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Thursday, July 13th

Watch what you say.


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Health insurance can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought chief today by USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter 299537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. PM Tuesday. He's tired. To leave it kind GA west tweets that are such. Are they should be in the kind yea west social media museum you know we have heard his name in awhile he's not he has kind of deliberately removed himself from public view he's been in and recording studio working on new music and recovering from he had a pretty much collapsed. Of some sort. Which we do not make fun of I don't know whether it was an emotional collapse soda a mental physical communion but he has Saddam removed himself from public view in turn and has been very quietly in diligently working so these are these your past weeks. Well these are tweets that word to lead it. OK for that kind of gave himself to lead it occurred from me is Twitter and these are so good so are actually. Number one. And he went emotionally. And and we come with the water bottle next to me like a dream. Now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle. You know I agree with him okay I. Did you. Gloria with the man. I know what's even worse than to have a bloody Mary here's something right at the end of the day your flying cross country and you drink down to the last feature to. That's all water. Which now you're coming into it got to hold the thing god you're responsible can't get these are slated since. I think maybe you'll agree with more of Chinese deleted tweets and got I don't come out at 7 the next morning. Ice specifically. Ordered Persian rugs the chairman imagery. More why didn't you do get a several of the purse and run. What Sharon imagery. This next when you might remember because Jimmy Kimmel had a field day with this. You know where to sign marble conference tables. And I'm looking to have a conference. Until I get to cable. More confidence to you can you mentioned the week that they would ask this next one is so you Bob if you deny this when I'm on throwing out. Sometimes I've pushed the door closed but I've known people running towards the elevator or just need my own elevator sometimes we sanctuary. No I would not do that he'd like to. Well everybody would rather be the elevator alone let's face it. And what have we learned about the closing the door but it did doesn't work come as early that doesn't work. There's another one I don't know who she is Nancy but kindly treated she asks British Fashion Week. Com. I thought it was every week. Man. What ever happened the night and teach Christian. We've actually Mata left. Shields. And I make our own decisions in pike stores and every exclamation point. Next up I agree with this would wholeheartedly. Man. New this kind of cool and I still know in person. He's in the deleted Kanye West. Should we can say anything to someone on email or text. As long as you put LO well at the end he's right. He's absolutely right people do that all the time. If you saw you were in love with someone but then just realized you were staring into a mirror for twenty minutes. You know coming from that's pretty good. And I have one more. Kanye tweet it and I ordered salmon medium instead of medium well. I didn't want to ruin the magic. In terms. He says he's sit there and in some ways an interesting guy I mean. I don't I don't enjoy the whole thing I don't enjoy the whole Kardashian thing. I don't follow is gonna listen to his music. I think that's a legit marry yourself and I and I don't care for his clothes and food and I think that's a legit marriage. Probably on Kim Kardashian was on watch what happens lives. You know that's so I'm probably do go in Seattle I only get to see. Nuggets of things on the YouTube now suspects don't have cable but I thought it was just like the housewife show I don't know it's any any kind of reality. And she said Denon. And I and a liar remember this just popped into my head just talk remember she married that NBA player Chris Humphries didn't play forward and push really MBA player like yeah yeah. What was found was I should go to me being. I thought it was Nixon he has played for different teams yeah we're Suton can she said she knew on the honeymoon that the marriage was a mistake and then it was gonna fail and here's what she said. She said I I realized on the honeymoon. That I had gotten married because I had just turned thirty all my friends are getting married and having babies and I thought oh my god I have to do this before I get too old I think that having some and she said and Chris. There is a really good guy a really good person. I think I have since. Been there done it I think it happens all the time and two men and women yeah I think so. I think the I think more to to women not exclusively because I've known guys I've known guys to buy it you know there at the bar alone and there are 32 years old and their friends and meet somebody in the pressure goes on them to. I input guys didn't they don't have that same window of giving birth than women. I knew a guy keeps us it was just time and he married a woman and I was like god you know. I only know literally can you don't really seem to be in London and Mary here they had some beautiful kids they split up. We've we've all had somebody in our life I think your friends and our life better. Source it's not ourselves I. It's kind EA and home. You just need to marble conference Q why do you think that's legit marriage I don't think that's a publicity stunt anyway. Many years. Together five years five years yeah listen I'm. I met Bob Sherry dot com I made the decision and then change. How I feel. Are you can speak about money it might choose from young skinny guys. Boca Bob Iger are too yeah. I am no longer going to be as stout. As I have been in the past is I don't think it's that you know just. The thinking re hearing the past loving the past blah blah blah I don't think it's all that helped you wanna try to live more in the moment. I always get mourn a stout chick like in in the summertime. Because I go back to being eleven years old and there is a period just before our family tree fell on hard times where I was. Always carefree it was unlike Blake and all lyme Connecticut the breach was there looking at Long Island Sound them into heaven you go to the movies and it was when I go to that town with my good friend Jeff we drive through it. He says you realize what you do when you drive does tenants who we talk in my music. You'd like zoning out. It's like she just go to another place you need to hear what I'm talking about. I know that I was doing that and that's a big it's not a good thing to do. And I I would take Mary back there every year in this is where I rode my bike in a listen that's. Got it I gotta stop doing that so I was attracted to this article about the most nostalgic states. In the United States and it it it's kind of baloney because it's based on the following. FaceBook interest in classic cars. Antiques vintage clothing vinyl records and Jolo for some reason. So obviously the Joseph thing is probably when you're jealous pretty nostalgia right anyway based on that the ten most nostalgic states are. California. You talked. Alabama Louisiana Tennessee. Idaho. Oklahoma West Virginia Kentucky ensure. And the least this that is no Celtics states are Minnesota Wisconsin Nebraska. Maryland Illinois Michigan South Dakota Texas. Massachusetts and New Mexico and none of those states really relate to one another at all except for this. Talk a mystery of the past funds for the past which I think you'll really did play into the last election people really would like to go back. And have their life now all people but some people have the likes the way it was. When they were eleven years old. Or the way they imagined it was yeah. You know where you could get it right out of high school and get an amazing job and an assembly factory Eaton and work your way up and buy a house and maybe even a swimming pool you know like been gone for a long time I go out to Lew Cramer. Islands. In the summer sometime and I'll take the mail bowed out there it's about three miles off the coast of Bar Harbor. And I get off sometimes by myself and I wore. Dick Durbin almost no cars and not island I walked down these rule roads. So we have is two roads. To get to a a stone beach and along the way you walk by a lobster fisherman south load Dave Thomas. And you hear somebody cutting their lawn with a push lawnmower and we know motor. And there's no cars sound. And no cars sound anywhere you just hear somebody mowing his lawn with a push lawnmower. And slick cured your in the museum. The museum of 1955. For 1960. The way it was back then you say. There's nowhere else. And I go where. It's this quiet. And slow. And simple and kids on bikes. And running tree and dogs running free moment no cars like I say it's not reality. You'll see means on FaceBook did go remember when. Mom cook dinner kids played outside in the neighborhood and if you were sassy got a beating like if you agree. Okay yeah I'm. Listen I I would close for my kids I love to be home every day cooking dinner my kids played in named Rebecca you don't but a good stuff sounds really good it's just. There's an argument can go there would until they check yeah in this country there's there's no backing up there's no conscious folks would like to as much as I would like took a minute so for me it's a lovely experience. But I know the experience has got to him because I'm looking at the museum basic. It's it's kind of hard to ask people to roll it that far back especially playing. You need every nickel you may just give buying and. This is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love for you to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now docked about when Sherri. I feel so I guess your father's Jerry got all we were eating dinner last night it just me and Kevin and Olivia Carey music dance. And we were talking