Dad is always saying.

Friday, June 16th

Dear ole Dad!


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But we do have an awesome father's initial plan for you all including we thought on her fund firms today and talk about that thing that your dad always says. Like if you were to say day living carry me what does Kevin always telling me they would say. Can't remember kind. Any time they say. I can't do that can't never commits you one of those. Frankly about my. There was nothing that was really like. While moving something like it was always. Who's those are always of the moment like if I was I was driving. Through like a little village she dropped him off for something you know sixteen. People live here. Today I think this people live here. My father. He is sometimes of losing a philosophical mood he would say. Beautiful wasn't free TV kids I could had a happy life. We should have that cross stitched I think Google. How different things you can go to my Brothers. Such organ DuPont it's now. A bit later turns you will see used to say. He's decides hair that there you know he'd give me a beer cracking a beer cracking appear. And then driving along or by put to radio on you know what's that you let me get opaque to radio station once a while. But then something would come on you didn't like Q he was not a James Brown fan. And I was and so you know as you get you on the godfather come again not as good food. And he just turned it off and say that's enough of that. I mean it's funny when when he says that and everything goes silent in the car. You do kinda get his point. That there's a lot going on here that's enough that's enough of that when there's just silence because I've done it. I've done it with Michael kids that's enough of that. Tides dad hunt but I had good thinker and I don't know what tied daddy's saving time but every conversation I have the tide include the phrase. As I've tried to explain to Todd and I. He is H amigos to fit eventually the bubble in your head ball popped. And then you make the right decisions. So every time I did a bad thing he does eventually the bubble in your head off at a particular kind of my train of thought. Woods or maybe it was true I don't know must be why he would say to me as I've tried to explain. Exactly. On the concept of a bubble popping your head is an uncomfortable once in his had not an exciting. I think you really want to I know even if you have clarity would you really want that to happen. Are sold do that Cheri and I licks ever gonna fly to northern California in the next week for a visit and done. I used to love it you know just just love getting up there everywhere you turn though there are just some annoying things about flying. A guy sleeping in a long flight. Whose cross country. Was awakened because a little kid in the seat in front of him is pulling out his leg here's. Why which. Like. Wait wait just pulling them. Pulling out the sleeping guys like here's. Guys stupid little kid reaches around August wholesale or I care starts pulling our leg here's a couple on a flight. On United Airlines noticed a steady stream of fuel leaking out of your plane's wings slightly before they took off. And they alerted the crew and of course the flight was canceled. You would think there'll be somebody else outside of a couple on the ground on the ground and I don't uniform with a badge on the crowd. A woman who was flying from San Francisco to Belize last weekend. Fell asleep during a layover. At the Houston airport and she says an employee for Ruud and united. Woke her up like kicking her in the head. Hoping I think. It. You know every series people that are sprawled out on the floor. That was probably actually ease. I can't do that I cannot do flawlessly Panetta. An airport last Sunday in the New York Times travel section. They had in a really big article our reporter. Spent an entire week. Flying around the country and reporting on the experience uh huh that's committed to every single flight was in coach class except for the last play which doesn't business class and and and some of the flights were short hops slick on commuter regional jets some of the flights were liking her new work to Chicago. It literally just crisscross the country. I'm sometimes she would land I get to her hotel after midnight be up at 4 AM to catch the next play moving. And she described what. Let's passengers were like but the crew was like on every flight the food situation. And really did a great job of painting a very accurate picture free but you fleiss and everything this reporter wrote about you're like aria yeah and threw that in there. And and she said there's this funny thing we can have been the passengers sort of all band together. Because were. We all are suffering and we know there's more suffering to come he has so you'll find human decency and compassion lake in the back of the plane is there I had not always you'll also find people who are just being complete tools about their overhead or perceived recliner or whatever or have you heard your leg. Pulled out and then she describes that final trip home and business class where she was almost weeping with joy to be treated the way she was treated him. Fed and one of their airline employees to Sydney many of them obviously. Says here's the latest now. And the more money you have the better you're treated and you can buy almost anything. You know if you do it by probably true combine access to a private lounge where you never have to see the other passengers in the airport LA accidents there and you can you can buys fourteen in a separate entry way so you don't have to be 68. That's what it is now that is what is that it's gotten serious I really. So I'm shares on the rehearsal that's been happening for about. We can rehash every night him. And I don't always remember my dreams you know 'cause when you don't get when you can't chronically sleep deprived you don't get enough sleep. You're unconscious when your head hits the pillow and then the alarm goes off king Felix someone just chasing he right right so it's it's not it doesn't lend itself to a lot of oh I had the most marvelous stream about a Doctor Who can talk you don't get much of that RA. After about the past week and a half I have had. A dream every single night a vivid. Wonderful serene filled with sound and color an emotion. Did I wake up from with a mix of leg joy and sadness and every inch dream is about the same thing but every team is different. Every night for the past week and a half I dreamed that I'm taking care of a BB. He and it ended at first I thought girl you baby fever it might be time to get another kitten and a half. And the more I thought about and the dreams are wonderful and in the dream. In the dream I have the baby and I'm still do so much love and tenderness and concern for the baby and the dreams are so vivid it's a different baby every time. It's a different scenario every time sometimes the baby's little older sometimes the baby's a little younger sometimes should be being needs something very. But comfort or help or medical treatment or sometimes the baby's just giggling and wants to coddle. And so maybe dreams a night after night after night. And I woke up this morning after a really excellent vivid happy baby dream it's like. It's like when I'm asleep I'm traveling to another. World with a completely other life it's fantastic it's better than it's better than Netflix. Then discriminate Sharon only god what are these streams mean. And it and then I remember X we had some kooky dream interpreter person on the show and long time ago in some. I think the name of their book was simple bullet because I got to buy a house or something like that right right right. One of the things that that person talked about and I went Google that this morning read about it. When you have that repetitive constant journey most caring for the baby. It's not a TB day you're dreaming about and it's not a baby that you're creating your subconscious. Is working out. There's something new in your life for something new coming in your life not newborn that. But not a not a literal baby Noah newborn thought yet there's so I knew coming into your life a dreamer desire or an undertaking an enterprise. Something you could be. It could be a new job it could be a new relationship a new business wherever it is hidden and and your subconscious. Is. Showing you how it feels about this new event. Because in my dream. The baby the baby may need something to AB is never in jeopardy and all of these dreams and with so much happiness and joy and peace so what my subconscious is telling me is we got this it's all good. That's great and that is true it's like a double blessing because on the one hand I'm having so much fun I while I sleep. And on the other hand by sub conscious is lake. We fish it's. And it and it can be better than that that's credit to that he'll listen to that that would mean if you were dreaming consistently about a middle schooler. You've done something horrible in your life and you should be punished yet you are being asked exactly what makes sense gosh it's just spam. Especially because I don't I don't often get to remember might seems to mostly cycles of sun erupted. If you like every night on having the best time ever Craig what a great way to end the week. Can't ask them flashlights was so good. So yeah that's what it means it took what I mean if you believe that's suffering a lot of people don't or whatever but I also believe in aliens in my horoscope so you do you all do me. But what are fantastically entertaining our. Night I've had every night for the past your time under your concerns and I know it does it's just did so. We get some stuff it's not perfect. Call moron here. Lose and hits you straight ahead right here in the far. And Kerry shows the road rage I've got a quick you have roadways don't get it this woman did. