My lying eyes

April 18, 2017

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show:

Hour 1:

Meet the Burdens.
In the waiting room of patience.
Sabrina vs. pet cemetery.
Morons in the news.

Hour 2:

Could there really be a love potion?
Bob's eye might be lying.
The time your had those lyin eyes.
Sam's eyes lied to him over the wardrobe.

Hour 3:

Paula's eyes lied to her... she turned into Annie.
Barry's attempt at an Orange ... Spoiled.
Regina's eyes lied when it came to her hubby's hair.
Jennier's no Catwoman.

Hour 4:

Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke.
More sports confuse me with Jim.
When Bob's in the sexy mood.
Shazaam me!



My lying eyes

Sometimes your eyes just lie to you.