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  • Sports Confuse Me .... 8-27-15

    Jim popped in for another round of Sports Confuse Me. This morning he talked about Michael Vick's return to the NFL on national dog day. One NFL coach drinks so much coffee that he could outrun the whole team. And Russell Wilson's not so medical claim about Recovery Water. Read More
  • Sports Confuse Me 8-25-15

    Jim dropped in for another round of Sports Confuse Me. In today's episode we found out that John Stewart rules behind the desk but not in the wrestling ring. USC football coach gets caught on tape after one too many beers. Plus a tennis star is dating a rapper. Read More
  • John Stewart gets body slammed!

    John Stewart made a return appearance to the ring last night during WWE's RAW. He went face to face with the champion John Cena. Cena took the pleasure of body slamming Stewart on national television. There was also a guest appearance by Rick Flair. Read More
  • Jim Szoke w/ Sports Confuse Me 8-20-15

    Today with Jim Szoke and Sports Confuse Me, we have Rhianna denying any date with Matt Barnes. Miss Texas asking for a date for athlete golfer. Athlete rejects precipitation trophies for his kids. Read More
  • Sports Confuse Me 8-12-15

    Tom Brady and Ben Affleck make an appearance on today's Sports Confuse Me. Even Jim is talking about the private jet ride including Ben, Tom and Ben's nanny. Geno Smith of the NY Jets is on the shelf after a broken jaw. And can someone get Jordan a coupon? Read More