Lamar reviews - Snatched

May 12, 2017

If you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day movie to take your Mom to, the title alone should be enough to dissuade you.  But just in case you’re feel adventurous, unless your mom was   raised by a retired Navy Seal in a tattoo parlor and paid her way through truck driving school working as a stripper she’s not going to enjoy watching this movie with her kids. 

Amy Schumer plays Emily, a girl who manages to lose her job and her boyfriend the day before she is scheduled to leave for an exotic trip to Ecuador.  The biggest travesty in all of this is no travel insurance and the trip is nonrefundable.  After exhausting her short list of friends she turns to her mom, played by Goldie Hawn, and begs her to go.  Two problems show up immediately.  The break-up scene with her boyfriend, played by Michael Park sets a funny tone, but the movie can’t maintain it.  And Goldie Hawn is not the right person to play a frumpy old lady with multiple cats, four deadbolts on her door, and 30 year old agoraphobic son.  She has not made a movie since The Banger Sisters in 2002. 

This is not the right movie for her comeback.  She is too bubbly and likeable to be taken seriously as this character.

When they get to the resort Emily meets a great looking guy named James, played by Tom Bateman.  He has sparkling teeth, great hair, and perfect stubble.  He sweeps her off her feet and takes her and her mom on a day trip to see Ecuador.  Her mom’s worst fear comes true when he turns out to be a point man for a group of kidnappers who hold tourists for ransom.  The rest of the movie consists of Emily and her mom escaping, getting re-captured, escaping again, being chased, and along the way a few people die.  Again, this is not what your mom is looking for.

The movie itself doesn’t work but there are still a few laugh out loud moments, most of them involving other characters.  Christopher Meloni’s portrayal of an Indiana Jones type adventuring hero is a huge highlight.  Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack as fellow tourists’ one of which is retired special ops is very funny.  But for me Ike Barinholtz as her brother Jeffrey was the best.  His interaction with a State Department employee in effort to rescue his mom and sister is very funny.

The movie is a short 90 minutes, Rated R for crude sexual content, brief nudity, and language, lots of language.  Mom alert.  

If you love cringe comedy then the scene where a giant tapeworm is being coaxed out with a piece of raw meat should be really satisfying.  And the scene where Emily is caught at the bathroom sink freshening up things will have you rolling in the isle.  Amy Schumer is fearless in her comedy and she takes it to places few women comedians do.  So you know what to expect.  The movie had potential but an R rated comedy either gets it right or it flops.  This one didn’t get it right.

My Score: 2 Buds

By the way if you are a truck driver named Candy with a beautiful neck tattoo bringing a load of beer to Spartanburg, Happy Mother’s Day, and drive safe!

Lamar reviews - Snatched

Skip the movie and get mama the roses.