Fight for your fries

Friday, July 14th

Food Fight!!!!!


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Health insurance can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter she's 99537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. Welcome to. Yeah I'm here this. Now live from the bottom cherry studios now. Many share. I was on now let's say red hot hot sticker and they had this opinion and ways you can be more attractive. Could make things that meet you so much more attractive the national continue through looks. I thought what I immediately cover my eyes so I would look at them they're ten or no war and I thought we could decide how many of these. Okay that are making us really more attractive regardless tomorrow looks all right the first one is. She musically talented. No like being able to play an instrument yeah I never could figure out why I never became proficient at that 'cause I love music so much but I got a no show that. I can't sing can't play an instrument so let's say you. Let me keep track of how many of these we don't have yeah I'd I'd love it when people keeps curse things that I'm not good owner can be joke. I'm here's another thing that makes you super attractive regardless of how you look at that is you don't play hard to get. I'm. Not an easy like Sunday morning yeah if you look upon. One of us are hard to get. So starved for love and approval that we're not hard to get it all I'm I'm not gonna take that one because I think you're right I'm not. I'm not hard to get some relief so I'm hard to get cousin I'm really particular about who I would be with teaching allergic. Yeah I think you're you're just like me that I arts and that's to face sooner I don't naslund a banner. And this XIAJ and I love when you documents things. That I shall we lacked. I like small we only this next one I remember I didn't look at this ahead of time because I wanted to take the body blow which you want to get in the rain. And we both get punched in the kidneys OK okay and so both of us have failed at two items so far right this next one. This will make you more attracted even if you kind of look like a hobby. And that is nailing it witty comeback. Yeah yeah I I knew we got another problem has. Is we just learned couple weeks ago on the show that women you are funny and Smart are considered hideous Spider-Man future. Can't the stuff that happens next and if you're a guy a witty comeback can be good but it can be Smart key depending on. Are you handle it. Pearson explained. And if you have this it makes you more attractive regardless of how you look you are careened. I think I'm kind I think I'm hope I'm kinda tried to aim for kind of under disappoint for that you know. Owning a dog being named John I think we got that that owning a dog. And now here's sort of change. On a survey Americans have found that women who owned dogs were seen as 7% more attractive than women who don't own Dachshund now I don't know the data applies to me when you seem to come home with my diaper where president you can dog. I had. I'm I'm still taking things a little bit of a pack something that's. Not quite as shiny with. We're in fact Georgia it's a nice dog and all put our life would you showing up with a lovable goofy golden you know last I mean bless his heart price. Under this next thing makes more attractive that is being charitable. Greg Jenner grass you're chaired a ball he tried to get involved in your community none of Karen Maginnis. Newton I'm having a sense of humor and noticed that the our raid that mission more attractive. Being a risk taker. Now we're not some not a planes I think we're I think we take risks. When you're talking about him business. I'm not so much of a risk takers to be honest with you I don't think I can claim that one. Rollercoaster Ers I'm armor are you talking about roller coasters or are you talking about a career year fearlessness makes you incredibly attractive skydiving. Roller coasters. Doing something risky like time when that seat element slug glee. So you don't want to be reckless speed you wanna be like I can't I can't claim that I'm taken out on I can claim not let them take an hour. On let's say I don't know we've been married three times is that doesn't make us risk taker spot. Streak of one dollar and I'm John I want to I want it more and sky diving and you know what I did that TV thing were put my head on a piece of iron and the guy would go to. Iron ore shoot through it yeah right and remembered on my neck you know listen Macs aren't skydiving 99.9. 