and I said you know in my next life I'm really really hope that I get to either be a scientist. Or persons he sinks. I really wish I could shouldn't but if I add it to be a scientist or singer then there's kind of a long thoughtful upon us and then my husband who love me and I know he loves you very much said. Sweet meet. On if there's anything to this past life stuff and if there's any sort of threw mine that connects your lives. You are bad on the and a scientist. I would've put you in that category also think you're ever gonna have a length to which she can sing if you're in if you're new listeners Sherry has many many talents. And now she cannot carry a tune at all or for whatever reason at all we had some of the younger we see somebody who was really good senior I don't know who was. I think it was a female singer might have been Mindy Moore and we were talking to her about it. You can't sing and she said actually everybody can sing and it's just she hasn't had training. That's like your middle school teacher telling you. Do you can be anything you wanna be cherry you can be anything you wanna be in the world. If you physicists bush or should I usually get peeping in the world except for that I hope I get to come back as scientists like a real. Hard course scientists know these nice things that come. I made a breakthrough in this particular election cycle aha he's an and shed mice fear of on science and math and I think I'm finally at the point now where I'm ready to come back can be assigned to us. But I can't believe I'm never gonna come back and be able to sink after her. I'd like to come back Mary to a very wealthy beautiful woman. You could really handle like dude yeah after after having done what did you send. I don't think he didn't say no different than this for somebody and we went and I've talked to hear your why would this one you're wired to be your provider yeah you are. You are in the next slice I would sit and you do I can't sing Martin always sick you can set things free only to shoot low in the East Asia and in my next life now and you're going to be a provider in your next. The taker. And we take no lighter. It's usually like if you pick. Your disbelief you're out any need it links you do you and Tony in all seriousness. What you would like to come back that's. Well our occupation mice. OK let's I'm I'm gonna eliminate singer. Because frankly everybody wants to be a singer I guess scientists saw got to eliminate that I think will be great to be Iraq start don't get me wrong. And and played bass and travel and just have incredible amounts borrowed money. But I've often wondered if you would be. Yeah ever intended to be sure you'll look out in the ocean. And there are these enormous tankers that are grown from somewhere to some yes. Natalie said captain Phillips ships he had add that I would be the captain of one of those bad boys go and like tall long long. L all these exotic ports like in the South Pacific. You know you think I'm gonna make fun or cheesy but I actually think that life would see you. Yeah because it peaked did you do two things you want most in the world minus fifteen you what least are you ready the two things Bob wants most travel. And a snazzy captains outfit. The thing he wants least. Cranky passengers. And you won't he'll have travel and a snazzy captains outfit my cranky passengers. Yeah and he'll be the boss and I do the boss I get to steer once and awhile now yeah. I would you know perhaps a home they're like khaki in the match like the khaki. Assured that has the F bullets. Then I would get like a low fat black tie a and I'd push it inside the shirt and a and look good wouldn't and that when I go please don't wanna go unless it ends well like pulling go home Cong. I put on my white captains outfit seemed. And here's the thing captain Phillips he was wearing a gray armor worn down holy T shirt. Here I don't look at it more drowsy your holidays float which you really want a because what you wanted Jewish you wanna go ahead in modeled the outfits that certain jobs where like the mounted police in Canada. Like the captain of a navy ship which you don't really wanna do the job you just want the uniform. Which is about our dialogue is still the ballroom what's interesting about all of us and our relationship and our show is how we opt and stereotypical gender expectations. Instead of girl on the show is like I want these scientists and the guy and the shows like X and getting you to wait sure and you know we're a little haven't. He guided men who looks cool and yeah. And then and then. I'm gonna I'm. I wish I didn't know like on the old spice commercials where the guys got fed bank froze over when he comes on shore and I'm one of those two here's the thing every time we have a conversation of what profession we wanna do the first in the comes at a Bob's melt this. Well you don't think we're really cool like I can't help daddy do you know why. Because his dad. His dad had that strong in him the costume force is strong indeed Bob what is what is pork little Bob. But what is don't learn at his father's knee but to crave a snazzy cost. In news and not Canadians or campy amounted proving they can do is take that ship and I'm doing you know I'm so glad that you averaging. Think your diet that's just a blitz my entire day. I really paid the price ever vigilant. Its head office Jerry dot com so the question this morning have you ever had to leave someplace because of what you were leery too much too. Little all wrong profane ADD HBO BS HER I Diana's on the line good morning Diane. So you were kicked out of an amusement park. Well I'd never even got into it I was stopped before I even walked into what you where you go out. You have to take citizen with my husband my four children the very well known as park and family oriented. And the gentleman who looks like an FBI agent walks up to me in this period July. And he's got to god that I am like. He says can mourn yet that the we were planning on attending and you know entry depart connected to spoke well of course yes we work. And he could well. I can't let chip and I am looking at him like he's got to head that I'm saying why he is well this particular pocket that very strong. Rules about anything Politico anything illegal. For advertising and I might still look at him I have no clue what brute disguised W white taking on maybe I said I I don't understand because. What it is certain. Now before you tell are you were able to say the words of what was on the T absolutely okay no before you do that what was the park. What was the park. It was Disneyland. We sort of thought man what how I've never met anybody that wasn't allowed into Disneyland what on earth did you shirts say. Merrill wanna pick a local number thirteen. Paul Dana and I am still girl. And then there's the early part of that is. I had never even. Had this stuff for you did. Only deduct when he T shirt that you know what the time it was popular but that the. He's open and you're there your husband your children. I thought you were there or your husband and children. And every at the deadly dog we're gonna put an apple can go. And we had a hole they split. Well and this is where we're from the East Coast and this isn't cal. I don't get the heck out of out here you are you're from the New York area. How many Dianne hit and this obvious this was an LA at the the original Disney. Yeah how do we wouldn't be original I was kind of a lifelong dream even myself to go. Amy good to meet date you know you have anything else that you could where I'm like looking at him and fortunately. We have come in a camper. So I leave the kids that my husband go take one of those trends always activity back in the parking lot. Get in there and I had another T shirt then obviously I brought would be OK I went back in my. And send us your. Everybody loves what I. All year old were you this time. Are my youngest just I don't my eldest is ten digit. Since I am on I'm only what children go to the Internet so you know like OK but let. You're wearing T shirt that said that around my kids what he's thinking I don't think it was stupid trick to choke excuse. It. I don't think you know here I love you are right there and look we love you die and we feel like we know you die in amid and I get editing and it was a Joker here's the thing. The the Disney has style. And what they want me news when people are aware and there and they just look around and nothing is going to offend them wholesome it's all wholesome and the staff over serves as a matter of fact if if you work for dizzying you're walking through the park and you see a candy wrapper on the ground. You're supposed to pick it up. Included in your own pocket I mean they really do have a system that's a pretty good. But T shirt I get it I'm gonna get the joke to think about the teacher is where your children are able to read because of my kids would ask me what that meant and then you have to explain. He's on same. Whether they had no clue what it was what it was what it meant at the time it was not that. You know they give an issue for the kids of my PH help. Were you angry or did you understand the Disney way. I laughed I thought it was good I had need instead about it when I walked up there with this T shirt on and it was something that I probably wouldn't award but we were like at the end of where we need to go to the larger Matt yeah. I hope that the bottom at about oh I would and that would have won it and we have since gone to Disney land many times that Disney World and it's just more appropriate what should I. You know what I am I really like Q I bet you are so much fun let's hang let's guess where it specifically Diana's from in in the metropolitan New York area. Go I'm gonna say queens. Tide you gotta guests. And take take a shot you should know. Loads. She's issues from Long Island. She couldn't you after a Long Island I think in Long Island. Yet but you know we worked on Long Island via the newsroom tonight I don't know live upstate New York Guinness is Steve resort area so yeah. It's it's. Each fish. C dish and the Bob thanks Sherry podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all the time. Elusive company for eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. Doesn't a vacation because he is all inclusive sound amazing yeah. Great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Opera sandals or call 88891. She's 5159. It's 8089 point 25159. Back for the podcasts. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone yeah Jerry dot com podcast and exciting for a few days smiling on daughter Natalie. Came into town. You know Madison school of medicine's graduation party is going to be young. Saturday and on Friday the daily three minute she brought I've never met him before she brought her drug new boyfriend. So they stayed within us and you know it's kind of a big deal never met the guys very very nice guy. And so it doesn't get a take everybody out to dinner so we went up to this restaurant community a town that when a coach who very often but given in this. It's a few times and the owner is a guy named Johnny. And and folks this I'm this is no hyperbole okay this is no exaggeration these things only happen to me. Armed and so Johnny owns the place and he is Greek. And he speaks very good English. But not perfect and he he's not not been here all of slice but he's been here you know for probably twenty years. And what to heck I don't Chris I I am you know speak one language and been a struggle without sometimes KI. I drinks too I could move to Greek Olympic Greece lived there for twenty years and still struggle to speak a word Greek in after the Yeltsin that looks so difficult and it would never work. So anyway we go in there I thought we go someplace different and he's a very nice guy and he kind of listens to the show. But he hasn't been a big time listener but he kinda knows who you are and why. And so he likes it when I come there so we show up in it's it's a fairly good sized crowd what I've I've gotten my wife and life. And Tom Elliott and her boyfriend and Madison and Hampton so can I got a big table going on there. And so we sit down and he comes over and just who John is Greg and he goes so. He says the new Bubba wants to know when you come here. I'm very pleased. That's and we. Oh shut up you know that's how you'd like I try to look for it I love it that is an hour and you play right. How did he say it but would like to know when you come here I'm very pleased. I marked can probably see bursting through the door with his sheets of papers. Bob when you come here I want you to know. It is an owner cleaned it is I'm quite easy item to my original series I am so pleased when you come here so I'm I'm sitting there and I'm hearing that I'm going to this looks really doing it from new girlfriend the boyfriend part of the friend and my daughter has been in town awhile you know his dad's still relevant employ up. Decided I'm very pleased. Mrs. problems to do something about also follow all of you think you don't have enough of fer me. So everybody is focused. Again this is not for ratio okay this is no hyperbole. This is not a made up stories this. Is this is my life for shows like Esquivel. A little bit yeah. Couldn't tell you about yourself. Mired don't think about it. So everybody now is is looking at Johnny and I'm I'm their elect Joseph this has to do is always a good thing but you are Americans. And the guy and I don't know what. Do Americans meant it is you know who wrote that about two so. And I'm looking to Johnny and I'm going. You know sometimes don't pull out of Canada oh yeah sometimes you know meal I am a little polished up version of the radio Gary would have remained the does continue to ignore your Americans Bob you were arrogant man do you. So it. Not what senator Gordon but I always go to bush parenthood true to you guys used in this meaning meet. All you all meaning meet. And and so would you want to hike again. I don't feel you don't big ones and meanwhile journal too much myself but you know. Well I think I treat people nicely off. And so now I don't look at it everybody in the family. And merry jumps in and goes Johnny. And when you say bugs Gergen do you mean. Like Bob is consonant. Is that is what a music he was arrogant he is very arrogant and that's what I. That's what he. You know than what I went through about two minutes of dog going you know the friend's feelings in my daughter's feelings. Edge on these feelings. Are embracing my Gibson. You know what your credit because. I know I listen not shared and listen. Own one of their gifts that god blessed to intercede ability to your best to make an uncomfortable situation constable. You know what I do I know what you're saying that it's not a gift that is important. Now thirty years so it. And and you because of this gift our offer and the universe steers you into situations even that any body else would be unable to navigate. And is so critical is that when you find yourself being told by a business owner whose know me. Get your money deuce. I'm telling you pursue our entire game why are you know this about yourself Bernard did you find a way to make him OK with fat. By saying yeah I guess you know sometimes hungry big pot stop cal I mean you know who am I guess so I do I do had a lot of myself. I do have that give you do and it is against. I'm glad she is that we are urgent so whatever immigration would not have handled this well is well don't make confident person does confident person. Google who is focused on the other people do not feel really comfortable this is a special gift that you had special. Very sad song. An urgent extra special and he was missing he was mistaken she may see your parent do but that's because he doesn't see. All the colors in your removed or he doesn't speak the language I don't know do that arrogant it's not final but can I tell you. The police scrambled good in his grave telling this story without it was. As soon as he got home. His parents and see many rallies that Armani you're not gonna believe this season thirty man tour restaurant. And loving shares. I did at Bobby Sheri dodge. I'm OK so you just joining us some Bob and I were talking about him taking his dog with him on an airplane and what that might look like. And I went ahead and was doing some research on a forum as might in my role as well best friend. And I found all sorts of cool things I didn't know you could take complaints you have complex service monkeys and and falcons which it talked about. This it's great news for you wouldn't you burn alive lobster on a plane reunion like it's little. Carrier thing yes that makes sense because I sit in the Boston airport. And what's the name of the place that we know is 2020 legal seek Legal Sea Foods you can I think you can buy it lobsters or or other places and interior and he put it right carrier right onboard the plane because I mean really of a new people freak out about lobsters some who even a lawsuit doesn't have those rubber bands were aliens they're they're not attacking animal that's not gonna break loose and complained. I'll what's feel about sharing your seat you know rose sixteen or whatever. With some companion pagan. Not good what happened. So let me ask service monkey fault him companion pig thumb anything but companion piece to Jerry had a pig. Spanky a Vietnamese pot bellied pitting author and I traveled home non insulin in some Somalis a table and was asked a that would that's what it was awesome. What did you remember there was a new story just recently again. Somebody brought their companion pig on the plane no the companion pig armed. I had some gastric distress homework at altitude and down and people were let have to land howling in yelling yeah screaming it was disgusting yeah. Aren't so you know CR I I just. That doesn't make sense to me you can bring. Animal antlers on a plane even big ones like Iraq. But if they're attached to the animals goal the school has to be wrapped in concealed. Great and it sailors and I can't bring my nail clippers you kid you thank you for noting that because when I saw you decent damage with with like an urge you put them. Where would you put. A rack of antlers you don't put that in the overhead like let's it was a small and a bit my bet there's room in most overheads for my bag by the time we now are not gonna get my my elk. Gap might get an underneath the seat and now now you're allowed to bring it on the that would that would be the one flight Bob we were Cullen back in the guy was sitting in the middle and he had it on as a lap yeah exactly there's stabbing you in the sun exactly there's no way that they would take off with that I would thank. Tell you can't even have the trade down let alone and let alone a big port saint Edwards she banned during your lap. You surprised and I ask is in the bag or whatever but when I think about something that could be re purpose as a weapon. Bowling ball. You have. I would've thought you got to check those but you're allowed to carry those on trees you can chop one of those and do some damage to somebody you take the bag and Williams he over the back of the head and killed a boy you can take a bully ball unemployment cording to according to research that I've done for you. I know because they're they'd fit in the care. I mean I guess I'll throw you could throw a regular carry on baggage somebody in Pearson and do the same damage yet you bring a Christmas tree on an airplane. Oh no that's not how our historic match. How big I mean it when the little mini ones. Arm I didn't look I didn't do my master's thesis on it I just was Google and on behalf of the sarcasm is I do is totally uncalled for I think it's obvious when you come on the air here and so you're debris Chris this jury right on the air play. I think it's it's legitimate for resale and assess how is that true. I. Lack of appreciation you don't yeah resurgent what you can burn on a plane and it's his dog that Republicans are back folks we got the guy who just got chopped down the White House Christmas tree Joseph Menard. It should be noted actually do you think Christmas tree you're not think it factors they get full we opted exactly why you know you