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Friday, March 17th

Comics... St. Patty's and calls!


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I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there but it can also be. I really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox. Stocks small business insurance was created to help you receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. Then you never know Brian. Again on the marketing Jerry sell. Always after me lucky. Risk and mr. Bryant is challenged I'm hello how. Along lips. Green green beer like you've green jello shots where she sings I'm using spear. I'm from the show but haven't changed studios don't seem that we sure I haven't. I'm reminded that I don't know your dad if it's all the shattering. Our good job Max good. I look behind and I career I had an Irish solicitor. You know the music don't ever do that again how are listed as a threatened UP. Again. My goodness that was true happy saint Patrick's missionary Patrick. Sherri will be and no moment or two here joining us this morning. So. I was watching television. Some cable news show the other day. And we actually was yesterday. In this guy comes on he's doing a commercial and he says. I wanna tell you the power was turned off in 2009 times and I said enough. And I figured out a way to flip houses and make money and now I wanna teach that to you. And I thought to myself. You know if I'm going to invest like I don't know a 150000. Dollars to flip a house what I want. Is a guy who had the power turned off in his house nine times. Guys I met. Nine there is is there any change. That job so let's shift yeah lots. Have you noticed that in a lot of these you know make money quick whether it's flipping homes are investing in the stock market schemes. The guy and that's always a guy selling the guys who were selling it are usually. Selling books or CDs. Yes that's that's the bottom line and they always say the same thing. I'm the well known and highly successful. Award winning author and I've never heard of the guys ever before they'll rise say it just to say they just send it to say it. Some for her into a must be some more you in this stops you know. Were you where you get the CD and how much does the C because the guy to produce couple of dollars. And he's charged and while I think they say they give it away for free. But I think they make money on the shipping and handling he ups the shipping and handling so just say that's. I don't know 5000 people jump on it. And he makes two blocks on each of them with the shipping him right there are Jennings got 101000 dollars right there. And I've never heard of one of these guys not one of them I've never seen them on TV. Interviewed on CNBC or any of those things. I tell you who's on TV right now he's back his name is Peter pop off you familiar with him it's a familiar and I'm off is a huckster TV minister. And he he's been exposed like twice before he's being a huckster. Shameless and and now he's giving away miracle water. And keep all. Are gone and yes in this happened and I got a 100000 dollars came in the mail they were gonna take my house and a 100000 dollars came in because of this miracle water. Just like like Catholic go holy water route is not know Catholic at all or no I know suck Catholics tournament is that is that his in dries the leaves its top water but saying yeah that it ET he has done something with this because of that faith healer. And so he's done something within it to make it miracle water and then he will send this to you for free. And then answer to what happened in your life is just come back on television. And I saw it and I went to huckster he's been exposed before don't believe him does he do that by thirty minutes of time or you are they special just aren't sure is just to ensure commercials and although he has done long foreign things before. And that's how was that one out how does the FCC allow miracle water. I don't know. Because he's not saying he wants you your money he didn't say than in the thank you amber the movie leap of faith that Steve Martin was and we was he really was humor played in like the huckster eventually right. So either way not all of evangelists and our our series of talks but but there are everybody has to be idea so. Peter that was to Pete it his character was based on Peter product guy on a bad guy and he's act. And I don't like losing now is not a Middle East I want to start here so hard to tell he looks like he just came out of madame tussaud's went crazy but he's got this waxy looking face got this slap turned down hair that colored trim and Ike I can't believe I'm CNET. Until he's back I can't believe MC injuries were record back. He never really has gone away like this I mean he went away for a little while but he's been back for a long time. And I don't know that he makes all the money used to melanoma so and I'm still making money yeah on Sundays you see her and I think Suzanne Simons is designed us into my one of those things. And Kurt Curtis they usually that's another one he's he's back. I think one of the strangest searchers have ever seen on Tuesday. I always wondered about him with his action from Akron Ohio I now. Are you means that on with the way that the world has changed the Internet and everything. That there's still a market. That the that this all has something kind of debunked I know it's unbelievable. Need not stopped the word of the lord. But I think that cheap creature as conduit for the word of allure and simple and get bigger and bigger than any bigger and thicker and you look at it and go what it. You've Carl Sagan and pale blue dot than they must carefully and book ever written by the way scares me and Stephen King. Carl Sagan predicted that right around now he's dead now to right around now few years from now. Americans would descend back into superstition in darkness because the world is so overwhelming and the only response to order two responses to it. I'm a leap forward or a step backward Nancy Gibbs predicted that humanity. Was going to take to step backward. Deal and it's looking like by the way he was right. The only miracle water I ever really believed in was the one that I don't think fifty's and didn't invested in backup all of this all and he made like ten million dollars and often vitamin water and no sir though rare guys Erica this is Bob and share. Happy Saint Patrick's Day might see some green around me I went through my closet last night. And they discovered I have no green. I have the most fabulous suit Patrick's day cats or the time got me yeah. Today's Friday yeah. My dad you're wearing pink which you know underwear and you never were and can I do I just say. I keep going like this much longer I'm disintegrating. Tom anyways for you guys have some green on right. I mean I'm happy it's Friday it's Friday I ever I go green shirt in my Notre Dame head. So I what are my closet I couldn't find anything but I have my mug which I bought in Newport, Rhode Island I've bought one for me. And I bought one for share. And it has shamrock senate says himself in mind says herself herself right. So anyway you Max noticed with this morning and took a picture and Todd is gonna post that Americans. Thank you Max so at least I can carry this cup around sworn chiefs believe that I have nothing that is free. This favorite color and this certain time got meat and he had dressed up as a leper corn riding the unicorn endure rebooting your pot of gold. All its greatest cats are ever the owner waiting in the wing and when you. I got up this morning and I said to resolve common does is we ever gonna end it's only Thursday afternoon is on the on the quantity and. It's awesome news to guess guidance from on the. Other hand I'm hundred case like to go to eight as. You know why don't have a lot of green I don't have a lot of green because of something that I read in a magazine once from a guy who. Was a fashion expert for men. And he said if you Wear like a green sport jacket. Like dark green or green pants. You look like a forest ranger. It only looks good on forest Rangers it does not look good on the average guy who's going to work OK if you're gonna Wear green suit with a little cropped jacket already got a little cropped jacket he's talking about his grit. It just stuck with me but if you just Wear green shirt. I know I know how are you look like a forestry and I have a couple of green goodies. I got one. On vacation I get the other one I don't know where have a couple of green buddies but outside of that I don't have anything not funny. But well. On this stay every year there is a web site. That does a little bit of a survey on what are the most respected Beers. In the United States. So let's go through it and see if we all like each of these spears. Number ten is blue moon you like you like a blue moon every now and then bloom bloom who might be my favorite is really. Do you do you put is that the only or you put the orange and it backs he that's pretty good. Those sec east I used to be my beer I like Michael Matthews yeah that's good beer. Guinness. And this is like Keating. Unique like to cook with Candace Juno has so rich states had to get one down that's a meal it has less alcohol than other bigger and a reds apple failed forget that button in the it drink like got a good view of the during her not Lamar and I were traveling to human and we're in the airport and you know as the afternoon the senate and not have appear. And he said all right and he gets a blood of course and and I just tried this some sort of cherry beard. Oh my god news it was just scholastic news and I like situation beer. But not yeah yeah yeah I hear you Bud Light is number six. Stella twilight is number five Heineken is number four. Budweiser is number three and it's the most respected peer among women. Corona. Is up four spots from last year's number two. And the most respected peers in the USA. Is Samuel Adams. Let's repeat. Who Boston Beer so there you don't have to sing. C'mon you're good on site I need my alcohol delivery system to do more potent kimono that Alec rolling rock. An early decision go win your girlfriend has. I'm going to tell you can you know tell a green drew me to. I won't drink a rolling rock all seeing them Axl knows this all dreamed and Jane cream. And I. Heard that oh okay Elliot though. Hi Joseph Gottfried is Max. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I feel I guess your. Thought it was Jerry dot com plus sign every day that a living comedy legend strolls into the studio but it's happening today in joining us right now is the one in only Gilbert Godfrey. Curry guru but have you been hearing I VO I should be wheeled in Amman I am long game sese and the lending a legend. You've been performing since you're kidding you are there's nobody likes you oh geez. This zealots like me and Joey GG SL. No coach. Or no I'm no need. Engine and really no one knew what and even paying now. I doubt there gonna hurt how do you avoid single wild eyed sheriff. Because I think kids loved good to and George each and everyone he emails going out Georgia. Hamas. I Wear when did you realize. That you had bad reports. All god I don't know I it was on these things like. You know aids aids to me at this point is like have been doing it so long and it's like kind of like if you want dubbed this a London disagreed and said. How did you develop that walk back yes that yes we'll hold you called really. That's yeah I've been doing it so I don't I never had any conscious though. You must have realized somewhere along the way this is a unique sound that I have I yeah I'd I would see people cringe. Yeah I know so you started at fifteen. Doing clubs in New York is a fifteen year old get a gig. What are they see that's the thing you're watching gigs for years. I mean it was just. Going to these clubs hoping you can get on men and then when you get on you get on for no money and all right guy so. And now and then you know ensure the ninety years and years and year finally start seeing some money. Right. And and dew I asked this of every comedian that comes in it. Do you remember the worst booking your agent ever stopped Q with. Oh god I didn't celebrity bad bookings. One day I can even blame my agent I'll blame my agent for everything else. One. IER 89 they ask me to perform at this place. And it was in this city was in Manhattan and I remember I showed up. And and I stood there is no club bar restaurant around here and it was just like I build thing yeah. And then I went to the actress they gave me and it was like go like a loft our way your house race. And with like gum you know 23 folding chair mark wrote I now open garbage on the ground. And then I said okay will start to not five minutes I I don't want any blue material. And now and then I made up some excuse that I had to get something across the screen and you last yeah I yeah I. I thought he might still be away. Clinic chain saw. So I'm not now tell us about you do. You do voice is so very well and you were in the latter and which just about everybody listening right now saw. Playing to parrot and Robin Williams was it was so one of the voices to the juju your stuff that she's up there together. It was it was fun. I need web Karzai here's some money star season where people say. Ol Wayne Gilbert and laughing god take again that that was crazy and never once. That I work with him on we were doing a Latin. I knew every song and Randy are together for any of your scenes to get an hour now allow not not once never ran into I mean. Act comedy clubs and Brian and Tim a bunch of times. Had had dirty no I had never once I I ain't practice. The only person I think guy worked with was a guy that played Jim far. Our guidance Jonathan Freeman and also the sultan but yeah the other I didn't mean don't lag no the princess until the movie came out I. I can't figure a way you're not in every single animated feature because your horse is just so much fun to listen to see see you should be my. I don't know wasted time I'm happy now is it is it tough to be you because your voices so distinctive then you've been on Saturday Night Live and an older movies and on your your passing through an airport are you just stop all the time. All eyes. Yeah it did so weird thing you know it's like. Didn't mean when I'm when I'm walking and I think oh god these days a group of people arrow gonna run over to me wanna talk to me. And then after I walked past them and no one's sanctioning thing on gun and wearing them. Yeah I can't be happy ending there it's a tour edged sword yeah. It's sort of know what happened your sport I saw your grandson cotton yeah yeah I was I eight EI AE Lacey nagged. Gang war with her actionable line yeah. That was no I guess cash app because I was in the count but obliged. And then that grips got rob and Shane cave we client. Handgun is out of business that's the I enjoy notre. Now there's zero there Paul helps her. How can people tracked where you're gonna be adjourned the website okay I'm Gilbert Godfrey dot com right now and I got up. When did not give me you're how old guild now I don't know and when that I don't need for a and now that's going to be opening enjoyed today now we're all her friends and I got up high school Gilbert Godfrey it's amazing colossal. I'm gonna listen to us old guys are fed up on the dot com make you streamlined if you look at the movie and everything else fall to sing do do. Gilbert Godfrey it's fun and show. This area. And it was you got wild around here this week an eighteen year old guy who's made news through. Usually one of the bowers one bowers and two friends ordered pizza. At a place in Nashville on Tuesday one of his friends a seventeen year old named. Kind Rick turner. The other was a sixteen year old whose name has not been released but anyway and whoever made your pizza put the wrong toppings on it. It's not clear if the complaint but while they were driving the way. They retaliated. By opening fire on the pizza place. They got the wrong toppings and so they fired some shots into the pizza place. It was the sixteen year old who pulled the trigger an undercover cop was doing surveillance nearby when it happened so we started tailing them. He called for back up. Police found three guns in their cart including the one that was stolen. And the car was also stolen. How do you get in that much trouble. And you're still only sixteen or seventeen years old I think these guys are going to be charged as adults are they really NAFTA. I and that's crazy Tyson did that's not a boyish pranks or writer right. She west is a great place I don't know if you'll ever been there it is great place and he's kind of you know you're closer to the equator. She kind of change a little bit of 42 year old woman from Ohio. Her name's Jennifer Hickman was vacationing with her family in Key West over the weekend last weekend. She and her husband were drinking by the pool and decided to go back up to their room and get frisky. A few minutes later somebody who works at the hotel heard screaming. So they call their room to make sure everything was okay. When the husband picked up. It sounded like she was crying. So to call the cops and it turns out while they were in the middle of getting frisky. Jennifer started fighting him and not in a fun way. She pledged on the his forearm and would not let him go. Ironically she works as a privilege and it's so she knows something about. The husband said he was until she was angry at him because she thought he was just using her for road lovemaking. When the cops got there she kept saying she wanted to kill him. Which by the way if the police show up don't say things like that. That's not gonna help. Yeah I think this is less the equator and more days and Jack Daniels but the pools and yeah yeah I think that's more the alcohol and. Tom I got a monkey NS at a sanctuary to Indonesia by this monkeys your spirit animal he's contact. And nom he doesn't like smoking he doesn't like for people to smoke in the so a visitor who managed to get video of the monkey snatching cigarettes. Out of the pact he stole from the smoking Taurus. And the monkey rip the cigarettes to pieces good for him. Good fairy tale totally pulling a bubbly see with this week you'll find that video tide of this anti smoking monkey. I here's one more reason why don't think I'm gonna do well living in Florida and dining Hanks doubt who lives on Merritt Island went into his garage to get a box you know you. He efficient around in the stacks of boxes in your garage Erica. Hey thanks so and then then he goes through it looks anything goes and what this year what kind of prank is this. I looked again and said. Wait a minute. A six foot long plastic alligator and then the Gator hissed. Oh war there was a six foot long alligator on hanging in his her eyes and at first he thought it was a big one with a rubber once home my word. The most closely you look like if their fate gaffe because there's skin is so hard condition still NB. Can be kind of shiny new so once the gators started hissing and and Hank gone feed it back into the house and called 911 I mean they senate specialized. Rapper named frank rob. Who captured the Gator in minutes that's how good do you listen and he says here's the changes to gear was traveling from one body of water to another. And when people leave their garage doors opening night even in the gators go on any make themselves comfortable mean. Hank said he left the garage door from the night before when he took his son to a Boy Scouts meeting. The idea that you have to be hyper vigilant about your garage doors are six computers come and and they're all over the state I mean that's where they live. You can and how much would that three Q well you're off you go out there to clean keeps his box and no I'm nursing Pellicano would keep he's box there will be no Gator he's the Gator we've got to Jerry you know there would be very difficult. Let's respect. Our vet is more runs in the. McDonald's got hacked did you hear about that Ellis talk