99% of the time the pair shooter opened spoke with our track record yet. Had to open hello earth so I. Play. How many in a horrible. Playing sports. Do you see him react play golf play baseball and skin. I don't know that I get to take about one is just tap dancing count. I think it does I I'll take it thank and you knew you were a runner Furl or how long I don't think that it embodied in physical activity I think you are emboldened some kind of physical activity I think that makes you more attractive being spontaneous this is the last one. If you mom if you are spontaneous. And you do stuff fine and on a whim it's really attractive. I am more spontaneous than you yeah. But I have to push myself to be surprised if you did. There are yet to play and years and I've made I know that's what women like I even I'm married right seven years I'm married and I still didn't she is love spontaneous stuff. Here you have the push myself at that here's a great news out of the ten you have seven. That's pretty good seven things that may keep. More attractive no matter what you look that's pretty good yeah. Yeah. It's you can and if anyone says shaking things you hurt your feelings about your peers she complete set out. Why would they say something that would be negative moment. Hopefully they would look what you eat yeah I really what do you think gasoline about. That's a picture. What is guess that might face a we're the way I dress. I didn't look yeah. I was born this knows. Audio clip my guess doing more and I thought it was very dot com. Deep pills we seriously. Knowing that I'm Scott. That you haven't yet undergone I didn't know you. What it's all version in show business. And it's never too late. Think he's character that's exactly right here we're talking about a person in your head and broke quick before hang hang their know before we go to knowing Carly academy. And more on in the news we had this dire after morons like you remember too early. Also who had his ears surgically remove. Move so he could more closely resemble appear exactly Bob hasn't even seen this guy gets put tiger posted a mob that Bobby cherry dot com do we look like prepared. He looks like nothing you've ever seen it ever. Hearing this and there's the picture of him without you see in the dossier cherry dot com and this wind got. Like I got nothing you gotta go this is a disgusting looking you know it you know what Jerry said Jimmy you just end up Maxey has a warm. His girlfriend had heard Tom surgically split so that it's lays out 22 different directions she's not in the picture. But when you see this guy he has a pet hair Mac's show Buffy as a pet hair on his head. And he has surgically implanted Warrenton and now we are again. Oh my god he's the most horrible looking thing I've ever seen in my life. He's got horrible he has seeing beautiful face cat she's okay starter this season looks like monsters. You know what it turns out. The human beings look real freaky weird without here's. Well not only that but we use these crazy tattoos and warns how do you get a job working for a nor in an office I think Starbucks empire I don't think he has an office job he does have a good looking woman knows girlfriend are so. Can you impersonate your pet your dog your packet don't keep your cow whatever it is. 8088 G 6274370. No us thank you for waiting how are you. All right so you know held 00 moral you're not trying and you're on your way to school this morning getting ready to go. I'm rural an apple product focus that means I'm fonts are you sick but it means you can call up to duke Carolina cat are you ready. OK here we go we go ahead with. All at all. Now all I all I know what happened. Morello. Yeah order. All but now that's Carly the cat when Carly wants to be fed right. Our own oil and so when he's all that no big deal give Carly a bath. I don't know rural. Want old people really impressed by your family no I've never given a cat's death. Kiki let the cat and our house was last please I think in 2003. Mike Katz has never been Bain and indeed the white to give Carly so many deaths what does Carly get into. I wouldn't want Karl Grunow. You well know have a good day today even though you go to the doctor be brave and thank you for listening. No room. My my Motorola I know let's go to Katie right now and her dog no luck call you and about animals. Yet there. Air and our QB this is your dog welcomed that the show. Good morning sir your dog sounds like what. He got like ET we need but like I like to go ahead do we have all we need according list there's nothing and yet. Really excited and partly packing heat and they all mean you know the part of ET where ET. And dirty each other for the first time yet he had easy in the closet and yeah reopens dornin she's in yeah yeah yeah. OK I cannot do this them press them very well but he that the girl. K this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I street. Sorry dot com lets you diminishing thing few days ago on how you can tell that you're not poor. You're rich poor. Right so here's an example of being rich poor kid and you use Gillick your poor your parents are paying your cell phone bill. That that's a sign that you're actually heard spirits for here's another one. You that you say poor but your morning coffee is five dollars and 83 San I think. You're rich pour. You show your forums because you're only making twelve dollars and fifty cents an hour pursuing your dream. John speeches and the ability to work to pursue a dream and to choose that over new mom is its French Korea this is going to bless feet. Say your poorer the day of the grocery store and buy twelve dollar cheese you. Your ribs and pork. You. Tweeted this in the heat of one of your risk for moments quote. I'm so broke after buying Harry styles