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Morons in the News Archive

  • Morons in the news... 10-30-14

    Today's morons include a sad zombie that got pulled over not once but twice for DUI. A breastfeeding burglar that robbed a pharmacy. Plus former stripper running for public office. Read More
  • Lt. Governor candidate use to be a stripper.

    Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor in Arkansas John Burkhalter said being a male stripper in Little Rock was one of the many “tough jobs” he had in his past. Read More
  • Moron of the day... 10-30-14

    The upstate New York woman was arrested twice Saturday morning for drunk driving. Butler’s busts came about three hours apart, according to police. Read More
  • Morons in the news.. 10-29

    Today's morons include a Chinese man that attempted a wedding proposal that went wrong. Plus another moron that decided he needed the plates off an unmarked police van. Find out what the other morons are up to. Read More
  • Morons in the news.. 10-28-14

    Today's morons include a Zombie party goer that tried to scare some passersby and got the scare of his own life. Another moron decided to get a little skin flick action on his phone at the public pool. Our moron of the day tried to take a selfie dockside. Read More
  • Moron of the day... 10-28-14

    A man attempting to take a picture in the background of a Lebanese news interview ended up falling off a dock and into the water while on camera. Read More
  • Morons in the news.. 10-27-2014

    Today's morons feature a man that loved his high price tattoo. Another moron decided to head to his mother's house for snuggle time after a night of drinking. Plus more morons scrambling for the last pork chop on the plate. Read More
  • Moron of the day.. 10-27-2014

    A convicted robber and former alligator owner with a luxury car logo tattooed on his forehead was sentenced to over a year in prison for identity theft Friday. Read More
  • Morons in the news 10-24-14

    Today's morons include a man that mistook his parole officer for his drug dealer. SF tour guide goes rogue on her last day and gives tourists one to remember. Plus a former police chief turned con. Read More
  • Moron of the day... 10-24-14

    After arresting a local police chief for stalking and assault, Tennessee jailers allowed the man to pose for a booking photo with a cigar in his mouth and holding--not wearing--an orange inmate smock. Read More