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Lamar Reviews - Black Panther

If you are looking for a solid blockbuster movie we got us one here! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby came up with the Black Panther character, the first African American superhero to appear in American comics, in 1966. The Marvel movies first introduced the Black Panther character T’Challa, played by...
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Lamar reviews - My Pillow!

My Pillow (not a movie, the actual My Pillow) I wanted to get Carla a My Pillow for Valentines Day, because I’m a hopeless romantic. They were doing a My Pillow Road Show at Costco. The deal was you buy a pair and get a deal on the pillows. They are very specific on fitting you to the right pillow...
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14 ways to live a longer and healthier life

You can buy all the vitamins and face treatments to help fight aging, but there are more effective ways to stay healthy. See if you're doing these simple tips. Tips to live a longer and healthier life....
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Gas pedal causes a high speed chase.

Florida man has to call 911 after his gas pedal gets stuck and causes him to avoid traffic. Check out the 911 call. Man's daredevil high speed 911 call......
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Lamar reviews - 50 shades freed

Fifty Shades Freed We are finally at the end of the line for the Fifty Shades series. We can talk about how mediocre the books are but between the 3 titles they sold over 125 million books. Nobody would argue that the movies are great works of art but the three movies have already made over $1...
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Lamar reviews - Forever your girl

When you mention a Nicholas Sparks movie people tend to smirk and make the comment that they are all alike, you know exactly what’s going to happen. If you ask that person did they go see the movie the answer is usually “well, uh, yeah.” And did you like the movie? “Well, uh, yes I did”. Which...
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