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or were everyday your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Our street at all the salary dot com. While the cause I'm sure you is deadlocked. I'm the judge sent him back again with the what's called the Allen charge. And the Allen charge is where the judge says. We have to have some kind of an agreement here. Because I don't want this coming back again have to make the decision about whether or not he needs to be reach our trial. Recharged. So that's where it since right now it is up in the year he could be you know we did he could be acquitted. Or he tees up on three charges each one of them is ten years so that's the end him. It was even eat. For lay people like you know we're not lawyers and stuff we don't know how all the intricacies of the legal system work when the judge came back as the jury was deadlocked. And there are the three charges like Bob just said. And the judge set a no you didn't I am not calling a mistrial get him all right that's called the Allen charge is a different things in different states. And it's a dangerous thing to do because it forces somebody on the jury. To possibly make a decision that they originally were not comfortable with. And so mood are you really getting. What the jury feels. And a lot of people who can and I'm not just regular person companies split legal minds feel it's not a good idea to do that. But this judge does not want it coming back and have to make the decision on is there enough evidence here to go through a runs our child that's actually the prosecute the prosecutor will take a look at the evidence and say do I wanna spend this money and this time. Go and after this guy for basically what's gonna be the seem outcome or is it's we gotta we gotta try him again and you just never know. So many of the so. And I can't stand its case against don't cause he was the only one where the statute of limitations had that this is it if this about the step all of those women dozens of women whatever happened to them. All of that is gone. This is so many of those women are in the courtroom every day watching mess and help. And our reporters who were there say that the aid the disappointment and devastation on their faces that the jury has deadlocked on man yeah that's true. But you're you know what I'd what I don't know I have can you answer this how much of these other. Accusations. It is even permitted. Into the case that. Is being prosecuted now that's up to the judge to decide as to whether that happens I mean there's there's a person is eager to human nature I've read about before I've become a juror on a case like this. I know what's out their tents potentially you know and everybody pays attention to the Neeson and in the judge can say I instruct you to tune in to not think about any of that. But he you you know you're human being bright colors your priest I don't think it would be allowed to be entered as evidence in this case. Because. Not is evidence but it is it. Into you know we human beings under human beings sometimes we you'll find is they will bring that into evidence during the sentencing but not during the actual trial because. You're he's not being charged with those right now you may have this this pattern of behavior but he's not being charged with those things right the jurors can focus somewhat he's being charged right. Which is her case. It's hard for me to believe but you know you're not. It's easy to sit back we have we know all the stories in the full story we're not hearing just the evidence in the case of when you're a juror in our system. Which is flawed but the best in the world. In our system you really are required to. Make your decisions based on the evidence of some front of you and nothing else in her at a sacred duty and we really are supposed to do that right. So it's easy to sit on the outside of that and go why can't leave history we none of us know. What those jurors are working with what they've been given to work with freight. It's just hard to add them. Given Cosby's own words. That there's a quick question here for young but I you know. When it comes to sexual assault cases the victim is always on trial as much as he key east that's got away or cultural works. No it's very very very soon. So a few Mike Mike Kennedy. The decision today and it might go through the weekend. They they've been deliberating now between thirty and forty hours and create it could be like and how how many people are on the jury twelve. The twelfth yeah on the jury because it could be seven in five he could be one holdout. It just is not convinced that this is on the level. I'm one of the investigation discovery shows that I was watching. And I don't think it was women who kill many unique killing doesn't titles affair he shows under investigation discovery's man who need killing anyone killings that act. Your title that's not a I don't think that's. It's pretty close it's not exactly the women who kill I could see that is that is the title earned the sub title is he had to come idiotic comment yeah he had only going to be. Obama I needed to act and its and they went and they. Interviewed the members of the jury of famous case and I'm trying to remember which one was in the jurors this is many years later. The jurors were talking about on how much they disagreed. Arriving at that verdict meant and the one woman said you know I was a holdup I just I just didn't see it and as they finally persuaded her things the other jurors staying there was an interesting peek into what happens when just adds twelve regular people talking for months. All different kind of walks of life are put together in her room and given someone's feet. Well if you're good if there's one holdout and and the other eleven people are looking at this person and they know in their heart they're here she. He is saying not guilty and for a reason it has nothing to do with the evidence put may have something to do with blood. A soft feeling for his age the idea that this man was you know possible if they feel that I think that's when they start to workable O. But if that person you know is absolutely adamant there's there's not enough evidence here if that's that's a hung jury. When I think about cases like this and especially capital pieces. I think while he will be exciting to be uninjured but I'm glad I thought I needed I would I'm glad I'm not because that is every spot yeah someone's. Not just one person you many people's lives different view and you have to make the best. Most honest decent decision that's got to be so hard I don't even want to lecture Hansen on why he only eats me last little while as well as the jury doesn't. Someone's life Juarez and the news is next this is not mention. Sarah I have the it's. It is pro grade. Please. I mean details on this for check it out of 36 year old woman in Florida. Was arrested the other day. For chucking coins and another driver during your road rage incidents you know what happened. The other driver did something to her or she did something in the other driver Jaber the bubbly she salute. She was so man. She was so angry she just looks around the car and on the seat next to her recent points she was so mad she served throw and anything did she could reach I guarantee you. If there was a McDonald's bag next to work that would have been the thing that came out yeah. Start strong quarters and pennies. It's just not a bank. Now we call it morons in the news and this is a perfect example of why. Of all the things the steal these guys took the one product that was designed to get them rented out. Two thieves broke into a tech company in Santa Clara California. They stole some fear how the fridge. And then they took about 181000. Dollars worth. A little devices and they thought a lot of them but most of them work cell phone chargers. But they weren't cell phone chargers. They were GPS trackers. So when the company realized what was missing they said to the police these guys have our tractors. From the police say it. Rick won't know exactly where they are and they worry that a true culprit just look at each. The churches. You don't. You thought that he five days explosion in technology would have made cops jobs harder and not cigarette advertising for criminal and FaceBook makes German so basically listen even I would know we've I was stealing totally detractors right. Hardest put a mug shot in front of me today and the ladies owed to be single again when you see this and I'm sure you dot com. I'd I can't believe this is true I can't believe this is in the stunt for a minute report what some trying to meet I'm gonna post a mug shot. And you do years. Come on May ninth the very Larry Carrey was arrested. For a lot of hard work puts this in the very Larry Terry. Very Laird. He was arrested and com fingerprinted and had is mug shot taken for. Unlawful possession. Of a wild direction. And no head lamp on his bicycle. And I do not know if the wild raccoon was riding shotgun on the flight confuse investors but when I look at this mug shot. The whole body I cried I. I'm here right there that Kerry. That is the most disturbing mug shot I have ever seen and I don't wanna be unkind because none of this can help the genetic lottery dad later on. Can work we've what we've got a little. He and his eyes are. Really close together in his ears are enormous in two different. Third there hung differently on his head or a symmetrical nevermind that his eyes looked like you don't lecture Putin looks like he's tweaking. He has this huge neck and a tiny head again I feel terrible because you know telling them some reading eighty. Phones. But this this votes this breeds this walks among us when his wild raccoon unlawfully possessing very leery teary. This can't be right this is got to do you like. And I joke right I delicious legitimate time. Put somebody Sherry dot com and if this turns just you know that I'm warning you I don't believe I think this is real I don't believe we have a human being walking among us. With this facial expressions and an unlawful reckon if I'm the judge when we used to say the guy's name and he has to. Rise earlier Terry Larry terrorists might have to let him go. Until I looked at him and then I have to lock and love because look at him he looks like he's on a five days tweaks you know he does look. Yeah so I'm. You don't want it let me just as Bob Leeson would say good luck do you look to you very very rarely carry. And remember it. That wild raccoon skin carry rabies and that's nothing detained a list that's why it's unlawful to possess one. And also if you're gonna ride your bike on the inner city in nineteen Atlantic. You've got to let's morons in the news. Health insurance can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. That bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter to shoot 99537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. So are upset about this area. Well. You know I need a little aggravation so just she's a decent little our motivations and you know. Sometimes. With a little aggravation it's it's because you're doing it to yourself just did not take on something when you should've and then the the degradation in my life. We do it. To what is she Comsat you whatever even if it's heinous I know just do get it done right away there's there's some a executive motto that says let a paper touch my hand but once. Right if you leave it on your desk and you know you gotta called the dude or or sign the contract to do what I do whatever you do it. To make some like somebody why don't we learn I don't know somebody in my family. Kids got married okay the kid got married. And and they had several children and I sent gifts for all of them this is the last one the got married. And then I didn't go to the wedding. Because it's it's in the past you know how sometimes it's in the past life you still need to send the gift yeah what about it anyhow on any guy you know it's got an X involved and blah blah blah so anyway I didn't I didn't by the -- listening gear didn't invite him but you feel like it may be be better if you dissent against better fight just sent a gift so that I can I kept putting it off and putting it off from putting diverse. I just send the gift but you know I have to do now because of the aggravation because they didn't do it at that very moment. I got to go to one of my daughters and I've got to say do you have so and so is addressed. Why you want to mr. Just read your dressed and they may or may not have. And if they don't have it then I have to go to somebody else they used to be winners and say do you have so and so stressed then I have to go out and by the gift. That may beyond line and then I have to tell the online people close sorry about this I've been so busy blue blue blue blue Obama. No you no you don't you send dom here's what the note says and that's weddings just happened a couple months ago great couple 34 months ago yes three or four the other guy. She sent a note. Hear her. Armed. Susan whenever her name is now and Jim your new husband. I don't know that either. Here's season. I couldn't be more proud. Of the journey but I couldn't be happier there you go I couldn't be happier that you found love you know why Miley. You don't have to explain why your late I couldn't be happy to you've found love I know this is such an exciting time in your life. All of my best wishes and prayers for your happiness uncle Bob moon. To tell people why you're leaked. Why is this. I feel like I have to say something and just said to me say to me you know what in the future. Anytime you Felix you need to say something to somebody that's a sign that you probably shouldn't do east just text me your call me. And this includes at the banquet Mattel Seth it's so yeah any plans for the weekend. And you start feeling that I need to say something bubbling up inside do you. You know what happens. He can always tell when I'm right 'cause of the way he looks to me he's like a little boy's been caught doing some ninety starts exiting what make eye contact. When you feel his need work to say something new white smoke is Kirk and let me because I don't answer your. Pretty good tax free. Strides booming and that would enact harsh attacks means a woman you've got desert bunkers I need to say something and I'm about to show it. Oh my god darn George through this level I forget I don't know the big guy's name I don't know where they live. I gotta check this out into all the teller at the bank. So mr. lacy Demi solid experts and he kept it. Now we strangle you because I'm tired of talking to you care about my points. So I don't say that anymore mr. Lacey on that'll be a dollar 29 for that pack of gum can I have your email to help shut up. And I I border a border sure yesterday. And again they want to my email addresses and didn't and and I and I had to say I prefer not to and she gives me the stink up. Well nothing but mufflers are you a member of our loyalty. Are you following us on FaceBook. App fifth. Larger Social Security number one is also your address in what time of the day you're not there. I bought a home. I was out doing some stuff and Kent said to me hey if you're near Home Depot or Lowe's or harm first or would you get me it can't of mineral spirits even so. It's not for a hoot who you know this rate I you know white you know why didn't ask. Because it's the answer is can involve something that I just seemed not know and you're not a manual labor not being part of it under your ignorance is bliss are all yeah rosters this. And analyst time sure Yemen spears is my order first sheep OK and so the cinema spears is literally two dollars and 79 cents. And I almost never pay with cash 'cause I almost never have cashed but I happened to have Blix six bucks in cash sum payment cash and shares said to me she brings up. On the with tax it was like three dollars and change doesn't look to see your phone number you. And so should your Q minus cute so I didn't want yell at her she's tuna -- church pastor should Q my asking you why you need my phone number because I never answer my phone Ming if your gonna start calling me to sell me didn't. She said no it's. It's said that if you lose your receipt. And you want to return this week can look at gotten so I said my daughter with meaner you don't want act like in a twit with your kid. I said that is such a useful service. And I think that's awesome and a I was buying a washing machine I'd want it I know it but for mineral spirits and mineral spirits whatever those are. Our let me ask you something that's legitimate company you know who do you think that they are selling your phone number. To make a profit somewhere. Or is it actually so loyalists but I guess. I know what you're seeing said who maintain their own food keep the receipts for something like that I guess I mean she said that you know no we don't sell your number and met him and I decided it. You know what I feel reckless today and devil may care. I'm meaning gamble that I don't mean to return whatever is in this final but I don't know what I use that for that's exactly right. You don't don't write a long way and it. Reason why you're late just wish them lessons in love and her new life together and get loans on which to think the average distance from winning your business. I just read this I am remembering 75 dollars. The average gift is 260. Give it for this family member can you give buyers and I've only given northerners it's hard and he spent a 150. You know what here you can join your national final offer 200 shares. Yeah Sherry and Father's Day this Sunday 81 years some things about it. Americans American dads in particular certain. Our six fax and this is legitimate this is pure research stuff OK that I found so this is legitimate stuff. On debts and America seem parent teen as central to their identity 57%. Of dads. Say that being a dad is who I am. Which is a very good thing it's a very good thing and it's really ice a sign of how late the culture shifted and changed for your grandparents' time that's true. Fifty years ago dads or not all that involved in child care. But that's changed dads are much more involved now. Let's see now now dads spend more time on average. In child care tripled the time that they did fifty years ago men are believed not as much as moms believe that I mean this. The you know it's definitely not as many hours as moms in minutes and triple what east to be. On its way less common for dads to be the sole breadwinner in families now in. About 27%. Of people with kids younger than eighteen are in families where only the father works. This is a huge change from 1970 when that was true for half of families in this country mean that's really difference in big time down there. What else on the set man in ten grownups say it's just is important for new babies to bond with their dad as it is to bomb with their mom. Which is very different than to me now such great news for dads out there stay. It is unless you're one of those guys that wants to be his grandfather. He's just he's just to warn you that way you know he didn't end the the idea of embracing. All of this stuff because it's all work you know that's what we discovered as fathers. This she's been too little how to work. Not of those other guys who don't wanna live like it's fifty years ago and up ice as divorce stats yeah. It's true I just doesn't work out right here's another armed shocking fact about. I'm so other states that will surprise no one ever. We spend a lot less on Father's Day and we struggled and their enemy and men know that by the way I think most of which are fine with we spend a lot less. I he I did not get a Father's Day gift from one of my kids for years I'm like I'd get the call. And I didn't get you know so Paris Sox are on anything ugly tie or not but it derives a underwrote it arrived yesterday and some big box. Well yeah senate until we know it's not soap on a row it's not so the camera. Up popped. So put a rope is accrued. We talked about that one day in the show Mexico personalized items Bennett. My soap on a rope got him Bennett and of course we should resign there was an imprisoned no no no he wasn't in the prison. Oh that it was for sanitary reasons because. The somebody was. I don't know they header commentary. Bad situation. Or the warmer something in this soap gets old yeah in the GNU general grew you know that are used to get into this kid English leather soap in a row did you like I'd like to if there was something about an hour was different much of my Brothers you know when you have Brothers. They get soap on a rope every Christmas and it's always like English leather or brood or are you air mass surgeon Carnell wire or something just really pungent sound. We need to. It was invented to prevent the soap from falling on the floor yeah. So men and I used to get it all the time in fact there was soap on a rope microphone so when I first got in radio I was always getting. It's the microphone still on our road appears in radio. Hey so you know for people who like to sing in the shower was an idea yeah something I'm curious about as some Hazmat and. Who are. Have frequently receives so Boehner wrote did you used to did you like it did the road make this so somehow more fun for you. I'd like did you know that I could get to was English leather I liked it anyway. Can it be English leather hairspray English leather whatever that was that was Michael who some London today and is there a point where this so snubs downing declined the aegis you Marty your body with the road that. Yeah he said no I didn't like what we're not quite that stupid to be honest with your. Thirds through there's no so we're not marshland implicated here. Thanks a lot huh. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Yeah your a lot of screens on all sore arm her Father's Day you went along with he would get everybody to call and and LS. That's in your dad always cents. Oh I are always said if you dad is no longer with us 888. BO BS HE RIA. 888 T 67 for 37 I didn't have a conventional dad. Armed or. And attentive dad are loving dad or even a scene dad. But every now and again my dad what kind of philosophical and he'd get a far we're looking resigning would gather me in my Brothers around and he would save. You know also wasn't freed GD kids I could have been happy Newton and that gave us all little something think about you know well that there's where the gratitude comes in. You know if you PPP was still clear he brought to an in this world right you too my older Brothers credit elder brother is like payback access. If I have some Jimmy Fallon dead tweets if a guy from last night guest on last night's show. This plus dramatic camel drowned she says watching chicken run my dad suddenly shattered Garrett is no Elvis shouldn't be working together like well. She's in messrs. bush and played saxophone and stop then my dad meta meets on the practice safe sex. And this one's from that cemented T ten she says every semi dead sneezes heels to how. These are real lesson back Chris and rose one to four she says when my mom wouldn't let my dad bill the may is a beer cans in our yard. He said there you're the cloak of darkness mothering my higher. It is the last one this one is from that IS MU says my dad's still thinks the lyrics to Winston funny Holler back or are there ain't no harm in that girl. I. I believe every single one of those are my father used to say you know. No one was ever success. Working forty hours a week. And so I took that. Literally heading under radio or try to get up before noon a tough. And I just realized a few years later he kind of meant something else buy into these. Yemen's Kevin's always the girls the girls on my god he's there all. When they say I can't do that can't never could. Never good he. And. I understood some dads who say. Arm what is it when you when you want some spit on one hand and wish him the other I don't know that want every summer. Didn't mean that can dead they did I'd heard other dads say yes a lot of those dead things actually yards. I mean that there there these little motto was have been floating around forever to figure one to supplement oh but Kevin's other thing that he says is true. Because of course I impairs him horribly because whether we're at a volleyball game girl across gamer dance recital on the on the woman in the audience don't. Oh and if worst you know we're in general ceremony. I'm you don't like on the were my god I hate that Kevin does he want to sit with me I know Jim this is what Kevin does is he says. Just actually keep in there. Rick when you win some team to go right when you win some big or you get some think don't we all like. Late you've been here before that's tight and attacks on what these dear old ages one that. When Tiger Woods was at its peak Cramer talked about this the other day he would say to his his beautiful wife Phelan you and don't jump up and down when when you didn't act like you doing there yeah. So. 88 BO BS HER I can we say hi Karen. Hey caring parent or all and end this is about your father. What what would you say. Is this someone they look barely get up fighter out there and lot Al Ali say is if nobody had any idea. We see a big scary guy. I'm a big Teddy bear. Mean what you put a little according saying because he's so protective. To tell them who your daddy is meaning that he will take care whatever problems come your way how to how does that make you feel. Entertainment big dent in the family. I mean yeah it does it now. Good American command says that he wants his child to know that he could go over there and beat a young person. And that's that's the inference right you daddy can take down wonderfully varied widely advertised I drew it back thank you chair and I'm all right let's pop over to Carol here with the phones are just exploding here Carol Carol. Now what would you rather have our backup of your own Eric was either cute little businessman and Tony Taiwan arms it was. In aerial coming out and buried in the kitchen and contemplating the world what is Gary can you say you know Karo lite great. If you don't weekend and I have no idea what that mean. If you don't we can you do like screen if you don't we can. He and the other treat you it and I'm only somewhat drunk he would say you are allies everybody else. Everything in learn what he would he learned. Buick here. You know I liked about you. Not let. Boot. And I got a feeling I got a feeling tell me if I'm right then you've heard that probably a thousand times all 30 right. I the I got my brother was well liked our show here lately but look where that we would. We love her out of life what what she feels very very your life well right there is he's only he but perhaps. Carol and that's why Cheryl and thank you yeah. Eighty days BO BS HER IAE DDT 167437. Please your dad used to say they're still does. If you're lucky you'll still have your dad's got a share. I'm sorry dot com. Art's father status and camera celebrating dads everywhere we're stopping your dad always Sanderson is an eighty days GOP SH ER I 8881867. For 37. Julie's yeah. Say hey Julie would urge your father says. Go for the someday get away and she helped. Foundation the bug. It's true think that that you it's very very true. When he would he say that. Like how many times have you heard that in the course of your life. He had earned it for me on a homestead. Whereas like my day daily Bible global offering different daily bread debate and may mean I couldn't ask that he breaks are. I cannot try to call my bluff their way some Asia and Valencia right get it that I know. You had to them about I don't. Think it's it's funny that some guys just they cheer one of those expressions and if they make it Tehran. You know it's it's like deer thing. They don't add to wit they don't they but they never Politico it's true relic I'd always heard and has sometimes you're the bear and sometimes the bear eats Hume which is very traditionally lynching in and that it's filing Korean man you don't survive it. And I'm. But this idea I mean my people hunt. My people. That is kind of the Wyoming saying it's truly a lamb shank on the episode you know problem actually with you even had a rough day your tire blew on your stage slushy dot. Some Asian windshield some days of the bond. Yes OK I'm Tim the bug it's just sometimes upload upload need to hunk where it needs to be reminded that it's enabled squash Barton may have. Right back I would go Biden went out right. I let them know we get. Well Julie thank you and I think people may start using no one can have a great Father's Day. But my father says something like somebody's we own a restaurant. Some days you're sleeping in the cluster could. I picked up expression ever friend does this my lover so much officials tell me you know. Doors you know some doors close on the door opens yes but the door is opening for me when I looked up there's an intensely while yeah you're right based OK like what like store opening in joint inferno like that house say told you about. The Helen Mirren Maggie K when should help. Born yeah this in a San Jose California this amazing house this woman inherited everything from the Winchester gun. Fortune and hurt her child and her husband died and from that moment on she felt that she was haunted and the haunted spirits said. Never stop building on to your mansion. And it ended up with something like I don't know 200. No 2000 doors and one of the doors if you opened it up. Drops streak you don't know your dad he pledged to your death. Oh well you're the bug you're the one. Post a former pitching meal agent Neil writes in real. Marrero drug what was your father used to say inspire us here the small. And how he felt so good. Maarten Port Authority and they do a little better at Florida. People have not heard this one before us Mardy had had our party. Regarding urban and no one was there are no one was there but Smart can you give us a context like an example of how this makes cents. I don't road you're doing something you shouldn't be rude and or you can who come Bennett who worked the lady this situation were told to do it and they're however I. Who apparently if Murray is doing that has gone away and nobody else took cover all I'm learn for. I find it when I'm smarty with a party I there's somebody else there with me. It's it's I'm not solo you bonds had never referred to him as smarty. Even sarcastically I know. While the opponent and Eastern Europe fiftieth or hurting that was a pull it smarty had had a party. Out there were people at this time and yeah I think the ultra. I remember it was over. Man this is I am I never heard us I'd never heard don't do your other brother from his father didn't. Both goals so probably goes back like a hundred years route 75 years. And my brother Boyd let's see how to learn how to play fifteen on. You know at least Valerie. It's looking tired I'd like I never know how old my mom is if I call my mom right now until mom how old are you she tempered he can't quick check yet this there. I thought. Impossible as what was this Marty had a party Smart at a party and no one was there but Smart he is writing I don't good will yes. I thank you Heidi you are now. Stay into any ill tell your father happy father's. 888 BO BS HER I still think your dad used to say you're still says. Funny if that was on his teams from smarty out of