tickets and we still need to book flights and find a hotel and parents sofa. Piece of work. Your drunken a list or Newburgh. Instead of walking her to get out subway yeah. This I think what's what's the age do you think of the average person who's going through things like this may be wanting for its whiny mean when he recorded 28 you're like an Australian kids billionaire who said that the reason that millennial will never own house says is because they pay a soiled or money out of a kind of toast and broadcast. I saw the funniest read about that it was a picture mama gotta tell us. And the person treated forget the billionaire's name. Yes so and so you're right eating half a piece of fruit and have a piece of bread is the reason I don't. House. You know it's a funny thing in Europe owning a house like at that age is almost unheard of there there are people who go through their entire lives never they never own a house and I'm not talking about you know a country that is may be struggling I'm talking about France. Germany. Great Britain it's just they don't have the same. Sort of mindset that we got after I guess World War II here where every person deserves all their own home and him. America is so huge geographical leaders heard every they're spread out and have how exactly now Belgium's might need exactly you can put Belgium into the back of my meaning antics why you need. In my mind was blown. When Mike silver best friend Jeff fox told me about his parents they lived in flushing New York which I think is part of queens. And they are in the rent controlled. Apartment. And this is the only place that shift ever knew his parents. From the time he was born to the time he went to college that's where he lived. He his sister and his parents. One bathroom two bedrooms and a decent living area so what's a real big. But guerrillas control but it was rent control and for people who didn't live in new York daily note that word means but in order to stop. Landlords from gouging. You know the and and driving you out of your home. The city would control the room that they lived in that house for thirty years in in that apartment for thirty years. And I don't think that they paid more than 240 dollars a month. What incentive would you have done to move and go into debt you had dots that you absolutely none. So you know I'm I'm sure they save money instead of putting it toward the house just putter decide officially retired as all New Yorkers do in Florida. And just was able to go to any sister were able to got Colin yeah that's right I mean people like he can't have everything in the slice of people to concede. I get it. In my daughter's civics class the other day they were doing a budgeting exercise. And the teacher said our eight I want everyone to go online. And find the car that you would like to own. And then let's budget out what it costs to buy it and sure it register yeah put cash in and maintaining certain. And so my daughter did that and arm when she was asked to explain why she chose in the car she did she she had. Well I'm planning to live and it because I wanna go to art school so I don't expect to ever be able to afford an actual house I look at the answer. I'm what was the cards that you remember additional Big Bang the biggest will be less safe Kia to cheaper or whatever the. Dealership behind me you know. Aim for the stars you might be able to offer certain threats in homilies he may not have to live in your car you know every time I see this on the Internet I have to grow. And find pictures and the sword behind the story. I'm fascinated with people who take old public school buses and turn them into the he's seeing RVs. And I mean they're not to have that not just Ortiz I mean they look like the inside of an apartment a small New York apartment. Kevin and I talked about doing that 'cause you're planning to spend our golden years. On any campground. One after another link we just got summer remember retire so there's no other way we can do that we're gonna have Lincoln RG. Hopefully converted old air stream and we're just gonna follow the weather and our impulses around the country are you kidding I know them well. That's only way we're going to be able to ever retire. Showing kids. And coming just built a nice house. Or not she retire anytime soon and in. But eventually that's so we're gonna dance men. It's good that. I'm fascinated by these people who retire on cruise ships. Yes I don't want you back into the kind of cruise ship you would want to do that. I think he'll be so cool corner around the world every night there's the books today are you kidding me now I wanna I wanna be on the road you know it's cheaper than you would think. Just like to have some coins if you give up your house it's. Yeah oh yeah and bonds series. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps at a monastery dot com dev Mohammed. This should. And I wish. They Stefan or. There I've been driving through our work out sixteen month. Well yeah cause ago when you join that. I love it it's dark birds the ladies are there are the wildest rides they put in their music. And that's saying I'm everybody that in the cars cultural Prius can pop by the way. And. You know I I came stationed yeah I'm I'm actually show up turn into over driver I don't much appreciate your respect. Well I don't ask you Vick we. And and and this is what happens right people need to make a few more bucks in the go to who work. Exactly I'm more repeatedly challenged. I've hit it about. Different people but it is all right I remember seeing my pastries are wrapped around. Don't agree little chocolate melts. Make fertile or rich this shepherd aren't. Yeah not not let's get back to the girls who grew up how crazy do they get in your car what's the no obvious thing that you've experienced. Carlo is special it fit and a little bit alcohol. You know they wanna kiss Shania and churches sometimes. Are that you crazy people like that. I. All of a sudden a girl in the back of the Prius is is kissing your neck or something because she's. Where are born mesh Camille works you know making like she was going to kiss broke down and they heap all the way at the last second. I'm ready to reshape it benefit our urban. I Amar you stuff and as a man I admired you. Wound. It's good it's a lot Arctic air that's like he issued slice and everybody in different stages of their light peak chat can't jerk. People who pick out pick up people in April that doctor or never that diagnosis yeah Oreo lover in the back there you know if you really well. It's it's a lot of our people. In all phases of life. Now have you have you had lovers in the back did have been inappropriate they've gone too far. Never never I would. Yeah it's still I'm on the back and appreciate. It straight yeah I. You don't know what the glass partition may but not Jeff it's treating it goes crazy girls they're better off with stuff thought enough that guy who wants to screw the government out of so absurd you know he wouldn't he wouldn't appreciate Lola. Love that fund. Our thank you very very much and thank you for the pastries you brought us that. They were they were delicious eating gay in the UP SH ER I make our we're talking to Woburn lift drivers good morning John by John. Good so low you drive. Yep and and what was the most memorable experience you've had as a number driver. About a couple a man and woman pick which it says. A big of a group else ordered oil water throwing at. Go to Portland start arguing. Bartlett out you can't you know our. Short break or amber and moral core mean well. Artwork but this to a diplomat of the car in the middle that are they all current. So she asked you to pull the car over and and so he could get out and and walk in the inner state. What did you do job. Number I won't let anybody out of people collecting a brand you know. So you so so you did not wishy angry would you as the driver. Should try to put an old you don't poor Rick Mueller Carl McCall and O ports are little cult or. What are what are your crime higher she ordered the police could yet why would John you arrest it. Not while now. I'm at an earlier about that a minute shook you know I'm and I understand you're all don't all purple thing but I mean. We're flooded out of the army ordering them and girls club or got out it worked well for. You know John has the right attitude. You have the right guys you Hoover tried someone like rob law enforcement or military he. You. Number oh. Or white why did you get into overdrive and. Ordered portfolio. Yeah. And how flexible is it like what's a typical Cooper driving day for years. Welcome raise revenue oil revenue workers but they are they're. Can Georgia fulltime job really. Some people don't realize how works you know you're you're gonna get the uber driver that's nearest to your house that's how it works when you get the out. They show him things you can and you can't you can't vote can in advance. You just hit if you hit it and they come John good luck to be careful out there are 8088 UBS AG euros the numbers involved. Yourself and about 97 years ago. Harmful. To you know my limit and beyond as we do and unfortunately I didn't want to separate and. Sure I know you're grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where help markets insurance comes and they can show a small business owners group health insurance options they're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better out of financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you call 85575. Mode 3537. Help markets insurance. What's your first car was not your dream car you are in the majority. Somebody took a look at what cars different. Generations. Chose as their first car or what they got I was gonna say they're drilling or toys and most of hundreds of other choice. Only 17%. Of people. Over the last few decades had a first car there was brand new 83%. Of us had to use scar. And 100% of teenagers today didn't get a hand me downs from a relatives. So here is what we have if you were born after 1980. Your first car was most likely a shabby the rest of the 51 cars for mullah meals are Honda. Toyota Ford and Nissan. That sounds about right if you were born between 1960. And 1980. You most likely that is your first car before followed by a shabby. Toyota dodge and Pontiac and that makes