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  • Morons in the news ... 9-02-15

    Shark vs. Surfboard... You can guess who won that battle. Other morons include a man pulled over by police driving his pet sheep to Mickey D's. Another moron pretended to be a police officer and pull a real cop over. Busted! Read More
  • Shark takes a bite out of the board.

    A California surfer attacked by a great white shark escaped the encounter without injury -- but her board wasn't quite so lucky. Read More
  • Clip of the day.. Trash talking Kelly.

    Kelly joined us this morning in the chatroom to talk a little trash. She was bad mouthing her ex roommate about how much make-up she needed to wear to make her look good. Of course this trash talking backfired on her when the ex-roommate caught her talking to her sister. Read More
  • Bob and Sheri's time killer of the day... 09-01-15

    The prize vegetable weighed in at 18lb 1oz, breaking his previous best by almost 2oz. Read More
  • Will Smith's new movie.

    Will Smith could become the NFL's public enemy number one with his new movie coming out in December. Will plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, the doctor who linked concussions to the NFL. Watch the trailer now. Read More


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