thought the service monkey was bad. The falcon the companion pig the antlers you thought that was bad but I promise you. If you were seated on the plane and get ready you don't have to play game on your phone and a person sat next to you carrying the next item on telling you about and you would unlawful stand up and get off that plane what is their flight what is it. A personal Paris. You're allowed to bring one guest if you sick if you can I. Yeah me and you've got appears you kinda getting. Love that you have been around it backwards you real good regardless certain. This moment. Sherri thanks so much to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another pod cast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Audio clips I guess your father say dot com. So a travel site took a look at what are the best tourist attractions. In the United States of America I'm gonna read than you tell me how many you've actually bend your pay and if you think that. This is the best tent. Number ten is mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Yup been Warner looked at good morning to all of our listeners is it really breathtaking deciphered some people say that smaller than that though it's smaller than you think it's going to be Diana home if you're unimpressed that some dude carved. Giant heads into a solid granite mountain man I don't know what to tell you I agree I great number nine. The Golden Gate Bridge in marriage breath you know they can rip it really is something to see it really went week and I've seen it probably. Twenty times and every time it's like wow look at that thing it's so beautiful walking across it was on my bucket list and I finally got Tina I'm so glad that I did you. Nor Mary did Xia was there with her daughter and they took we call those things you can write done. The two week and lace yes segued into exec who is across it. And they just didn't we just have last week they just came out with some nets underneath the Golden Gate Bridge to help with suicide you know exactly number eight the National Mall in Washington DC the owner. Our number seven Yosemite National Park. You can't rule. I am G. Yes number 6000 USS Yellowstone National Park yet Wyoming had been their that is as magnificent. As. You picture it being you know some places. That was the guy I have no other. Number I'm Rushmore golden gate National Mall Yosemite Yellowstone. You're somebody else and yeah Nelson was number six red number five now. Okay. And number five is the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC yeah. If for no other reason than clinic DAX OK thank you think you have no other Elaine let you know patriotism whatsoever. Vanity. Number four is Niagara Falls in new York and you know what I know it's a cliche and blah blah blah but when you especially in the Canadian side when you see the power of that water. It takes your breath away doesn't another bucket list trip Fermi and we know have men and I went and that was everything and then some. Canadian friend of mine said. I'm a friend has a plane would you like to go up over the falls in the plane and I went yield. I would afternoons you do that so we did it and at one point he says you wanna get a good picture of the false Jesus I'm gonna bend the plane for you any opened the cockpit I. We are being held in only can I do oh rap at all you never told us there and you know I. I don't want to appear like I'm frightened it all. I think there. No tell you what when you're a small plane in the door is off and your banking. That does get your attention I did that in Alaska looking for Beers of photographs from the sky and I was the same way you work and I was always hold on something. Number three the statue of liberty in New York. Yes. I don't know who I'm my mom and dad never took us there it was a re you can writing you know it was a two hour train runs away with so convenient a failure to go. Number two the Smithsonian in Washington DC yup I've never been. And I'll need I go. There's so much to see what it takes dates and they say and now. And number one. Grand Canyon. In terrorism in all these you have when I was reading this I thought to view a solution. She's so she's got you by two. Yosemite is the only one that I haven't been to Yosemite I can't wait to go back that's mostly about Yosemite I've been all of these and also might like to go back to. Including mount Rushmore even though I won't be able to drag any member of my family can say all that was done for them. I. I don't know why slump this kind of self is this when you go to the Smithsonian is it's so crowded that you really can't and that's why you're desperate consumers statue of liberty here when I try answer Valerie is no unless it's a really popular exhibit lets just say that they have something that you knew that everybody comes to see Max. Right then you're gonna have a line but here's the thing it doesn't cost anything walked him. I mean how much better can it be the match and there is the flag. Any UK down there's one please use the flag that they do in the star spangled banner was written the flag that was flying their Francis Scott Key saw me all this stuff this miss on hand if you go to Washington and and have enough time to do the Smithsonian. The museum of the native American and then holocaust museum. That I just can't even tell you how. Amazing and what a treasure those. Institutions not to mention the air and space museum which. They sort of our group and there's now all we knew that out at Dulles airport that you have to go to the fascinating things you can see there you can actually touch of a moon rock. When you go through there so cool there's also the National Gallery of Art is there and then there are other art galleries as well. I was so jealous of this guy I saw do we TV feature and he called the future America's attic. And he got to take cameras behind the scenes in the storage area a business and premium they don't in the Smithsonian they don't show everything all the time some habits to stored. And it's I mean it's amazing stuff. On like a million heir hearts helmet you know when she first was learning to fly stuff like that really really unique things. I think that they should have put on this US one. In California. And I think also shouldn't there be some place in Hawaii. There would be WinFS tourist attraction. This thing if you ask one news it's not US won the T attraction is driving US won the federal destination. Then I guess on her and Hawaii I think Hawaii all by itself seems like John yeah I interaction I grew just. Financiers. Our street is as far. Jerry dot com I would talk. Thank mom sacrifice. What your mom did for you in Darwin joins us right now at 8088 BO BS HER I liked our whim. Hey good more involuntary. Could moron darn I'm color your columns I'm glad to have you here and slug your name I know it's probably been something to live up to. Yes it's a nominees old fashioned name would you like to if you could have two road. Go back in time in a time machine which you prefer to have a different name than Darwin. No I like it very unique it is his earnest. Are a lot calmer patient. Yeah good for you that's fantastic so what is the thing that your mother dude that was such sacrifice that is yeah always embedded in your heart. Where we know the little boy I would like crook and a lot and cup. Things are going back to my country and before and I'll work my mom perspective we need to get out. So she told everything car out of her clothes EV furniture. Everything does beat yet enough money or knee my brother hurt it can't seem that if they. So we flew from Nicaragua Guatemala. And never want to Mark Richt go we have partners we walked. I remember when count abort my mom I have this recurring dream that pool. Archie not in the woods if you'd like no no those were border guard patrol. And boom. Who you ask so we went through Gerber. And not I mean are you would be better different a utility you wanted to separate eyebrow there. For me my mop any colder Autry there aren't. Who looked or are indeed I pay here and wait for me to come back. And my mom you sit back and there were expelled lean baby. So my mom refused them that god is left there and it. When you say coyote that's a person get shoot illegally into the United States. Yeah okay go ahead. And and then in you have to abandon we got beat up and work go and Intermec in general. My mom me and my brother. And you were were five years old I was or five Greer wore my birth or five and it was just bomb off. What are. Actually it got released. We're not insured could make they're being number colleague Kyra what happened the other guy colder. RAI. And all ought to you personally. But we went back there. And it was never night and I remember the water was still freezing cold. It was the coldest spring here very experience a very screaming buying. And the created by ED shut the baby out. Or we're gonna go back and video off. The mob armed as Bradley thank you very ever black is that Iraq is not and I took a crime screener find that he. If you don't not you know organ now we're gonna die here. Immediately at the good stuff. And we knew we went on there too because he had a date. We are re uniter my father who implored her. You know we got our resident card or my you're better than now and when you're grasping what a mother. My monitor. Gave up everything channel chief back there aren't going to jail and you've been caught beginning bill. It's cute on her own and I remember our army has confirmed in the middle of the what are up an area it was so cold there. You have to put my brother in one lap they're in when her knee opinion yarder and take our small so wrapped around there. This year will be breathing and Hermione but should go toward the base one could in the night you gotta go with the crowd. And that earlier or are we know we can't chalk. So I just wanted to wish my mom a very happy mother's bad luck or so much and how we want to respond like Kathy. I'm happy mother's fate it was their first Mother's Day we just had a baby girl. Congressional installations are doing we've never. In all of our years doing the show we've never had a story like yours on your. Both attitude I mean there's a lot of very very fit. I'm sure mom do so many things to visit them understand the outcome and so my ultimate date so they're kids because. That love and staggered by it. Only a mother if I think and I'm happy and blessed that god as in need to meet the woman my wife. And my mother and my daughters slept through my wife. That is wonderful Darlington that I remove all things thank you so much. Laying her story you know I had one question its demands and it just didn't wanna refuting. The sacrifice as soon must you. What if Pete king. Preview good possibility this country still. That's the risk everything. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. A really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox. Stocks small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as 22 from fifty a month and if you own your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. It's. A scary dot com cameras. Welcome to show. Former tomorrow you don't have good we're good and it's still sensible man what is known to do your. Well I don't wouldn't actually need I don't walk Smart or low and we didn't know what are familiar pop's theory that colossal. You mean the pillow case. My total. You have a wash your total peace in five years so why why is that voice your logic for that. I don't get smoker and where it just sounds. And it does. It's an exciting year actually got a unique slow to tell just by and yeah I bet it's very use humor and undue little lonely and not true over perk is I. Strip the sheets like once a week on an IE your pillow case would be included in mass I was going to have to sheets do you have to Jerry you're Erica. I'm very can't have you have you laid down that law they your pillow cases not to be tight. Her character. She worked she keeps it on account didn't put out at about 100 day is understandably mixed. Scioscia are you on the couch George you go to the couch pitcher polo which is not. And cleans in five years and then bring it to the bed with her. I don't know exactly what I do this you have to keep on my side. It makes them very clear she would never put it a Palo Alto which is don't call the CDC one. I just don't understand you Cameron and why he's fighting the the blue washing over huge do you you said because the smell you like the which smells. Hurt so it's got the smell of Cameron's head. That that'd be like could have after shave you know cameras your heads and yeah. I'd like single Logan she ignoring you I like CD TV commit a little over Cameron's head. This general why should why should tour bone and can wash it tiller the baby I I know you didn't like it. But I watched it for you you know you might get lucky. I like your whole lot more luck you're surprised I don't know what you would do serve. I would know on that launched. He know you don't want to grow at home a man out of the picture. For once or I don't think you may be eat a stellar human being it's so wonderful and every single way I gotta tell you. Steve V like this to be a problem for me now and of course you wouldn't wanna touch me with a pole probably so that's fine. You know it's not a demon Shane up good night wishing you had unique. It's just it's kind groups you know you work you wash your face. Like frequently in your hair frequently. Our moral but can pin and scan. And I just dragging death determined you American. She got a long trip from a shallower but my pillow boats. How long have you been with this woman who is a treasure can. We are. So she came then the second Phyllis not you know being washed no I would sure I would I would kick back I'm personally. Instead. What do we need when you have to travel on Staley you know the days in her whenever. I must take my pillow would mean actually. What would happen if the airline lost your luggage to had a pillow and it. How long would it take you to kind of link get right again. Well on the big is this soon be finding a new pillow and then regaining five new just now. Seemed shortstop why they hate and a half now my money it. Can you describe to smell the cameras yeah. Our. Whole program. Well it fair yeah to me what are you control of the green now. And I remember a problem. And Laura and I disagree about Bobby. And what club about one this small compared overrode their horn what do you what do you do truly general. Amish retreat operator. Heat treatment and yes sir please what does that mean what does that. Accompanying us did well still seeing they he treated to a certain all of this. Do we cap off the year and make it follows through the mission I'm out of caterpillar limo company. Mean it's hard. As hard or dangerous or more command must work compass let you know who he treated operator rural always takes them so I don't feel now I am sure. We'll Cameron welcome Cameron I can say with complete war. Conscience. That I've never heard anything like this before downwind. And I think we pay these you can wake up and have something come Maggie it's completely new and unexpected isn't a good day it is in memory that's really keen I don't know already it's good to know that there's a good woman out there that supports you no matter what. Cameras. Not forever ruined it. Tim shot. They've heard hey we just never actually. But why don't watch the President Clinton. Yeah it's Cameron have a great day today we're into may finally be sure smash yeah take care enough. Only get a washed my pillowcase for reading the news it is a new you can yeah. Generators and even like your name now he like. He's already won every guy can't you know what I mean she got her Nadal play even non. What was your favorite part where mine was the coolest turning green known. I like don't call Ellen Tyrus and bring you I was new to you. Hardware or Detroit it's. You know the forest is coming back into the much that's right. We went and. And yes you're right it's just not I don't know. No matter I have kind of weird. And yeah nice job yeah yeah Biden's. I did it Bob Sherry dot com Larry you look at those eight signs that your marriage is doomed from the start releasing not us and we're taking anything. And wait wait you don't know if Lori still hanging in there Gloria you there. Well we I didn't hear about we are not hang in there he. We're divorced you to give the winning. He was a wedding where it started off just a horrible my parents are separated. Them out and they were arguing. My dad had gone and wreck down all the decorations at checked my mom at about. Why why did stop shop then right back. You see your mom decorated the church and you have pointed to guide to house and start your stuff down tell us about what kinda decorations we see you offended but. I am I'm not quite sure I think you've got angry that maybe weren't going that way to you want them here at a wedding. He can't paper quite a bit of that. And it wasn't quite. And he'd ask what everyone was hiding. And this ceremony was quickly re decorate it I'm already and I want elect need that might have been at the time I got a light rail. That. Because I was drunk. Mean my co leader look at the wedding ring he wasn't drunk act that there is why he got a leg after them. And act they're actually not as. This medium aren't and that's our number I can't he heard the report prepared I have big he opting not my wedding are. Yet there's no show called say yes to the meatballs. You know why honor student isn't meatball ruins your wedding dress he needed just know when it's done have minimal and I know what he should have done and the da best me in the reason he's the best man is because he's supposed to get stuff done he gets you back quicker goes and gets the ratings. Yeah exactly. Exactly and my app Arafat's own my open at this time I'm attitude going to allow them out of our monetary. Yeah. Why. And the best wedding ever so far are stealing the bridesmaids moon he did she get caught it. I actually add a comment on he actually Abby under a contract. I know. She now and I'm bitty. That's amazing. That's old classic. Have you sold that do you slow two you you need to put them on the Internet or something. Right. Reachable on lewd. So after an auction. He where my access that was doing. Shot couple lemon drop. And had quite a bit too many. And that there was one that has aren't that excited that they were it's gonna have an inkling. Opt out and passed out at a wedding reception. Com. And we are the employer every bowl hat and outside of their upset after our part the answer when we are ready to leave. I am a couple holding him up because he was a cup. And I would try and how hold him up and eat you up all over me. So not all she does it almost like you're dressed but guy he gob fire of. You know our Mary I know that you aren't a lot of arm emotional pain and financial trauma unit this simply the best story ever Lori this is the this is unbelievable. You know I really I ate at a time we got very act of 1999 mr. Clinton I'd that they lack the outlet popularity. You know upper was doing different Cox and I quote all out on paper and I I'm totally apt to understand. And that. You know maybe a honeymoon or something out of that much we never went on never learn. They may not know what your mistake was he shouldn't of sent it over Sally Jesse he should've sent it to Cameron Diaz could have made a hell of a movie. I have that's right you know it's like how long how long did the marriage last. I met him I was a school we married when I was eighteen and keep your support and he doesn't harm. And I actually just got remarried in September you might bully hell yeah okay yes a lot of my life we have the most amazing letting that could ever ask for it. No meatballs I know me fulfillment of our no lemon drops. You know what each. Thank you Gloria and good luck with your marriage to catch this sister on video stealing money at your wedding reception. That's a great photographer. Yeah. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Audio clips I guess your father Gerry got. We're so appreciative that you committed to us long enough to tell the story of how you were runaway bride five tiny life times you make that up being meet. I swear to god I really not it's scary thing much. No no don't embarrass don't treat you had this sense to realize this wasn't the right marriage five different exams are Smart are. When he that you're twenties very very tight race should be getting very anyway you might expect. No doubt be crazy. Childbearing years none have been nuts on so same same. I mean different guys every time. What are right one was twice OK so four different guys. Are. Let's let's where do you wanna start how old were you with the first one. And why did you runaway. It was a very nice to make not typically picket mentally very I mean about four months. For the wedding I decided that I shouldn't do it and I I can't adopt we area Hackett. The Lydia out all the stuff but bodies patients provide everything is why there are other the other everything. I'm gonna be keeping a running tally of common money all of this went to what what's your guess on the first one. How much money there was lost. Well the public well without dresses they're probably not inferior and. Ten grand for the person are right now we move along to number two and what was essentially there. Clearly the first well the first one I said no when he asked me. It's therapeutic effect Obama that they play the leg and I bailed. OK so we the bill the first one I mean a lot of women get past two era to be married I mean my wife before I married or the year before three guys master mariner. Oh well I'll. Three in here and in my home and turn so you're like feeling treaty. So. Well I was incarcerate. Him. No mood to about three guys essar and I feel I do feel special meals with the OK so on gender and our captain aren't letting third. A great certain light so that what what I'm very. And I shouldn't get married can either. Where you want a runaway bride then. I am I walked out I don't think I shouldn't do it I found out earlier that my girlfriends are on the front credit Jerry make it that somehow it was flat. In. And okay how much how much and how much and I wedding just so we have a tally here 33000. I'm Kent tiger were to number. Not if I you got a war the trappers and everything. Belly up for the first suddenly warmed up the back elect. All okay did he know that the you were wearing a dress that you you per pass for another man spoke and he didn't have any problem and are you know and care you and care. News. Yeah I know what he wanted he wanted to regular sex than. You what why are you my mom. Oh we wanted to mommy. The news and if OK so then where where we can I forget church four to number four. Remember how far it was actually read Peter the first guy who has been very light that now that I think yes. And then I'd failed on that one about three or four months since your ticket but says. I now live with the preliminary. Poor guy yeah that no more no. But it is he'd like in in the mental institution. I wouldn't know love and I are really very. I mean who what they did back I just not happened for you mean yeah I think you back here. You know I. No sparks there but a nice person but he took he took to show muse who beatings from you know I don't know what to. And your car actually just need finally healed you came back around for another you Apollo treat. I. There. And okay number fire we're gonna color Apollo we any minute so hollow right so we get the. Way way I didn't get the money I didn't get the money and number for a much just. What we want to get loud and try to be anybody else. Are just a stay at thirteen grand yes I. Okay observant aren't. About a guy and I got married and with a good again. He actually called me dad you're goodies abandon our engagement and I could get the diamond lectured are. I don't know. There was Michael away. The lay away bride. At the book but I don't movies. That you still married to him here are very well you you you weren't you were not a five time runaway bride Vincent century which. Harry yeah. You only really ran away twice. Well right three time resigning I think three times you have but you know there. No one home of the one that you gave it doubled beating team must heed these days yeah housing doom. He thought it was very well that's that's gonna do you ever talked to emergency I think he just Lynch's when he when he thing in my diet. At. Trying to hide well like I did apologize to him. ME he's here here's the wording me and he starts at all on cruise and that's how he knew he would Chirac apparently knew what she gone do you tell you what she's not get independents products. Our our great that's great you know out of you know five tries the only fair you view blue thirteen kinda tough to you know get okay aim to see if this is right here's the here's this like you vibe I'm getting from you. You're such a sweet person you are some nice he'd never liked to hurt anybody's feelings you don't ever like to say no and it has gotten viewing December really uncomfortable situations. Yeah. It's my reunion. And it and it's a good thing dead arm mr. delayed diamond came onto the scene because. Without me she knew you were just can't keep inflicting all sorts of damage. Saw the market now where you can do no more armed so were you you're actually. Everybody you were actually in the church when you've got the engagement ring. No actually we got Leake is what away got very intimate and he's got a with the hundred with the aegis yeah. Chart if you make your car equated it reiterate what litter I don't know why aren't they aren't. I don't know why I wanna know this what was the name of the guy that you said no to twice. What was his first name. Reunion do you pull all spring and now picture girls rob I know I curse off partly and he. No I'm only kidding Amy. Continued success with your marriage that screw you finally found the right guys thanks for calling her a secret any me any of us are. I. It's Bob mentioned. Realize previews and monastery dot com. You know London aren't pulling out all those lower to see how good he's jumped focus yes our you know. We talk about. Stealing a little things. But. That happened to you either somebody stole it from you work you did the actual stealing what was it in your case. I thought about Poulter Robert thank you how that Wal-Mart with my mom and my older sisters for your ballroom in new. And I'm followed in the farm if you aren't waiting for medication and at the twelve year old like Richard my own blood pressure some me time. Before that and I'll entertain myself yeah that if large. Display a problem. And I had no need for common looked in my life. We cured that extra yeah things just sort of I I reach out take one out of one pocket meet little short dislike and I commend you for yourself. Royal blue and white checked or short form puck in the back. Ethnic and now one pocket and let it get away with my problem but on the way out. These security alarm go off. So they called Spector. And the check with my mom's bag and stuff I'm staying in their murdered while shaking important. And battled what are your build up again this particular sister stuff. My sister was always in trouble my mom birdie young daughter and she felt something that you hit seventy brother stopped the minute I can mean. And I know about from collaborative pockets. And they like try to come around in my bag that it looks like turn the other direction. It's happened a couple times been a little bit but don't try to keep him from seeing the back pocket in the Marmara sea that. Snatching the Dow opened up and walked in the air and Wal-Mart. And scream that you know Johnny why they attribute still condom. Everything right there how much would you pay to be at Wal-Mart a hero woman yelled that. I give you the same amount of money it costs to see an IMAX 3-D movie I'd tell him that sticks. His head shots are get a popcorn and NIC dining what do you do how did you handle that. Did you know prior to burst into tears what did you do. I don't tell trying really hard not to tie the sport. In the security guard picked it up backroom with my mom. And sits me down and get its huge speech about how do you defend the president also the stuff and that it's really lucky in my mom's. Has chosen to by the condom but that I don't. I'd go to jail for my mom makes me walk from there to check out I'm holding Obama ahead in the air. And then of course I didn't check out line it's like seventeen year old cute girl so now I'm even more mortified. I've secured are starting to flow. I've it was terrible who got homes to Cornell she put it might cheap little faux leather wallet. Stepped down to her mattress for weeks so that there was a permanent line in my wallet from the but the condom out of a lot change wallets for several years. Do you know what Johnny I was gonna ask you for now that your grown men in a parent. He had a different perspective on this but I now realize I'm talking to a forty year old virgin because after this trauma I guess if you were ripe for a long time. I Traficant didn't university the condom. So my hidden dangers Tony Romo properly. You during the appear she's probably sinks. The I expect there and guess what I'll do it not been given did you know what it was I know what I want I didn't have any clue. It's killing nearly. Is when your kid and that moment the impulse to take it ate it wasn't driven by much of anything but as a parent. You're sitting down they're going to you know what this is you know what it's used for why did you need this why did you steal this China and the kids answered everything is. I don't know I don't know. It was you know what it was at eye level and we shiny. And that's why he took it if he was gone he was tired and he was bored he was born because you know Warren enjoyment out of my sister my older sister. You know you should have done after you were interrogated throwback to the blood pressure machine that it was rough on the roof. Concern though you're grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies rate and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where health markets insurance comes into. They can show a small business owners