Be More Like Him

Monday, July 17th

Why can't you just be more like him?


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You sure know your grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where health markets insurance comes into. They can show a small business owners group health insurance options they're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better Elton financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 85575. Mode 3537. Help markets insurance and. Welcome to the bottom Gerri shall we thought at all. And Cher it's kind of Elon. From the palatial father Jerry studios this. All the sharing I just I just have had to face this. Freaking truth about myself this is you know I mean ahead. Thick Germany's national dance competition I'll talk about that a little bit later what happens at national stage. But we weren't there is a competition was in Charleston, South Carolina one of the world's great destinations. And there there's a beach there are so we stand when we were dancing we spent some time with the beach. And you know you talk about a college summer wish you go to the beach hot let's rent a house at the beach everybody who wants to go to the beach. Aren't they never want to be in the sun. Well you've never been a big each person not long as I've known you I'd like Tim I like to go in the ocean a little bit of stir sharks and jelly fish or swordfish or people that look like they're not potty trained. Mostly I like to sit on the beach with a book and a cocktail no I don't want to be in the sun. This business where as a family we go to the beach every year. What was I thinking you would like it's it's. It's an American law that you have to suffer as an adult at the beach. Once a year I think is like when the girls were little in. And so. Now this is what I again thanks guys so hot and sending. Really sure I drew you all the way down here she could tell me at times and Evans say enough for decades. Here's what I a lot of fanning here's what I like about the beach. Around like you I don't wanna broke my face aren't. So I like may be put not a big hat and sun screen and take my dog on the beach when my dog can run free. Because I just watching my dog run in the search. He's one of the most pleasurable things in my life and I've trained tend not to bother people being nice to other dogs away like that. And the other thing I would do and haven't done the ship when I wanna do this. I want to get whatever it is the most light weight easy to us security. Umbrella but. I wanna sit in the match under the umbrella thing and read a book and be left the hell alone. That's a bit I don't get very much time where I'm sitting and there is in the steering wheel in front of me that you know then. I just wanna see it on the beach in the comfy chair with slick and Shannon time me. And whatever whatever I'm reading and sometimes I want chicken little fifteen minute man's. Sometimes I wanna look out of the ocean and think philosophical thoughts like I hope someone else is thinking about dinner to make them tired of playing. I don't want to Sunday yeah. I have I never something I mean that would never I don't think you've ever done in my life well maybe as a kid. You know here's a little bit here's isn't this round we sound horrible I don't care who she public we know portable were sassy we selling things the most Blake. He added he shed no horrible. No it's true you can skin cancer you can do that is here's what I here's what I don't like I don't like put my blanket down your other people. Because other people have their music on our Harlow avoid. Your door imported could be there are done he walked down the other end the beach find someplace and be toward horrible people are not there. The beach it's sixty kids Bolivia's friend uncle sparkles. And to get to the beach can we just all bring a chair a towels and sunglasses and some Coppertone yeah. No don't we have enough of labels to decorate the living room. We app pool Ers we have Pepperidge Farm goldfish. Nobody can care I Kiki is heightened. I'm spending. And then get Olivea do you want to bring your chair no I'm good Jeremy do wanna bring its share announcing so serious like it. Pete's mom passionate and you attack not landing. You know the people that I really he hired the guy who is got one of those carriers things that he puts everything in the finger wagging the little wagging. You know I told the girls unlike the time sounding. Next year we're taking a vacation them all Americans think it's cool it's in close there's Wi-Fi and pretzels. The Mall of America there's even a water park whose side are you ready they would look and healthy ready. Seriously we just don't go to the beach. And it's not. There are lies but you have to do if you have kids like. Go to your as the Americans have that she and that once a year you get a ticket needs to them. Sure the people of the region though who don't look frazzled didn't they strolled down with their share in there how are they don't call me. Beautiful dead last it's called retire he can never get hot in the and will. Are these are retired people that's through the air twelve might know when you see people. This home. It's funny Gerri. FaceBook Twitter or Smartphone apps yeah Sherri dot com is a website and I found myself on called paste magazine PC easy dot com and they had. It's really interest you gallery. Of pictures. And stories about. How beach vacations came to be a thing we're talking about in America each and and no around the world around the world in human history or this governor Ehrlich only all the BC so we get their retirement CD we don't want to be in the sun in the worst carry everything you you know people are completion. On at the beach vacation was warm all the way back in the eighteenth century. Among the aristocracy in Europe the Hapsburg monarchy. Used to like to go. You are on I can't an untrue Nelson bull with many continents beachside town in Croatia and him and take the sun and the Waterston and that's word began. Because of course some regular people back then. Didn't have any leisure time so where were they live I wonder backed into to have their own house is like a grown they had like a palace or whatever that they would go and. On and during the eighteenth century when the aristocracy and royalty animated disdain for human beings to take their leisure by the beach. That's one waterfront. A seaside resorts. And then began and they would call Lisa called the spas a sanatorium just. And they had these things called beating carts and they were these little wooden picture wooden shed on wheels pulled by a horse. And they would bring them to the beaches and you could go inside them to change from your regular clothes into. They called it a swimming costume that looks basically like your regular close toxic pictures of those there's oracle. How how how are you able to. Do you in the water and not drive home from the weight almost all know there were all fed up and you will they would only wade. Especially the as like a little lady didn't swim back and from what I read they would kinda go up to Denise. And. I don't know that they really sounded like up they could have (%expletive) up. When you know in this country it was the rusty caters. That would go through a cool place like the coast of Maine. On mount desert island. And they do I thought this so registry and we're talking about the rockefellers. People like that and then their friends would come and and visit. And they had these beautiful mentions. Right on the water and some were like a Newport, Rhode Island or in Maine or harbor. And they would show up with the resurgence. And they would show up with moving vans from New York City which is worth all of their runs in China Russia and China and all of that and I'm guessing it's because they didn't want to leave that stuff there. Because they're not coming back until next summer right and and also they want our comforts right. And human as human beings can be human labor was cheap back now right now they were called rush to caters because what they were doing in at least. As far as their lifestyle goes was kind of other rushing roster yeah they're passionate and I really not not Bar Harbor Newport so much as other places. On mount desert island. Well here's another cool thing I learned on that it was during the Victorian era that railroads. Began extending rail lines to the seaside moving and it wasn't bad. Abroad the middle and lower classes to the idea of the beach vacation and just think about it just like back then people regular people didn't have a lot of leisure time. Bring people didn't have enough leisure time to get all the way to the beasts in and then have leisure time you know it wasn't until they can get on extreme. And take the train and shorten the travel time and ending could get to the ocean is an interesting I would it would create. I'm resuming restaurants with a renew your fisherman's platter well and they get they probably brought their own food and problem baskets aren't. But see here's another one that was pretty cool about the beach. On now remember your. Did you know didn't the Vanderbilt it's who had to have this unbelievable. Mansion overlooking Newport. They had me it's the they would bring from New York to their to their house in Newport wrung out. So the needs would do their you know. Job they were called staff so that they feel that you can say your made your staff. And then one day a week the the maids and butlers and all of the staff members were allowed to get down to the private speech. And hang out at the beach I was like on Monday. They gotta like a Monday astronauts had a day and they could walk down the beach and it was just the servants the Vanderbilt and their friends and everybody never went down. They've who was kept separate. That's probably as work when it was a very a very good and comfortable dobbs long hours though and some things were weird for an silence hi she don't can be so I. But just in America. I've walked I took a tour does the Vanderbilt mansion would marry and so we went into the bedroom slash bathroom of one of the standard coax a woman. She had her own. Bedroom bathroom and it was set up so that she could be. Without the need seen her there was like they go. Half wall so she could go back there to make good draw the water and if she needed an extra towel she could and the tolled around but she could not be seen naked. She was designed that way I. Don't get a kick out of the room but trying to saddle me and I know myself yeah. But they wanted to may need you know the amusement pier which seems like the most American thing imaginable and bemusement here have been in England in the early nineteenth century. And it was bill. On these computers were already there. They decided that they would re create fairs and offer games and watch track shoes and food I don't know Flexilis the first original is nineteenth century England. An attack became a way to bring again the lower and working classes together to complete. Is that because they had to have something to. Except this morning. