origin stories.  That cannot be said for the Justice League movie.  Late in 2018 there will be an Aquaman movie but here are no dates scheduled for The Flash, Batman, Cyborg, or the next Justice League.  This is the first time we are introduced to these characters.  The Flash, played by Ezra Miller.  Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa.  And Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher.  Their back stories take up a lot of time, plus don’t forget Superman, played by Henry Cavil, is still dead and that has to be dealt with. 



We do have Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, who had great success with her standalone movie but she has to team back up with Ben Affleck who has not had a chance to establish his version of Batman except in the faceoff with Superman.  While we are sorting all of this out we need a villain to fight.  What we get is a bad CGI version of Steppenwolf, a bad guy that only dedicated comic aficionados would recognize.  He is trying to become a new powerful god by finding 3 boxes and putting them together.  One is hidden with the Amazonians, one is kept in Atlantis, and the other one with humans.  Steppenwolf is played by Ciaran Hinds.  This is not a memorable villain.


They did bring back some supporting characters everybody is familiar with.  Alfred, played by Jeremy Irons, Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams, Martha Kent, played by Diane Lane, and Commissioner Gordon, played by J.K. Simmons.


The good news is they have paid attention to Marvel and have lightened up the tone.  Aquaman has some funny lines about Bruce Wayne dressing up in a bat costume and the Flash is funny as the goofy kid who is unsure of how to use his power in battle. This is a way more enjoyable movie than Batman Vs Superman.  But still not as good as Wonder Woman.


The movie is 120 minutes, Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action and violence.  You do want to stay till the end.  There are 2 scenes, 1 mid credit and the other at the very end.


Justice League is getting some bad press and I guess it deserves some of it.  But I didn’t hate the movie. Was it as good as a Marvel movie?  No.  But there was no Marvel movie playing.  Was it the best superhero movie showing at the time?  Yes it was.  So in the absence of a far superior Marvel comic movie is Justice League worth going to see if you love these types of movies?  Absolutely.  So using this logic would it be safe to say in the absence of real bacon turkey bacon would be worth eating?  This ain’t no comic book!  This is the real world, don’t be ridiculous!


My Score:  3 Budweisers

Lamar reviews - Justice League

Luke warm Buds all around....