sense because the Japanese cars. You know in 19601968. You had not really have grown to the place that they are now. And for baby boomers the top five cars were forward shed be. Volkswagen. Plymouth. And Toyota Toyota was just starting to make a run a bit so I was reading this an us thing about my first car was actually. My father's car we only had one car in the family most of the time for awhile when he was doing really good we had to. But most of the time there was one cars so if I wanted to go out. I had asked him can I borrow the car. Edge I did not have the first car and it was a large. Dark red Haniyeh he liked large sitting at its. And it was funny because the last card that I bought it's at Toyota Avalon. Darker as darkroom or large city nation and I as I was as I was driving him home from that this dealership. Hello how could I thought to myself oh my god means you choose the dark red and he usage that was his go to color. He had a couple of those things over the years when you're driving the sedan like your father with a big backseat. Now it's empty it's a better car but. It's still it's the scene in color all my cars until I bought my first Toyota and financed it. We're cars my father got in drug deals. So much first Clark's my dad was of course you know a meth cook. So. Om my first car was a Volkswagen Beetle that guy in its deal in Texas I got T boned in an intersection. That car was totaled. And I had she should be big is one of them so low nice when you add and then tire came off on the Walt Whitman bridge at night in Philly. Than the other semi Diego was a station wagon and the transmission fell out there. Then I got him this was sweet a Ford Escort. EE XT. EXCLU. Had the sport he had that's backs. For fevers some boiled rules and now my father threw me the keys and he said I think to titles cleaned up and cannot. And I had that I drove up Ford Escort EXP for probably four years until I finally on could qualify for car loan and by Toyota Corolla. You notary coral recall my father's dark red. Pontiac. Getting in it and the strong smell was a combination of cold coffee and cigarettes. That's what it's smoke well every time I got into that car. All of my father's drug deal car smelled like adrenaline fear could could pick somebody going to be brought home though VW bug from Texas and any said. No gosh it's a bold. I mean he goes don't ask me any questions about it. It was a stick shift and I had no idea how to drive this. So my father said. C'mon I teach how to drive a stick shift and in two hours. He made me go out we didn't go into a parking lot on my shopping mall or an abandoned building and then we got out on the road. And he sat next me with a cigarette clamped in his mouth and cursed me. For two solid hours but at the end of those to our worst you were doing it this girl could drive a stick shift like a boss you you're out on the highway on the highways Cindy streets. And and he would say things. But until you know what someone means when they say don't popped oblique and he believed in clutch right that's just ever right. So we get in the car and I started up this let me just let me start just by telling you one thing don't popped up mouton clutched. I had no idea what any of those words meant. When strung together and that sentence I think he knew you didn't know what that meant he just wanted to say that so I'm what's the first thing I did of course why this. I popped the clutch everybody does yes learning how to drive there and learning how to drive with both feet that's saying to you know they're after doing you learn how to drive a stake now I popped the clutch any said to me. Here. Of course there's a grinding the gears up by the end of that it was dramatic and terrifying. She was out of his mind was range I was in a cold sweat of panic but at the end of like drastic shift you know I'm right handed and so the accelerator is always on the right hand side of any car you must be weird for people who work left hander left saluted. It's not. So our are you left footed and you're left handed. Do you just have to own sport you just learn the way it is I mean it's it's made for right handed deeply stuff to do yeah hello Bolivia's some one and only driving lessons. She did not understand. Today when you're driving an automatic. Your left foot it's not invited and all dressed party I demonstrated why so much I know would choose do I sound like my father and. She was bucking the car right then and. And her room without putting it into without putting your foot on the brake or never she started trying to change gears both my money and the transmission uninsured. Audio clips I guess I thought it was very got. These should have the pupils she's credit. For winning dating him what was I guess for you Lamar. Now I admit somebody that would group of people mad girl was part of a group she cheated and our relationship below Wallin stole my. That's another couple in the group would contradict or do it letter really really nice restaurant. And now are nice you know. Good I'm ball and it would not get so. Bill with Joseph Battaglia will Lamotte 200 bucks you know branched into real. And now she