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Kylie Jenner Shows Off $70k Worth of Baby Clothing and Accessories

February 6, 2018

Having a baby is expensive. I don't personally know from experience, but I have friends that have kids and their baby registry had me nearly on my knees in a massive panic attack in the baby section at Target a few months ago. 

From bibs to burp clothes to special lotions and potions and all the gear to transport a child, it gets expensive quickly. Kylie Jenner is a new mommy and is sparing no expense to make sure her baby girl lives in the lap of luxury. If you watched the 11-minute video she shared about her pregnancy journey, you may have noticed some of the baby items she had for her new bundle of joy. 

It's estimated that the baby girl who isn't even a week old has a wardrobe worth about $70k. Seventy-thousand-dollars in baby clothing? 

Most Americans don't even earn $70k a year working full-time. 

From little Nike sneakers to all the pink designer dresses, this little girl's closet is an adult woman's dream closet. She's not the first or last celebrity to spend big on their baby. Remember when Beyonce had Blue Ivy? There were reports that she had a $600,000 custom made rocking horse and a crib made of lucite that was $20k! 

Just imagine if these celebrities spent just a little less and donated some of this money to babies and children in need? 


Written By Kelly Meyers Midday Host and Blogger 107.9 The Link