Lamar reviews - Life of the party.

May 18, 2018

Life of the Party


What is going on?  Melissa McCarthy is a fantastic comedian and actress.  This is not just an opinion, it’s a fact.  She was absolutely hilarious in the TV show Mike and Molly.  She owned the movie Bridesmaids.  She was terrific with Sandra Bullock in Heat.  And for me in what might be her best movie so far, she knocked it totally out of the park in Spy.  The three movies were written and directed by Paul Feig.  Not everything is gold.  Tammy was an abomination!  Identity Thief struggled and The Boss was so so.  The common denominator is the movies that suck are written by her and her husband Ben Falcone who also directs.  They teamed up again for Life of the Party.  Who is loaning these people money, and why?  Do they have naked pictures of somebody and a goat?


Tammy was awful but even though few and far between, there were some laughs.  There truly was nothing here.  The premise is Deanna, played by McCarthy and her husband Dan, played by Matt Walsh drop off their daughter Maddie for her senior year at college.  Dan informs Deanna he wants a divorce.  She has no job and lacks one year getting her degree so she enrolls at the same college as Maddie.  Now this is a wide open storyline that has been done numerous times successfully.  Rodney Dangerfield and Will Ferrell had huge success with this.  But if you are going to do college humor it’s got to be R-Rated or you’re just wasting your time.  This movie is Rated-PG13.


Maddie’s friends fall in love with Deanna and she takes to college life really quickly.  She meets a guy less than half her age and not only do they hook up but they actually have a relationship.  Of course they run into some “mean girls” and dispatch them in an 80’s party dance off.


In a movie like this sometimes they try a ton of jokes and hope that a few of them actually get a laugh.  For some reason they didn’t try but a few jokes and not one of them worked.  So you wind up just watching a middle-aged woman got to college.  If there is a bright spot Maya Rudolph plays Deanna’s best friend Christine.  She is over the top and fully energized but they gave her nothing to work with.


In this kind of movie 20 minutes before the end something is supposed to happen to put people in conflict so that everything is ruined.  Then in a mad dash against all odds they get together and work everything out and live happily ever after.  They do have the big dramatic thing but the mad dash and working things out turned into a cup of coffee and 45 seconds.


105 minutes, Rated-PG13 for long boring stretches of unfunny dialog.


I checked on her upcoming movies.  One has her as a failed writer who is suffering from depression.  After this movie, me too.  The next one is a puppet movie, I’ll let that speak for itself.  And they are filming one where she is a mobster’s wife.  So I don’t look to see anything good from her coming down the road.


My Score: 1 Hot Zima

Lamar reviews - Life of the party

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