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Thursday, April 20th

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For Mother's Day so if your mom or you're wrestling with her hair. Ovation here dot com. It's the Bob and Jerry show I'm night. Exactly sure what they do everything in our own little world. And usually Jerry. Do you really. Anbar guests and now broadcasting from the palatial problem Jerry studios it's common share. I thought about this yesterday. Stafford thinking about it. Whereas just a kid who doesn't college and I wanted to get into radio. I knew would guided knew a guy who was on the radio station and I should just because you take me the radio station let me meet this guy. He said sure sure so the guy was our radio station I think in Greenwich Connecticut which is a very original. And I drove down there and about the guys and we go wind and it's a very small radio station. It serves the Rich Little town of old Greenwich Connecticut Greenwich and few other. Municipalities around there. And I went into the studio it was like an urban radio studio but maybe once before. And you're not coming here every morning we view and it's just like in a slight. It's like my living Roemer are my dinner something you're comfortable and all but you know the light came on on here. And Jude who was on the year but they were playing what used to be called middle of the road music was like a light rock. He had a guitar in his lap electric guitar. That was plugged into the control board he ran his own control board there was no Macs there's no Todd and a I pray with the guy's name was who's got forty years old. And so he comes out of the team is playing the song he comes out of the song. And he says his name in the name of the station what time it is an all. And then he starts play in the guitar which is hard wired right into the boards so if you're driving around listening in the sky. All of a sudden you hear his guitar. I mean though like there's an amplifier. In the corner it's in the it's like coming out here is going to. Role religion and cool and finished singing and then they started singing we'll only know on the real news for Lester good showed Dodi in the city. Yeah later I. Know skills until this show is I don't have that. Pretty good voice too is just he didn't announce right now like to do little probe barrier whatever the so where is he just started seeing him and I thought huh. I guess you know skirts rudely and entertain her I have never seen that anywhere else in my life. I mean I noted late pack up when the comedian pat I'll win. When he started out in radio usage station in Philly com called W and Lamar and he would play he would bring his guitar indeed play everybody and we do comedy but do you want Perry plugged into the boards singing songs out there would be like you know all of a sudden I go into your shape would you buy it Sherron you know. And you know what. I wanna be there on the day so it's. None of that stuff here and there is pretty good period of fender guitar are just I've never seen that anywhere else. You know I've never heard that common through the speakers snob. But that's sort of thing that can only happen in the smaller town yeah that's true. On this nation it's owned by a lake Sam and a family here you can't he can't pull that up on the big corporate radio and our Murdoch be called into a meeting. Bob. I wasn't listening because they're never listened but are understood you went into. Maroon five's COLT. And it for awhile tells about the wonder that those days ago on your honor those who is that your score is just such a kooky business but he had those days are gone and it's not. It's not great that they're gone. Because on everything kinda sounds this team in in a way in a lot of places you don't have you don't have that kind of weird you. Friend Joan and offer stopped and when you do it. It's not that liquid yield their towns you can drive thru them what am I a late stepfather stayed for things in the wide world was to listen to. This little AM radio station in Wyoming where he lived to a show called hey watch. And it was three local ranchers buddies of his and they did he watch aired when the ranchers felt like it. So you know after it was if I was kind of a day like the weather was such that they really couldn't get out and do all that much knew they'd they'd all get on the phone to each other getting to their trucks and roll into the radio station. May took about hey. And hey watch and you watch was about it does not Hayden but it was about whether. And green and ranch team and the bureau of land management and prices of traces. Big cats are all Iraqi and prices for alfalfa. And. But it followed no. Rhyme or reason it just was a couple of ranchers. Couple old rancher sitting around talks he's not I would listen to that my oh my god I think exaggerated as a do meet. You know I can get you on this aghast. At OPEC. Don't make those are sure outright just kinda checks you can't really catch. On but I said no your honor I would love to be a guest on who lights you know. They do they probably be gentlemen in. With a anything you wanted to do with I just sort of just right now when my old man have the restaurant over an old lyme Connecticut. In old lyme. It to go toward New Haven the big city you have to go over this bridge over the Connecticut River and on the other side of the original Saber Connecticut. It was a little stadium radio station and he used to listen to it. And so if you blew your horn when you went by. There's song I've read looked like if they did play like Sinatra music. The song decide if you blew your Warren and I 95. The pop would go down in the and that guy in the year ago fellow driver. And yeah. I thought that was the coolest thing I've ever heard in my life will serve because it was a moment of connection through to us. And a unit in our car in the Pontiac. It was so yeah. We showed every time somebody com. Barges into the studio while we're working then we should do that which turned the mics and go hello driver to load driver. And you never get through holes aren't out huh our own spot mr. Sorry guys it's paid attention thank you very much like horrible stuff. They Bill O'Reilly got fired didn't he know what's interesting about Bill O'Reilly getting tired. Let's be very clear Spiller ran leading get fired for sexually harassing women he got fired because fox finally was feeling the heat. In terms of its wallet down a terrific known all along I mean they've been paying money are left the room thirteen million dollars. Plus reporters I I was listening to one news report. And two reporters he used to work for fox to women Serb. We were interviewed they were there in the senate yeah he would he would do this and that and say this and that and I would complain to my supervisor. And I want to the president of Fox News and I said he's he's treating me horribly. And the answer was that's to spill. Mr. spill but when you're bringing in 400 plus million dollars a year. And I guess you feel you can and he could do you did he got away with a three years and years. He not fired because on fifty clients canceled because stocks tilted in your wallet. Mean that what's in what's going to be interesting is seen I don't know the wool over find themselves but here's something I'm curious about Newton. Because you know we. Like anybody that works for company and wish yourself employed right he works for a company. And you're always hearing from them well he know. If we didn't have to pay can salary over here might be able to give you also raises you know there's always an attitude they they're a handful of people we've got to pay them and so that's why the video steals the tapes. The thirteen million of floated out the door over the years. Who did that fact is that money you know that that money. Was taken off of the backs of other people who are nameless. And that's what that's how I usually happens media it's just that when you're bringing in that much money a year. The thirteen million dollars if you're just looking at it from the financials standpoint. This is not much it's some change you know that that thirteen million didn't come out of on top profits up thirteen million came out of the folks were gonna have 1% raises he now the very you know admitted today it announced for you know it it ticks that's the way to gain works well I mean. One of the problems who broadcasting today is that so much of it is driven by Wall Street you know duke yeah and certainly. Are they you privately held company in the Murdoch's own rush fox I don't. I press I don't worthy only New York Stock Exchange oh my god I don't know and I mean I know I host the money podcast for crying out loud and. Now I can tell you in the astrological sign of very if there is police worked Arabic. I don't know if they're publicly held. Aren't they aren't part of a large turn. 21 century fox. Yeah aren't a big but I have all this thing's been linked eaten by other companies in the RL now all part of a larger complying around the Murdoch's news on that right I mean that they run at the way they wanna run. The old me and Rupert Murdoch he shouldn't disgusting as she didn't want O Reilly fired two sons did it. Because here's the Murdoch camp so had been charged with the very same. Payments on. Oh you know you're thinking of deals are thinking materials CO Murdoch and I don't mean to start writers or not he's an interesting character bounty was charged in this thing like that. But I think what it came down to with a two sons. Are starting to run this. Gamely business. And they're looking to buy some sort of a cable and no sky news sky news which I think is a European Cup and they're looking to buy it okay. So if you got something like this going on some sort of a scandal like this going on it could screw up the purchase I think that's one of the main reasons that. Its own money on to go out they didn't Bill O'Reilly didn't lose this gig because on. In his behavior is beneath contempt and illegal he lost because of money in the thing. They agreed ironing for me and if you're Shannon Fox News you know you go live your life rate become a fan of Fruity Pebbles and and I realize there seem that surrounds that. You go live your life but at the irony for me the great irony for me it's the Fox Network. Stands every waking minute preaching to the rest of us about a morally correct behavior. That that is the faces of the number one book in the country that he Roy gets the number 10 hey Patrick it's. Is about kind of values it's called old schooler thanks so like. On fox tonight give lectures to about how we as Americans should be living meanwhile. Clinton discussed some kind of nurse they're not elves and now you're not hills and O Reilly I yourself hypocritical. I seen him. We're dealing with the. Judge may mean harm. And what comes next. We knew how much under strange combination. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Sorry I don't know. Sometimes you just have to say how it. How this happened. I came into the house you attribute I know Hainan. I came into the house yesterday after taking the dog out for a walk I was nice and peaceful everything was fine. And I wakin and this is her around 530. So Madison and Hampton are there and and Mary is there and there's a bunch. And one of the rooms and announce your own on there. So the dog goes over to see what's going up. And I got out. What what what is going on. And she said Mary has rescued is some part of some sort of a squirrel rescue group and we have had two squirrels. A Lucy and none Melton living with us for the past month. They're not quite ready to go out into the wild but note shall take them outside. And they'll come out of their cage they're a little cage with the it's like a caged Condo for squirrels you can actually buy them. And in Milton will go up on a tree about ten feet that'll kind of look around. And middle scamper down and go back into his old Condo right so they're getting a little braver and sooner or later we're gonna return loosen become regular schools. Well Melvin has broken out in one of the rooms in the house and Mary went to grab them and got his tail and that freaked Melvin out. So he is now under the couch. And I think he's hiding. Like upside down. In the couch underneath the couch and no one can get them as he's freaked out that his tale was touched or something like that the dog now. Who has been protecting guard our yard. From squirrels to. It has been watching with great interest. My dog is such a good dog he won't look over now he will chase a squirrel if I'm going for a walk in the woods with him he won't go after a score. These two he knows and he's a different squirrels for summary and he sits and stares at some need us nothing. Let me let me just through finished the scenes of the three of them are just going out of their minds because they can't get Melvin back into and they are both things were she's making dinner all of a sudden the smoke alarm. Or CO2 alarm. No dude there's like ten of them and our house. Starts beeping would that piercing beep you know I can't figure out which one it is. You can't this is one of the design flaws because when the Kazaa had this happen in the middle of the night my hand house figures when it goes off. It seems to be coming from everywhere none. When you're in the kitchen it sounds like it's in the kitchen regionally or shop additional living here it's good because it will you know give you a heads up no matter where you work but you're right you cannot be candid he got he got in this L all of them so I had to go and get this foot stool that makes me you'll be you know and be able to reach up and I'm now standing there because it's not constant. It goes off like air. 92 yeah so I'm up next to it and then it blasts. And I say this is that the one but the batteries in that one and I say have done much over there at the squirrels still running Iran I'm going to. I think what Hopkins happened luck. Happy so mom can we catch known enemy to have me and back I'm sorry your questions and IA I love animals we have a million of them living in our house then. Do we have. Com us threat to the squirrel population that. Makes them require rescue now it's just done Mary's had a fascination and and for like is long as I've known her. She if she sees a squirrel she studies the squirrels show we slows down when the squirrels. I do tomorrow I don't want to kill I don't actively murder and she loves these little must've had missed CC as a child the book may CC which is about a squirrel may be. Because if you had missing easy as a child you are squirrel nights. Alone. So the squirrels this business of rescuing them okay that's good. But they can never really truly returned to the. Have they do I mean there's a group to tells you that there's a program that you follow in order to. Reestablish them back into the into the wild. Through these squirrels like his fellow of the masters something their mother left her and got killed or whatever. And they're alone and there are people throughout the area there and every town. And they rescue these squirrels and then they put out an email sync is there anybody they can you know take to squirrel on so we get to. A brother and a sister. And I have to tell you that they are is shooting underhand startling a low score big big coral upon my you on my shirt. They'll still sit there on your shoulder to crawl under the top of her head. I mean I love animals I have gotten a fight within I'm just. I'm Christine squirrel I mean Asia seems like well I do have to say that my life goals are to have enough time in middle bandwidth to rescue squirrels in addition everything else I do last night. I was walking tall because I threw eight I think frankly mediocre. Beef and broccoli stir fry at my family and I cook myself. I was like yes yeah yeah so get your dime if I had to rescue rodents on top of that match Kuerten so you Bush's selection is gonna full gas. All that it's an errant snaps do you like I can't take one more damn thing on. It's just the weirdest and with the thing with the alarms going off in the squirrels hiding in. The dog just sitting there kind of watching and going happen what happens. It's not it's it's not. What ease. Thought no it's not know its its interest thing and you know it does mean despondent enough money in this is where memories come from but I remember when you were engaged and. And you came in and announced on us that. You would be having your own we need in the home. And I you Mary wouldn't do things you pick your kids you're going to be a good guy to do your own wing. Andy your wing there wouldn't be rescued rodents and malfunctioning smoke detectors nor my willingness. Comments this tells you choose your swing is wing is a chicken he. Do you have any help flesh or would you really want to live any other way you can now none of these is the sweetest thing let's do his first. Tell marry that when economic and it's time to release Melvin Lucy back into the wild day we should do that I'm fiscal alive and well below watch them going to their new lives. No I can't it's anyway it's going to be sad. Do you have an image is going to be wondering is that no I don't know whether it's you really wanna keep them any key. I know I. Okay the. Does that is that what they want I mean I don't know I don't know. I don't know when I get home Alaska and I don't know I mean I can animals nearly Disney movies I'm surprised they don't Wear little. I don't know what can tell you more concerned the news is next it's bodies. This area. It's your. Yesterday when I was going through these stories are mixed amid notes tonight we'll put moron or drunken morons are my notes on this first story is complete moron. A 21 year old guy from Travers city Michigan. Was in the car which is 41 year old mother seventeen year old sister. And seventy year old grandmother last Saturday when Justin Bieber song came on the radio. Obviously the seventeen year old sister's controlling to realize she's unfortunately we don't know what the song. Was what we do know the guy in his mom. Started arguing over the lyrics and they wound up pulling over as the argument got more heated and then. The guy actually choked his own mother over the lyrics over Justin Bieber song. Cops came and he was arrested for domestic assault. First of these children. And secondly don't you realize it's over Justin Bieber lyric. I was driving home yesterday afternoon with my daughter and we were listening to DJ sneak in Justin Bieber related I'm Justin Bieber Justin Bieber later. Do you count it's vote Justin's Justin Bieber is let me love you and I turned my youngest child and and says I don't care what you think about this I really like Justin beavers boys and listen to Justin reversing stuff all day long yeah. And you know she says she was like help mom he's so like I know I know he's so any Sony sell its. But this I really like listening to just can be percent and I also love Justin Timberlake and she goes well. Everyone loves Justin Timberlake that's allowed to please don't tell anyone you like Justin Bieber I'm on with the your daughter. I'm sure my own self. I just first I think I mean the guy asked her his talent he is I'm gonna beat and he often go to jail over just to convert today's moron of today is one girl. League Diana or lean Dion low game she lives in Queens 31 years old she was arrested for drunk driving mom she's she hit a parked car. In union gala chair is a little village in Nassau County. When police arrived at the scene she began screaming cursing at them like you do. After a brief struggle she was handcuffed and placed into a police cruiser. No yesterday's more of the day do you remember yesterday's more on of the day from Woodstock Connecticut men wearing a T shirt that says hold my beer and watch this. Check out for a in the bug should today's market today in my girl life Deion is wearing a tank top that says support your local bartender. When she was looted the media knew. Then tell me. I think that if you put on a T shirt like that and leave the house and here destinies to get flu daily I don't know and you get a mug shot I don't know what else you know what you know blows my mind. You'll still see your car every once in awhile and it's got a bumper sticker that says something like this. We do is good for something like that and I'm just saying I'm not getting into and marijuana argument here but if you're cop your shall see look confer you know defines something again ever the practical wind picked up because I don't know. What the odds are that a couple pull up behind Jewish traffic like entered the third pair they are road our this happened in Newfoundland and rural Newfoundland constabulary. Stopped a vehicle. Because it was being held together by rope. And it turns out that's not believe. Yeah alone in the car the things we can access the vehicle frame to the suspension support system that carries the real Xena. Phoenix like you carry the body of the Carolina on lean on the care axles yeah. That was broke there was a purple heart was tied to the suspension without ropes. They pulled this person over they pulled this person over and because they're Canadian they're very collate these red. Now you know here. This is dangerous