about that Macs have another McDonald's story okay McDonald. But it's straight ahead. Health insurance can be so confusing. And so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plans that help insure it's your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter to 99537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. Realize previews at the office Jerry dot com. O'Donnell's shocked their 3.3 million calories. Yesterday by the charging things up a little bit. Instead of continuing. The joyful revel in shamrock season. No they have that shamrock shamrock shake up again let those those looking good TMC. A long time ago I can't remember. Would it taste like it's kind of mintier right. I like to get one of those anyway. McDonnell's tweeted. Donald Trump you are actually a disgusting excuse of the president. And we would love to have Barack Obama back well so you have tiny hands. I'd and they don't know this and said we were hacked this is not at that and let me tell you not know there's no way the McDonald's Corp. a court we're sent. But I wanna say just to level the playing field the ham burglar also had tiny hands okay did he really yeah actually Pamela Martin. Excuse me maxim tied to hammer burglar teeny tiny little hands I'd say yes I'm Narnia like Chris Getz and some key is some people are boycotting McDonald's over this claiming Billy it's somewhere else until trump gets an apology. I don't know if it was an inside job you know I don't know there was one of these guys. Gorgeous green with a keyboard who knows what they want and we're. Somebody making outrageous and false claims on social media maybe we should get the FBI involvement. How is that happened they did little hands I think it was a woman's huge hit it. You know Cuban could I have other. O'Donnell's views this happened at a McDonald's in Great Britain. On you're a customer. Goes to McDonald's any orders cheeseburger you know hold the onion pulled to catch up pulled the mustard hold the pickles hold to buy and hold the meat. And he wanted to see what would have been. And shirt off he got a cardboard box you know shocks that the bird comes and hot with a single slice of cheese no that's what he ordered. Know people and what do they charge and does it say a dollar 22. Which by joy and have which is what would've paid for any intact cheeseburger and they don't when you take stuff off you don't get a discount on many say hold the pickles you don't get ten cents off. Yes sir and that's true you know speaking of trump I just realized that we have something you can't win we have two things in common he by the way likes mcdonalds and I like McDonald's stereo. And the other thing that we have in common. Is that he president trump we're solid ties it's a lot. You know what when you say cartoon drawn of him it's almost always with the a solid red tie right. He wears that won a lot. For years. For years and years and years I have purchased I don't we're tied very often I have no reason to. But I would Wear a solid color tie he no design no pattern known nothing I've got one that's kind of a ruby red. And I've got one that's gold and I've got one that silver. And I can remember going in the meetings we've broadcast executives. Like Clark brown who is so president of our company years ago. On very very sharp Dresser and he would look at my tongue right. And I would look at it a couple of times because it was so when usual that a guy would. You know I'm the only help solid coach has so anyway trump starts in India has been wearing them for the most part. All of us and I'm I'm noticing non news. Stories. In unlike CNN and nice a lot of mental solid color tie but it's just been recently and I think it's the truck perfect. I think it's it's subconsciously. Probably. OK speaking of ties now I've I tweeted this saw my personal Twitter so if you wanna see you have to go to my Twitter which is at. Sherry lynch SH ER IOU CH yes paint the press briefing Sean Spicer and you know that I'm Blake. I Sean Spicer is my favorite TV show it's exciting moment he was wearing an honor Saint Patrick's Day a solid green tie Brian. And and the world of television. Green is the color he used to cry on the key meeting late when the guy when the weather forecaster and meteorologist stands in front of the map they're stemming from the wall that's payment this color green. And then that green disappears in the complex video into it maybe if you go look at my Twitter somebody keyed out songs tie. And while he's talking in his very animated animated show on spice her way to school this crazy crap rip. Rolling on I don't know on any. So somebody did that did you know what she did do it my daughter could do it on her laptop is that right Arianna. You argue Q you don't you can do that and anything that screen on your computer if you have the right pieces software sure. On tuna was a nice time I've watched little bit of that she's got a are you guys replicas 'cause she other. I do so much going on with his press conferences anymore anyway. God he got into it with the CNN guy again yesterday. It's it's almost like you if you watched this in my soul one constable. I if I can't if I'm not somewhere where there's a tee beyond words rolling I find it on I find Osama cast on the radio can not get enough. My friend Rick was like are you watching feud. A so I DVR to my favorite TV shows the woman's health Spicer and that is the greatest. Because it's real and no real time and it's actually unfolding the moon and also to watch him. On to watch Spicer losing his patients who else. Is that it's a wash up as far as your mom losing the gray Jacqui when Jackie would like having enough. You know you could just see that she was having enough fun right great he could just hear repeat agitated played bat I would Wear a rather work in the Turkey renderings. Factories. And have coupons jobs. I'm excited about miserable job right now it's a miserable job I'll show you like during the pro Russian in the Thai videos so awesome bar in its body and share. It's very. So it was just such a great job of our music on Saint Patrick's Day. Look Saint Patrick's Day EO about 56%. Of the nation is planning in some ways to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day this year. Some cities are little more into with than others. I don't know if they have in the group plans to give any queens to celebrate. On Patrick's day to do I am going to. Put on my dream catch shirt. And I'm gonna drink myself into a seven hour match cook. We'll celebrate in different words I don't encourage I think you go 83% of those. You get bigger percent of the population is going to be wearing something green today. Sherry lynch and I are not among those people I couldn't find anything you forgot forgot I thought I was sure I thought today was Thursday noon. But I've got my U by himself shamrock and coffee mug this morning which will be open your face yeah. It's up there right now check get out of I got it in Newport on vacation I've bought cherry one that says herself. Very cool. We'll spend five point three billion dollars celebrating the holiday about 38 dollars person worldwide we will drinks thirteen million pints of Guinness today. Well now. That's a lot. We will leave 70%. More cabbage. This weekend than normal. Maybe wait till Monday to visit grandpa. And certain. And as say veterans day is just the fourth most popular drinking holiday the top three drinking holidays are. New Year's Christmas and the fourth of July I never think of Christmas as a drinking Holiday Inn and I'm proud I'm proud that I don't. You can get a Christmas just let's say no it's it's Christmas what am I drinking holidays you have been out to the form would be over the holidays. But I'm not saying I'd go so I just I don't go ice is struggling giving. Yeah yeah Thanksgiving some improvement in the Super Bowl it was almost my finger of a home. I don't think of anything is a drinking holidays because that would imply. That every day that's going to come at every day his holiday. My daughter Leisle and she's getting a little. Frazzled and drag it toward the end of her epic dress rehearsal it's sick tired of this costume is hot sweaty. It's sticky and you see greens are scratching. It just I just pulled her little face close to mine discovered extremists and I love you so much but dropped at least. Mommy is tired this commitment when drinking. Get out there in let me she's sparks flying off this crowd that that message got through when she heard that phrase mom it's clearly I watched my brother be a hockey dad and there's a big difference between the world of competitive ice hockey. And competition dancing and I find election bring a lot of what I learned from my older brother into the competition dancing buddies remind kids cry. Now I agree with the you know I tried those Knute Rockne speeches for the young masters the princess and try to motivate him with you know go out there let's fight for the team and all men often and I just saw that blank stare in his face sometimes doesn't work then I start relating to him about what the real world's like can work in it that drive through in and announced you know extra sauce at the taco Belle new and a triggers a little things. There's a timetable for her does she hits when there isn't time for everything there's a time for all baby girl I'm knowing you're working so hard mom so proud do you think. Look at she keeping up your greens in little Steve fire looks keeps leaves. And I just so beautiful and you give mommy so much to it there's time for that and then there's a time for. Let me just tell you very new this is costing more than scenes college tuition keeps your ass out there. And dad you just got to lay it out summertime that's no longer and you don't wanna and toggle back me up here sometimes you don't choose your moment correctly yet. But you can't constantly go. Baby. Yeah. Because they make them weak yup and you make him spoiled and you make them think that the world revolves around them. You get out there and do what Grayson didn't get Jason Collins money. But now they choose. I hear you. They've they've just. They just don't relate sometimes to what Todd was talking about the inspirational speech I tried those gas and just got to go the other way because they're not really sometimes team players break its all about them. And so you have to do is say listen think and you can incorporate Lagos super brave my girl black cares so last night she's like. Understand. These secrets are scratching my skin it's time we didn't really close since he tried having him lead this. It's kind of the female version we saw about what was right it is not an apples to apples can. Hey it works it works right. Money's very. We are going to do something really kinda different regard fund phones this morning we will tell you about it you can just a couple of minutes here. We're a little late on it I have to admit imagine that the Bob and Jerry show but we're gonna have something a little bit different would our callers all over the place straight ahead. On Saint Patrick's Day. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I'm not sorry dot com we hope you're gonna have good Saint Patrick's Day you have some plunge see your friends. Nice. I was reading the couple of days ago. A lot of days that some people celebrate I was unaware of it. Wednesday. It was everything. You do is wrong name I have no idea. This is celebrated every day yeah like I synagogue have gotten used to mean especially now so now. And so on the bottom Sheri show Wear and only on the love and cherish your were going to celebrate everything you do is wrong day to two days late. And our access at all Nick Price and we're gonna we're gonna take calls from our fantastic listeners. Are they got the greatest listeners agree and audio radio all of radio show radio zone. At 8088 BO BSA Ciara. Why is it everything you do is wrong. I give you an example when Mary and I brought the house who were in right now there's a there's a little media room up steers me in nearby bedroom. And that was going to be my room and the real estate agent said look at this. It comes with a flat screen TV and surround sound and hall band. I can wash the godfather for the hundredth and tenth time. And here all the fantastic music sound its going to be all around me. Well what I didn't realize is the setup. The electronics. For a were behind the couch I did not see them and that you would not be able to. When we moved in I looked over at those warriors this this thing was was wired by a drunken monkey. I can't I had cable people come over look at it and shake their head and say I'm not just. So for the past seven years I've tried. To get the sound and sometimes it comes on some of the speakers and that sometimes none of the speakers and sometimes all the speakers and I can't figure it out I don't have everything I do is wrong. Arm when we had that problem and our old house I'm I'm I went to my husband said we only had two choices and one of them involves arson and the other phones every bit yeah. Because you reach a point where you go this this seemingly cannot be unknown extort change I know. Everything I try and I have to do it now because I called one of these high priced guys who comes over and he's an expert with setting up TVs so we came over he's a neighbor reply. And he came and he couldn't do this this is what happens if he came over. And he you know just give me an idea what would cost looked dead and so don't get back tears he never called you need to go to task rabbit. And we get somebody it's a website where. Com you. Whatever your job this link you have a little job which you need to get your TV mountain or you need somebody you know put together a bookshelf for whenever our. You need help moving they have specialized Rachel moved Lee's test -- she did a test rabbit dot com and then you put in the job that you need an all these people in your area that will do that for you can't and they quote a well that's very cool huh it's an awesome I hurricanes who are using it makes me feel so terrible I just I I don't have skills in that area. Because everything you do is everything I do is wrong so it can be at home can be at work he can dispute life. Now that everything you do is wrong. If I tried to do my taxes. I wouldn't be in your view in jail. For me taxes and putting things together I don't have patients to things together. I was changing batteries in smoke detector last week and had. The battery I don't know what it's called it must have been named you know of the battery compartment. Has a little peg that sticks up the battery supposed to lie down flat on the path right right when I went to take to cover off the battery Camara mended hit it hitched on the peg in. And so I'm really only had a couple choices one of them was patiently gigolo lose many other one was bang this thing repeatedly on the count guys who are Saturn just what I would do. But then again everything you. Robert kerik hit. I I despise those bags tomb of why can't somebody figure out how to make those things easier to deal with what do you got to have that little peg for right now it's in the battery compartment everything I do is drawing in fact it's gotten to the point that when I do something right I'm surprised. I. Except it's in Colorado is and if I was. Power and hurry oh I know I did something right about a week ago when you can't remember what a line that's here remember what it was going on it's 00 it was so and some sort of a little radio I I put together. That cannot work better reception and it worked. I said you've got to be able to do discus if you call herself in to help you would care and she's always helping you with the computer is everything you do is wrong with the computer. And they you know she's gonna come in she's gonna commit an inch is gonna look at how to set it up just couldn't too which in my third he sees no whistles so shall take a picture additional tax me initials say. This was hard needed battery. Oh what's so oh well that's what out does and you know when I can figure something out in the computer and she comes and she sits down as sids show me how to do enough. You need it's so fast. I like I've lost it already and that she walks out. You have other talents. Hidden. Who they like what you have done an incredible job of organizing the Grice. And it is clean and tiny and you do the job with two keys box and you get. Very good that. Thank you he did you know I'm the winds were and yes because nobody else and that can only season. I don't think I lead by the litter and the cat litter box and was rumored. Everything goes wrong. Yeah SEC RIA needing to 167 words are seven and Bobby. Audio clips I guess your father was very dunhill. Is wrong day that was done on Wednesday what we've forgotten. So here we are overdue praying that. In goes wrong ironic. That the ADD ODS EG RI AE 881867437. Eric hi AJ Eric. Good everything you do is wrong what do you mean Erica. My path there is doing everything and there was broke. It didn't matter where a word that brought. Example Eric. We got cleared pretty yellow we got there about guys a lot right here though. All we edit it ornate. And from there aren't pretty good road like I am bit if you are a small apartment at Fayetteville. It was cute small but I heard about that note I'm. I decided but I know that voters yet at our house our first ballot she hated it goes wrong. I mean I got cut the grass it was the wrong way maybe this is it was the wrong way. Up regardless what I want that it is the wrong way. Dead is that you could. Eric that's called marriage. That's called Mary sue G you get to the point where you were link reflexively flinch. As you know that you're about to get criticized. I got the part where I just decided hey you know if you look what they've done right you gotta do it yourself I let her do everything. Yeah. He did not started units are. I bet that's probably it could it be you know Lara. That's healthy in a marriage Eric. That's that's what she wanted to do you know. Margaret Court you here to work is along I have a question about how you do the dishes to know as long as the dishes get clean Newton. Is terrible. Are wrong way each. You could yeah is good point. If someone else is doing the dishes and making clean I don't care if you. I don't care what technique you use all go I will say in Eric's defense or defense of his ex. I have been told that I don't know how to load the dishwasher there that's a different skill set now. I know you're you're right back unloaded skis anybody seen mr. I love the earth and everything. If you don't maximize your dishwasher and load your wish to modern energy. Everything here like what I do lobbyists I'd gotten better I'd be afraid there was wrong in the beginning but I didn't know he did it would've gotten done. Yeah are you doing okay now where you're divorced now UC. Am I doing I'm doing great autumn but not Sunday years old now. I've got custody of him good. I'm with them pretty often bureau got a very that we got I will split his family. Nice nice all right very good I didn't. You got the dish you've got the dish washing done right now right you got that I did. In our idea of a bit lost it in the laundry now. Next thing you're doing a good job where I. All right very good. I didn't like bed by eight plus that we thought would do. The that got the right woman now all right Eric thank you very much Marcella is gonna join us right now celebrating everything you do is wrong day what what do you do wrong Marcella. I'm. Bought our motto gotta say this I'm definitely my new Saber Soledad. I don't know how I didn't know about it yeah I mean and you probably got them wrong and everything you. But I'm glad that I can't wait to celebrate on iMac and you try and who. I mean what rests. Hot off the plate is that I was yes and for him I think he. I know I thought like that was my best example. We were banned from buying cheese. I can't IQ you're not allowed. I don't know we have a 91 all supermarket they incorporated. C section minute