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love for you to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Find out Sheri dodge all quiescent people's movie critic join us right now because Summers greed Summers beautiful you wanna get outside you wanna stay outside the sometimes it's too high. The people's movie critic has prepared the best movies to watch when it's too hot to go outside. Lamar Bill Maher hey hey I don't know what we're doing good are bringing I. What you do is you get your popcorn he gets you good comfortable seats and the first when our Psycho business sustained from 1982. With Kurt Russell directed by John Carpenter. You know the original movie was made in 1961. It's probably better but don't look sign a minute this is really and also move reach. You've got in a lean mean they can become anything it touches doll is sick human it's a orient scary movie and they sit in that and Arctic. We really should cool you offs news New York treason or tails off to hold Cabrera. So right that is such a good movie in the ways ought to zillions of movies out there it's easy to forget even exist but if you've never watched it what a perfect lie and a movie. It is it is now my next one is cliffhanger and this is another old from 1990s or mammals are in 1993. What is not too low. Sylvester Stallone still in this prompt hanging off the side of the mound being chased by John list gal Andy's in love with you mean turner from northern exposure. So you've got the best of both worlds great action with Stallone and great -- would John Lithgow plus there's snow everywhere so this is a cool down situation. And it's really a fun movie to watch when mess all on. I have to stop and did a shootout wherever I hated I just wait and watch it John don't live cal must keep. Playing a truly genius evil genius because you don't picture a little gal vs alone has become much emotion. I know that's true. A lot of lives fighting each other but he now is the bad get easy when he plays a great bad guy because she's now the next one is going to be one in your favor him every Syria and though. Fargo from nineteen at all. Joy back. Yeah up during this knee needs to be watched at least every two years but would this sub zero sitting summertime. Is the absolute perfect time the Cohen Brothers a directive of course both remain eat this is the movie did I say. William H. Macy on the map and he is fantastic in up everything he does this let this. Yeah I do he is a fantastic actor and he just some dog that sleazy. Car salesman so perfectly. We know also a movie does it shows you that even if she's seems you have a great idea. Sings the very bulls spin out of control and then you're you're. Dawn shows you if you have a better idea I mean and evil idea you better think twice as it may go sideways. And the more Tulsa why does that person need the more it also shows the versatility of wood chopper guys MRI. Our. Are and what else because we couldn't actually don't chase it up a bit mad Max fury road that was just added 2000 sustain this doesn't offer you snow seems to who you're also. What it does show you this Tom hardy should go to hell and back in desert heat. And Charlize there and as they complete bad asks why she see what real heat is you gonna fill a whole lot more and more comfortable with what you got. Man you know dress she really good and that. He is very good and yeah. That's a good movie I know a lot of people I know didn't seem mad Max fury road I have not you have been played. They he's amazing Shirley Sherrod is really getting good reviews. You know there's an especially her must final one is also one that was in 2000 disdain the remnant. Now I know you're gonna tell you that I know you're gonna pick that one. Look at this is a movie don't portray either give DiCaprio that Oscar talk he wires that may make him possibly killing himself already read everything you can't get Oscars are you talk about uncomfortable yes movie puts him to absolute misery and that's before he gets something but close and personal with the mayor ray all right mayor so they narrowed Betty you can watch this and complain about the heat. So don't tell us. Surely there's going through your weekend off to guys complain you have to learn is that there it is thank you Lamar very much those are good choices. I didn't easily similarly critical post Islamabad and Sherri dot com and sometimes it's just too high should go out so. Thank you remarks I'm sorry. Or. Kind of special morons in the news worse today and I. In honor of my friends while we were together last week. I made a joke about how the Florida man's head and he usually looks fat and I had to explain that a Florida man. Is that Twitter account. That makes fun of the fact that so many morons in the news stories begin with the phrase. Lurid in the hands. God I'm right and that's for those of you listening in Florida this is not a total in the sunshine state it's just it's so many Yahoo!'s from other parts of the country. I hear about Florida and they moved there and or big. Relocate for awhile there visiting and they do crazy things because it's nice and warm it's a happy place right. Hello I'm gonna tell you that down to Florida man is according to a writer Neil Patrick George. Florida man is America's worst superhero. Whoever this Florida managed he's clearly the shame and unstoppable. You feel real pain has no ethics and is capable of at least partly on out of the normal American man. It almost sounds like a Florida man is a superhero yeah. So really really terrible superhero. I found a website that collected some of the greatest. Headlines from actual newspapers and web sites that begin with the words. The slower demand. Here we guy you'll be surprised at how many there are the first shots. Florida man attempts to smoke crack in the ice do you almost burns down cost pool. The Florida man was on oxygen and he's trying to smoke crack from a homemade pipe. Chris do you police lieutenant Donald fountain said. The potential was there for a lot of damage because. Could have been a lot worse team you know that's that's incredible but when you said that's all I can see you as I was walking to visit a friend and hospital a few years ago. And there was a guy outside we'd like a gallon on. Holding. Tonight she's. I'm one of those IDs you haven't smoke and smoking right outside the hospital that tell strongly poll is our next one. Men flashes blood ox that I hop after impersonating a police officers to get free food. That's Florida man was 55 year old Max Jeddah the walked into the I often Saddam not a cop I get free. And many threatened to beat up GI jobs server and then he shouted hey buddy and dropped just yeah. You I'm guessing you wasn't dressed like a policeman to you know. That's why they IA officer in question though OK next stop a Florida man quite shocked neighbors here because we're given a cigarette. Here we Harwood that's such bad that you just smoking campaign. Lord John nod the man who's here was bad not said how am getting a restraining order while the women. A Florida man claims why is kidnapped by holograms. To. He's Murray ordered the police were able to locate the wife at a nearby mobile home hanging out with her husband's aunt and. I don't know what to save them. Neither does the next up on it I'm sure Florida manager hamster Wright is like your Taco Bell drive through the fight with beliefs. It's one of those things that I'd like to see you here in the virtue lies deceit. No matter if it's gonna go down I kind of liked to see that I was looking at that particular Florida man's mug shot. It's easy in his orange jump shoot and he has great yellow blue hair he's making you sad face and a mug shot looks like he's gonna cry young he's fresh leading news talk about the man inches closer one way trips to Mars could. Here's how that went a story to your old self employed camp demand made it past the first hurdle in a selection process that she's the first team to attempt. It's a plan colonization of Mars whose. Can't demand said my heart city you know I wanna be a part of it. His wife says I think Tommy said that's not my style on the block somebody's dream. A Florida man always marries that I was going to say he's on the right gel. Florida man holds a Domino's delivery man over pizza and wings held the number dump we know he's in prison. Because there weren't enough for us there was before us in one case where he wanted. Sort of man escapes adult novelty store with a 300 dollar Jenna Jamison Dolly in tow Wu who. This is Jeff Jamison extreme dollar battery powered model in the likeness of the 39 year old adult film star and it comes with an exquisite life plague removable collection of parts. Oh man steals 850 pairs of underwear from Victoria's Secret. Nobody's although I do I do you do that perhaps there are two pairs of underwear like jazz. The floor now because of the price you guys. The floor demands of ask the judge if he could speak in his own defense the judge say yes. Mr. Espinosa said your honor I have no money I'm Linda Michel lord in my whole life. The judge sim thank you so you can never come back to you sure you secret. That was his. Attempts and had added defense gas. Man attacks nephew over under cooked noodles. Florida man admitted during questioning that he had been drinking and that alcohol can affect his misdemeanor you know I'd let him go by hate really over for us. He was doing and he complained there was undercooked he would like I was the underdog Alex Chilton. Florida man arrested for smoking pot in the hospital maternity ward that in the Jupiter man David bashed in his said he was quote just chilling and I. Girlfriend yeah it did. I want you to realize this man is raising children. It's a position to think. Am just chill. I'm just Q. Florida manager actually ice cream vendor who would not chicken twenty dollar bill in exchange for pickled sausage it came apart because they don't sell pickled sausage this screen shot. Got time for one more volatile and sort of men arrested after urinating on any laws carpet during Thanksgiving gathering. The reason given its Thanksgiving and its family. So glad you were able to get that morning. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be here. I really expensive proposition and especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox. Stocks small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as twenty to fifty a month. And fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the bombing cherry tomcats. Audio clips I guess I thought it was very dot com. What the one of the few things that we have left in our world that makes us a little bit different from other people. Is the ability and I don't do it but I really admire people who do it to kind of customize our cars. You know I mean I I admire people who buy it looked like special wee holes. Or they they have some kind of pinstripe being or that they you know just do something different to make your car look a little a little different. I think in her grandparents era it was done a lot more. Then it is now but every once in awhile you come upon somebody who just has a vision and I saw that today. I saw a guy who was a taxicab driver. And he didn't seem to I didn't notice the name of the taxi cab companies so it's not a big one. And it wasn't painted that bright yellow was kind of a muted yellow and it was in the city and it was a mini you've seen and and he jacked up the back of the minivan. Taxis I wish hopes to run it with a guy. Just the back he had big wheels on the back I didn't respond to receive a minivan jacked up right in the great idea for mind. Are you you could do it. Yeah U I customized and I don't customize my minivan I let nature do that any email by a staggering it was sort of rights or he's true I am. It's filled the air is so gross I mean how would she feel both you're your your all set to grow to like a big dinner or something like you know through your company. And you don't wanna drive can she might have some whiners some put out to dinner. And year old dressed up in the stooge shows up with a jock took me get tickets or who I would love it. A that will make the night for me home. I mean if you're writing and you've got if you're in the back. You're up kind of slick looking as you look through the front. Eighty yard TD. It's a. Really good on the road. Oh good for him I told Olivia there when she armed goes away to college who I'll give her mind starship cancer size that'll be her car. And she's like. Okay nineteen it to look at the Scooby Doo mister machine didn't. Yeah of course yeah for about 2000 dollars unless she is she she's arguably patient senator are you doing. You know I admire her that she didn't fight you and so I'm not driving some kind of a mom dad around. She likes it because it's big enough to live and it's roughly the size of rubio race and she's going to art schools which ones do says she knows this'll be Paul and stuff calling stuff and that she may end up having to live in her car for awhile now she didn't. I know a lot of kids are like come on now turn me on the other hand. Your news like that's great mom what I had in mind wise and then she points to a vehicle on the road it's a Range Rover named. Oh did you ever bring sharp mind. We had no idea what is it. With girls in range rovers I don't know it must be I don't know. It's a fight I don't have did the Range Rover and I'm not I don't know anything about the cars other than they they are very popular in Hollywood. But what is it about some women and ranger school she of course once the Jeep Wrangler one of the dance studio wanted to senior girls drives a Jeep Wrangler says she wants a Jeep Wrangler. But she hears us she put a team you should head she doesn't know anything is there anything 'cause she said. But if we don't have enough money for Jeep Wrangler I would driver Range Rover. We did tick borne yes see I know take a little weight off for mama thank you sweetheart she's did you ever Range Rover. God. Sure it's a Wrangler and she's not get a Wrangler she's getting a taint can't switch she's getting it and that's what you should have and the other you have old giant used cars and the other one does not wanna learn how to drive she's like. Driving stressful and it would stressed me out so I think I'm just not gonna learn how to drive. I whipped around on the little one and should you do not have that option dancer girl you are learning to dry moon. And I think that what she should get is like an old. Peter Lincoln Continental you know they got a quarter mile Sally. Like like one of the cap pose in The Sopranos asked to drive and terrible gas mileage nothing fun about it but there's so much car between her and every. You can also think you could drive into a bank with that go right through the front door I know. That's true but you know not that many parents do that do that they get to your kid a little like a small car. You know because it's economical. But the thing to do was is to get a car like that while this deal like I don't understand you I thought you handed a card down. Think I'll drive this one until I don't want it anymore you when your sister have ruined it by the way with your filthy disgusting this. Then this is yours not. All drives this until nobody wants him anymore and you've ruined it with your filthy disgusting this. And then you get a new car and I'll continue to drive this scheme we. Which one of us is employed here now. Well I mean it depends in yours on your situation I mean my situation as a teenager and we have one car in the family. My car was the plus the city bus. But I think you know people used to hander cars down they drive a car for like five or six years in the Machida get it right I told my girls. You know what when I was a teenager I didn't get a car. Click a breeze over 'cause I want I want. I got whatever appeal less my daddy did in a drugs while pune and that was good enough for me and I like didn't secure the starship dancer sized lead it's Bobby Sherry. Ice cream you. Sorry I thought. Yesterday it 4:30 in the morning I dropped my daughter Olivia off at the airport she's in Mexico now with her I church youth group building house's. And my husband is so disappointing there's not a live web stream so that he can watch this manual labor unsettled them. Yeah couldn't and while it's going to be hot there. Her then Ohio Mexico in the summer I was just clear so Kurtz you by a when she had to have work after work club scuffled several pairs of work Oscars are doing the house is really cement it's a year in wet some final day. So got some work gloves and a hat and some sunscreen. And lots of socks the packing lists is really specific. And took her to the airport and she has no phones she left her phone at home. Says she's completely out of reach exception our hurt except for what her I used pastor. They post stuff on its to Graham now and pictures. All the families are on a text message thing where we'll get pictures. So I sobbed and you know I saw a picture of her in the airport and they sent a picture when he brought it in Mexico yesterday afternoon. Don't you else's good luck TF. Linda did that and that that was one hard week it's a party you know when she needs that those can be confirmed really it's a good group of kids in debt the uterus is awesome and. This isn't a good experience for her packed her off to build a house says meanwhile the other one Mitzi Gaynor. Liza Minnelli. You I was gone 'cause we retton danced nationals and I just have to say on your studious from all of from Michigan and Georgia and just all over the place. So there were about 500 plus dances in competition. I I think I saw the mall and I do think I saw all of the dances spot 500 competition. Thirteen of them went to the final season thirteen dance is to prevent term he was in two of the thirteen dance is no killings refer GAAP one. And her studio did not win there were there was only one winner and it was. Did the number that was on such a thing to rely 120 kids in the stands number there one day like the grand super prize. Ramble imaging dunks trophy whatever. Jimmy studio did not win but again out of all those hundreds of dancers they had to them in the finals and seen. Why risk rights to root and the ride aid. Home after the the crushing defeat. Meanwhile I'm over here you know department chair show we never win but we're nominated and I consider that a victory all by itself right. Unlike T. Carol hundreds and hundreds of dances. And you guys were in the finals and won the chairman is stances was a small group tap number called gleaming on the boogie. There were seven girls in that dance in costumes that the moms crystal. That was a customer sat here one day during songs gluing rhinestones to them. Seven kids in homemade costumes made it to the finals. No more what are you not proud of their that was soul. Austin sometimes when the kid whether it's in dance or it's in sports or whatever it is if they get on a team. 'cause I experienced this with a couple of my kids if they get on a team that's really hot early. They expect to win all all the time in place and I salute as soon as somebody comes along no it's not mean you could have an off day or are there can be a better shape. And I can remember when the better team came along import the tears were flowing. Just could not believe this child could not believe that they lost while she was really really upset so I letter have a couple of hours. And then she slept it off that those gains were exhausting I mean this is an exhausting experience for everyone. And then the next day when we talked about it I think I've been spending too much time. At these dance competitions. Looking your crap in the gift shop because at one point he said tour. You only have two choices you can be bitter or you can be better. Chizik who certainly keep it up for a few. Sonic on a car. I think just shopping yeah. I think what it means is is that you can sit here and whine about losing your you can make an action plan for how you're going to be even better dancer so we discussed all of that. And yesterday she went or difference of Venice first sleepover and I gave her big hug at the door and signal honey. This Sudan is grandma picked her up and said I want you to be a blessing not a bird and actually she slick. Where you can do all this stuff mom pitched dance the dance competition gets damaged heart of getting all this stuff be a blessing not a burden and get out there and do your best. I know what you mean about coming up these phrases I took a picture of the trunk of a teacher while I was on vacation I was going through. I was going through an airport and I stopped and it was in the front. Window of a music store just read it to the audience so hurry on Lee I didn't want to come. You don't buy it. I twist I had a key mover and potential flooding is electric sparked a blended in Monaco. He's got honored today when I tell her up certainly didn't wanna come back where you been a blessing or burden that has congratulations. My daughter's dance studio rhythm dance studio the mighty Brit immersed. I don't care who you are that's an accomplishment. Tips on older and yeah like without a doubt about it. With no pyrotechnics. No props no magic just a bunch of girls dancing because they love it. Can I hate to say it she was probably long term she's grown better off catching a loss. At this point since he keeps telling me Bob I'm just wondering what employees. We've only lost the Marconi and nine times yeah. Indy Q yeah. Ray. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Our prayers are collapsed almost every dot com. So on vacation. About a week ago Mary and I went to Mexico and we stated this really nice all inclusive of adults only resource it's called excellence. And it is near Cancun it's not in Cancun but it's near Cancun so it has the really pretty water and our room had you go up the stairs we had we had a special little junior's weak. And there was a plunge pool in the roof of our room. We could just jump right in negative we wanted to because they had a wall around that it was very romantic it was fantastic and they had these things never happen for me but the day had they have a concert every night. In this open air theater to check that held about 600 people. And dull one night it was like Michael Jackson night in the had a Michael Jackson impersonator. Then there was slight code Jersey boys night and then there was magician night and you know hypnosis night and all this. And then there was Elvis night. And I said I wanna go to Elvis night so weak or we got there we got there early. And our seats were right next to the stage. And they were all alone like really comfortable chairs these these are not like movie seats there were comfortable chairs and a little table. And they hit service you know you could order a drink and everything is really really nice. So. Very exciting the the opening number it begins and it's very dramatic and your comes Elvis. I'm. He was with you was the elder this leader in elvis' life. On the biggest jump suit how much gas. And I mean packed into acting black with a small cape. But he was very good you know and people word you know. Dig unit. And he's working so hard I mean it's it's like 85 degree it was a pretty good impersonation was pretty good he was pretty good and he's got the black hair back and everything and he's doing all the ovals moves all the old and he's you know he's he's back and so a few pounds like Elvis dead. But he still doing those jump kicks and stop the menace what are you working hard. I'm looking over some of the people. A little like the way they look when there watching him like especially some of the guys that got dragged there by their wives they're looking at. Elvis and they have like blank expressions. If I didn't you've been in that situation where our bureau earlier out and it's a tough room when you're looking for is to make eye contact with somebody and the guys got maybe doesn't realize it but he's got a real (%expletive) you look at it. With two armed kindred to jumpsuit Elvis yeah. Bat you know. He's right hired by this hotel or whatever to do this lawyer did you know gun do you marched she'd smile I you know and then he's going are put your hands together put your hands. Whenever anybody does that the war put my hand not enough not enough but you know what I always clap along with the artist. And I don't just do it for like you know how some people don't clap along heavy guard at least have a hard yeah for like ten seconds. I stay right where the dude as long as you want to clap and I got I got you back here and I'm smiling and he's looking over professional courtesy and that's part is up. So he thought Doug George pseudo was looks over TC's Mary you meet and work clapping along and I'm smiling all you go Goodell this. All of a sudden he starts moving toward me. Because he knows he knows there's somebody in the U audience that as his back. He's doing while there is much room soon you can you don't let him who you know let's song yeah I can tell Fuller look he's coming closer and closer no one thing I have to tell you. I hate to be a part of any show. Well I juice stand. I don't care whether it's a table side magician or whenever Bob does not want to be the person that can prove no warmer is entertain I I I just I I didn't wanna sit in those seats but very insisted. And rely on to move rear roof flew was slow Lou due to marriage loving mess now Mary now he he's off the speech. He steps up to our seats. And he and puts his are his hand on my shoulder. You only. And didn't put so much in my face. Do I put my arm around her all do you love. And I look better. I. And sang along with Mexican Elvis impersonator this place went wild the place went wily Hussein might she. I just got lucky I love good and Elvis and they have the scene cheers and I have my arm around my wife and I'm looking better singing in this. The most epic moments its own nine do you like crystal I'm building a you'll never whoa hold your own do okay. And we'll listen and went away you can do this all. Every only underwear yep that was me maybe the first time in your life every woman and there was like why can't you be more like him. It's like the first time in my life. Well we usually do I we lose those few million they say please don't really have no worse timing your life in every woman and in venues are. Looked at their man and look to you and say why can't even more linking you know that's the first the first time in my entire life women looked at me and several like kitchen be like jail. Max has learned sang. I'm I. News. There's plus you there she hand because. I. Anyway always had an edit party you're a better life there's always like a really fine boyfriend really fine romantic husband. And every woman in mayors like no why it would kill you feel like that guy you sky news wounds. I'm still thinking about you're saying and never before have women said why did she Billick well. Times in your life have you been in a situation like that we're home roomful of women are like man I wish you really amounts true not a whole room full yeah. All the women that go to clubs and I was your gonna say it's a long. Do you remember everything. Thought I. It's. Okay. Next up Bob tells us what happened non cash in night. Yeah. I Sherri does. You know I had put my arm around my wife closely I can't help falling in love with with jumps ago loose. If I did not put my arm around and look at her it would not have gone over with the ladies as wells it is well armed you don't wanna. Saying that you can't help falling in love to jump suit Alan no no no that's the different I know I know I picked up on that they need everything right here at film a different guy a lesser guy would have waved dealt with some way I know thing kind of sour I don't know grade and he did everything right thank you were the guy that every woman who wants to be when I want us. Yes. You know I I was thinking because you've pointed out this is throw the only tell you I am I thought what I mean a large how are you saw in a large room cattle are you doing some real tap danced in their home. Anyway I can think of another time. Our guys this couple came over there are friends of Morrison the disguise that was in my golf group throughout. Air I was mic in my walk you know and. So here in his wife set and she she's a couple of type of person that was like a health food person. And I have liked vegetables in the walk and I'm walking away right. And I've got a little thing a blueberries sitters there that are going to be served for likened in the desert because I go to school for my blueberry stayed minimum Roman bluebird I failure out of I can come and go hopes to Houston up numbers they're gonna stop you from getting dementia and cancer. But I can only so many of them. Her for what this. This is like Har more blueberries. I'd be better off not known my name is it to you know you won't get a little bit of dementia you think yeah you know let's look at best it. And maybe it'll you'll be a little looser yeah right because our play on. Where was like OK I. Somewhat get away and she says that him she says one that you do something like this once and while the couple healthy he eats. You know you really all you all you do is you cook a steak in the backyard wants to work what did you do something like disk. We got on the golf cart the next Saturday he looked at it without anything he turned mini went ID you had let's. They're so. So guy and I you have to be born like an extra burden your sort of delay for the parties some guys are just. The fun guys that way teams. There's the guy not dead guys fun at parties are fun they're great with kids they're just on guys and every woman is lying and secretly wishing you were the fund guy he. Know those guys are probably cheat and otherwise we will go with three or four women is there real fun guys but when you see that I know that guy that you talking about guys at the pool party at the end of the summer a neighborhood pool party -- or intrigues and make him more generally used to guide big -- that leads to kids in the cannon ball kind he had any right right exactly fun yeah and their all think and in touch -- -- today but Todd that guy he is that guy you know he used that can I taught that I. That's he's a fun guy that's right I am not that and that's because tide is an extrovert he loves being around people people recharge his batteries. You're not that Wayne that you so I have to catch something like I did with Elvis like Mexican Elvis like Mexican Olusegun. I don't think he's referred to that. It's my notes just a shot rerun Matt I was up in the middle of the night kiss and Goodyear Puerto remember. And I saw a rerun of How I Met Your Mother mom and they had Korean Olympics. Well we had Filipino till we hello no style and Elvis was good though he could really saying units from while we discuss the ladies in the audience when was it. That you saw a guy somewhere. And you just said tears software usage your husband your boyfriend. She should be like that guy what you want what was the guy do we close moment when you're like I was smiling guy was like that what she's doing. So maybe the rest of us can figure out that we should be doing this because we. You know we've become very complacent after. That's not good. What was that guy doing we just looked at that guy you say man I wish bush my husband would. June that. Would be that much forge and push. Wish they would you better do that could have been something small for really you know