idea this is dangerous but it wasn't against the law you would totally gets a lot of we did this isn't dead rock corner of the Flintstones did she end up your car held together by rope. That is where I believe you know today is because we've today has scored twenty. I'll listen every time the clock on the migrate goes there. I have to hear bleeds it from some middle. What do you review for twenty days fun facts Maxwell. I have video most clutch shooter Stoner snacks. I know. My newest video. I know double stuffed Oreo had to be had to. Each fish. She dish and the Bobby and Sherry podcast is brought to you by scandals the world's leading us all into. Elusive company for eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. Doesn't a vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazingly great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. And 65%. Off for sandals. Call 888 or nine point she's 51596889125159. Back to the podcasts. They find it at Bob Sherry dot com. Hard have you know fortunately yeah. You know as for Coley really use one of the greatest characters your neighbor in cinema Sean Sean Sean can't. Had that caricatures so did. Fast times rivers manhunt. So today happy hour twenty days army it doesn't there's no police code for illegal marijuana use. Now fourteen when he is a penal code in California for obstructing entry on public land it. But that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with marijuana so we're really don't know why for twenties the official marijuana there's some biblical story about 420 day do you wanna hear that yeah. OK so there's the Bible verse Daniel Schwarz one neat. Is about a cherry I'll read it tear. The trees saw which grew large and strong with its top touching the sky visible to the whole earth was beautiful leaves an abundant fruit. Providing food for all giving shelter to the wild animals and having nesting places in its branches for the birds your majesty you are that tree. You've become great and strong your greatness has grown until it reaches the sky. And you're dominion extends to all distant parts of the earth. So some people have read that into and by the way just. For all of their cranky armed men that just died of a stroke because I was reading the Bible about military joy apologized FM reception at. That's many people believe that. That that can that that's yours and what's. Things like a stretch on an urgent it's a beautiful verse always beautiful verse judges think at the heated being the origin of the marijuana holiday seems like a bit of a stretch. So anyway there's some snack delivery service. And the put together what are the most popular snacks that are delivered along with whatever person is ordering for food. So they might say you know they might call up for. You know I Amber's her you know pizza or whatever but they asked for snacks too so you're the a top. I noticed stretched a biologist. You know what's really it would be better if you just did it and stop explaining and apologizing for a liquid doctor Bruce said it clearly did two minutes let's just do. Don't die and why don't Paul should I shouldn't display. And earned a month ago. Well I don't know that I can do if I can perform without kind of pressure this year and noodle around this much sum and it means some for a twenty day just let's do it. And then after I finish this. I'm gonna tell you why are knocking to do anymore Bo lists that have to do with what's the best place to live. I'm done with that okay emanated dog Obama on where that I will never do another one again based on what I saw the other bit. RT numbered these in the top stone earth for a twenty. Desserts or treats kick cats number ten number nine Bennett yes because it's candy and cookie yeah him and it makes him. Number nine is grand juries tonight. To go ice cores. What is that. In the jury system and intensely personally its too much. Knew I'd love to be able to tell you don't know I'm not allowed to eat ice cream so how that we're like yeah it's it's it's too much there's other stuff it's like a science projects. Yeah well I'm really about is how it's. I was gonna ask questions. And eight. Well I'm not to do mass Reese's peanut butter cups is number yeah. Oh here's one that my stepson likes flame and hot she knows he ran easily manhunt she goes. Number six nerds who wrote class it's a bunch of nerds and wrongs that. It's actually if you're in the mood for a pure sugar high and it's really. The combination of she wheezing currency and yet like. Number five's dog gummy bears now I'd like good gummy bears I do remember for cheese it's. Number three Swedish fish. British Fisher basically gummy bears cougar like Fisher all I know they have their own distinct taste they do and there aren't adding texture you know you can't. Gummy bears coming years have been elasticity that fights Muller's a little bit firm Swedish fish are a little more leathery hallways Aaron. Number two sour patch kids no thanks and number one and juries have big dice grant. I have to submitted in writing. Ted Kennedy at a panel. Well I don't you think Ben and Jerry's ice cream and you. All the different flavors it's too much how I could set I just like it's simple. Too much for one and now. Much are you going beyond. Much going I'm wondering what. I don't wanna labor do you want to just chocolate dairy queen shortly they have chocolate. No I really don't they have like double double Dutch dud deep dish chocolate or something that's. It's just give me a simple chocolate right this is how big is chocolate and Vanilla. Ice cream with blobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and pledge brownie mix there that's too much well you fear for twenty introducing them it is. So anyway I'm looking I've had like three who lists and to me about what are the greatest towns the living in America a hump and none of them heard the same and they all have the same. What's the health care like what a what are comedy jobs are available. What is the weather is the weather likable. It's all the same criteria but they never come up with the same towns. And so I'm I'm banning them I am totally banning them. And some of them for the best weather I mean worrying cold weather places. Amid frigid places it it. Making this stuff they're they're just because now thanks to the Internet and the explosion and were put proliferation of digital media here you've got ahead and listen buckets of crab to fill all that space the only one I saw on this list every guy would some of the aliens were was Irvine California was like number ten were my friend but sober friend Joseph fox slips. And call me a students and have some good news for your little one of the top ten cities to live in America. You do know he does he how he does yes and yeah revive our you know why anyone on and on to tell me a beautiful the weather isn't all my decisions or stupid. You were talking about Stoner snacks when we dial back on that because under is just feed I founders of Twitter feed I found. And all it gates. Is pictures it's video it's tiny videos late 1030 seconds long at the most. Of these amazing desserts either being need us we're being sliced into in slow motion. Chocolate milk tea yeah JC's frosty being applied in slip. Desert storm that's nice it is the ultimate force once hoped revision really similar fights on Twitter and find a share. You would enjoy that so much more him looking at these best places worse places to win. No word I. Can I go against my own rule for once that's the latest checking because we've stopped here are in many you can reverse yourself later touched your face that's a that's a first thank you mark the date hits behind me to share. Audio clips I guess your father say god well listen I did Gina. Brooklyn for sure dawn for the day Gina by Gina. Hey Zealand. Got to edit and what do we do for you to finish. Iron you're talking about stickers earlier. I don't know I was behind a car a stoplight is that this morning irritates me horny old. The. Moon. Yes of those strange I'd say that with him. My car was obscure. It was like a Buick favoring a bit like a little. Crack because I would I cut our. But not a hand out. An older man drug yet that I had to be thank you so much she then what a lucky one lucky lady his wife is. I can your card seal literally. You can you get some water there. Travel and leisure magazine I can when I'm in the doctor's office that's where I read it. Do you know anyone that subscribes so I've never known technical I've ever seen it anyone's house what can adjust label. I will never look at it again and this is the worst thing I've ever heard they just came out with what city in America has the ugliest people. Allied 800. Are you kidding me I saw the sun down. Somewhere aren't the only humans what a terrible thing to do I don't know what the criteria is because I just got that headline. Unit did you recall what the the city was. I remember some of the cities on the list it was so offensive to Munich you're gonna just go to that it was Baltimore Baltimore you're gonna go and decide. Eight. For pretty Baltimore's ugly little. I know that it so I know we don't you think that somebody just made that up. Announcer call more scared. They're starved for content they have to c'mon what it. Because they not only have travel leisure magazine they have travel leisure the web site travel leisure of the Twitter and FaceBook. They have to. Have new stock average gas day you know that's right. And that's exactly right they said Ari needless to say that everybody Baltimore's ugly we'll get a bunch of press sentinel died down to the American people now we're like squirrel. We can't I don't know Sonnen and you know high notes really phony because they also said before if we're gonna have the ugliest people city we have to have the most beautiful people city. What what should that be and guess what it is. Portland Oregon Lou Lou. I'll. It's got to be either Portland or again. Irvine California or. Well or Honolulu the people in Oregon lid are legit so be very very beautiful. They are heard it take to she'd want her around. A police are but they are well we don't have time to do what I was promoting. We'll have to do it another day Russia what you're bad habits of mentally strong people oh yeah I've forgotten and I don't. Which it is ironic isn't it now that's ironic Alanis Morissette habit we'll do that some other time it's funny that you bring up Alanis Morissette. Because yesterday morning while I was in the shower for some reason I woke up in the song ironic was playing in my head. And I'm standing there in the shower and I ran through the entire song in my head. And the only thing that I think is ironic in the song is when she says. It it's like 101000 spoons. When all you need is a nice to see that seems ironic to me like I'm. Think for a nice and then there's a box marked flatware you open it up and it's 101000 square is that ironic where where is rain on your wedding day is not ironic it's too sad and a plane crashing on the first time you fly after a lifetime of fear the it's just. It's Dante's inferno of black. I'm I know I'm it's not ironic it's ironic that nothing was ironic. I mean. Is that the only ironic thing in the song I think just as soon as when you need is a nice as the miners are Nate just is a sign that restaurant means better sign it immediately but a drain on your wedding day isn't. Now rain rain and you waiting game sunshine your divorce that's meeting the managing your dreams and then needing his beautiful wife is not I don't it's not a wrong. On meeting the man of your dreams and finding out he's your long lost twin brother isn't even ironic that days of our life yeah. Yeah that's exactly right. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Realizing yeah. I'm monastery dot com. Good morning Tony. Just call your pure I did just it's just you just because I conduct my life like a decent human being that she does not mean pure art there. I caught you appearance came because. Can double joy how you conduct your light bulbs I think I'll read it again. But he could literally days a dignified. Manner and infinity the sensible way. That's not why college of your kids I called your security because there's a ridiculous buckled shoes. Do you think everybody is red Silas martyred. No I mean do you think they still make kids read Silas mourning today I mean I don't think that they do huh. I don't know my daughter's been reading into Guinea and her English classics. She's a very analytical she's a very unique it's July 1 it's it's the assigned to book they're all reading it and you know what her teacher does this is the greatest thing ever. So they're reading into Guinea and the reading it out loud in English and eight they take turns reading it and whoever's reading it has to Wear that toga. And every. Who know little crowned a row leafs made him really crowned wouldn't can to these titles so foolish doing at a high school students. So my daughter mentioned this has. I'm gonna have to we're just toga tomorrow and play. She's a woman and kicking you ever could turn Esther reed has to put a total are not where rich crowd said this teacher is my spirit. I ever but anyway for any month it's 420 day. So what we thought we would do that Bob had a list of the most unpopular we smacks. So we thought we would do today is. On the celebration of the most shameful quite gross but delicious. Go to snack in your life Nelson you know what I like to do I don't do very often. But you know those little powdered sugar doughnuts the mini ones is not elect. I like to slice one in half. And then put raspberry preserves and that and then put it back together again and Edith on the little guy powdered doughnut jelly sandwich start a sound and I want you to why do you not like the mini donuts is it immediate taste the same it's made out of the same stuff it is just. I don't even like the large. Don't that are powdered like what is wrong with you there's no I brought my. And also can show me where it hurts. Hopefully there and I just trying to get the appeals they're drawing. Oh home. Trillion dollar a pretty good picture of and show I mean I'm gonna dig a picture of the dollar. It hurts right in my head I knew it meant. How can have dislikes if I want to okay. Like you don't make the law. Old police. Sweetie. We comes to you. Cognitive. Those those are those doughnuts are dry heat and and they have very little Tate did just that yeah. I've had surgery and are after take our deal discussions dozens of tiny powder sugar doughnuts are delicious. They're so good that you can't speak any raspberry jam it's got to be great quality raspberry jam and then it turns it into lake. Tiny jelly doughnut bombs for the king and by the pitching I mean the king of rock and roll who loved jelly doughnuts there will you know what happened to him and I love they'll yell while some of the G fiber okay. I don't snack a lot so I only have one thing I can bring up and I've only had it like three times. And that is the what kind of chips were those reopen the begging you hope though a walking Frito pie yes Frito chips and then you put in ground beef that's hot. And some sort of cheese and then you shake it all up and have a fork in the and you just you can walk around eating at. I've only had an a couple of times you don't always delicious Tony's relaxed I every once well Cape Cod potato chips otherwise I do not smack. No one else is a real once in awhile back there when we smack. You take on dill pickle chips they have to Gillick really good deal pickle chips the key kind of put hamburgers. And you make a little cable car until pickle chips and two X our. Pitched delicious too yeah I can see that they know that's really I'm not fighting that's much the suns aren't but I think Cape Cod potato chips the original loans. There with those of the most delicious potato chips there's a comedian Tyler back into what else is really good. A left over pancake. That you cover with cool whip and then make into a pig can't cool whip taller so that's. This us. Studies you just you've never had that. When did you have you know what I pay for kids on the weekend L leftover drinking she got cold empty guy you pinch hit -- what I've also I'm not peanut butter on paying cake inputs and cool with on the hot tub that then dependency or. And to fold up and yeah I look at Marco are wrapping up like it to keep deal he had acted in the period I don't puts particularly get over it a little Lanka a little cylinder like a rat tortilla for you this injury Summers. Reading that crap that's awful. Oh man I'm paying cute cool whip talk go. You know it's wrong we keep them. And they have pointed the delegate a gets tired hearing them. You're not a house she's. Mean they might be something to it. Art so it is big BOB and Ciara Erica. What is the disgusting. And really disgusting snack you just can't get enough food. It's a simple good. You lick every once in awhile you just find yourself in the kitchen at 11 o'clock AC's today. Eating this seeing this combination this object is delicious nest. 88 HBO BS HE ER gy ABB eight. T 6070. Forgery seven spotted. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps and monasteries dot com. And our roots but rather disgusting thing that you like deep the player that I just had this revelation about my own self this morning. And NN that don't use poise doesn't always considered totally your voice sound like he's still very good value don't tell. Feel good about it you know I don't know I just realized all this stuff about oh he's the homes of reason. Oh he's so you so puritan you know uptight and always doesn't vet to have anybody below we've just elected you good. Cream cheese on top of goods go dry crackers away. Each for the I just realized for the last twenty years I've made a living rooms by hanging now guru my annoying sister who. I've this is how I have spent a lot of I give you an example let's say we're having dinner it's I have to get a haircut earlier in the day in the medicine looked so rim goes. Your very your hair looks like hedgehog and he goes you are hedgehog I could hug your good group ugly head chalk. I didn't make in the lives and hanging out my in mowing. Sister this is for us. When our viewers this is such a powerful insight I'll tell you why Macs also feels like I'm his sister but it pales supportive loving sister. You can tell that I was raised in the woods with only Brothers. But what I do for a living you have probably it's true you can tell the truth sometimes it shows some pay and and that had a very good insight and and veterans that are divvying she got it up her first baseman. And yet and there are only two choices. You don't you're in the pro very experienced good. Or your being accused of being so tell you where Myles standish local issue messed up. How much else can I noticed you mentioned there's nothing if you can you'll hear Eddie why don't you Lima refinery. From what I heard the purple like some Myles standish a grassroots. I'd say hi to Darcy here this morning enough from this foolish. Mike Darcy. Why are we are fun we're just hung. What's the a disgusting thing that you like to eat. It's not immediate family I hadn't. He you know little experiment in college and that's how we can hardly fit. I am and what we've got to Egypt what are people don't eaten like roll out major pizza yeah. Actual what are we cheese and what are leftover hot that it districts like macaroni cheap source began Amy at all. I know want to get like it held out an entry yet and I think it. So cannot pass sounds kinda like a version of spaghetti behind some Wii's on. It really is now if you get a little more cards into it does she have the metabolism of a Jack rabbit that he can be like this. Mom unfortunately. And I hate them or alphabet. Why do women say that why do consistently before we do. It's trying to be mean just some of us in the garage if you can stuff your face like that you hog it's disgusting because Darcy meanwhile just describing this game you have. Right are you know I like hit it and I'm so we. Yeah I know when do we say she had annoying sister I mean I'm never gonna get over like I know is that at all. But we'll dark hole we don't get over it you'll have forgotten what we talked about this it's okay. Look at. And no wonder you know what your new name is Madison that's your new name. Thank you Darcy good luck and good luck actually Russia is delicious now what is your fight with. I could eat to be honest review I think you could eat and you love spaghetti pie if I took spaghetti pie drafted it and see in New York pizza crusts. Brushed with olive oil and big debt and served it was I was raised earlier near you need it all today I would I woody to employers. All right so we said they would. Yeah economic. There's no winning wouldn't want. I'm agreeing to put any words it. I know in January you know I know I broke my life anyway. Oh excellent wasted life. I don't know what is I apologize to my ancestors. I'd like to take leftover Mac and cheese and put it on his George Foreman early close the lid and turned it didn't do a round. Krispy museum. MacKey and she's somewhere like a block. Don't want us iron pretty good and you don't want to lie and sometimes sometimes when I'm making to keep Casey. Oh in the left Mac and cheese inside the tortilla and then we had melted instead she's. That's not helping. Lotions or baby Gabriel brilliant sixty car. He snapped. How things. So confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plan to. It's health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more. Why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter to shoot 99. 