group health insurance options they're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better out of financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 85575. Mode 3537. Helped markets insurance. It's Jerry dot com. We are so psyched to have Jonathan Goldsmith joining us on the show he's the author of stage you're staying. The most interesting man in the world and I love the sub title of your book. I don't always tell stories about my life but when I do they search through an amazing daunting Goldsmith welcome shallow. Good morning Sherri how are you. I'm just delighted to hear my name come out of your mouth are you kidding. Yeah I miss you most interesting man Jonathan I miss you so much. Thanks Boucher that's good very nice I miss should do what I'm basically to Mars and I'm backlit. How trial tequila that's my latest venture wrote we can talk more about that. That sounds great tell us about the DOS techies audition you UN indeed you have any idea what the character was Jonathan. That very little reagents I had said that there has been they're not sure what they're looking for what it's like Hemingway yes type the characters. There's a notion grip you have to do and improvisation. Yeah okay and would collide in the and that's how I almost old Fidel Castro and small light little. Yeah. I went down to this audition I had spent no good solution might be the back of my truck in the campground try to save some money. And I just wonder despite still I don't know if I ever had it been. I got down there I really want to turn around and leave them afford 500 other fellows are all younger are all looking you know looking. And I feel I don't have Accenture. So that's how it started. But what may Jews stand out what they love about your performance that today. Well one thing has I except which it is and people who live at peace studio they look back at New York of them talking to a blank wall audio equipment they were. But the idea at all back in the quiet in the provision should show. I'm waiting for them and I think what I want them to remember it may enjoy reached out and I took off from soccer. And when. I was once I got one truck up. And they came back they actually why did that nicely well just to get your attention you actually go to church called an ice breaker went on from there. What I saw all these Latino typos I said what are we gonna do I'm wrong I'm I'm not a Latino off from the options. And I thought about my dear friend from a little while much. He was my failing body didn't actually had buried at lawful my boat what they passed you and I channels and then my body was the most. Interest we have who blew the run comes true love karaoke charming fellow ever met and I just channeled him and I took it. They're good from there and went all out I didn't think had a chance so I was solutions LaGrange. Connect you've had a lot of friends in Hollywood and played opposites or wins a lot of famous actors like John Wayne. But you in the early days had a little bit of a competition with one Dustin Hoffman. All right did it and it's been blown out of proportion but I'll tell you wish stories we wouldn't and younger factors should get to a golf tour almost would probably within a year of each other early twenties when a Broadway Show together each had one lie and we played. Part of a group of medical meant good shot on the island in the South Pacific and we were always competitive with one another. I was a little more gregarious and use it very seriously to have Michelle couldn't. We just kind of look each other a little bit the wrong way. Always trying to push stage position. One day I'm shooting a leash. Going into. Broadway elude a tryout in Philadelphia. There will be sitting next to a group look at them I would just. Could pay each other until a couple of my point of my finger Adam I should dust and release and you don't like me is going to come and make it adhere enough. About eighty. Well what. I've have you seen memories some late nun who. We feel well about ten years you know it would look early in the morning anywhere in Beverly Hills he's on one side of the street I'm on the other bad as we crossed. We smile and they acknowledge each other instead of a low and that was dead. Heat conversion success she's one of the best actors that we've got. What what are the things I like about your book in time to finish on their names of your chapters which is link. Each chapter title alone in your book is an important life lesson even the lowliest jobs can lead to another job if you don't like you are these someone else he's really really powerful things them. One of the things I discovered reading your book is is that. You never her ever ever gave up even when you found yourself in what most people would consider like oh my god that's a horrible job. You're actually working as a waiter in your starting in eating leftovers off people's plates. Your your owners. Your dream big saliva and the sun on a stream Beverly Hills what city knew that. That you had that enabled you to stick it through like this when so many people. And you know these people could they were they started in the business with you just gave up. Yeah you know I would tell you they think there's anything about the book what should all about it truly it's about a love affair that I had with my father. He was really high school coach. Betty and I still wouldn't made that energy that if you wanna. Don't quit but don't ever quit they wish only time that I wanna do. So many disappointments shall become close calls that dream would get my hands only to kind of blown to bits and they usually was. If as brought so many so many but stay the course. Thank you did he quoted me as one of the favorite. Live from Shakespeare and I don't choke because releases its if nothing else always tell the truth. If I'm not to publish because the circumstances. Two years. Yeah so few I don't. Quit but still we'll give up that's what you felt rich state of course. And that's what signs through the book plus he knew how to take advantage of an opportunity I love the section where you discovered that the reason there were so many beautiful women in this one restaurant. It was just more MP upstairs he had a no load so. So I just sort of let you know before you go to our producer Todd has a giant oil painting your view hanging in his barred tell us. Oh boy that's terrific thank you I hope I get to your area well. Help line at. Soriano necessary over that's right judging Goldsmith got third stage is being the most interesting man in the world thanks you for joining us. Bobby's. Scary stuff I. So from my husband and I keep the talk of Bob. My small purple notebook where I write down into staying. And frankly contradictory things what's up with all that Bob says it for example on July 22 of this year but said. Why you Bob lacy and reading this brand new book by deep October. 9 completely cleared my mind. Enjoy the moment that's what I'm going to be doing from now on in. You sure about that that I said that if you have difficulty sleeping less that I couldn't clear my mind. Amman on the second of July Bob said I'm not gonna waste anymore of my life watching TV no worse so I'm told reruns and no more Larry King. I have to admit I haven't stay without when I watch Seinfeld reruns last night they have the one about George was caught by his mother doing you know. And I'm sitting there with one in the one of the kids there was an uncomfortable moment we went over to ESPN's. Here's one back from November. 25 2002. I no longer care about my appearance and lack of height. Yeah and I have in the book of Bob I have on multiple dates over multiple years there really quote small things don't bother me over and over and over again. The purpose of dredging this information appear this well on many listeners have you know me and they said Sherry I'm one of the book Bob be available for sale of the public and I was not able to get the book of Bob ready in time for holiday gift giving but. If you are fan of spots and you would like to have something special for the holidays here's what we have. You rather not go off where Sharon Lawrence county criticisms of proclamations. And I'll get a companion CD. I still bomb. I'm down about Montel concern. I've been using since cracked cream for five years between me and you are we cannot say that I'm an anti Social Security firm it would bring more wind out of up close. It's on social interaction you know my philosophy with the good times roll the going to shut you train to the party know that the whole party would just crash because I'm there when you mean I love being close to. If someone wants to hug him. I'm there find out about bonds revelation and so much awareness. Grow up yeah I've got just the big ass all right. Items of value human style yeah when. Right on the show. Dog is another tie a call for guys right I'd still feel comfortable talking about myself and I'm a simple name is simple. It happens momentum school could come hypocrites I am on the big bad why inhibitor. Now available on CD but not available in stores are all. Energy hey it's mixing it in during he's been William Hung jury should now constitute. Still I ordered today and more humor partners. You learn evil woman. Really aren't you emerged just a little bit on the air then we got a voice impersonator. I will be able to say anything. Hard and I will bring you back is evidence. I'm frozen. That's it it's over say age and be flattered. He's got to go here. God knows this place would be fighting get both stuff started every morning the on the one you. And broke my heart. I how. I have broken through. Whiner you have some special force to do you bring gripe that I am I have. Oh and can we please fill up real quick he has something. Tell our listeners on the next as they. You noble dream. Hearings only put Bob fails. Thanks to Bob my hands are much food he wished me is then cracked screen. You're welcome bloody drive by. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I guess your body is Jerry dot com. University of Iowa. Took a look at this and came up with how old your kid should be before he or she. Crosses the street along. Okay what would what would be your answer. 