Lamar reviews - Suburbicon

November 3, 2017

I always said R-Rated comedy is the trickiest type of movie to write.  I take that back.  The dark comedy is harder to get right.  When it right it’s awesome.  Some good ones that come to mind are Hot Fuzz, Burn After Reading Shaun of the Dead, and my personal favorite, Fargo. There is a fine line between the audience getting it and not getting it.  If they don’t get it they are confused, offended, or just plain walk away thinking the movie sucked.  I for sure left knowing without a doubt that the movie sucked!

I blame George Clooney who directed this fiasco but did not act in the movie.  He actually had two different movies going on at the same time and they did not complement each other.  If you have seen the trailers for the movie you are expecting to see Matt Damon as an office guy who is strong armed by some thugs and he retaliates to protect his family.  It gives the appearance that he is involved in some shady stuff but he’s trying to do the right thing in a bad situation.  I was thinking a Coen Brother’s dark violent comedy so I’m like “saddle up, lets’ ride!”

The movie opens up describing a new community being built in 1957 called Suburbicon, a cookie cutter place where everything perfect.  Houses, lawns, churches, schools, and shopping centers.  Not a care in the world until an African American family moves in.  Things get ugly and the movie gets very uncomfortable.  I could not understand what this had to do with the movie I had come to see starring Matt Damon.  Then the second story starts.  Matt Damon plays Gardner Lodge a financial executive who has a blonde wheel chair bound wife named Rose, played by Julianne Moore, and a son Nicky, played by Noah Jupe.  Who by the way was the very best thing about this movie.  Rose has a twin sister Margaret a brunette, also played by Julianne Moore.  There is a home invasion and Rose is killed.  We watch this through the eyes of Nicky.  Maggie decides to move in, for Nicky’s sake.  As Nicky watches from upstairs we see that there is more going on in this house than we thought.  When the killers are brought in Nicky can’t understand why his dad and aunt refuse to identify them.  During all of this confusion Gardner gets beat up and other people get killed and Oscar Isaac shows up as an insurance investigator running down some theories he has about Rose’s death.

All of this could actually have made a passible dark comedy except we are constantly being brought back to the story of the population of Surburbicon rallying around running the black family out of town.  This is played absolute excruciatingly straight.  There is no humor in this whatsoever.  As soon as this storyline has brought you down to a level of depression we switch back to crazy, sometimes funny violence of the other story.  When you have just about come out of the depressive stare of witnessing the soul crushing stuff the black family is having to endure we head back for more.  It is horrible.

104 long, horrible minutes, Rate R for violence, language, and some sexuality. 

Josh Brolin was in this movie but all of his scenes were cut out.  Best thing to ever happen to his career.


Lamar reviews - Suburbicon

Will Matt Damon sink or swim with Suburbicon.