it was just this amazing character who just lit up the room. Just wanna hear a guy to be the fun guy. First as you point out a fun guy might not always be a great time to win but he'd better looks before. Crazy days BO BS HE RIE 8882627437. The moment when you were like yeah I was my guy. Did each dish. She dish and the Bobby and Sherry podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all the time. Elusive company for eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words. Doesn't a vacation because he is all inclusive sound amazing yeah. Great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Opera sandals the call 888912515968889125159. Back for the podcast. Audio clips I guess your father's Jerry just got. So we're talking about a moment I have when my young wife Mary and I were on vacation in Mexico. City it really nice resort and had Elvis night the Mexican Elvis came out. And I got to sing just went into the Mike and me and I finished I can't help falling in love with you as a put my arm around my wife and and women in the audience of course the moon and gas field hey did you I would say the school did you notice the next day her eyes following you everywhere. You know I used mentioning that. Maybe you I am imagining that I took my shirt off and they shook and he did and that feeling this edited dissipated very quickly. We got we got an email from. One of her listeners Elizabeth and she says. She was in a mall and saw a couple that. She knew she and her husband knew. And they've been married for twenty some odd years and they were holding hands walking through the mall and she said I wish that my husband were to. We hold her hand older him publicly I saw site and this was on vacation to. And it really jumped out at me it was so at the resort. And there is some man and woman and she was all dressed up going out that night to dinner he was more casually dressed. And he was walking like five to six steps ahead order. Dedicating so we can get to the restaurant a little quicker. And like I just looked at them my stuff and I should check that out of me and this is a romantic place. And all this guy is thinking about it skimmed the trick. Or are getting corners opera whatever in how rude is that. That the wife is this fight steps behind him if he doesn't even realize it anymore being about you do that to the woman that you Mary. Tuner where are the people who were super uncomfortable with any kind of PDA. I I don't see how hand holding somebody's hand. Is so. Nobody's gonna say get a room I mean you'll get a lot. Exactly we seem. Oh why is that song comfortable but are people who are married and or together furlong time. And they really is complacent don't want none of that no one N one or both of them somewhat none of that Noel no more and you know that's true. Shouldn't you that the search not sure for you because you're hot bloody Connecticut mantra back. Born through northern tunic and hot dog home of the blues how hot you put it Nutmeg Stater. I imagine that there are people that are just. These aren't jam with tune mom gonna stay with you but it. 0101. None of that. By it's just they the attitude is I Goddard she said yes we've had kids. You know why why should I try anymore which you have to keep true running my late stepfather. Home was so. Link. Under Lee like smitten and smooth Meehan devoted to my mom which is great can she not she never had that. Mean she met when my parents were married they were teenagers on Chris you know. My dad my dad like most meth cooks not a super romantic guy Murray. She hoped but I apologize to the Mets could community doesn't do that are very sensitive. I don't know they are they're gonna say yeah trucking and that's not candle light many. So my mother had never really. Somebody that told her she was pretty all the time or wanted to hold her hand or any of that and Ted was buried old fashioned and romantic and he was all about Blake. Holding her hand and com domain Herm public he's seen a lot of that means in the early in long term relationships in the but there are people listening right now that have only been together maybe five years or more. Who are going yeah I would love to have somebody. One to hold my hand or stroke my hair tell me that I looked nice that the email that you don't have to be together for twenty years. For that to disappear do you think that people who get married very young suffer from the east problems more than somebody. Divorces or think too horrible thing. But do you think it in your mother's case you know. He came with no baggage old yet he didn't get her pregnant he didn't there was no drug deals. He I showed up as mr. romance with a clean slate right I disagree because arm any time you the only time in your life you have baggage is when your fourteen. He had the baggage of an ex wife. It's he had children. Into life is very complicated and well people all right well he had that baggage but I'm talking about romantically. He was he was well first of all the. Or was slow what the partners at the bar was very low. If you're a romantic guy and you look at other leading you can really impress girls and one sexism Matt Cooke hit the hardest definitely all the water that's really good ideas. There are negative skewered I don't know I'm not sure it's a perfect road. No I don't think I don't think age has anything to do that I think that some people are more. Romantic another school but also. It's like that old saying when two people wanna be together nothing will keep them apart. If someone doesn't want to be with huge nothing will call them cheese. If someone doesn't wanna hold your hand pinkish hue and tell you you're pretty. Sure is not a magazine you can buy dinner give your strategy. Now described all of them. Lot of it is you get happy showing up making an effort you know you know what I I just simply don't want to make the effort I know I know we'll be your children. Charming and that's what's called what it is I figured out what the differences. With my relationship with my wife and and previous. There's no other way to put her watch. What's the big differences and permit. I don't wanna tell you but that's right it's your interest and everything goes on in my life every hand cranks everything that is why. That's why I'm on the volume three of the book above us when you guys like FaceBook live that was your question is one of the questions and yes we did in fact Todd found it and showed it to them now when we were on their despair and there was actually a book of mom there is our money onto their current work I love those are the volume of the book. Bob so I can't wait to add to it next it's Bobby she. Realize preview. News I'm Bob it was very dot com. Parts of what should be on us to tell you about them not to want some inaugural cruise or it. A we you know are you are understood issue yet artist stitched OK yes tricky unless yeah exactly a cart. And and so I notice is about myself and it's it's a very positive change that I made. Or have I made it it here's the question. Am I reacting this way it's too something my wife did. Because I changed or is it because I have found a person. That is. It is so aligned. For someone like me I like how we use spends so much time studying the although ways that you're growing positively. And so little time analog he's seen them play he's stepped perhaps are holding yourself back I love that the glass is half full for you. That. What did you say that. This this this is a totally different subject did you understand what did you why understood which future. Can we. All understood there you just. Should you do the kind of an insult and then there was another insult up you didn't understand that was installed Sony and Omaha. How can we go back to back. What classes or turn him question. The question is have you grown positively. Be the lives of your own growth or. Is it that you're married to someone who's just right in the wheel house of some with your particular cluster gas behaviors and heroes yes no not Norris he's not the road behavior this is this is a great person OK I've selected. A great. Greg do not personally but you've selected her were. Appropriately taught so here's the example and I and I note I I've noticed this a couple of times right. Bomb. She doesn't tick me off very often at all amused she she just doesn't mean she's just some point what's why do you work ethic. We're going to must through a pure coffee. She should tick me off very often points to her. We take each other off right if you're married to somebody here was somebody 24/7. You know you're. After awhile you know you're gonna do something that probably takes you a personal a little bit folk but here's the thing I'm ready I don't hold. I don't on hold a grudge. Because she never holds a grudge. I can do something to ticks her off right like I should tells me don't forget to get some us open at the store and I come back and I don't have the soap. She's she doesn't just so hounds to me she's she's going to Ding Dong yet exactly. And then I'll go back can get the so bright he just lets it go who she lets it go so elect one time. I was supposed to call and get. House we were reading cleaned on a certain date. And I didn't do so she showed up with your kids and I was tired and it was dirty. And she called me up and she and but she didn't she didn't listen I told the date but she didn't listen and she won a day early. So I'm in the right. When she called me up and she says I'm an embarrassment guys that people would mean you're got kids wouldn't place is still the mean you were supposed to get this done. And always said was I'm really sorry I did not try to win the point. That is growth. I do not now that I definitely heard you've grown. And I won't I will agree YouTube and validate that you do not hold grudges with this woman. Right Kazaa I I'm I'm not saying Dick you're a grudge holder. But in the past I've known you to hold onto a grudge or. Well I wouldn't say that you know he more than anyone else really because I think your kind actually able to do well actually because of not being with the right person might cost decades you've been able to hold gadgets you most people need that he he's just off. Yeah I know I I really cheer you don't holds. Grudges with you Roy out you don't you hold a grudge brother you'll hold onto one. There's been doing this unbeknownst. I would really rather you say you finally select the right on the rather than. You guys wrote this because the grossly means that I have read. Let me let me put it this way then. Because you've grown and you've made the right choice. If you're choosing and I growing and next day to understand what we just sat there actually I am so confused right now it's. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. I thought it was very dot com and it's so it's something I'm not exhausted from all of this group you know what I did it. I have growing exemptions. And levees are we play where you can I have my speed you know he's. We got the break about the growth we talked about the growth in the following break we start the great talk about how tired he is talking about the growth. I just it's the greatest job. I took the girls and my friend Rick to pounce to cac cafe in Charleston goes RNC maker and there was that. Well it's a cafe where you can amp. And you hang out with the day we were there they had 23 kittens. And you can pet them and play with them and love on them and you just you hang out with kittens and so om I said the sparkles hey I made reservations of pounds to catch cafe and he was like I'm sorry what it. Lemons you he'd go in you have during singing hang out with catch cheaters and that's different from your living group how exactly the public can you bring your own can no mutant and all the kittens or adopt a bull. And they've they've they've actually close to 400 kittens have been adopted in just the past several months. So you go to parents and you have to be twelve or older. And dom EDs hands sanitized or you can go you can have Weiner beer whatever. Ice tea or coffee or whatever your choice unlimited non alcoholic beverages just pay for your alcoholic drinks. And then eagle in the carrier route. And there's a sign that out in front of the cat cafe that says live in new cats lap dances how. So funny so all the kittens have been spayed or neutered and they are they've all had their shots and they're ready to be adopted a few even if till of people worked Sicily when you go and humane society. And all the kittens have little on the collars on them with their names and there's comfy furniture and cat toys everywhere. And you basically spend your our. On having adjourn kick and having all of the kittens you want in your lap at one time. I'm Nora I'm going for Christmas. Girls. Loved it. Where it was like. How our kittens. And anyway I got a second drink. Is this isn't really much had allergies but listen to nightmare. Live your life. You don't wanna be the guy who went to catch cafe comes to town you don't wanna be guy in the room doesn't know we can't cafe is an art. That's okay actually that is that's stuck his reaction to recent surprise. And I would be surprised. Speaking don't wanna be that I was still. Fine Bob you would hate it but it was so fund trust the people live in Charleston has redeemed New York Times about them they're going. Please stop calling us the number one vacation destination in America people are coming from California they're coming from Canada but traffic is awful they wanted to anymore but listen did you hear that disturbing story out of California about carrots. No 0% of us don't know I know you love cats you tell me if you think that this is despair and you very well may. A guy in California was just sentenced. For killing eighteen cats. The judge gave him the maximum sentence sixteen years in prison. Arm you know arm people that hurt animals. That's. But hurting animals and childhood as a precursor to them. It's a red flags from being a killer Jeffrey Dahmer to Seattle right. A I think that people that arm abuse and hurt and kill animals should not walk among us. Do you think the judge be given to stiffer sentence 1616 years sometimes I wonder why you Q like. Rape a woman for example and do less time to. But I don't know what the particular laws words to you that's what I was that oh what a mandatory minimums or I don't I don't know. Because I've I've heard of I I don't know about you know what you just described put. Some really heinous things in and people get like three or four years. The sky's going there for sixteen years now I absolutely despise and put into her and then. But we don't know what their mandatory minimums in California are for that was try us and he commended that was the maximum right so if he killed sixteen and cat's 1818 gets into. You know the judge may have looked at this guy because you just killed eighteen animals and probably in a horrible way that we don't even want to discuss right. You really belong amongst us and I think that's what he was thinking for his cattle over. Well I'd I'd I'm gonna give the judge a little more credit for not bringing his own personal. Preferences into it and may be making decisions for the good of society. She Clara judge I would be bringing my own personal that's why you're not a giants. Well as a lotteries such school agreeing to get you know to me because I'll tell you judged unprecedented. Snow pictures are. Are words we're not kidding reading reading reading. The tests are doubting us saying I know it's one adjudged that for. That we're dogs I mean I've I probably would give the guy the full thing for cats to restored dorks definitely. How do you mean how do you make the distinction like oh well since it's cats were gonna give you ten years and it was dogs will be sixteen known. If you're human being that's capable of that kind of sick missing cruelty you probably don't mean to walk amongst its front. So I think I guess he did the right thing. And and the guard the guy is probably gonna get off you know who give probation probation or some parole or whatever per parole so what they call. And they get out early right. Dad they turned pretty much they do probation more now on the parole there dual parole system got people out of prison too soon. Here's what they do what's the difference obviously is that some of parole and the one I to do with early release. I roll. That was I believe. That was a pick me upper hand and it actually capturing my cat cat. I know I was listen you talk but the catch cafe and I just had this story it's been in the news at our us only four hours and just. These are more. Plus they have group. And you offer is yeah. I'm here. Find it at Bobby Cheri just tell. Jonathan who's filling in. Sports car accident or after I was telling you. The cat cafe experience a hunter with the whipped out his phone is said Sheri knew her to go to yoga which of course is what our own. Well Jonathan and his girlfriend went to go to yoga explain it to about a day go yoga is. They're pretty much a farm a farm yet our number and it's. You do you know go hit a bunch of baby goats and the goats are like. Like there's a picture of bomb a woman in dead cat position and the goat is on her back. Says she's doing yoga with the goat on her back mindful that would help QB you know you Donna can explain about. You dwell on your troubles. When you're on your hands and knees in the field with a goat on your back are not cute baby animals up. I just don't understand why haven't I go to my head would make me a better yoga person. Not sure I'm not anti oh but you know sometimes stressed about work. I'm thinking about work with a goat on your head. I've been thinking about what they're Coke could be doing on my head talk and then I could not relax and then you're in the moment. I I don't wanna be you know let's go so well behaved. Terribly easier laundry early eighties. And David goes there hyperactive they wanna jump up on top the view that either turning twelve and they did though don't they didn't. No probably deal a year you're supposed to be in just legs and life right you race. Things would distract no you're sharing the experience. With the goal you're having a cross species share and one minute by feel like things like I have to explain what I think. Doing yoga with the go to MySpace. Type MacIntel milieu Soledad who you lose amazing. Well in the Bob the future commuter run a serious dude have you done yoga before resistance or I don't know. And you never have to hold his girlfriend kind of a free spirit hippie girl yeah. That she's really really beautiful and when she says he's done then I wanna go get an infield in to go yogi she's like yes. Really the only new and there you really don't know and you were you know I'm in their nice. And. Illness. And on my day. Good way here all I missed Sunday and there you are you're in your home remedies. And your stealing not just your own body in the first what you're feeling that tiny hoots of the green and blue and loneliness. The I wanna concentrate. Actually I don't do many looks good it'll only be good because you start flicking her hand. Guzzling knew. I don't understand how that would. Distracting TE was not distracting to have more difficulties and it's what what what kind of positions did you do. I don't TO. You're just stay in and around the field wouldn't go I don't know I pretended I pretended he doesn't know the poses Sony know. Today have a leader and so he tried to depose. So do you. You pretty flexible. And yes he did okay. He did downwards Ellis and once sounds familiar down down his old dog. Downward dog and it's like the basic one remake click I DJB. Note the word and he did that post but there's not a it's not too unhappy baby with a legit though it's coming around. Yeah it paid off of that fluffy or cared who makes it's like that there was one. There was what the dog was ordered to yes so letting your pictures maybe doing battle. All are in fact it's ironic I went Cyrus. Her own you so hard. Hostilities the resistance the mood I'm not a I didn't resort. Understood and so Stewart Darian and some older she wanted. I don't stick it's cute and. Torvalds. You and your lifestyle you can't treat everything with. Let me see Asencio we're not participating you know jet plane you know that you know that yeah a close. That's a hard close for somebody like me to I don't know what. I got shoes and I could really do enjoy. Coach that's plaguing my ankles and no I'm gonna do you have any more you're more mindful then of your. Welcome. Catch my. We're really good together. Your feelings surrounding the violent kids. Health insurance can be so confusing. And so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought chief today by USA health insurance plans. It helps ensure it's your family deserves doctor visits lab work dental and vision surgery X series accidents and war. Why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter to 99537. Lead back to the body shirt contests thanks for listening. You credited toward this right now because summer is great Summers are beautiful you wanna get outside you wanna stay outside the sometimes it's too high. People's movie critic has prepared the best movies to watch when it's too hot to go outside. Lamar Bill Maher hey hey I don't know what we're doing good are bringing