I'm a big fan but I like to spend some time their pick out something better Nero you're. I'm also. You know that kind of thing my boyfriend. And a great cock I'm lucky to have that we all need for me I like to contribute and thank you election. So I went over him and concluded months. And not the other night and he'd be eating it he is and telling you I'm not allowed to my team anymore because they both bad. I'm like you're you're even yet self couldn't have would you buy assume that no no no no my. Your eating I don't understand how come we can't quit when I get an airstrip but I'm done but I just turned great read. We have like I know that you know what I'm talking about your season bright red and the fact I just like my life I don't know what to think yeah I don't moment. This is a tough boyfriend criticizing her she selection and he'd met your faces wherever I can tell you. Is wrong 88 POV. EST GR I. Did each to see. She dish and the bottom insured podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading us all into. Elusive company yeah eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. Doesn't a vacation because he is all inclusive sound amazing to. Great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Off for sandals or call 88891. She's 5159. It's 8889125159. Back for the podcasts. I refuse I thought this Jerry dot com Cindy eighth Indy car you think back on good morning everything you do is wrong what do you mean. I have been a good person national power nor did he outlined. But man that prohibit elected Eritrea Diller is there aren't that people are. Oh I didn't do people. Like duke. And the and then how come into content every bit kindergarten airline is still end up. Our current mineral line. I know exactly what you mean I got into the two person line the exact same thing that you just described just this week. And you know I'm glad she scooped cloning which is pulling them out of her person looking at them. And then the guys look and added oh we don't take that one I'll leave hey. Don't need not a relay it. I'll be added. I'm not peddling that building I didn't like it. Didn't make ego wouldn't you know exactly get trop they argue that barricade there. You know young at heart yeah I don't. You. Know. We we need to live we India and. I'm Nate big guide to how how are on the highway and I got that color is built it. Cindy do you have the same issue at leg that check out line situation at Wal-Mart grocery stores where you just can never re checked out that's what she said. You know aren't we all. OK okay I think they'll try to you know they ate it and get it but don't try to pay or. No we all need to do we need to live in one of those highrise is those enormous high rises in New York where they have everything in the building. And you don't have to go anywhere like Chris. Elevators that I BD elevator for it and how they look at black. Oh you picked the wrong elevator you know. I got here I am your trouble with driving but I always get behind the driver let yesterday I got behind a guy with New Jersey plates. I don't know what color his car was it was so peaked insults and clearly he had just gotten here in Rome New Jersey and he was driving down the road and he wasn't on his phone he was on his tablet. And I think she was watching an episode of scandal. And all I'm watching television by god that is so I had an. Terrorists had his hands on the wheel and his tablet linked. He was holding his tablet with two song with a thumb on each side. And he's driving. He's going a good fifteen miles below the speed limit that is so bad. People come on that's like get behind Cindy I always managed to change lanes to give behind. Sky you know like get behind I like yesterday I'm driving home and and I did there's a city bus and it's stopping right. And there's three cars that are caught behind the city bus but not me. So I look in the rearview mirror and there's those SUV. And I got plenty room to get around the city bus. As I get into the passing lane PS UV. Lays on the gas. Trying to block me out from giving him the passing lane what people that. There's a whole this is this is one of the things like that fascinates me there's a whole body ever searched it shows that traffic jams. Aren't just the result of all the cars being on the road at the same time for the traffic lights not being timed correctly because sometimes you see that you were the lights just aren't timed right isn't traffic backs up. Traffic jams are mostly the result of human beings refusing to cooperate with you and the other human being insulated itself rather than. Think it if we do this thing's called the zipper. If you merge in a zipper pass fashion like you know the teeth coming together in the zipper broke you'll cut down on traffic jitters but there's always that guy who seizure turned signaling doesn't. None this like no no that's not not miss lifetime but what is it currently own what you stand kite like it's almost always a guy. Well having divorced him. I say no more he's typical. Saying hey we're good thanks so by about sending tonight and it's about insurance okay FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps and photos Gerri dot com this year. Zoo and. I'm actually a live. In the early to really think the. 'cause trio would cisneros situation from today. It's. Pretty bad up here but it's you know it didn't. More luck you know and one day no not that bad it's good day. Mean and how much how much snow did you get. Back so hard on our. So she looked. Aren't real yes yeah we're we're now processed processing Giambi to snow I have I keep a ruler in the studio. Yeah let's seize that's one Flint you know. Actually we know they're essentially telling Anderson so you're also the middle child of seven kids. Yeah the out bed. You know it's audio I didn't expect to get that we get out Aaron I got told the guy register on it they. Let's hear how much or are they got it I'm the middle consistent. I worked for my parents I think that the rest here right there he went out of Jordan put your group say. Every it's everything you do is wrong day today so he works for your parents let's start let's start with absurd of work to Egypt. It's and it's. HVAC technician works you know eating out or posters and their conditioning act and the bank. Yeah yeah. So that's I mean that's pretty skilled stuff at some point you you're doing it right great. He hadn't it is certainly interstate mart and I've been doing it for a long time so. Father everything you do is wrong in your father's eyes. She I think it's yeah I got that yeah our topic I love it they heard what degree are. Oh me in and you worked with the the other kids from the family. I know actually I'm the only one. I overstepped my younger siblings. Young mostly end up my eldest sibling I don't live in the area anymore. So so what is your father say to you what does it sound like. It depends on an Billick I mean you know firing. You know there there there are days where I I will be something light and you'll be very appreciative but yeah. Seem like a lot of time with any of any little thing you know like I had that I'd. CBS favorite. You know you're the only one who went into the family business how did you miss being the theme yeah you hung around. Yeah I army in Iraq are. I didn't listen been done about. Sport interests. You know I know what you should do here's what you should do take a lesson from my stepdaughter who is very good at this. When you when he criticizes something that you done technically. Just turned two woman say. What you taught me. Hope I. Yeah. I'm not gonna lie there are a lot of five put it perfectly just the despite the sometimes I feel like you're nitpicking. All right we'll get out there all right and get the heat on for whoever needs it today Anderson and door right Leo. Well they're not that hard. The political prospects. All right take care. It. Would that drive you crazy and her seven kids in the family you're the only one button the only one and who goes in the business and some of them left the area and you spend all your time we parents you. Is this is that they build up you're the only one McKinnell left to stay you still not you know what you're taken for granted yeah you know and Anderson should duke Anderson should go away. And then come back. Is it's not the way it always is. If you go away if it's for instance in this business here. If who what when I was working in TV there was a guy he got out of college he was in front of the GI got a camera and he you know went out with the news crews and he learned the trade and that he became a program director. And he couldn't go any further because everybody knew him as the kid out of college and he had no choice he had no choice so you know what he did he want to weigh in worked for another TV station. And then they realized and he became successful there and they hired him back because they realize how good he was. But for Anderson and for anybody that has siblings sometimes the favorite. Is to screw up. Have you not yeah famine then we're the favorite is the one that's most that's always in trouble. There always excuses made the screw up as the favorites that Europe has the most power in the family a lot of times and the reason for that is. Because they present themselves as helpless but they're still part of the fan. And so. One of the parent says we we've got to take care Julian here so they get to be the favorite. Or the speed Christie oldest justice they were born first and by the time you camera on your parent the novelty of having kids that weren't completely off for your parents they are. They were hardly even know you haven't paid up and I think that. C'mon over here it's everything I have to Roland did a good until I. Where did this and any time terms both. To me most of the times you can just hear the tone of exhaustion in his voice. And he would before he would say anything he would go. What's it exhaustion or was it contempt there's a difference. I think you may be a might have been mixed Whipple a