The summer to remember.

August 8, 2017

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show:

Hour 1:

The lost Princess Di tapes.
Watch that password.
Living off of the land.
Morons in the news.

Hour 2:

Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke.
Sinead O'Conner is now living in a motel
Sheri throws out the first pitch.
Dawn's dream summer included the pool.

Hour 3:

Kelly spent the day with the NY Giants.
Chad enjoyed his summer picking the weeds.
Marshall loved his summer at horse camp in Colorado.
Neal was 15 and hoping around Europe.

Hour 4:

Time to pay to play.
How to cook the perfect burger.
The signs of nice people.
How they're bringing back Roseanne.


The summer to remember.

It's the one moment in time that you'll always remember.