Dating APP Bumble Bans Photos With Guns

March 7, 2018

Written By Kelly Meyers Blogger & Midday Personality 107.9 the Link

If you've tried your luck with finding love using one of the many dating APPs you may have come across Bumble. I used it in the past and had some real success. The first guy I met, we dated for a few months, and it fizzled out. I took a break for a few months and returned in the Fall and met the awesome guy I am with now. He's really like no one else I've ever met. 

Bumble was my prefered dating APP because it was so much different than APPs like Match, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, etc. This APP gives all the power to the women to make the first move. You scroll through profiles just like other APPs and swipe right or left depending on if you were interested. If you got a match, it was your choice to make further contact with that person. In other words, women had to be the one to initiate the conversations within 24-hours of their match would disappear. I felt this was a great option because it kept the guys that I had zero interest in from clogging my inbox. 

Now Bumble is in the news because they are taking a political stance about guns. 

They've decided to ban photos that have guns in them from their APP. They took to Twitter to make this announcement about their decision. 

Monday they began "moderating all new and previously uploaded photos for the presence of guns," according to the post. This moderation excludes photos of military personnel or law enforcement in uniform.

I'm torn on this issue. What if a person loves to collect guns or hunt? They are likely to show a photo of themselves with a gun or two. If collecting guns or shooting guns is a huge part of someone's life wouldn't you want to know? 

From what I hear from other people that have used Bumble there are some other photos that are far more questionable than a photo of someone holding a gun while hunting. Maybe they need to think about banning some of the scandalous, skanky pictures too! What do you think of the gun ban on Bumble?