I. What you do is you get your popcorn you can achieve good comfortable seats and the Purcell and how we Psycho business sustained from 1982. With Kurt Russell directed by John Carpenter. You know the original movie was made in 1961. It's probably better but don't look Simon and this is really an also movie. You got in a lean mean they can become anything it touches doll is sick human it's a glorious scary movie and it's sick in the end Arctic. We really should cool you off news New York treason or tails off the whole time. Re so right that is such a good movie in the ways all the zillions of movies out there it's easy to forget even exist and if you've never watched it what a perfect hot day movie. It is it is now. My next one she is cliffhanger and this is another old from 1990s or amounts are in 1993. What he's not too low. Loeb Sylvester Stallone still in his prompt pay you know the SATA the mound being chased by John lift the galaxy Andy's in love with you mean turner from northern exposure. So you've got the best of both worlds great action with Stallone playing great -- -- John Lithgow plus there's snow everywhere so this is a cool down situation. And it's really a fun movie to watch when that's all on. I have to stop and did a shoot out wherever I hated and it's going to watch it is John John gal much. Steve playing a truly genius evil genius because you don't picture lit cal vs Stallone has become much emotion. I know that's true. A lot of males fight each other but he now is the bad got easy when he plays a great bad guy turned she's now the next one is going to be one of your favor remember Syria and though. Fargo from nineteen at all true joy back. C up through this he needs to be watched at least every two years but would this sub zero sitting summertime. Easy absolute perfect time but Cohen Brothers the directive of course both for me this is the movie that I think. William H. Macy on the map and he is fantastic in up everything he does. Just let this guy I do he is a fantastic actor and he just some dog that sleazy. Car salesman so perfectly. We know also a movie does it shows you that even if you think you have a great idea. Sings the very balls spin out of control and then you're you're. Dawn shows you if you have a bad idea I mean in evil idea you better think twice as it may go sideways. And the mortals plus hours a vis the more it also shows the versatility of wood chopper guys MRI. Our. Are and what else. People who couldn't actually don't chase it up a bit mad Max fury road that was just added 2000 sustain this doesn't offer you snow seems to who you're all apple what it does show you this Tom hardy should go to hell and back in desert heat. And Charlize stare and as they complete bad asks why she see what real heat is you gonna fill a whole lot more comfortable with what you've got men you know she really good and then it. He is very good in net yeah. Just a good movie I know a lot of people I know didn't seem mad Max fury road I have not you have been played. But he's amazing guest Charlie's Darren is really getting good reviews yeah. Users and especially her must final one is also one that was in 2000 sustain the remnant. Now I know you're gonna tell you that I know you're gonna pick that one. Look at this isn't a recount where they either give DiCaprio that Oscar all people why is that maybe an impossibly killing himself already read everything you can't get Oscar you talk about uncomfortable yes movie puts him to absolute misery and that's before he gets something but close and personal with the mayor of my head right asks me dad I bet if you can watch this. And complain about the heat. So we'll tell us. Surely there's going through your weakest often that I complain you have to learn is that there it is thank you Lamar very much those are good choices. Are nobody's unduly critical posts this up above and Sherry dot com and sometimes it's just too high should tell us. Thank you mark Todd and scary. My previews at mom's every dot com. Critics on talking about moved. These two things he was too hot to go outside and here aren't casually mentions. I remember the days when my mom would give me some money and drop me off at the movie Jeter in the morning we would just spend all day sneaking into other movies which is. It's isolation I'm going to judge it's kinda stay. It is Pakistan it is kinda still but I think by the time we get to the middle of the summer break with all the kids in my neighborhood my mom was tired of hearing us jumping in the pool in and risking our lives by doing stupid stuff that she just figured if she gave each of the kids didn't matter if they were her own kids. Each of the kids five dollars or ten dollars or whatever and drop the softer the movie theater 10 o'clock. And then told us she pick us up at about 4 o'clock that afternoon. There we would just be preoccupied and we would be out of her hair somebody else's issues how well poultry house like. Eleven or twelve at a time so she wouldn't load up the old the patent station wagon and the Pontiac and she would drop us off with a movie theater and we are talking about this and I started remembered some of those bad movies that we saw many it was the summer of com breaking two electric Google. So. Big big can I ever thought I'd hear that movies are alerts are so we would buy the ticket because that was like the PG movie so we can get electric tube you know breaking two electric Bogle of it and sneak in but we had a plan what we would do is we'd week to almost the very soul lot of times when CD into the movies wood way to the almost the very into the movie. And then we would slipped out. And we make our way over to where they had like the video games that we would start playing whatever video game it was. And then we would work her way back down the hall of the movie theaters. And whatever we can share was just starting or you could see the times we would slip into that theater when it got dark yet we would get a seat sales. You might miss the endings and beginnings but he saw a lot of moon we saw a lot of movies and here's the thing by the time we got done for the day somehow someway we had put the ending together we'd maybe caught the end of breaking two electric boat glue because nobody wants them is that masterpiece will kick you leave while the credits Iran's you really you know look we best voice in breaking two lectured borrowers well. Well we do we could put that we didn't want to get caught met slow traffic. That you wanna get an F five yeah Zydrunas so but that's your do you remember anything other than breaking well electrical now. I was the summer when some of those classics came out like Sheen of the jungle she knows storing Tonya Roberts who if anybody saw a man yeah. He show was the I was an extra yeah. And she was yeah. Value life so we saw that we also saw what do Burt Reynolds classics cannonball run two featuring. Burt Reynolds dumb do we east and already Gleason. It wasn't no no that was smokey and the bandit this had like all the all the dumb brat pack guys from Las Vegas were they. Cannonball run so I remember what smokey and the bandit was about what was important can't deal don't can't catch the ball run was Burt Reynolds was a stunt man right to calm the dom de Louise was like she is like O coordinator he coordinated all the stunts what happened was world's never actually did the stunned stunned a Louise would be the one that we get hurt. But the launch for shortest. A rich guy decided they they were gonna have a cannon ball run what it is is you've got the fastest cars and you raced from California to new Yorker New York back to California okay and you better theater Camaro yet okay though he did none this when he did early now and they. On you just got schooled yet do not in L restoration of file late and which ones he had Nick Cannon ball and then there was always there was always the trends I am the art films I mix the mugs yeah. Not your fault they're so many liking cannonball run he pretended to be a paramedics and he and dom de Luis drove an ambulance across country because they can put the sirens on. Well I was second line. The second one he decided he would be in general and dum de Luis would be his driver. And social and train was in that movie as well that drugs were meant it was really bad so along with that we saw that we saw another movie called top secret. Now top secret it was supposed to be a spoof. Oval like World War II behind and an enemy lines lies and stuff in many had Val Kilmer in the early days when Val Kilmer was skinny and Val Kilmer played some sort of like. I'll pop star of the you know back in the he urged he would break into song like it was an Elvis movie ever once you know you're making it known as well and sell and they would have played a comedy yeah I was I was supposed to be comedy you know very rarely does he played Blake and James Bond type guy played like it actually what he did was he was like a pop singer of that time they somehow wind to Germany not knowing that the war was on his he was gonna go perform can and then got so it's a mission and yeah. Well drugs were bad guys ever existed and then one of the ultimate classics of course was Oxford blues which starred rob below Odierno I remembered that I wanna I don't really that's where I remember the title yeah he was he was in that now beats street did come out that time we would not go see beech tree because we were break into family William once you know once electrical guru always electric Vogel now we could have seen some really good movies like ghostbusters Indiana Jones temple of doom or Karate Kid but we chose not to week we start which is the cinematic classic Todd after. You seem arm breaking two electrical glue a few times home. Did you go home and in the privacy of your own bank garage or bedroom where ever attend some break dancing oh yeah did you ever master any of the move no now we actually lead the cardboard box. Down on the ground and put the music on an attempted to do it but just try to do the stay on your head and we tried to spin none of us to do the debris I wish now what he ought to think about Todd stat Herm. Driving home from work she works for the government and seeing his kid trying to spin on his. Head on a cardboard box at giants safety it would make you want to jerk and we're mirror I was head. That heavy sigh yeah what is it about a terrible yeah you know there was a third break in movie that was never released element have many Afghans come in the rapper Ice-T who is in each one of those maybe. They never released them never released. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcast. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Both have had mom Sherry died here. And Paris. Agri realizations in Tokyo was talking to a friend of mine and we were talking about I don't know why I furlong time. And we were talking about what we see do we were kids and I said we spend whole days just playing whistle ball. And this guy looked to music act is wonderful ball and I realized that personal whistle balls kind of regional. And second to this it is yes. A lot of people that I have no idea what was football is you know she grew up in Connecticut. Teaching everybody knows that with the ball was something that kids on the streets of Brooklyn would play wish our guys that's what I search first bottom and then we got it Whipple ball is not universal and it got greedy thinking. What can kids do before there was Wi-Fi and if it's really hot outside. And you what are you don't have Wi-Fi what will your kids do today so we ask James O'Keefe journeys in the studio. To discuss the king's kids did before there was Wi-Fi. Many great memories. At the end at the end of our road we have this open a lot that was developed years later but as kids it was open and it had this big dirt hill so we would take our bikes. This was evil and evil era. And we would build ramps and do jumps I mean and if felt like it was like twenty feet in the air only reality is like I often though you're a little kid at Philly was like twenty and we would do evil and evil style stunts and jump over things on bikes with a ramps and do all this stuff. Our parents. Didn't ask getting care and you'd have no helmets know how old now no helmets. You get detailed by a handlebar I mean. The better of the crash the more fun it was and the sad thing is Lisa no life I would feel like. Recorded on our phone stood to go back and watched a cool crashes your first he's just remember he has ultra memory which makes it even bigger than it was at the time we talk much this summer some experiences. I mean we can we don't have to but it is summertime my Brothers did the same thing you're talking about they would build these elaborate grandson Blake scrap plywood. And and construct these crazy things to jump over on skateboards and on bicycles don't. I have a CDQ do you dad who's forever and alongside no parent would allow it anymore I had the same field and from my house growing up when I was like five or six. And I would go to the top of the outfield it was a it was a mountain not a mountain but a big hill mound. And they could build on it and on the other side was what seemed to me then to be a lake. But it was actually just a little Pont. And I would go there with a coffee canned a rusty old coffee can and somehow I would capture Polly walks. Which would of course become frogs eventually and I would put the poly waters in the Q and then bring it back into the house. Around the idea of my letting a five year old. Go over the hill and down into underbrush to poke a little rusty bucket into Bob what was basically a pond that if you slipped you're in the war I you're down. You're in the water and I during the what are we were go to another punt and that pond we would ice skate got. And I never had one parent common sake I elected check GI's to make sure that it's totally frozen. This is where you go like a negotiator and that pond are good. I can go either way yeah yeah. Wish to catch lightning bugs in the summer. And we would have the jars and we would take a screwdriver punch holes in the lives of some kind of jelly jar whatever can put grass and there is if you're making a little Condo for the light and I. I think what is dead and about an hour from. It does support we've made a hole a two bedroom Condo in the dead are with grass and holes and it's gonna could be dead in the morning either way either wireless. Make it easier on the magic bullet and ideally by his closing hole it would nowhere. The lightning bugs in your neighborhood called you guys to coyotes army and don't don't get caught by the coyotes by the did jardin lead you to die I felt willful ball was just terrible here I want local all of playing baseball but Whipple ball. You if you even if you hit it. And it and it wasn't easy to hit because the balls the size of a quarter you 'cause it's it's got holes and it could go anywhere you dress you up that he should not. And where they're. Well excuse me Whipple ball is game of the people. Because he whistled while unlike baseball is playable by people even with minimal skills and it's really hard to bust the wind or knock it to tell us what global do you like a football. Love that you know they you don't even just crushed a ball and it takes off the bat if flies that answer seconds later just like immediately dies in the air what is fat that's not that there's no set its workers and Carolina area. There's another here's another sports world like admit bad. And death. I have to admit and you never get a partner that can hit it back more than once boy a leopard shows he's crappy spot doesn't come on now and now. Are now. Unbeaten and easily freeze either help but I like to be called an athlete. Yes. Take your mortgage and you are never easy that's on the it's not mention. Some things I did at Bob Sheri dodge comes ahead. Two or three stories that I read about it and unknown group them together we can just chat about them they're just just kind of kooky and and really unusual. There is a nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic. And they recently held a bikini contest. To pick their new intern. And let people vote for the winner on FaceBook hey Yo-Yo yo. I tell radio operations to nuclear power I know he OK okay do I thought that two of and get away would that first of all ticking and in turn. I don't think you can do that in any business the United States and not get filed against right you're you're gonna bring like a nineteen year old Ian here ever put on a bikini. And then putter on the company's FaceBook page and vote on the company we used to work for that's what they're rotten morning so used to you know that's true and that was harder in Indy goes yeah you are doing here but a nuclear power plant. Yet in the Czech Republic are here's the second story. This is a guy. That I admire but I could never be discussed right. Twenty year old guy named Joey barge from Buckingham Shire of England or shorts to his job at a call center during a heat wave. Is boss sent him home told the change because shorts were not allowed because of the company dress code so he changed. And to address. And came back to work. And it's blossomed what's this now and he said dresses are allowed. See I really admired your ram but I can't PM in in bear defense. They let him stay in they didn't try to fire. For him and I don't know what you're talking about 'cause if ever man could look sassy and a score I'm talking to. You sure you can't just pass stick legs pressures saying. And I'm not sustain that you have fantastic links he does some men they can't Wear mania after twenty million but you. You know though I I don't think that where millions work on May be a nice he's line. Or maybe a man it's hot so may be something something that closed for Olson that's right and. I still on track all the you'd make it work he can make it work. Max is IMAX is a meteor T lent man yeah there's too much leg dare for you in a mini yet unlike this one here must mustache she tennis skirt. You know these are really horrible images of the hour. Yeah. I like that guy George though he sounds like fun are here is my third at 43 year old woman whose name is Melanie you she hand lives on Prince Edward Island in Canada I've always wanted to go here it's very rural but the jury beautiful has these drives cried I've heard it Specter I had a really nice. A judge recently ordered her to have no contact with a guy she used to live with. It's not clear what happened but apparently they use the date. The judge also ordered him to stay away from her. But unfortunately Millen the ignore that order and showed up at his apartment to get summer for stuff. And they started arguing he said you must leave but instead she attacks him and bang into them over the head. Would the one thing all single guys have lying around what do you think that was. One thing all single guys have been flying around up. Practically every single guy has this well I mean you can't do much damage with some chink in. You know over now. A jewelry shop pizza box George Foreman Grill each it's a secret. I was gonna say how bad I don't have it but you've got there I knew I had one when I was single to I don't know where away and. She also tried to bridges TV by punching it she grabbed a pair of scissors in one hand and the cops got there. So she was gonna destroy probably the two things that he likes the best will free things is head is George Foreman has the million. As usual sentence by the way to a sixty days in jail eighteen months of probation. Don't you think that most guys have a George Foreman. If they don't they say I like George Foreman all the time when convention I may cure me out need me last night before dance on my church for its. It's an incredible invention you can also put it in the dishwasher that the part of it I'll tell you what's on some. On the and it works for us it's the same principle is a waffle iron put some tater tots in your waffle iron cook until they're crispy and then on drop a poached egg on top of that bad boy. Says AM. What do you do again he's taking your car. Clutch and put put the menu waffle iron and then close the waffle iron and cook dictator talks until there cooked through increased beetle is depending on offers new talks are 1015 minutes while minutes whatever I don't know. If you should use your sense people you're not monkeys. Then don't don't trust my talk tonight I don't want to their much talked to meet these people are important to us attend. At a. I don't play 'cause I feel people I've I've taken every group for years. And dropped almost Tamara my example and you think it is so good news the senator do you think George Foreman actually invented the George Foreman Grill it's a free can waffle iron. So somebody beat him to the basic premise to George Foreman had a genius to see all the potential themselves in the audience George. For me there isn't much. So they're no stuff you've. Hey I just took a swing at monkeys to go lead yeah. There's so many millions from the monkey community needed to make ordinary and. Really offended I'm sorry. Yeah yeah rob how long I don't know I would only tell her now or wait till that comes fired. Grill which. Created by Michael Glenn. Illinois. Their license. Gave him a certain amount of money. Goes it's like George.