537. Lead back to the body shirt contests thanks for listening. Jerry dot com. 28 years. Shameful disgusting delicious go to snow really quick we need we need to make rule here Bob cannot judge people what series. You can't crawl tonight should call your agent do you get that I don't I'm not the people it's what you're consuming. The way to do that you're hurting people's feelings on the matter they're simply don't just makes them listen to this real quick before we go to Jessica Christina works at a prison. And she said. The inmates take a honey vine covered in peanut finer. At a crumble either to reassert candy bar and finish it off with chocolate Eminem's I've never tried it with so many eat this. Let's sugar it's given certain prison and I think you got to have a little not a teacher enjoys. I'm looking to criticize them they could be released its aging HBO BS AG RIQ 888 I irritant to the honeymoon thing there. 7437. Jessica hi guys Jessica had a so what is it what's the estranged nasty snack you have. Okay but go ahead in god we could even I get my focus. I thank you thank okay. You know not a kid Mack to have the crackers in the teens on the other side you know has full read. Like little I get very Big Easy but it gets you own it looks looks. Know it's anyone's name at least bulky right. All I don't know how I bowed out I was pregnant and I get it and I I walked into the kitchen exile that round maple sugar pop tart. And for some reason in my head it said put the C dot it can you let it hit some of the best stuff for the war has been a perfect mixed mixed up like healthy and wheat. So you tipped a little processed cheese food out of the cracker package included a maples maple pop tarts. I was like tuna on their yeah I think you think the pregnancy might have had something to do without Jessica. And anymore and what is he doing in new Englander I guess some other places to some people put cheddar cheese on top of apple pie. Yeah that's true so maybe that she's seen in women kinda combinations. And then. Have to be. Massively wealthy but you'd think he'd win that anything else does the court. So not even she you're telling me Jessica. That she's where it's insulting enough for you oh no suspect there are you wanna hear something really discussing. I have to call myself out of this. I haven't smoked in years and years and years who's the greatest thing ever do is give up smoking. When I was smoking. I go to a Chinese restaurant would people I was working with and I would put salt under fried rice. Who would and salts you and my daughter Olivia needs it put. I couldn't taste the salty taste because of the cigarettes that's disgusting cigarettes are I don't get it and ice and she loads things up this I'm afraid if she spilled soy sauce on her own hand she need to buy machine. That kid won't put Aaron point soy sauce on it and remember when she was little. And she puts soy sauce on my homemade meatballs. I I don't have a distinct memory haven't but I do because I'm Nat Turner I don't forget it is so gross Jessica thanks Jessica. It's a nice way to start off let's go to Monica. Monica. Are you are good how are you what's the disgusting treat that you put together. Well my ex partner and find out what ten years ago. He was eating and Jerry oh he's dipping Cotter she is gonna put. Got the aspect of it like you've got to I don't know like I was at a parent. I'll let you know who will try anything but dead now but it's actually really get it. Betancourt that was sixteen years ago and a couple of weeks ago I was at the grocery dark and I called my god actually it's one area that we you grabbed me I rhetoric out. It like a flat back and think about it I don't do we have rap sheet that common at the notion that I'm not getting them. So on that's that's what you got you got the daughter. And to re dosing cottage she's from that man. Now won't won't won't and a daughter and it's a second area ever will about what our second US yeah. Re using cottage cheese salaam you have to try I mean he really is if you like part is a little pocket at all that I don't like cut. It's cheese. What are sure to work with ricotta cheese is but I might get her cottage cheese can make you buddy you were cottage here as well but here's a must like nachos here's why I think it would work here's why am which Monica's. The second such as husband did have a new one the other way. Yeah. You don't gonna get another gonna get another one or more credible. That's enough. Yeah. If you get your card punch one more time you get a free sub money yet you know unless I'm so we know how. Hello I usually good at. Did jury goes sky she's combination works enough to readers are cabinets are really strong intense taste yeah it is but you he had excited she's too in your right you get that not to I've been men. That's what I maybe you have the TriBeCa you're really loud that he wouldn't they get Weyrich but it really it really bad advertising and he didn't get that animated I'd get it I don't have a cottage cheese on battery though. So hell review them with a board for an. And and what Anne Thompson he kissed him yet. Articulate come. I think is what is he younger than you or. Well I had it but if you're older given proper care of older than it is actually at the Saturday. I'm I'm older woman he's ever hit it. Learn about and how did you two meet. Her. The Mo looked a dose omelet you feel embarrassed about it answered I tell a lot of people meet it's a great way to knows what. It acquired it really I actually not a guy before that guy and we did it for a year and half my home although that PO app on your best. Web site you a couple of. It's you know I know so many people that none only had met. Awesome. Partners they've married women lived happily ever after I mean. Why is why is there any stigma that Internet dating let you know after a second or loved is a better way and a this year he says is shaping views the club isn't the place the final look at he adds to the bars where I go hill wants to stick you Monica. And good luck but this certainly not a short or was our time of the segments of a deal last question real quick. What does this boyfriend have that the two husbands didn't ask. And then explain to me yeah I mean I don't actually. He's really respond to me every other than it displays and galaxy when they get. And the more. My friend. Not yet we we are creating BOB SE GR right your shameful grows delicious go to snack. It's bodies I feel so I guess sort of obvious Jerry dot. Before we take another call me up until this morning we should tell everybody. Metal if you listen to us on the podcast there have been some problems so the explanation of the problems does have the volunteer base the pitcher. There's a guru Obama should added we look we did a video we posted a video of what we're working really hard on getting text field you'll understand why we see the video on how FaceBook can. And now we go back tears shameful gross deliciously T snack happy port twenty day co we welcome to the star Kobe. Cause ago. Younger and not gonna work. Yeah. Bob cone has more and not so much for the gross combinations. But more poor or just being go over indulgence. And sheer quantity of work IE or not. He's been an Oval Office ethical clearly LeBron. The grand who are seminoles but are they never made integrate with purple. Pillsbury you like the pop them fresh Pillsbury grants oh yeah. Yes certainly yeah there's one point delicious so what are the factors Obama. And somehow never well and before her must sunlight. Are cooked and they be whole package. They're twelve of them. Eight do you aren't going so mid end up being very cursor Obama committee rep can't help ourselves we your grip bar. You know what you should do next time you sniff out a package of those pop from fresh Coby on don't don't baked in many of them like regular people. Throw a couple of those small tasting bad boys on to a waffle iron. And her in the mid to waffles and then when they're all dying. Then take that little packet of icing which should be just shot directly down a person's throw 'cause it's that good. And as a phrase that I realize may be issued a freeze at different. Schroeder there articulate the little red and I would really Wal-Mart or not now. What's your job did you logo in a different kind of cheat on your own community version community corrections. And that's something I'd like to be a part of each. What is your community corrections is pretty still jailed. Already embroiled in a yeah these. Actions dot I was telling other people what they're doing wrong path. I have a little car with a with a cool hat unload the driver under a metal that. Laura don't report that you so I have to look at it yeah. I'd love to younger youth how. So Kobe young guy comes to you and he's been badly need in and then you say I'd been on probation were even up to you can check out what he's been doing. Yeah there's people will make sure they're not. Arming themselves that are or the public more than. I don't know it's a little old walls playing without saying there's. Why don't we were looking for an individual. And we counted brother the governor Rick when we had no idea he had. And when he public about the go to build Emeka talk on the stories that got there and it made me a club club brother but I think if you look just like go or after. He took it and I Albert and the guy doesn't know the guy you know we had a twin brother. So we knew we remember we scenario do you guys in real life had an evil twin motto on win that's exact. And then he ended up burning permits are dipping into the passenger window truckers at all somehow you were new a new record. That was very. Yeah I was really I just. See that do all right we'll Kobe do a good job done I know you will today. Yet and chide those who try making here on cinnamon girl grandson waffle iron next time after your this earlier description out of that he's doing journey you know maybe. Maybe gently spread the ice you know I don't that's not even that's not a Kobe take care. A necessary thing. So much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I refuse that Bob sorry dot com. Okay back we go to your shameful gross delicious cheese snack. And were twenty day at eight HH BOB ES HER I Courtney