little bit of both him. You feel all lake and and your parents some words done with kids after two and and you came along the unplanned child. You feel like with some big because I've seen is some big families serious sin families in my own family where there are multiple kids. Armed the first must find the second one was sorry the third one we were really planning on but by the time you came alone number four yeah we were bored with this. All suggest that you and Jimmie and I had gunplay and child to be a good name furniture and so you can cut the million dollar since I'm about. How Herm enjoyed buying three bedroom houses and held up perfectly fit in than the fact that I was around I had screwed up that plan where he had to convert the garage in today bedroom and that's cause money they'd do it because money and patents through. And then when Todd says I didn't ask to be bored Herm would say trust me your mother and I did not put up. No it's a farce yeah. Sounds harsh to the year are still come back RA. We everything you do is wrong day two days late because we did Iran's hitter and he can heat Biggio need to have as sage ER IE 888 to 167 or intercept it's also sent statements are happy saint Patrick. Stay we're gonna plus Mel Bob isn't wearing greens on the content. Is that what your news that would obviously as she's known the first I have to catch you if someone gives you a little ahead start Poland you know. Run went up like the look keep germs left for John and deliver gets me. And he'll be SEC RI AA meetings. Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. Find it at Bob sorry dot com Jessica. This must clean this list I made a mistake they're sixteen children in your family. Sixteen children my family these third oldest brother eight year old in me. And then the next one more army they're ten years between opt. And the baby is almost twenty years younger may or now I'm I put in my current parent trap because I liked. Ignore it. And I thought they did. That means you're between the analysts are running. Never denied that. So this is not a blended family your mother gave birth to sixteen. No definitely not employment namely there's sixteen my I grew up and who was confident. And my uncle had nineteen kids and all my uncles. I'm between fifteen and nineteen. Do you know where they ran and ran away to does anybody see how them. How old you are here how old were your ire at home where your parents when they began. There Shanle. These older Florida. Well my dad was. Seventeen on my oldest brother was born. You and your mom. And then the Obama effect all of. Men and and so your your and your mom gave birth to all sixty is what America. I'll hold freak out what was the house like. So crowded that on the one. Are OK so much for calling just. How they tell me how many bedrooms what we're going to the situation. Mighty haven't loved Arnold. You know he are true trailer houses that month properly starter neck who are out of what from my grand parents like him and he basically built both say they Howell. So there was a house and then he stacked two trailers kind of like like dormitories. I want her sons and indeed jolt farm did you say that there was a farm involved. We all farm that we a lot of us once they get schooling other where lives. Almost formed my Brothers. I have six Brothers go into the military bear that. Mean and then my sisters are Ed and I got one that's accounting. And I mean we all pretty much I'm the only one that moved away from home. All the other is everybody were wet and a half hour that's all about her mom and how many of the children have been arrested. I mean. Or. Didn't you believe the only one that's gonna restive what did you get popped for Jessica. I say. I know one time that mom before my dad got back it'll come up. What did you do to her. IQ. Are fighting my younger younger brother and I hit her back. She called the cops. Yet but she ended up getting it for child abuse and yeah yeah I had to go you're defending and I was like. Teens thirteen up I. Wow what a life rough what do you do for a living now. Arum and the health care yeah. I do home help Eric thing I. Screw managed until. Colonel after her and get. You know what's amazing about that is I'm guessing as number four of sixteen. He did a lot of care taking and stuff your whole life and then he still went into the field anyway. Excellence Jessica. I got a note that an example and dementia. Well I say okay you took care of him that's great when you're real caregiver function. Okay well there are times yep that's right. Jessica thank you for telling us your story that's really fantastic and have a great Saint Patrick's Day. It yeah I'm reporter wired shut a plant and it went my. Duke. I think they look at. What McLaren this is worth getting the most I guess that's well and he came from here. OK 88 feet three PS HER I. I don't we must think connection because you get no response to being praised for leading prayer giver but boy you brits adventures take she restrictions right there I know it. Down while. So every can do is wrong today and that's our subject this morning on the play hundreds Bobby. Audio clips like gets your Father's Day dot com we have meeting here at 8088 you. Nancy GRI Nina. Everyone goes wrong you're one of seven kids well we have families are listeners are excited Camry I know it's been hijacked. I am I hope fan I ever class thirteen. I want seven my mama want seven and a brother Robert had 21. Yeah as saying that yes I have Brothers and sisters and sixteen in the original family older. Do for a living and don't say oh he's a policeman. Can yeah. Marker. He know what Bob you you've figured out yeah. Read that I would can't offer little insight to Sherri comment about the worst one being favorite ones yeah it a mile long counts alerting the F. And it is it a bit late for anybody to listen at the Eric involved in this tour member that. It seemed that when you're young perfectionist at their favorite. But I think there are more bad packed up. Travel order trouble when they require more time. Until they always seem like a late in port I'm actually am but. What are your act but it is because they require more. Well you can't fire your kids. Now what I mean Amaechi fury if you're running all up their Todd are you aware of you are fired at least twice I know or he always illegally should sue he didn't fire me what do you like to do is just read me to let me know that you know I could be a free agent from the big character I won't re sign me how. Hard I would children are recognized that because they they've pointed it out to me and I don't think I want to see. You're not doing anything right Alley seem to point out. I can do is have you brightened the one thing I do wrong that's a point in. Her turn at bat and a. I'm that's because they'll call you want to now. I go to Australia is less semester. I know what should the garage on fire but. At the house already. No they knew being hopefully thank you need you very much. Music here. I met the IMAX everything you do is wrong IMAX. You more tomorrow you're law enforcement. I guess everything you do is wrong. Well. I only when. You must have worked together bow out of you provider and then my supervisor. And then but I wanted to patrols or whatever that previously worked together. There's just so you know the worst days ever them easily like but they have like decrease these would jump out of the woodwork. How. No you know what the problem was there to butch supervise and don't you think Sherron. You don't want supervisor. And then you get another Sunni allies or it's too much supervise it's hard it's hard to focus when you're under the vision and that's right. Did and its military law enforcement though. Involved are. Okay and learn well let me give an example of something to that went wrong. Well I mean there's been several vikings paid off startup like the first bomb we all work together. All that we went through this calls for domestic violence and you're out there and this woman has. She's extremely Spanish and she's Stabenow and Irish in the floor mean. You know bring it coordinate efforts saying yeah new. And then. What do you do when that it is there remain in their true. Again here it. Is is there a minute I tell you what let's let's put backs on hold and see if we can its audience is center right at the answer we get that cleared up and go over to Gabby hi Gabby. So you're the oldest of four. I am mile an art nothing crazy like act by our. So me and my brother were about Barry and play and I'd wait XT YQ. Did. And then when I was in our media cafe eighteen my mom got a wild idea achieved it teacher out and had to end at 46. You look. Could show. I always kind of a bolder and are you. Everything everybody else does it my all and I'd get in trouble for everybody out the mistakes. These are two disparate. It's things I image that in your mother was here's coming gab what cab be saying is. Impairs an even want kids but she's the scapegoat for everything and now what major mom at 46 decided that I wanted to have. Haven't. So my Kerry got that or what I would app and air and and of course should not expect that I'll they got married and they have been trying and naturally for. Years hadn't it wasn't until I was seventy that they were able here. Authority and teacher early Asian and know our. They have been getting eggs donated and check out they are part and my mom and. Well we your mother wanted to have the a baby with the second husband right I mean that was the whole. Right crap right why don't have more prone mice that and in fact that aren't cheated I. I need your brother like paper about it Edmonds is wonderful eulogy at Yates he had actually prayed DP yeah huge comeback from have. Getting no I would not or how we would Damascus on I just can't do the math in my head today how what's the age separation between you and the twins. I'm very the age difference between you and I was Dan marks and connect ringing and Eric. Eighteen years OK they're now we we have this problem every