Bob & Sheri

The crab has had enough

It's getting hot in here. A crab in Japan has had enough of his time in the boiling pot. Check out the video. Someone turn down the heat....
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Lamar reveiws - Home Again.

As in “I couldn’t wait till it was over and I could go”. You know me, I am not adverse to a really good Romantic Comedy/Chick Flick. Especially one with Reese Witherspoon in it. She is awesome, I love her every time. She brings an energy to every movie she’s in. But even she can’t do it by herself...
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The Ultimate Coach

Everybody has a dream.... This man's dream is to become the ultimate coach. Find out how he can make your life better!
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We will never forget.. Bob and Sheri's tribute to 9/11

We will never forget. Here's what happened the morning of 9/11 on the Bob and Sheri show.
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Shooting at Hurrican Irma idea.

There was no way to stop the destruction of Hurricane Irma in Florida, but one man decided to attempt to turn her around. His idea caused the authorities to get involved. Don't shoot at the hurricane....
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Lamar Reviews: It

It I have a public service announcement. If you are one of the idiots across the country that over the last 6 months have been dressing up like creepy clowns and sneaking through the woods and backyards scaring people, you might want put them big shoes and face pant in a box and set it on fire. The...
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