I take tours we. Eight hours ago and. Are you guys. Well I'm doing pretty good ideas re I realized earlier this morning that I spent. Most of my professional life hanging out in essence with my knowing sister. I have gotten the alleged through and ask. What do you thank. You're so lucky some feeble wish they had a sister OK oh draw. Click I don't have a sister wish I had you know does or doesn't work doesn't work. Oregon and the hotel that claims it is so imagine how my life. Oh thank you yes some people have to clean nasty disgusting hotel rooms where people are gross two people to people leads us tips for your. I'm you know they leave pit flights as long as like our laundry earth and my doll and hammer something. Number I am. It's two bucks a day is that what it's supposed to be. I mean they really care about any anger like not a lot of our products and art yet the other liked but they had like a bunch of dog hair the long form up so Mexico and it gives me because they're loyal met here. You know what I think people should tip of listened listened to the screen don't like you should always leave. And I have words matter like I they felt like a lot of have to bring that earned an error like air live like animals for a week because they know they'll have to clean at. And it's it's good sleeper and likely to serve a lot more. I agree I was at the vet the other day four on a checkup for some of my critters and our assurances that bag we have to go to the I'll tell you what though that warming man I feel ten pounds later hill but anyway I own so the vet doctor man. Always telling me she also shows cats when she's not being a veterinarian and she has these gorgeous Maine coon cats that she shows. And issues telling me that when they have cat shows like in Cleveland for example me there are certain hotels that let you. Have your pets yeah. And aren't out yet and you say you can tell when the cat shows in town because when you pull up into the park in London hotel if you look up at the hotel there's a cat and every week out. It's pretty did not yet have a lot to escort me to clean that litter box and don't give her tip yeah right he. Now we don't it'll litter boxes now appears and then there were not elaborate on anything appear. You know that would be more armed terrorists like we would command and face you have captain litter box in command changer and make sure you have clean house and everything you need your remote Greek stopped but you're my pop that we went our stellar. Earlier walked in and was like him naked person there. Oh now I haven't but actually my I executive housekeeper she loves me at all. We look like he was like a plane apart somebody mister US that I hear something like that it was mr. you're very you're here or here. And she would going to check out one of the room. And walked in and you'd stand there and knock them act Unck. Just a handful mr. universe. Mister US mile. Knocking it like he's like fifty some years old are you can imagine she got her eye as well. Cap not that a no one answered and she walked him because he didn't hear any anthem at a bon pain and that the further that but. It paid up beats the heck out a lock in indoor room at the residence in seeing Larry Munson streaming at the box did. The right. So Courtney. Cat. Yes that's why. It's not you it's not anywhere you want it. I don't know. The day. Legendary sportscaster. In this age for most people don't most people don't match. Our guys inevitability. They'll go wide and no light on why he's kind of a success and accomplishment. It cleared once and had trouble just appreciate your respect interest to let you know Larry Munson and. Larry months and people are still alive out there and coming to put up with the us. It's an honor. We named Jim and I heard Larry who. So Courtney tell us about why you call. Right what's what's the what's the tree view like. Well there's actually my cock about you know something that's eight eat but note that actually got talked about the state Iowa well. When I'm on east bank like my guys in my neck after you know are not here. I'll eat and how he. But their recent pop serial matter what one might go to Mac back or an ally and bring what harmful. Glad my disgusting man was. Before I got pregnant I would eat. Rob display mixed it up whereas. They know I crane that I really get like. Oh I see it no no I completely she's frosted flakes of Vanilla ice cream. Yes. And they get mixed up to get a leg that is so good enough. Well I would eat back and never got pregnant why our starter curry might bat but was like something weird when that light. How wanna pickle they eat while you eat Mac or. I even try to would catch up on Tom so yeah it was looking each. Next up a link but it really outlet not eat that apple got pregnant come back Bob would permit people are from me yet. Catch up frosted flakes and Vanilla ice cream. You're our guy weeks. You have to I didn't put a lot of that on there are now because now. Griping at the tunnels like this just look not right what growth. Courtney I know and I've that would be good. Frosted flakes Vanilla ice cream potato chips. Oh yeah that's the that would be full court you're such a nice person and I hope you get a lot of tips today. Okay all right thanks for listening to Harry thank you verified by. You know when I started out in radio and everything that I take a phone call. From a housekeeper lady who gave her disgusting. Snack choice and also for. This the snack choice she likes when she's. Smoking weed. I just never thought that that would happen and my career public make it flexing mr. USA. Plus Larry Munson constipation and. It's up and Jerry FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps at all sorry dot com Jerry Lynn I love you named. I don't get pregnant as we sure wish your father's name Jerry. Now daughter named after my mom especially and coming up. Jerry Lynn I love it's old school sky go back and it's all yours 'cause I'm bag you have never had to share classroom with another Jerry Lynn. Well I'd. Like get and it sounds like a song that. But merlot sums it can name the Merle Haggard was seeing about a song Palin you are now at how old fashioned felt like it or it's a great need for country music singer Jerry lynch Jerry let's that's all you would yell usually less named him an exact what she eats can be the name for first hit strawberries still pickles and it's a song about how some men got you pregnant and lefty loon to deal with his feet and I'm all over town. Yeah at Karl. Yeah should've kept your clothes on Jerry Lynn. That's the course. That got sucked up a chargers get your clothes on Jerry limb that's the reason for the trouble that your dream of the perfect. I wish I mean I mean you don't we altered the so Jerry lend it struck versatile Nichols. Happy but is it even better than that no action bewitched sour shrinking. Who's and it also Jerry Lee can show the bad manner and it just like still an all out and you have to do. They have to be like garlic dill pickle they can't. Regular old still tickled to be like extract our way okay. More you like a lot of taste treats so here in lake stoppers is sour cream I get. Dill pickles and sour cream I get how did you bring it all together into Warren. Oh. Well my tribe then dared think. The and then it got elected. You're not like debt and although we think he dared pool he also get crushed out swinging much go to our annual that your eat debt it's debt on each and much and I'm Blake. Oh sure and there are like seven year old right or how can bot. Can you still like you all these years later. About Archie and I never. Met tell Jerry Lee and ended up to so much trouble from the child she learned early that it was easy to earn ten dollars no shame I'm not sure. I mean we're glad your listener but my god change your lifestyle. Yeah I'm I I changed it and I just don't pinnacle put it all together but I'm guessing the sweet. This hour the creamy and the garlic he is all what comes together. And that's tricky thing right. Like French eat an air transport called off a little that. And and how often do you read this combination. Just every once a lot largely went strawberry thing that are in an automatic and what that you take at a bar and kept saying that I need. And that having left over after taking care or something and I go up when I got and don't take all the our dream. And go to to a strawberry farm Pickens drovers. That's one of those things that women just love to I love that men need to do I love you know I can get Kevin to do that now is just to make a wish people bring us there because it's my last day for Suffolk. A okay. Thanks so much your land. I'm by I don't know why do women like that so much cheese cheese to my charms I can't even use that he kept it real stubborn and him with me all. Are you kidding me. I looked and I must tell who's. Nancy I get strawberries fit into our we can't talk about the structural element of choice after Merrill and I couldn't. Yeah Ontario we're doing fine thank you would you like TDs in a weird. Well. I'm grew up eating won't they weren't golf and follow everything he's our farming country. Dickens and everything. And parents so I guess kind of turf course night. There was nothing in the refrigerator except for I came and they weren't so often you do. So that's good today 1000 Bernstein Vanilla ice cream and actually. She really liked it. And insist that's a regular thing for you know. Yeah yeah. I mean if they if I did it in there and they learn about perhaps not. Sweet and salty you know that's what it is you know what I like he went sauce on the saloons and cream cheese. That's the thing that's our I agree you believe it is close I don't merely. Hydro going and yet not really drunk we just kind of let it. Insanity. It's just okay what sports do you see this. It. And not just pregnant five months pregnant yeah she won the I've read she won the Australian Open but she was two months pregnant yet. She just Grand Slam to when we speak and. That's pretty amazing and so did I usually it is going doubles and shouldn't. That's correct does that make illegal so a 35 years old Serena Williams. Posting. His briefly on snap Chad a picture of her with the caption twenty weeks and showing her pregnant belly was she took it down there was due to the post over and didn't downton. But she announced in late December she's engaged to read its co-founder Alexis oh Annie and so she will not play again this season and I'm an old jokes going used to do. About you never hear about this in the NFL you Brett Favre is not done he's out for the season yeah. Things don't happen I don't know asked so she