80. That is not correct. Todd what would be your answer. Eleventh. Fourteen. I'm sure eight years old. They said kids until they're fourteen don't have the skills to judge the distance of the car accurately. Now I it's hard for me to believe especially. My look back and I know that I was on my Columbia bicycle. Going from my house down the Hartford turnpike. Alone when I was. Nine or ten years old. Bob IE and apparently. Safety mom and I'm not it's and I own every day and I now I don't know god bless. Your kids aren't we need to cross street you may not be president. What should they do and they said even twelve and thirteen year old can have a little bit of trouble judging car speeds. Why do you come home last night I couldn't cross the street drop. I know I'd yeah no I understand the brain science a love song that's when it brings whose marine science. But a child. Am I wrong cherished. I don't need to be able to cross streets migrants I Easter ride with a friend of mine and our bikes and we used to go home I don't know couple miles from home I did to go to a hobby shop I did too now my mom was snowing when I was Leven in knowing when I was coming back but I must've been ten years old at that point I was all alone. And I was probably ten. And I would get on my advice and I would go out on the Hartford turnpike as I was mentioning which is not really a turnpike per say maybe a one time it was. In none in north Jimmy Connecticut. But it did have trucks and had cars. And I would. Take myself to the center of the little village of North Haven. And I'd get you know what drinker Coker something at the counter at the drugstore. And I go over to the ball field and try to find some kids to play with. It and I would do this in the summer almost every single day. So here's shifting it concerns me OK and I know I'm trying to be different for this here's what concerns me. I don't let my child cross street until she's fourteen. In four years. I'm going to expect her to be a functional independent adult a college hours and hours from home. Yeah this change trains don't meet for me what two years after fourteen she could be behind the wheel the poor get CR I eight. I'm not sure Nancy cross street of fourteen but NF sixteen you get a learners permit and you drive a 2000 pound vehicle low. I would have been driven out of my mind having to stay in our house. When I was fourteen years old or searching twelve even eleven years old. And not be able to explore it it is and one of the most exciting things in your life Arnold. JD you can get on a bicycle. And go somewhere I think to our greatest childhood art our childhoods where you brought up. Near a small town but a small town with like maybe one restaurant you can go to for a hamburger. But they're used creek that's not reality that's not reality is Charlotte, North Carolina I don't want my kids crossing independence boulevard I'd prefer they didn't cross prominence road but for the love of god almighty. In my teaching the multi door. I would say this on this study may be a little bit right because Jackie Herm led Donna and Eric take me cross what's called Sunrise Highway grown up the Long Island you working and but he did you play any cars but it's always finishing crossing the highway I got real bite to bicycle as. Tight while he's. TI OK. And you know what here's the kicker the tube bicycle is we're holding hands at the same time and I literally beg clothes. I. Long live by the Xoom is that his fault or is that the vice and I hope they hand holding by analyst with some of them out there for you don't look at type a. Give it everything he's told us about your family how you were left behind for baseball games and trips to Disney is censured satcher. Maybe this wasn't you know. Yeah in the I don't think they'll give you brother and sister were far enough away that they didn't get a hit yeah as big John and Eric had what you think Cole a law enforcement helps. When he had come. You know as a matter of fact they think might feel. People say hi I have never heard of that happening to another. If we truly do not a jackass and I've heard it's like yeah how sorry I can't get into a share. It's very dot com. Sing about and her hair styles. They did on they did some sort of a study and they found that. Men only ever have five hair styles in their whole lives. And they settle on the one they're gonna rock permanently at about age 32. That sounds right does that sound about right and you have five hair styles. I had Manuel had a crew cut there's one for awhile. I had. The crew cut. I've had to. Yeah. Hey Terry can you had a long I had a long hair okay and then you have a Kennedy yet even. How song even the long hair was basically just the longer version of this do you maybe three hairstyle all right you have probably three. Knowing you've found one that works for no I had four. If a few when you're together and I cut it short and then had a little thing in the front and put up. An hour so yep probably four won the US now is your best pretty much shaped house sold its the only con sort of Milan are most comfortable with. And you probably settled on it right around age thirty Naira about her yet I try to shorter one just because it became popular. You know like so many guys have haircuts. Not so much like pods but just talk cut short pushed to the front. Jelled and then that something goes yeah in the in the very front you know. It seems like a lot of work to me so. Yeah I but had to go with this hairstyle snuff by choice it's just by what's left on my head that's and that and its kind of where I'm at at this point ahead three hair styles going going gone. It's dangerous when you're a guy who is thirty plus. And makes a change in your hair so Elena somebody that did that. They've they've liked the way. Actually there suns here looked. And replicated it and it looks pretty good on this guy he could pull off he he can pull it off but it was it strange. Because every season everybody. Is commenting on it and most of them are good good in my shirt either really light. Simone I mentioned I don't men like to have their hair noted though I don't think go heels now and lead Carolina got exactly. Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart have both had the same hairstyle since they were 32 and they're both in their sixties now. New concerns that three plus decades of rocking the same law actually longer than that you think you don't look like the Matt Geiger said the same hairstyle since. Since that band he can't I don't remember ever seeing a picture Mick Jagger where he didn't look like she looks now and hair wise anyway. Yes so it turns out that the reason that you guys student says it's convenient. Unlike Todd said it's what's left it's what's left. And you're working with what's left although you trust me there there hasn't been good shape to go and run across one of those pictures of where I had the long hair. And I sat there and longed for the having that air again just one more time just one more time. I remember when my parents gave me money to go get my first. Erica by myself and I rode my bike down to the center of North Haven they basically you are usual self you know I was so I'm. Probably 99. Or ten I rode my bike and it took about. Half an hour so. And I said I'd like to have a crew cut and this guy I don't know if you his former military he took it down. Cheers skimmed just about down to the skin. And I look I am looking at it and goes there to be cool for this summer. And I thought oh yeah like I just got out of a concentration kicks. And I and I had allergies you know sort of this dark circles under my as it and so I'm I'm writing back to move forward but there weren't especially. Don't tell and no hair like I wore an and I knew that I screwed up because my father looked to me and and didn't say a word. Urgent time mother and says. It'll grow back and Kyra that's the best that I got but I remember I remember come in the beginning this summer my dad would say it's time for the summer haircuts now he would get our heads shaved really short but boy he would bring you the entire on the sides he had any DNA exceeded leaves they will it just means you you don't have to waste all the time generic -- the first time my mom's in yet and like I can grow my hair out. And then I decided I was gonna go with their breed body weight think yeah man that was a missed a your diet hated that eliminating about the summer haircuts with guys I mean it's. To be honest review of how much buddy he Dijjer here actually. We know it's. 90% humidity that's what's doing it sounds like released have my old dog buster the Collie. And we would shave them down that's also from from getting mad at. We did the same thing to hop beat my own take your dog the boys' everybody outside with the clippers can we can we took it to this vet. And I hated it when they do that to copy but I came home one day and copy was she had her head to. Down. Not only did they shaver they've left like a ball appear in the end of her tail all boys and I he's it what kind of dog was that again now I know that I'm of these to try to control my brother and I would haircuts in what was really bad about it longer hair had come in. Majid insisted that we ended up with their short haircuts in the early three people in the country that had that. My brother me and John Wayne peace. There was a time when nobody had their hair club you over the yet but they insisted that we do that. She's three should feel really good thing you've had fewer than five hair styles yeah that's speaks to your manly confidence that's right and our commitment to what works for years. No you doodling around with trends or fashion he found what works and you locked yeah we're still waiting for Lamar to send us pictures in which he used to do the. Heard all. What I wouldn't give you really have pictures of him so yeah Matt Davison are easily home. Turner who wound that would drive that would drive the web site he had to keep the ladies and get help. I pray at such an morning.