game unknowns and and you know much homework to get around to fixing did you know this show is new. Yeah that's right that's right we'll see if it works out. Our thought those were those were some great calls on. If he kind of went in another direction with all these do you think you have between with my challenges from the same woman. No holds a twenty year guarantee your whole adult or I I swear you right you really how do you. You sure know your grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where health markets insurance comes into. They can show a small business owners group health insurance options they're not the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better out of financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 85575. Mode 3537. Helped markets insurance. Yeah. RE dot com. Every day that a living comedy legend strolls into the studio what is happening today joining us. Right now is the one in only Gilbert Godfrey. How we're doing routes we're glad to have you in Erie. I feel I should be wheeled in Amman and I am along some game sese in the living alleged. You don't perform recent you're kidding you are there's nobody like you oh geez. It's so it's like me and Joey GG SL. No ocean. Oh no I'm no longer need a an engine and in new either one you look and yeah I mean now. I data that's out there and heard how do you avoid single wild eyes and because I think kids loved good Ted Georgie Jones ever want to keep emails going out Georgia. I hope so. I'm where and when did you realize that you had that voice. All I know I. Don't know I it was on these things like. You know eight apes to me at this point is like have been doing it so long and it's like kind of like if you want them to someone in the street and say. How did you develop that walked back yet yes we'll hold you called really that's yeah I've been doing games so I don't I never had any countries. Well but you must have realized somewhere along the way this is a unique sound that I that I yeah I'd I would see people cringe. Yeah I know so you started at fifteen. Doing clubs New York as a fifteen year old get a gig. What are they see that's that they knew wasn't gigs for years. I mean it was pierce. Going to these clubs hoping you can get on men and then when you get on you get on for an Omani and all right now I sell. And now and Dana and surely guarantee years and years and year finally start seeing some money. Right. And and dew I asked this of every comedian that comes in it. Do you remember the worst booking your agent ever stopped Q with. Oh god I didn't celebrity bad bookings. One day I can even blame my agent I'll blame my agent for everything else. One. IER 89 they ask me to perform at this place. And it was in this city was in Manhattan and I remember I showed up. And and I saw it there's no club bar restaurant around here and it was just like god build thing yeah. And then I went to the actress they gave me and it was like go like aloft are way your house race. And with like gum you know 23 folding chair mark wrote I now open garbage on the ground. And then I said okay will start to not fight mandates I I don't want any blue material. And now and then I made up some excuse that I had to get something of course the screen and you last yeah I yeah I. I guess he might still be away. Clinic chain saw. So I'm not know tell us about you do. You do voice is so very well and you were in the latter and which just about everybody listening right now sought. Playing to parrot and Robin Williams was was saw one of the voices to the juju your stuff that's except whether it together. It was it was I. On any web course I here's some money star Susan where people say. Ol Wayne Gilbert and laughing god they get that that was crazy. And never once. That I work with him while we were doing a lag. I knew every song Randy are together for any of your scenes to get an hour now allow not now wants neverland until I mean. Act comedy clubs vibrant and Tim a bunch of times. And Ed during no I had never once I I ain't practice. The only person I think I worked with was a guy that played down Jim far behind our backs Jonathan freed me now and also the sultan but yeah the other yeah. I didn't think we need to alike know the princess until the movie came out. I can't figure out what you're not in every single animated feature because your voice is just so much fun to listen to see see you should be my. I don't know wasted time I am now is is it tough to be you because your voices so distinctive and you've been on Saturday Night Live and an older movies and all your your passing through an airport are you just stop all the time. All eyes. Yeah it did so weird thing you know it's like. Did he mean when I'm when I'm walking and I think oh god these days a group of people aero gonna run over to me wanna talk to me. And then if I walked past them and no one's sanctioning thing on gun and wearing them. And I. I can't be happy ending there it's a tour edged sword yeah. A NASA tracks or know what happened your sport I saw your grandson cotton yeah yeah I was I eight EIA was seeing nagged. Gang war what the reaction humble life just. That was no I guess cash app because I was an accountant and obliged. And then that grips got. Rob and say hey we client handguns. Out of business that's the I enjoyed an hour. Now there's an answer their call a help for. How can people tracked where you're gonna be appearance that website okay I'm Gilbert Godfrey dot com right now and I got up. When did not give me you're how old guild I don't know and win that title game. And now that's gonna be opening enjoyed the day down. We're all her friends and I got up high school Gilbert Godfrey it's amazing colossal. I'm gonna listen to us out guys are fed up I'm very dot com make you streamlined if you look at the movie and everything else to sing do. You don't burn Godfrey it's fun and shared stuff. Sorry I can't sit here in the studios. So Patrick's day selling one of my daughter's dance costumes while attacking and zone and Todd said. Hey if you have time I ever to my sweater tonight so my sweater. So I had to I'd take a sweater off and I'm gonna go so that for him Mexico and just have to say yeah yeah he really did its in my lap I just threaded the needle. On this study ways or just in shambles homeownership junior can help a brother out a little bit here only a second god does its approach should. Thank you lord Jesus and I just wanna shout out. Four eighths month. And why many years of going to Mormon youth group for equipping the with a whole host of real world skills only go about Wyoming there there were no. Catholics so. My mom shipped me off to on the church of latter day saints to these group with all my friends splashing Max. And so I learned all about the Mormon faith but I also learned. So. Many END practical skills and I also was part of four rates T don't give urban and 48 snow. I'm in four H I learned. Selling which is what I'm doing now. And I learned on some basic public rudimentary bang NN hammer into a nail and how to charmed by her. And also life suck castration. And you would think Sherri Wendy's castration almost every day here in the workplace and that the armed see. How many broke. Tell you can get so take a moment and don't shout out for H and the mormons for teaching me how to so Todd sweater back together do you. You know when I think of four H. I drove back to when I was maybe 91011. Years old. And you would see something on TV I can't tell you where. But there review once in awhile something on TV about four H kids. And they be reason their own horses. And cattle OEMs and showing animals at an it was always during the summer. And these kids were just great looking kids and their goal into the fear with their animals and they're right no horses and I looked at that. And I think you're so lucky. Now the idea of me getting up in Nebraska. Finished in the middle of January going down a milking the cows. I probably wouldn't that farewell to our studio is little Bobby omni Q do good job doing that but that that's that was Mike in match of what forage kids. Got and I think think dude to a certain degree. A lot of my friends and worried some Wyoming did have on animals that they showed at the Jackson County fair. Then the challenge for us was we didn't have on farm animals so I didn't have farm animals but I did the other for its activities for example in sixth grade. In four H I learned how to make car mall. And that. But that's not a small thing because making candy new isn't making candy is really tricky. Because there's the exact perfect moment where it's karma all right and not Sarah and not green he also learned how to make divinity. And my own hand pulled Taft he knew how to term binder well yeah it's a domestic skills hit yeah truly and you go far you go I'll never gonna need those split who knows what civilization will collapse and somebody will go. And churn butter and yeah help you know there'll be eight or you'll be in the nice warm TP. A sewing. So to get our Josh swept up for an arson Pearson things she may not know about Saint Patrick's Day. Since Nash stays considered a lucky this day of the holy ear to get married yes. Unless it falls on a Saturday there's an old Irish proverb that says Saturday is the worst day of the week to get married. Which of course that's today most Americans it is now though I got married on Friday. So here's some here's the Irish proverb. Mary on Monday from wealth Tuesday for health Wednesday the best day of all. Thursday for a losses Friday for crosses Saturday for no luck at all. I've never heard that one G math. And simply ratchets day is the reason we have leaked your proposals because according to Irish legend saint Bridget complained. The women and retired sit around waiting for some dude to propose. To sing Bridget ticker matters into her own hands. By asking seem catcher to marry her of course they weren't saints at the time they got married they were just reject and Patrick. And it's now tradition. An entirely. That leap day. Is when women propose to men instead of the other way around but that's fine I'm wonder where people started getting married on Saturday. I mean has it all week it's now I think I've always been Monday through Friday we work I think that's a result of the industrial revelation in his time on Monday your Friday were. Heard it's actually. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast. Dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. My dear Mike derivation is German and Irish. We had Kennedy's. We had McDonald's. In our family. And I had an uncle. Whose name was John Kennedy oh wow yeah and are you just only related. To the Kennedy no I well I mean who knows I'd have to 21 of those the good kids things I suppose. But. I didn't see him but every so often my father. Would take me to work once in awhile when you own this business called coffee time. There was just over the ferry street bridge. From New Haven TE Steve. And this is the place it was he would cater large businesses coffee and donuts and candy and things like that. And yet about twenty people working for and this is the place that he would take me and they had giant bags of sugar and I'm sure sign yes I would say what right do any organized duke let's pretend that I assure resorts which are right there. And I I'm there you know right in the horse and probably looks odd to the other employees put in I was out of his hair. And then he would take Greeks. Across the street for lunch and I would sit at the bar on the button aren't. And he'd have you know a shot in the beer and I get a hot dork and lush and your entire life style set in motion it's true. This exit true yeah I've lived the iPad and many meals sitting at the bar. So I did how soon. So that was part of it and then you know I get bored writing the bag of sugar so he would say one Michigan around. And see your uncle John. Ireland where. That the bridge just gonna under the bridge. Climb up those stairs. And knock on the door. This was the first time is that it. That we more close the family wasn't close but he knew that it was an uncle and luckily his so be a great uncle to me. John. Uncle Johnny was the bridge keep. Oh like a drawbridge draw bridge right. So I'd go down there and after two or three visits you know I felt more comfortable doing it and it was one of the most exotic things I've done in my childhood can't you let you. You know push the button and you know I don't recall it's been so many years but he would let me yen. And so I'd walk down the street it was about two blocks away. I would never let a nine year old around the blocks east now and which was you know little Dicey at the time. And then I'd climb up this ladder and I'd knock on the door. And uncle uncle John is in there and he's smoking a cigarette you know and it's got caught field coffeemaker in there and yeah come on man. And it was like. I was in a World War II movie I'm up in and I concede the boats the common good who. And a I'm Wheaton and I'm waiting and some things that have to wait like an hour because they're no boats coming but then one would come and he'd go to work. And he'd be thrown the switch and that's which end up Combs the drawbridge. And I was so proud that of relative of mine. Was operating natural approach. And in the boarding go by you say waved to him a wave and the people on the boat with pollution choked like a tugboat or simply. Then he'd bring it back down I thought he was one of the greatest men I've ever met. And I just think that's the only job. That he had after the war he got that job I had such as the bridge guy and he stayed. Career John yeah I'm re going to why would you go that's a state job I had was probably great pay and a few hundred city and always city your state but you're right you're right though I'm probably union. The site first. The first lynch is that keen to the united states of miles of my line of Linksys and they operated. On a whole route. They were the toll road operator she mean the guys who take the money. Yep but it was one of the first hole roots on the East Coast. And Lynch's on the brand New Jersey. It was then in his Pennsylvania. I'm told on. Basically into my font or the Lynch's were our. Intention. Because that was probably union to back at meg GSL Syria doesn't seem. And of we were earlier in delicious my people only been in this country a couple of generations on both sides Italian and on the other side. Shouldn't. Don't warrant for themselves man they were assimilating their living the American dream my grandmother was a naval officer at. This occurred. And here comes GF Felton. And besides. He decides that crystal meth manufacturing. Is this series for Hamdan didn't and to see how old family down Tina in one blow which is a lesson kids and how difficult it is to build and help swiftly one can destroy you know our reputation and a family accompany. A nation. It takes very little to destroying. Agonizing effort. Your belt it's true it's true blood and no one generation had a had a slip but you when your brother. Prosperous and well you know most of us and they're all the. I'll say this mean my brother mark neither Listerine on house arrest Peña yeah we were not even my ankle bracelet that's okay. Your good afternoon. Bob can ship. About V miniseries that sun FX that is about the feud and that's the name of the miniseries feud. Between Joan Crawford and Betty Davis back in the 1940s. I guess it would be 1950s. And you know Beck then. Thirties forties and fifties publicists. Publicists are people who send out information usually to say something nice about the performer. Publicist would create these ridiculous. Scenarios that. So and so is happily married and they just slow of the two children they spent so much time they cook dinner together every night. And you know one of them is is is gay and there were just thrown together so the studio would tamp down. The idea that a a gay man you know. Could exist in America and and so it was. It was like a movie unit and its own right you know they were just create these ridiculous stories so it was very refreshing when I read this thing. About a Selena Gomez. Last summer Selena Gomez begged her tour and checked into a psychiatric facility. In Tennessee. And in a new interview with Vogue Magazine she explains why I haven't heard a celebrity talk this. Candidly. And it's on it we would such insight in a long long time she said. Tourists are really lonely place for me my self esteem was shot. I was depressed anxious a starter to have panic attacks right before getting on stage or right after leaving the stage. Basically I actually wasn't good enough I wasn't capable. I felt I wasn't given much chance anything and they could see it. Part of that had to do with your fans getting older quote. I was so used to performing for kids. At concerts I used to make the entire crowd raised their pink keys and make a pinky promise never to allow anybody to make them feel they weren't good enough. Suddenly I have people in their twenties and thirties and I'm looking into their eyes and I don't know what to say. I felt I had no wisdom to share. So maybe I thought everybody out there was thinking this is a waste of time. Isn't an interest in. She really has struggled on in that vote interviews she says that she sees her therapists five times a week. And that DBT dire electrical behavioral therapy which is some really wonderful on European. On practice and model and has changed her life completely. Is an accurate just completely. And she is absolutely committed. To taking care of herself into her own recovery. We could and she also says that on she. She owned only seventeen people have her phone number and two of those are famous the she had to change everything in her life which she went into therapy. I wonder why she didn't I mean I can understand if she has young kids and she's work in the young kids with a pink you know. I wonder why is she just didn't become a performer on stage. That just did the numbers and said you all have a good time you know Leo he's throw that out you know we gotta we gotta pump it up tonight here in Toledo. I wonder why she just didn't go that route why did she feel that she had two brutal the connect with the audience on some intellectual level. It's not much an intellectual level I think she felt because she came up it. You know she started it like it's worse six on the Barney TV show our opinion now. Yes I thought it was Mickey monus as she started on Barney Sheehan Demi Lovato together were on Barney. And then she went on to be Disney Channel star as a kid Wizards of Waverly Place and then launched her music career and I think that. A public a lot of child performers there's a disconnect between childhood and adulthood because they don't do the typical. Adolescent process of going through it they don't do that develop oil stuff you know they have to do all of that kind of on a delayed basis which is why you seem like. Justin Bieber acting look upon guess fourteen year old and in his mid twenties right they miss a bunch of developmental steps in milestones. And I think what Selena Gomez is saying is that. It was like one day she was a children's entertainer you know I love you wouldn't love me some. And then suddenly she's an adult pop star you know and I think she didn't I think she felt like an imposter and the most sense it wasn't it wasn't an intellectual connection I think she felt like at any minute these people are. And realize they stumbled into a Disney show you and start throwing tomatoes and yeah and he can you know what and she says a member of the energy to which are bred. These are great problems to have and I know that you people are gonna say oh you're so spoiled. But this is this this is. This is my life is feeling like I know and her personality is not to go the Miley Cyrus grow into something that's you know. Outlandish you know she she seems to do more pride it's sort of person she's kind of rely on the other way. And good for her yeah I guess you are. Oh figuring it out.