will not play again this year but congratulations and we respect her and president trump welcomed the Super Bowl champion patriots to the White House. This is the F first of the visits of champions of course leave the president's always welcome pro and the college champions the New England Patriots first in line. And a couple of interesting things happened one was Rob Gronkowski they're star tight end in players who broke loose her crashing Sean Spicer is press briefing that was different. I saw that and you know what spice she did a pretty good job with that he WSJ had that was dead breeders moment. I'm angry spices Press Secretary career yeah it was the one time or I gotcha like. Relax for a second Roy he saw it on his face a Rogge said he needs some help up there and stood. I gotta think they got it you know it's funny at this point what I see those briefings I expect Melissa McCarthy to be there I know like I don't expected to actually be shot spice or even on a Wednesday or the podium to all of a sudden become a motorized and go right after the New York Times columnist when he was describing what trying to explain where their aircraft carrier was handwritten. It's some the only cure me trying to tell me why there was not a flat spot left in the freezer he has the hardest job there is in Washington Melissa McCarthy doesn't even have to with the saw she has to do is verbatim now hall and it's comedy it's a miserable job of. The most I've heard the word armada since high school. It's the difference and I think it's an armada armada but anyway. Young trumpet and Brady are supposed to read a Tom Brady is was he best he's fry yes. Whatever reason during the ten minute speech at no point did Donald Trump make mention of the Super Bowl MVP quarterback. Tom Brady and and summer wondering. Did he proved fertile breeding go he was a last minute I'm not going for a family matter which he said was his parents' fortieth wedding anniversary so we will his mother also has cancer so electron that's that that's the reason that I read it so trump and that and that means she lives not to mention horn blew a drug should doubly mentioned Emmett goes well your family say to you know you're. You're right. Always interesting yesterday and who knows if it means any singer for it's coincidental or whatever so. Tom Brady announces that he has personal reasons why he won't be attending any wishes the rest of his teammates a great day. His supermodel wife to sell. Immediately then tweeted out a message about science and climate change and I was that current. May oh gee we have had a little bit of may indeed just accord sedans. The dollar noticed it that's not a coincidence people noticed it now. 'cause on Twitter people notice a minister it's certainly understandable. If your mom is sick that you would be with her. It is strange how that trump didn't call out his name at least slow. Does that's Trump's favorite thing is to say. We got the fantastic. Co chair and he loves. BR MC you know he's in you could see his face he really enjoys that to be shared it Tom Brady you weren't there 32 other. New England Patriots that didn't comment. You they kept showing pictures on the news yesterday about the that the when the patriots won a few years ago Obama was there how the stairs are filled with hate myself or if you were much fewer players this time June. You know I mean the Massa controversy only Amazon two ways about it Tom Brady's mother showed it to the Super Bowl and she was wearing a Bandana on her head because she'd gone through chemo assert his mother and out and berries yeah black holes out the point is trump should have mentioned his jocks and dry as ended with a he mentioned other patriot players have you ever heard of Marcus cannon Malcolm Mitchell and NATO and our. They all got shout out of Osama theft but not as I deploy need to be Brady V that's. That's very very strange you content to wonder if Gisele kind of discussed under. The president's skin and I am not feeling and I'm not just not suggesting that any yell or shallow but I have a feeling that if your missions was to sell Bundchen. And Giselle said I don't think so. You might not only to say that we are show prepared to accept a and kudos and I don't know I don't know. Right now folly Seb was broccoli broccoli broccoli again he'd known for that because it of the nature of the subject I don't know like Tom Brady and 32 of his teammates. Didn't make it to the White House yesterday I got much. Well I mean Brady was. Loud and proud for Donald Trump to be elect it is weird to know each other furloughs are his politics are big years ago conservative not liberal then. Which plays well Boston I'm sure yet on to other parts of the blossom there very concerted. Likes the likes LT. A very very conservative you know. Okay. Let's move along to. But let's break and when it's great comeback back damage sauce to sex right sex at a tennis event. Sex audio tennis at its credit has its Bob and sure. Bob sorry just. We're back with just a few sports can. Easy in this next story out of Sarasota old Mike Sarasota such a nice town in Florida were what was the deal are tennis tournaments so seven Hoch. Easy Sarasota open in Florida and on Tuesday night the players are playing and it comes to a brief halt as there is loud noise. Loud noises. Heroin looks around stops crowd laughs announcer makes mention of it somebody in a nearby apartment was a love making loud enough to be heard on the tennis court well to where one of the tennis players shouted out you can't be that good. It's really loud. So let's stop and I don't like him think of his Monica Seles Danielle written with a restaurants where those grunts the so apparently it stopped like a minute later it started up again. Good for the I wonder if they are being pumped. Or they thoughts on had a phone or whatever and new in this debate dale decided that actually was really coming from another apartment building and actually happening so big weeded out the announcer tweeted out. A much slower than a couple of the windows open across the way sounds like you guys had a good time. On busiest PM playing this ad nauseam. You guys have a wash announced this week to now because there's so wrapped up in the NFL draft only their fifth month the coverage of the draft. It's opt for its its like one more mock draft quite got there won't be drafted the doctor asked him. Do they and so nobody found out who the couple was or the other didn't nothing follows lies glitzy glad because I mean you can. Agree Internet they'd never escaped they never turns out well it's like the people I go to nude beaches and other people you'd wanna yeah exactly. Now Derek Jeter may buy a baseball team. Odd combination intact of the former Yankee great Derek Jeter and former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Talk about the odd couple remake you have a teamed up in a bid to purchase the Miami Marlins baseball team. They were both having independent bids against each other so they'd they combined forces and we'll see how it goes but the two of them are together it suits trying to buy baseball team. This sue me hurt the feeling that politics and ideology aside the Jeb Bush it's just a decent guy. Yeah he seems happy he you know he does any slight Keyes he's worked hard he says he's a worker being you know he's worked in his life he doesn't have the charisma and his brother George. But or his dad he was the one that I obviously thought it was going to be the star he's Smart and he he seems like he's worked hard at. At his family life and everything and I don't think he had the I don't think he had the stomach for for politics the way it's played now in its heat he didn't have the charisma and he didn't have the aggression. That is imminently need to I think it is today I think he's got the one key can do passion for governing and yet he was successful governance let me just say it seemingly in this country we no longer value that set of skills at all then I think she was a wan Ki governing kind of guy but he didn't have he didn't have to be. Cage fighter mentality that you need for politics now low energy job. It's it's chef right at its amazing how baseball's salaries have gotten so big. And in the dees of the Yankees. Salad days in the 1950s. There there were players and not Mickey Mantle and not the stars but there were players. Even on the Yankees who would. During this during the offseason sell cars. Work work for dealership as car so. Out of control. Yes well I mean Major League sports when it began and now mean nowadays are nothing like buying the team yeah that's a that's Eric did but there's reason enough money harsh more to buy a baseball team doesn't Derek Jeter also make a lot of money from other things endorsement. Let me ask my own as an ice ball he's done well these don't wanna. Jeb Bush does not do as many endorsements I've noticed that well and maybe some local things are lower I've noticed that Jeb Bush for key Henry could. Having bush for under armour explicitly laid low played a Motrin PM something like low energy hit what is his father's in the hospital still. You know very sick evidently hope he's gonna be okay I think America came around to really liking George H. W. Bush. We were out when this happened but Jenna Bush Hager who's on The Today Show was chatting away on The Today Show and she mentioned in passing. That her grandmother Barbara Bush the former First Lady and only has eight toes because two of them fell off. Are you Q and then it turns out there's an actual condition Allen. Wait shut the door. Really yes he slaps a one on each foot occurred or I I got the idea that it was the pinky toes on each foot listen listen. I looked it up there is an actual condition where your piggy does come. Paula there's also an actual condition where you're hearing that a mrs. Bush's toes are. And you can never get over to Genoa was the then she realized what she said as she said put your little Peterson cute I'm so sorry Michigan said that I'm so sorry you shouldn't have come. So I just think you should not you're gonna get all sports this restaurant may be one little pick need to go to market yeah. We'll look Tim Guinea pig. I wish I had a tough this period ever hear that sentence don't let's start this information you didn't think you can get out of this morning. Save your world beyond sports and. Guess so I don't know what causes a big. Can you don't want to. I don't want you. I guess your father Gerry got. Love. Talking to people about their gross out snacks today some of the sounding and kind of rough it and some of them sound kind of good like. As I could eat ice cream