Diatri found love at the waffle house.

Wednesday, February 15th

Love was in the air yesterday as people celebrated Valentine's Day all over the world.  Diatri had only one wish for V-day and her wish came true.  She got a romantic night at the Waffle House.  Find out how it went.


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Yesterday on the show we were talking about Valentine's Day in and it actually called him. She said they had reservations of lawful house no let's explain to people. In certain parts of the country that's I don't really want more hour it's a very small 24 hour to three years that. Yeah serves for its surface itself besides practice but it's famous for serving breakfast and their their hash browns which can be smack scattered smothered coverage on T. And a few other things. And it's not everywhere but it's on the side of the road in a lot and a lot of interstates there. Some parts of the country get it worked shelters pretty good it's fantastic and Google goes there are a lot of Waffle House can get really busy in the middle of the night after the bars most runners often some exciting more runs in the news tonight. I thought it never happens but imagine the action because she had reservations. Her romantic Valentine's Day dinner Waffle House that morning judging how did it go. Good my name is doing it well. It was great night actually. No we saw we saw. How we saw a picture and they had a nice red table Russia. Yeah I'm Lynn and Aaron not can't be men and not Kim. And they didn't learn this on the table but I had ninety get a bill okay bill Phillips. Hurry in the big east for a few they then you aren't a in the Mason jar so was there a special Valentine's Day menu with them off fox. I'm great can prepare my eighteenth. That's different events. We're naked alert increased each plastic because I imagine that I really had a good. So good so you weren't having scrambled eggs and Kurds Chile. Okay. Now now. Diet. At the bottom of the detonate it they say the regular menu available so. What'd you get what did you have for Valentine's Day at the waffle. I have crumbled lately cheap album fresh garlic. They pitch and walk falch. Man I'm cool with Pete. All of walking was long club very nice for the journalist and enjoy it. T yeah I he has he's sound stage. And you know he hit it learned life. It now it's what you would expect trouble rockaholic. That we don't we finished our meal I don't finish model also look at that our people very. It is. I'm looking at Scher of the soon he looks so happy in the end though Waffle House in person in the background as we're special team catch. Was it crowded and there are lots of other people there. Yes yes sir I heard that couple and I know there are when you look at price very excited that she followed it. At a nearby a walk or how to know they live of its and she can expect him to actually. Take and it and then and she was so excited. How long had the crew out of prisons. The current that's honest and I'm sorry I'm. You know I don't but what I'd that this was fine and I bet it was way more fun than if he dated a super expensive fancy restaurant you rise Harrison still only mission bomb us new iPhone I'd like to add. Our room and what car. You know it barely casual immediate community who. And it's not a mallet they click and you're happy with that they don't know what to expect. So an actual exchange you mentioned and horror that you are walk out why not the local cops. There was an ambulance sitting in front that they would go iPod and I thought. OK. That's that's really on the RNC I hope it's here and now. The judge yourself on the door to order what he has. I'm looking at your picture and you're so pretty you such a happy smile on this picture how long have you been married. How will not marry an Atlanta man who bit. I don't know we never really key Carol probably I don't it's better that way to play at yeah that yeah arms yeah. It's long you both look how doesn't know whether he can we Kosier out here I'm Waffle House picture up on our FaceBook. I hope that uptight we're gonna do that. The archery thank you so much for being a listener and we're so glad you had a wonderful Valentine's have to waffled. Candidate and he writes the Benedict Arnold take care pastry and head home I saw some funny online when we did before isn't. Have you ever known that anyone who kinda like to know how long they've been with the judges accuses her 'cause that seemed somewhat I don't how old's your daughter. He don't know yes. Carlyle and I might not know put a woman only snowy scene to move. You know she's just really chills that's a scratch still is no more important thing that's exactly road.