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Lamar reviews - Bad Mom's Christmas

How is it I am still eating fun size snickers and my jack-o-lantern’s face has not fully collapsed into a sad blob, but I’m watching a Christmas movie. To be honest it’s great that this movie was released way before Christmas. Hopefully the stench of this gargantuan disaster will be gone away by...
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Just a little bit of Thanksgiving.

17 Thanksgiving Bites That Are So Much Easier Than The Real Thing.... Tasty Turkey bites....
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Petrol drinking monkey

This monkey has a strange addiction... These bikers caught it on tape. The petrol drinking monkey!....
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Lamar Reviews - Thor - Ragnarok

This Thor movie has a completely different tone than the other 2. Way less serious and a lot more comedic. 80% of the dialog was improvised which seems risky but it turned out fine. The director said he wanted to showcase Chris Hemsworth’s comedic talent. The movie begins with Thor trying to stop...
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Lamar reviews - Geostorm

Wow! Where do I start? As far as disaster movies go this one really is a disaster! And in so many ways. The world has banded together to build a grid of satellites around the earth to control the weather. They cast Gerard Butler to play Jake Lawson, the man who built it. So not only is he a genius...
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Comic/Magician Michael Carbonaro joined us this morning to talk about his current comedy tour which is covering most of the United States.  He also chatted about being named "Magician of the Year" by the Academy of Magical Arts.  He also plugged the upcoming season of The Carbonaro Effect on...