I would totally eat ice cream rolled didn't frosted flakes and would you like to hear the healthiest fast foods that you can meet. Okay. And you don't turn many fast foods but this is actually kind of cool McDonald's it's the Edward mustn't. And I have read that it's it's about 300 calories and it's you know. It's pretty good. And it's not for you know it's not as bad for you or some show you. Knew you'd think. Taco Bell it's the chicken soft tacos or the power menu veggie bull. It's just that nobody goes into Taco Bell and says I believe I'm gonna have the vegetable good vegetables sounds good to me mountain. I like a kind and Burger King I don't need it the king but the Morningstar veggie burger. You know like isn't solely it's not really meet you or the grilled chicken sandwich. Chick filet the grilled chicken nuggets I had that the other day somebody was raging about that the only excess there was part. Was it you who was yeah I China have been trying to. Once a week I take care of me and her friend graced a chick filet on our way to dance so that they get some dinner you know and I can't sell either one of them on the scroll nuggets is that right. I think they're pretty good. At Dunkin' Donuts it's the egg and cheese sandwich and an English muffin. That the sucker you know what Duncan donuts has now they have arm hand and chatter Cho bought a sandwich. Men really do and win then it's hot and toasty. When you know it's hard for me to think about eating lunch. At the Dunkin' Donuts that I know you know for protesters fast food and there's someone right down the street I should get that Hammond shattered Sabina Mika. Not enough put honey mustard I'm if you want or not even at Starbucks and they've got this fancy Sri NC. Pre made sandwich as our I sometimes have difficulty saying yeah and have lunch there. My favorite fast food sandwich on earth is the Starbucks roasted tomato mozzarella meanie. I go out of my way and a picture and I'd it's so. Incredibly scary delicious I go out of my way left I'm Danny he let go if I'm meeting on the road Michael out of my way to find Starbucks started and again. It's Sabina and fresh mozzarella and roasted tomatoes. Fresh basal. The journal of olive oil mature soul of balsamic vinegar and then it's put on a penny need press. And it is. Breezy ridiculously delicious when you water because it has to go in the community do their eyes roll action skip coffee. Just get coffee and he know what I'm so used to people rolling their eyes at me you don't even slightly. Been good for you. Where I don't people's eyes are rolled like a big slot machine I just as soon might have allergies or some sort of affliction I don't think personally at all. Speaking of Vegas I watched yesterday I didn't see the whole thing there was a movie called 21. And it's about a heart a Harvard student who was a cart our card counter did you see that our. Is it true star I was wondering was true story. As of this hit it's gonna cost him 300000 dollars to go to Harvard Medical School. So Kevin Spacey is a guy. That used to be big time gambler but they'd be into him from the casinos so he hires really Smart college kids. There's five of them to go and car count in the casinos was pretty good. I still understand why they can throw you out I mean if you have that skill should you be able to stone. Well I mean I think so I agree with you you're just you're just playing the game at a different level. My brother my older brother can do that he can really. He made a lot of money in Atlantic City is Eric. Back in the day. They caught him he stopped. He got banned from a couple of casino that's a friend of mine's wife. In California and can say who put of tournaments wife in California. This is very good at playing blackjack. And I was talking to him the other day. And I said saws the wife and he says she's grid you know she just left for work and where she worked announced via such and such casino. She goes in at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. As she plays for twelve straight hours three days a week and she makes pretty good money sometimes two or 3000 dollars. Yup and one of the reasons she wins this because some of the other players are getting free drinks and she doesn't drink. Yup she stays street it's cold to be totally focused and it's kinda got a strange but it's kind of cool isn't it. Not that good at playing. I consistently win I have a friend my friend Allison who wins money playing poker online she's really cute. Not a sheep. The she loses much if she wins. Now who she she she went mostly wins. She's on the she's and I heard her ledgers are in on the black how does that work how do you play online music group with a company that's like in Central America and. Sure she's explained it to me but I don't really understand poker. The only card game that I know how to play. Honest to god is go finish. And I just night and then give your free drink when you play well I'm just not I'm useless but it. She's explain it to you meet and some of the players that she's a. He encountered along the way and the two biggest as the World Series of poker drill drill bit through this there's an article lose interest in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. That some of the slot machines and biggest Q Steve you've. You're playing you've get a free drink. They're now making sure they have clubs. And it can wonder what goes to green yeah get a free treats it means you can play for awhile again the management's selected. On the mathematician and I'll buy my own drinks and probably come out ahead yes I'm. My street game. Sorry dot com I know woman's vest with alligators may make. Zero apologies for that I am obsessed with alligators I am the money ansari not even a little bit and I have to relegated stories here. The thing we wonder why ever when it's not assessed with alligator story number one. A guy implored then named I mean Nina all of RS went bass fishing. And while he's out there another bass fishing and night Molly's up their bass fishing. A friend said to him quote. Oh snap. You've got Gator on your foot. See Neil was wearing really strong boots like really hard core work boots holy cow how big was the catered oh snap you gotta get on your foot. Ninos says. So he tells the local TV station I tried to go Bassett bass fishing in this bleeping gators over here trying beat me. I don't even think there's any more bashing here this guy 38 at all. Then his friends start rolling video and Nina posted a video to his FaceBook showing him attempting to pride to gators start us off of his boot. While his friends are lashing he said the gators started trying to drag them underwater. Which arm and he couldn't get to catered on latch also dispute. And we ended up having to uses knife on the reptiles he said I feel real bad for the Gator but it was near it. Holy cow and his friends still shooting studio area. Nina said the high quality of his boots and the only reason he didn't get serious injuries from the alligator bite me and he called the F fish and wildlife commission and reported that. On he's I mean he's not any trouble he did everything you're right to do brand what's the guy supposed to do sacrifice his foot in his life to DL again our personal did what he had to do. I'm just trying I don't know that I could be friends with his friends. Well now honestly. The for a lesser out bass fishing at night special to consent to a joke. The for a lesser our best Michigan night. You're wearing your excellent very very strong work boots you know licking usually do jerk. And a Gator latches on your foot and I say oh snapped a gators got your foot. And now the two vice mean you are trying to get to Gator off your funny are you telling me. This one over here it's not on FaceBook life. You really think some idea. Yeah I'm over there within alligator in my foot screaming like a girl. I mean a really young girl. And I'm right there which you could -- obsessed with alligators anonymous and that's who's scratching me who is grabbing the gators failed to pull it off my foot will not need to shoot eloquent when we link you have a little boo -- makes me laugh really hard it should Gator and your foot and could smell I don't Lloyd free on the floor that could vote they could kill me whole way that could kill me let's reverse roles in the story because actually she would be the one rolling on FaceBook live about it you know well my first thought I'll be the one that's grabbed out she'll she'll advise me to grab the -- assume because she's that was a life that was my first thought yeah. But you know what should be doing this and we'll talk about her like she's not here shall be doing this. Well if I don't put this on FaceBook life you know the company's gonna come back and say what Joseph you guys think. You know what's gonna happen I'll be going to the hospital and Max will be driving you'll be comforting me I'll be going to the hospital and should be very quiet in the backseat. Plus my firm posting it eating. Yeah hash tag Gator hash tag chit chat hash tag Wolverine boots I do not like Joseph hill lead max's car unless you know I look you don't believe in his car crying out loud keeps a propped up perceived. I'm I'm missing I like alligators on the accessed with alligators there's a difference. Let's stay in flirting go to Tampa where Florida Highway Patrol sergeant Steve gaskins. Shared photos of odd state troopers. Patrol officers responding to a report. They didn't alligator is on the expressway. Hissing and snapping it past cars. We you know it's just that big expressway is in Florida are so annoying listen I didn't appointing people Edmonton at all. The nine foot Jeter. Was in the southbound lanes of the veterans expressway at 7 o'clock in the morning. Hissing and snapping it traffic while wording morning drive talk a sinking yes. Yes. Deputies through adversity arrived on the scene they shut down the lame. They took the Gator to safety. Com and he's fine back gators find. That Jeter is me. That cheers me and I drove a nine foot how would you would you trying to work. But Starbucks I would no denying computer hissing at you from the elderly and they came in guns they Cayman Donovan also over the plant which tell us that in closing Tampa intensity you Paula Newton. You know the idea that these things only happen in the Everglades around golf courses Tulsa on the highway into. You'll find alligators up part of the world it's in small car. Not only you apologize to me because yes I would left configure your foot it's not Republican or maybe few. He was being dragged into the water I'm letting that happen either so resorted to a low.