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  • Sports Confuse Me 12-18-14

    Today's edition of Sports Confuse Me, Jim talks about the trials and tribulations of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler. Bubba Watson decides to lay down some fresh rhymes with his Xmas rap song. Check out what other offbeat sports topics Jim covered this morning. Read More
  • Morons in the news.. 12-18-14

    Today's morons include a man that is caught on Valet Cam racing a Corvette through a parking garage. Another morons decided to fake a heart attack at the Wal-Mart. Find out what the other morons are up to. Read More
  • Moron of the day.. 12-18-14

    Look, if you are planning to key a b&*#h’s car, bring along a dictionary. Read More
  • Bob and Sheri's miracle moment 12-18-14

    Today's miracle moment comes to us from Dawn Gough in Oakfield, ME. If you have a miracle moment email it to Happy Holidays! Read More
  • Lamar reviews- The Hobbit-The battle of five armies

    It has taken 13 years, 6 movies, and over 17 hours of screen time for Peter Jackson to visually bring us Tolkien’s books. And he has done a fantastic job. Did the Hobbit need to be split between 3 films? We can argue that all day but one thing is for sure; it was profitable. Read More

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