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People's Movie Critic Archive

  • Lamar reviews - Ted 2

    The good news is this film is absolutely perfect for its target audience. The bad news is, that audience consists of 13 to 15 year old boys and Todd. Sadly only Todd is old enough to get in. As I have discussed before making a sequel to a successful comedy is not easy but as with all comedy sequels no matter how bad it may be, it is driven by money. The original Ted cost $50 million to make and it took in $550 million. It was Universal’s highest grossing movie in 2012. Which explains why they took a chance on A Million Ways to Die in the West, which tanked. Read More
  • Lamar reviews - Jurassic World

    When the idea of another Jurassic Park movie first popped up the first question is why. The fact that the first three has a box office total of over 2 billion is the answer. Plus 22 years since the original is enough time to grow a new crop of ticket buyers. The smartest thing about this one is it ignores the second 2 movies ever existed so this is the first attempt since 1993 to go back to the island. Read More
  • Lamar Reviews - Spy

    There is nothing like hearing about something, imagining that it is awesome, waiting for a period of time with high anticipation, and finding out it is even better than you hoped it could possibly be. I’m sure that’s what it would have been like if I had known about bacon before I tasted it. I love my Mama, God rest her soul, but she cheated me out of the anticipation and realization of the first taste of bacon. I’m pretty sure my Mama put a dollop of bacon grease in my bottles and maybe dipped my pacifier in it. That is not the case with Spy. I’ve watched the trailer for Spy every day since it came out. I watched it right before I got in the car to go to the movie, and laughed just as much as the first time I saw it. Read More
  • Lamar reviews - Aloha

    First off again I had two choices. A disaster movie starring Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson going toe to crevice with an earthquake to save his daughter and California. And let me just go ahead and state the obvious, my money is on The Rock! Or go see Aloha which appeared to be a somewhat serious romantic comedy/drama starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, and Rachel McAdams that turned out to be a true disaster. Of course Todd sends me to Aloha. Read More
  • Lamar reviews - Poltergeist

    Let me go ahead and say George Clooney’s new movie Tomorrowland opens today and I could have easily gone to see that. But no! Todd of course sends me to see Poltergeist, a remake of one of the scariest PG-13 horror movies ever made. Read More