pardon. That would be that would be really fun. But you can make a positive you could say smarty at a party and all the angels where there that's exactly what I kinda have good and got a good yeah that's true. Part one phones Bobby cherry street ahead. Where did to each dish. She dish and the bottom insured podcast is brought to you by scandals the world's leading all the time. Lucent company yeah. Eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. Doesn't a vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazing. Great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Off for sandals it. Call 88891. She's 515968. Dating time 125159. Back for the podcasts. Happy Father's Day and I'm whom they ask is the father is. I am DOT ball this. Are there any given the respect he's not there are my new. I got a brand new man. You love and I do an early. I'm sorry. And yes you know everything hey. We get the ball game I was seeing. Losing means no not now not ever. We'll see. My dad is hey don't smoke. You and thanks to say that nicotine. Is more addictive than heroin. Said. From the palatial Bob and Jerry studios. Sherry. And everybody's. Favorite. Are these are via things your dad says are used to say season garlic email and said my dad says I've already told you more than I know. That's a good wins you know such a cumbersome. Had supplements almost Vicky I'm burgers and heard I guess to say where it out use an upper do without. Learn and dom Kabul people live tweeting us about this that's bitten the hand thing I never understood to spend the Anthony's Peters said. Spit him one hand and wish him the other and see which one is gonna Phillips sooner meaning to handy spin off Philip sooner 'cause the other one is gonna happen. But so cemeteries. It has a very comfortable that went. Meanwhile armed JC said is dead didn't say is the one hand yet another colorful one that rhymes with. Which is even more understand. Terry T ball you don't you know I just realized but luckily he didn't have these colorful expressions that much except nobody ever was a success working forty hours a week. Bush took very winter took literally. And you know what you know he would do he can't remember him saying this to me he says it now. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world was out I was Laker. Twenty. If if you made friends with people. Who were highly successful. You know doomed to be in there orbit to BP would successful people is one of my friends he didn't like the idea. You know just on with women and we've you know your friends. It doesn't hurt to hang out with rich people so then I get engaged in to a family that's very high in society. And a southern city. And he's invited over to see all of the gifts. At their house that but their friends have given us for our marriage. Doesn't show. Because he was uncomfortable moments aren't comfortable in this. But the other thing is when nom because my my father used to say stuff like that to my one of my Brothers. And the implication was. You yourself will not be successful. Or Richard or even particularly lucky in that you can have some friends that are something might fall your way epithet. I think that's what it won't sink that's a little bit of it too good he was invited to see all of the wedding gifts he did not Coke which kind of showed disrespect to dispute yes but he didn't mean to be disrespectful he was so long comfortable in that world. Because. That was in his world her father had done so well and your dad you know he he was. He's under such anarchy and I mean I'm not some compassion for your dad that just wasn't his. Applies did you acknowledge he could master I understood but I felt also because this is what I would have done if I were in that situation. I would've sucked ago and that's why every generation with. Ideally. On our kids are a little better than us in some way. Hopefully hopefully it doesn't always work out ballots are ending their sweater. Another soccer's always have to suck she hated Sox even more like cousins. That's what I like 'cause who wrestled the circus is one of my excuse me a lot of family pride Huntington my cousin's. Name pat pat. It. Only he he sat and he slowly unraveled the Saki was wearing any would get the string in his Swiss miss. I'm instant cocoa and then eat the thread until he had gotten the shot on this completely digest it and before I grab a lost her mind. Yelled at told was that pet. Guys like twelve. We are is this is the look and I think so yeah and kept up with the Hokkaido. Now. When I went when that that whole family I'm demy grimace sat me down and she said Sherry I have to tell you. A secret about our family. And I'm sitting here like my heart sinks because even the stuff that is known about my family is already so awful and embarrassing what are your guys working with some good since she got it. It. Lawyers it will worsen on your grandfather. It's a love child the couple put just. Yeah I know what that means. Years Graham your great grandmother peg leg. Had an affair. And that your grandfather. It's a product of the affair so you're not really related to pat pat. Well I'll ask what do you blessing that was hum but of course you know as if any of that's true rate. I just wanna see the guy who had an affair with regular people this is Tina when she was younger apparently she was quite the looker as soon. On back in the day and. We thank you I'm good to take your word for it. Hard we're gonna take she wore our bureau. Models. Would be expressions that you deadheads for Father's Day 88 he'll be a state we are right this is Bob and share FaceBook. Twitter sort photo ops and mom Seri doctor. Kelsey with a straight here or not we're not. And about the insurance dad said are still says maybe 8088 BOD. SH ER IA played 88 Q 67437. Doctor Montgomery he'll emailed us to say my dad always said. Some people aren't gonna die you're just getting nasty away. Is attitude that's art Kelsey welcome today Chelsea what is your father Cerro. My father Ollie says he marks made the dream lack. And they're the first time that my now fiance Matt and him. My fiance. Privileged my boyfriend said that I wouldn't know a growth gal that I would be eating my father Greg. Did your father say dead or did you just pick up that expression along the way somewhere. He gets picked it up along the lake so doing. Oh how could you marry that man. In NASCAR now. Really ground in the might not have opt out as much might like I would never say that because I would be so mad. Whenever somebody that we have such beautiful daughters my father says. The budget at all time. We need I library he had not realizing how grouch now I am saying and I cannot about it. So law 00 boy and I can be read every. Boy and goodness that last one is some things. Yeah I never won here in June. Oh. That brought about. Moon the brighter Ali Jordan. Well well the moon and. You don't not Arab by the. Aside duke. Thank you Chelsea. And half where what's the what's the one that's can't loan. Can't never could won't never would that sit. Exit pretty good one yeah can't or won't never would. Who is Caitlin Kaelin Kaelin. Bus again you sound surprised. Enron and oh OK. Okay he couldn't sit home so excited to be your invention. Yeah well reported oak tree roots for you came and that's impressive that is very good so what would you rather sick. I'm my favorite one liner was when we all wanted to go some wacky. And we would be like yeah don't go into my bad. Go to afraid of I don't care what you think Elena didn't get it out. Well it's hard to argue with most fish try. Scioscia secure Moses is gone. You know that's not a bad one though she and I mean. I've never heard that one before Kudlow is going to do not come. Without my dad ever want to keep a pretty tight lid on you. Know like my senior year and I got my point. And then you Moses when when are you really need a modest way we provide our early work. Out to 1 o'clock everybody anyway. Playing volleyball. You mean may league volleyball team that's slang like watching submarine races recently then yeah I think it is. Yeah yeah. How and where you play volleyball or were you make it out in the field with your boyfriend didn't. Deborah we're not an apple field definitely bark off. OK Bob Welker well good for your good for you and Moses thank you have my body and care Moses is going to be either. Buick or. Touch that would stuffed arguing. It is. Then secretly username you couldn't say Jesus 'cause that would be somewhat sacrilegious Moses not as much arrogance. Known that if she responded with. I can't believe I live in this family can never could. Do you have enough. Actually Moses would become a sacrilege it's too right we don't think so but again it's hard to argue it here because the chances of most is going to Six Flags very very remote. Paper or Moses I'm fighting her way out plus this is not going to forever 21 these next. Because first of all the booty shorts no AD it is about your teachings include Moses has ever been injured you choose now. Do you know why is Satan runs fast and CEO Pete. CCR I 8888 she's six she's 7437. Stop your dad says are used to say. In honor of Father's Day another one from the email this is a Tami Taylor her dad used to say every summer. Hotter in the popcorn cart. I G. I think it's time to pick up. That he would say you can principal Michael Fletcher. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another pod cast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now docked about when Sherri. Sorry just. Think dad's saying this season cruise. She said daddy used to say cut your head you know what you're doing. And I still say that to myself that's it for your wife Betty actor. Look Todd that's what homeless once for you he once you get caught your head you know what you're doing. Don't you think. But he's still too busy filming when the bubble my head would. And tell me as a tried to explain the time it hit eight days TOD a SH CR I 8882627437. The stuff your dad says. Please sole hi thank you for listening release sold. Hello about it very is cool we like your name. Oh gate that you get picked but that the top dozen what do they call you. Well I volleyed the this whole credit that we set to name one of the children in the sound of music I think what is doesn't. It well the data anything you is that where you know everything. Is that where your is that we your parents got it. Very nice to learn so what what would your father say. My app like this they'll give himself as kind of a Malibu boy. All it but it's his Bailey it was pretty American there when he played with some I would act again how he would do it. You would say Bob and run our top of the ground like that you know the great character. I'm Brian in the law and talk to the ground like at Tennessee ridge runner and tell you it's a conversation stopper via the it's not one that I could use easily run along the ground. The top of the ground up to the ground like as Tennessee. I know where he guided by a pitch he'd always been. I think out of the bottle moonshine and possibly. It's it's confusing now. All right quick quick he said it all the time and you remember and its enduring to you right. It did in theory it and ordered it little odd things Aaron ever about it. Yeah aren't good that's what we're doing this morning thank thank you lease so. They do is find you know if you're in a conversation with her dad and you say to him are concerned he says Bob I'm run along the ground like Tennessee bridge burner. And then you could write off the top Bure had come backwards with something similar. Like and I sit here and twitch and shaken like an angry Chihuahua from Connecticut so the kids like that around working harder than a one armed lobster fisherman pulled up a truck that's full. Does that work. It's back to him at that point right he's got to come back with a Tennessee mountain that's our dear sir I'm cool easier than a real housewife in New Jersey get rid of faces sentencing. Yeah that's good at just really yeah kinda get in there and I have a competition and keep your wits about him sorry mom I got a text I don't know it's from because they text of the email but this person said. My dad used to say he who expected too little is seldom disappointed. And sometimes she would add confucius say in front of it. I there was a period where men would say confusion is fake but here's the deal he who expects little seldom disappointed is one of these truest things. In all the wide world it is there's a there is so a woman. Who you and so this is not father's spirit but she would say one of these things. And afterward she would pause and she would say. Clincher these Chinese. Blogger com honesty can hide it doctor walker won the have a comeback like you like to read off one of them. He too expected to littlest seldom disappoint confucius saying. Clippers these Chinese saw her awkward I know her one more remember gonna go to share data eighty by sharing check Kemper says. His dad used to say if you don't swim in the cesspool. You don't get stronger. I choose. That's the troubling visual help hunter extra I didn't. I know what is you have to piece this pool. Mike why did you go swimming a strong current you swim in a Cold War and has served none didn't he says she didn't cut it down and I wanna see her head on. Deep heard Bobby did you Kirk. Who's paying their hi Sarah. Are as ago in this morning won't yeah can you hear us. I hand that you're making sure I was right there there's a lot of stares out. There are a lot of series but this is the only one we wanna talk to right now what my father sect. And I guess they're thinking and Mulitalo is if you can't bat a little brilliance baffle them BS. But he says that the F typically can't say that. You know I agree with the are. I didn't go by a very very well. You. I think that's good that you know that's a good one for politicians I've encountered people in my adult working life there it. Had all the BS in the under the brilliant and they were very successful yet and won't. I mean that's a great one for a politician isn't it. If you can't dazzle them would you brilliance. Blame them with you afternoons. No and he really he really modeled for me so that was very helpful as well. So you think that that's for his help tune life. I did okay and any comment started me there are feeling the school I can't I don't billions of Babylon was the the F. You just want you to be successful thank you very much Cerro over to Susan's. We're gonna break break and think so wanna rush seasons all right it made ADD ODS. HER I confucius say don't rush season. What I want to hang up under club through these really I'm Alison it's possible audio clips I guess I thought it was Jerry god the. Heather startling email blessing that her dad would say whenever we go ask him for anything before we can even ask it would stay dead. And he'd be like bush for help call you need to. What does other radar and downloaded them fast. Didn't feel really SEC RIC stand up and say hey Susan I'm bear I happy Father's Day williams' father in your life. I wish I did he's no longer went back. We'll tell us what he used to say. Well he had quite a few dad isn't but the one and I find myself repeating all the time. Is if he were any murder he wouldn't have the best job. Cool you know as a kid I wouldn't of understood it but as our broadcast professional I get it. If you were any smarter he wouldn't have that job. Mean are you imagine going through the tractor McDonnell and having be used that phrase. Or or with a boyfriend that you have. Maybe he did you ever use there with a boyfriend. Well he was a principal of the high school that I attended now oh yeah I hear it and say about my great and. 'cause he knew the boy wait wait do your job is the principal and you even had a boyfriend and how well OPEC. Not what are our I was gonna say. What was it like having your dad who's a principal. Bread all spread our absolute horrible I was so dreadful. I think we're just small town could be VMware. And own things that happened he had good news it was because your dad was Greg ball. Anything that happened bad. You know you've got away with it because you're to have the crystal and the list because they have this current clean. Yeah. Yeah Accra. Yeah. You know that's kind of like us in a way if your radio personality. It could be really good when you walk in somewhere two to buy something or it could be really bad one where the other. It and the I get I get that whole principle thing. I and I'm just surprised that you would have any people must have been so intimidated to come to your house soon. Where the principal was also living we see always correcting your Grammer and that sort of thing. Now that would my mother of the English teacher. My god you got it both ways to wonder I made it fertile broad array through this season. Wore out which you do for a living Susan. I'm I'm in banking book. No room to double to right. Not bad. You won't Wear girls Susan thank you Susan thank you so much say listen it could be worse she's in baking she's got a great vocabulary problem I don't have an English teacher and a principal yeah. Well can you imagine you know I can Lindsay and I'm sarge die and hi Dana I tell you and I. A car would you saudis say what was the expression. Well realistically people on broach that topic I live in northern need to be good at bat cute bit more here rapper and a rebelling earth though maybe only had a rat in the 1980 something should act. Or five people in the family. Where look here at the car and you'd be sitting in the back and we eat meat we need to really know where we were cowling that we get equal and around Latin unlocked it and I'll be here. Lot has backed act and I Obama look at man need people you know what that's got occurred until they don't wanna go back. We can not have children expressing joy. Just you know I have that my mother used to say this all the time my brother and I below she's just so cry before the night's over. Each. I think I have you're you when your siblings were amazing. Three kids who could left on a six or seven hour ride in the Shimbun showed that other eleven that could cost you could look at Europe if well my word. Yes I'm thanks Diana. Thank you two yards Lizzie time now hi Lindsay I'm Lindsay are all jealous god or where your father what would be sick. I talk a lot of pockets and I are trying to firm oracle won here go on. And my act you'd pick conflict Kelly you have that god only gave you so many words in your life when you run out you're going to die and your you ignores two facts. While that's a long one there. And again to introduce. A strong fierce self inflicted death into a child's yeah that keeps them on their toes. It was you know where big salmula it was for parking in fact be ever so that story we had seven children contracted all of us here at high elevation of that. This could obviously be sports. Why I was just about to say there were no seatbelts reminding all licensing is I used to understood that and I got me in all my voices in my head in their equity crowded here right. Thank you Lizzy I'm glad that your father never got an accident with a crew and their men. Happy father's it was a remembrance right whimsical they're tweeting her daddy says the work pay tax is die. TJ I have to everybody. Have a great day. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. I'm really expensive proposition. Especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox. Stocks small business insurance was created to help you receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and if you own your own business and you are ready to save on insurance. Call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. Susan king with sports you pays me. So I so clearly the US open just has begun and there are a couple in very. Prominent names that are not playing one course is Tiger Woods and the others Phil Mickelson what's going on there. First time since 1994 that both of them had not been at the US open but Phil Mickelson. Not at the US open by an early leader in the clubhouse as father of the year. As he did not participate in the US open to attend his daughter's high school graduation in California. And she's also won this was yesterday gave the commencement speech as well I mean now. It's tough because Phil Mickelson never won the US open so one major he's never won six times in the runner up there and he's passing the US open to leave their fur his. Daughter about that I think it's direct calls I do too. Who are argue that want to even if you're just being which usually you know about it the likelihood that he would win it's still. It's it's not he's not a shoo in for that by any stretch of the imagination is great easiest. You know we've been talking today about things that you Jiang used the same rate of one of this heinous that all of us have been surround our whole lives is. On their deathbed nobody says clearly sensed we we're time work island. And as Americans and you know weeks we make work. The biggest prayer in our lives but it's not and to miss your daughter's graduation and she's like the valedictorian. Come on I'm sorry not to a conflict of what you're saying but his work is actually playing golf so there is a little bit of gray area there here's got Alex Haley and show up for that Rangel they made the right move there and in less happy news about the US open that balloon crash yesterday Jim what can you tell us. So this was not like. The Boland that you always see doing the aerial footage for this is was an advertising blimp but a lot of golfers work. Practicing and and Lou the golf course and they look up and ABC this blimp crashing to the earth and a plume of smoke coming up the pilot rushed to a hospital good lord survived two there's been varying reports whether serious or non series in terms of the amount of the injuries probably. Serious you would think but the blimp crashed about a half a mile away from the course which is in Wisconsin. Coming out of the sky it's a national aerial advertising firm. They are investigating the incident but to at least everybody survived but there was smoke coming out and oh yes yes yes later when I hit the ground and caught fire so why don't. It was so weird scene at the US open yesterday. I got to fly the Goodyear blue points. I got to go up with the pilot he let me take to handle O'Hair played the handle. Is saw between the two front seats not in front of you it's between the two front seats. And then you have up pedals so you Richard's feet on the pedals you wanna go left. You press left when you're right depressed right and then you wanna go upper down it's the we'll make it to fly it so it's like come. Writers and that sort of kind of burden on meanwhile while glad you didn't crash it went what happened Johnson prize I just during colder anything's I was surprised that. What's this about the father of tennis superstar Serena in Vietnam Venus Williams. There this story's so upsetting he 78 and he's been married recently. Separated from owners thirty. Right so he's a 75 feet she is 38 Serena and Venus williams' father Richard Williams who also by the way it was the one nuke. I raise them up his tennis stars train them as a tennis coach has filed for divorce claiming bad his young wife. Of seven years is an alcoholic and that she has been stealing and cashing his Social Security checks and transferring ownership of cars and house by forging his signature. And none of that is true to suck going well now the Staley in the Social Security checks. You know I mean people like getting their Social Security checks I'm sure but that's not very much money compared to what he probably has room. Where a lot of money fueling a daughter they're usually men things just pierce and I'm thank you know on even though it it's not the ma I mean necessarily it's going to be hard to have that bond of trust when your bride style yeah you're Social Security. Without a doubt the name a five year old son together by the way Dillon mom and I did know that he taught uttered those two girls yeah he was their tennis coach growing up oh well. So tell Earl Woods was actually have to ask how he 75 of the five year old son I'm. I mean going to the ball games and stuff and PTA meetings at some point you don't wanna go in my bed he's not. The we got a lot of money. Which you can't tell the child that you can't look at your kidding go listen in a mold and I got a lot of money you do you couldn't. You. Bet I put in my time I'm not dole today I don't care any of us troop knuckle and it gets. You may think it annually tell your spouse that. Denny do you common in my dancers are no sweetheart a mold my got a lot of money do you whose troops can't tell it and I let's talk about your. Serious congressional baseball game which went on despite the terrible incident that happened Alexander Virginia Republicans vs Democrats. It's sad that it's. It's a tragedy to bring everybody together party wise say to unify you as human beings and I hate each other but they are able to pull it off. As there were in Washington Nationals play Nationals Park they had about 25000 sandwiches out the good record crowd for this event raised about a million dollars for charity through and as of the Democrats beat the Republicans in this game eleven to two. And a nice move at the end the other Democrats representative Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania hands over the trophy. Today is GOP counterpart Joseph Barton of Texas to put in Steve's police's office. Oh not off to many Stevenson next year we won't be so nice. You know I thought just the speaker of the house Paul Ryan do everything mr. Newton may be was do before. When he said that yeah. He was so touched and saw a group of Democrats bring together. Considered really really touched me that they were doing that and then he's he's talked about keeping. The anger down with the rhetoric you know. I I agree. There was a little bit of cheese yeah. It's awful that brawl stunned. And niece when our politicians actually can see my nose and that we have to Trace them forward yeah we praise you for actually did you see you need no politician who's directing from right soon. I wanted to come back we've got some more sports to diss me straight ahead with Jim so keep this involves all sorts not being yes. In College Baseball it's Bobby. OK we got sports confusing returns okay you're dead happy Father's Day thank you thank you to remember anything your father used to say to you that. Sort of was. Way to keep you on the straight and narrow and life. His words to me at the end of high school were. Congratulations. You go for years to get done with college and you must go to an instate school trip could not the other eight semesters going into. If a Taylor what I did it you knew what your plan was that I knocked it out but he was my Little League coach in baseball for number of years which was good and bad yeah because you know it's stupid you know a bad thing. Always wants more from death is voice I was got our title it's got a charter allows other traded him. Yeah I read did that's a well known story in America. But I'll news MIT always always had us out there later than everybody else someone else to go home but since he was my ride home. Billy dark shall we stereo like Shaq and fly air field routers do not like I just go home and eat ice cream he just wanna simplicity and a good way to the end industry. Which I should have been able to beat zero horrible back than I expected in Kenedy abide denigrated my dad by the way. Turns 81 next week and taken out for golf weakened this week and 81 years old still playing golf and tell all that's ten times until you must be so proud of him. He has. News and he actually tells you now but he is I design centered on the side. He's got a very verbal guy I think it's yeah it's a good and keeps saying to yourself. Yeah I sure but now are now two years let's let's talk about some are guys who were in trouble evidently her and Louisville. Rick Pitino the basketball coach there's yesterday NCAA ruling he'll be suspended the first five ACC games next year. This is part of a it would declined sex for pay scandal recruits were brought in there was an assistant coach no longer win the program name Andre McGee. And he hired strippers for lap dances they are sexual acts performed on these recruits and Rick Pitino claims he did know a darn thing about any of this is well on for a number of years. But dozens and dozens of recruits. Four years' probation Torre does a self imposed not going to post season so that is not added to this penalty and they are going to appeal but. No NCAA basketball team has ever forfeited their basketball championship to be as the final four teams ahead of forfeit that status. But they could very well become the first NCAA basketball champion to vacated title which was a 2013 title but I mean this is. Lurid and this is not like somebody cheated on exams is hookers prostitutes. Sex acts so in the over a period a year recital. I've met him and I'd like to believe that he didn't know but. Over a period of years that many guys that many hookers. You don't got I have to tell you if one of the guys and in the sports station got a lap dance we all know. You know all within well within an hour and be able to in this kingdom a book that was there and if somebody completely outside the program is a Lloyd an entire book about it you should probably at least have heard would have heard something. Ever suffered the sports guys we were quest. If they get a biscuit. But we know they stroll party yeah. Sherri. Yeah stitched. Up. And and I don't get a lap dance man good faith effort to get to lap dances. Hum. So OK here's the thing with granderson. And the economics of college basketball at that level I do. And I understand how on morality can be a slippery. Slope I do. But I don't understand how someone at this level can change. We're gonna hire us some hookers and give these boys some lap dances and were never ever gonna get caught. If that's the part that I I agree with my slim up and I agree with you yes you know. I missiles Lehman boosters are so someone within the basketball operations arranging for the system is only some third party car dealers this arranges for. I'm not a college ball player or dude. Faced in my life experience that if some folks are getting hookers and lap dances other folks know about it and it does not Stacy and there's. Coach always has some sort out he's always got something out of Sony runs on all over the restaurant incident which I imagine well listen Dean Smith said. You had to watch show forward all of his plays it's just what they did in the best people. Never heard him on things and you wounds I mean sure it's possible to win it's possible to do well and do right great. I'm pretty sure Friday visited they'd come home and I guess I'm. Hey Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps at all Seri doctor. And happy Father's Day I have a little look article that I got out of work so before you. Army is our Father's Day gifts that are good. For your dad's health okay wanna hear them up I'd all right number one a pull up and dip bark. Men lose muscle as they age in these spores can help you dead bill strength. Right there in his own home. And I would use its pencil in the dead someone I guests. I had the I I had to pull apart. And so I put it between the you know door jams and my bedroom I was I was living alone at the time. And Jim Norton version Buddhist. So it's yeah yeah gravity boots and they have those hooks so you put yourself up in the new book yourself. And I'm hanging there like combat. And all of a sudden like I started thinking. If I could not pull myself back up. All the blood would rush to my head and kill me. And people would come in and find me dead hanging from inversion boots. And that would be the only thing about you. That anyone remembered that would you're slayer Dell got. I TV show that really cute guy that was the the hosts event I think it was called PM something. Yeah many of every truck do you know he died hanging up so delicate that. That's exactly right. And it went in response would be about some kinky was going on. Yes that too and that it would I would show opened like some books like bizarre stories of deaths. I'd I'd be in their along with just you know pretty that's my book is our source of the five Father's Day gifts that are good for his help and heard from Monaco or grow ergonomic ergonomic desk chair. If you're desperate slum time from a computer but surely there will help with his back and neck issues you know I would like to have is one of those desks that rise up. So richest the end. Have you seen those advertised on TV much for Nancy has on publish it because like that there expensive as heck she works for Microsoft so who doesn't ask as they ready for. A good pair shoes regardless of your dad's activity level would good pair of shoes will focus street muscles joints and you know your dad if you don't go out and you know I wouldn't want anybody buying shoes for nobody would not not even not even now anchors and what if flakier your favorite read the new balance seekers that you like so much what if they went and they found the exact model number and size and bought you the exact pair that's good would you be cool with that act. I'd be fine. Tai chi or yoga classes so. AGF felt. Time for a downward facing dog I know now Newton in hopes with a blood pressure posture balance and so. And finally I physicals. Screening that's going to be a hard one to give to your father I think in a dead. We got you. Hartley got you employment with doctor long and it's Tuesday at noon. And now NC giving that to you. No I mean it's probably the right thing to do because guys are notorious for not taking care of themselves and not going to the doctor. I'm always suggestion that kind of stuff to Kevin and he he's a slim woman now. You won't go to the doctor. I hope the doctors actually has to click does chainsaw embedded in his bicycle that he really doesn't want me but he doesn't go for Ehrlich took a yearly physical. He's very very very very very difficult. We'll get to the DOS see that's why this is on this list well. I mean this is a man that stands in the driveway and cut his hair without a mirror of Asian session. He's like. Does he really yeah yeah yeah. You knew who does that Keith Richards. But The Rolling Stones cuts its own hair yeah without a mirror probably kissing you know and there are some peace in the mirror for some feature some people and I'm married to one of them. They just aren't there aren't doing their own thing and they do not want a tablet of the life that super complicated by a bunch of appointments and doctors and commitments and blah blah blah. He knows when he actually asked him and. What are you gonna to Brooklyn. I'm just go low don't let him do his own parent she can't she can't change him. I did I am not in the business. Spent all morning pointing out my weakness that's a nice guy instead it's cheer and. So basically it's all about you when you're sad is that. A village boy you know you're playing your guitar you know. I. It takes a village and you know I called crazy town I'm playing my part because Mary does not have to do. All the things that I cover. She changes there's a good cheap when you know it's a home with them I think she's able to go along with her day. Oh cool that's not how it works. I've got part two it's a cold mirror experience. Of crazy town. Thirty blessed. Just so blessed you can spend you know a lot of men walk around all day go to hold its real and didn't know if you've got to women. With which women who love you stole my a lot of men walk around there's nothing wrong with Mitt. He's still months. There were so focused on. It's club insured. Statistics is going to surprise you look and I think it's sad but it is what it is and it is the world we live in 43% of Americans. Well not taking vacation this summer so you might want to think about that the next time you go on T person and I are planning to go to Paris. I'm 43%. Of our fellow citizens won't take a vacation. Of course the majority reason is that they don't have the money you can but the secondary reason is they they're not allowed to take the time off from work. Newton. I missed vacations when I was in my late teens. And early twenties like I didn't heavenly minded to go anywhere but as soon as say gut. A regular paying job. I always wants some where as I love vacations I'll I know I don't apologize for. You know back then I didn't have a lot of money to spend on vacations at all. But I always managed to find someplace that I found. Affordable and interest thing and that's what I loved about vacations does I would go to C someplace I've never been before like I'd never been to Kentucky's. So I did some research and I found that I could rent a cabin. In Kentucky. Four of like twenty dollars a day was a state cabinet. And I went and it was on a beautiful lake in a beautiful state Newsweek gorgeous state. And I rented a little boat to bomber round done and I had a great time and it only cost me a couple of hundred bucks. Let me and there are ways to have a a more affordable vacation yeah campaign. A hum four in ten Americans say going to visit family is not a vacation it's not a vacation so add more than just more than half of people go on going to grandma's is not a vacation. Home mostly because of the accommodations. But on cook. Yeah I mean it's I'm vacation she sleeping on the floor and grown up for the job and a little more tire when you come home the last. Yes it's possible to do there there are affordable ways to have a vacation and just say that a futon is not a bit. It's just not. And my couch it's not a couch either. A short time it is like a torture device I went to visit a friend in my issues she and her husband very nice people they lived in a lovely sounding Connecticut. Really nice people. And they had a very nice house but it wasn't a big house. And so I had to sleep on the food tot. And it was like sleeping on abort it was like plywood. I felt horrible for the next two days specification I had to futon on when I was first you know out of world. I had an extra room in my house and you know I would have my nieces and nephews and my brother's wife to come visit and so. Tom was a very seem like a very good idea. It's a couch it's a bad hit tonight it's neither like my first husband who was neither men are a boy about possess the worst kept attributes of both. On it it was you know whereas bill it was uncomfortable as a couch it was a miserables a bed it was a nightmare to move you know you're better off if you don't have the Koreans to do exactly what you want without extra room. You're better off just getting a single bet. He no I don't view citizen Dave debt I have found that an aero bed incidents saying they do. You like some I can similar compare on and I don't I don't sleep on an Arab but you know dog you know sleeps really well on a narrow groove my nieces and nephews to thank. It's in the closet now it's out guys on the floor there's MTV live your life can now. Yet to Arab ads are great for kids. I mean it's the art. Great for saving space and you know every other car and so when you can't you know included David somewhere when my girls were little. And they're IdeaPad was. Weak we can blow up the Arab and in the living room and have picnic dinner and then watch the Jonas. Others that she ranked girls. Mom yeah currently yeah loved kids love. Here's where kids like it because kids can sleep. Like a rock yeah because kids they don't get stuff. They don't realize what life is going through them is they get older you know what I left the house to the day in my son had a bunch of his boys over. In Greece and passed out on the fruits on. And there's four boys just sleep and on the floor and a couple of have pillows and a couple have covers but really. Most of emerges kinda laying on the floor or on the floor on the carpet and their all and now relentlessly. I watched Jonas I walked in the middle turn the TV off number a nuke is a TV was on all night. A Libya have friends sleeper who the other night MM I don't sure be sleeping your parent. And the videos. Well Liz doesn't really liked sleeping and I was three other people which seems completely reasonable time but Miller is it. So she's slept on the floor I'm like did you go politically we have accounts. Down their. TV to two dug underneath those of penalty here's. Mom I give her pillow. You're up. You're such a hostess like I don't know man it's because they don't know what's coming down the pike. Com you are home sleep on our it's a cement floor by the way we use mansion ransacked and understands and of course. Liz welcome to our home we'd like you to sleep on this and like animal yeah we will give you a pillow. Like I saw. I've slipped on the floor in the studio like we had that I had that it's not the snowstorm. And I thought to myself is that he's laying down. Probably more than half the world is sleeping on something just like it's true. And the medieval times they were sleeping on an up there was filth and neighbor they had Berman and then they died at the pleasure and it's read you this completely demolished. Right. OK. You can.