should what do you have to let go we are not doing I'm. Not I don't know what to do what it will work up to break. So I can't and so. I know I don't element pay either until they get married men and then makes it. Total total on the road so that Bob was. He didn't tell what do I want it today. Possibly romantic you don't know OK no problem so all of a week what are. We talk again we senate burnished that made them a little bit yeah so wouldn't it more cordial miss some thank you so we go to another. Very nice restaurant. We have great miscarriage competition show. And so. And some roared through our own in sort of late hour we can't slowly so you know pretty much got to adapt. About the little cooler but it won't enforce certain that they shouldn't start under your plan what do you order changes. And so I'm not sure how does it go well technical. I don't toward the weekend. Oh group that we wish it will like ten people the people we all go to the sugar rush or throw this big huge stable. What better and better. Well I don't wanna show and then I would go oops how we orders that would come she got a cold call. From a addict. Bo duke student so could be able I'm Michigan met neighbors aren't the problem. So we're going to scrap sitting there sort of remote phone call list. They deterrent but I've missed it. Comes back exasperated where SARS are sort of problem worse and they go back drop your own. Case stating that the call girl. And now before you don't want our are you still pay and for her with and do you still are OK okay I wanna make sure about that our guys. Until I actually just an all cult Danish English can look that would tell it what. A lot of oh. Wonderful you know what comes right not to let you make did you regret orderly base. Do you Wear and bring me my bailed. Reagan probably at least half position right now and I'm real. And so a lot of the bill after a big news that what I'm eating. After the gratuity or millions are real. Couldn't element and killed in the gratuity. I tell everybody. I got to go yo we're ready to. I did I can I get a on the table but can't people all we have a walk have to go launch giancana to agree to read to get apology I don't accepted phone call. Well I'm I'm. I think I would've applauded and stood up ball so. No I'm not going to argue and debate should help. I'm gonna get a lot supplies. I'm doing. In that night that would be you be a sucker. Do you suck pick up that that when you do the attendance present and you never crossed her path again never ran into were again. But so are some are a couple of times and outlets do whatever but there are big and he did. Absolutely who aren't aren't bumpy at best of us and you know mr. romance here it happened to once. You know we'll more home yeah I was gonna say yeah. How is that what you call it still no excuse me when you ask me you with with the largest course and Clark. She usually do. It possible. What was she thinking. Peek inside I'm Sheila and I don't know awful woman did that TUU. I mean I know that you're not one to hold on anything or to suffer and just moments but if you it would be unusual for this to happen to Bob infamy did not know about it don't you agree I agree don't you don't start bringing demand for copper he does so I see what I would do sometimes he does so well and I deny her status truck. That's in the middle of the night when we originally what are. Screen. And usually when you go ahead and titles somebody die usually are talking about yourself miss guys romance. But Australian silence is like this tree falling in the forest that's true there's no one there to listen what was the point of the sub exactly. OK I don't know. Now back on the rails. Okay this series. The same pod cast him. You not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. I say kids that I'm sorry I don't even probably yeah. Later we keep your bed at night wondering oh I might descend from the vikings I mean how many times. This happened we're. Sometimes stick things is staring you right in the face OK I can't. You're lying there you're struggling this sleeve for your gone I don't know I mean I couldn't eat the descendant of HM vikings. Is there anyway you know for sure. Well this isn't a 100% and I'm gonna give you some clues to let you know whether or not you're descend from the ancient vikings. The first OK. First I'm reading this really fun amazing wonderful book called one damn thing after another. It's a novel. That's. It's historic bubbly C a a young lad in Connecticut know it's a novel aren't its set in England and it involves history. One of the things in the book did shopped out it means so inspection by the although they euros in the book are all these academics and historians write. And down one of them said you know if here's five Boone is shorter than your shin bone. So if you have long sizes shorter she NC. Your disappeared the descendant of Norman's and they have longer shin bones is shorter thigh bones you're the descendants accents. I think I've got I think I'm remembering that great. So that's stop quickly because I have longer side though it's a shorter sentence and no I'm Bataan I ice came upon this article. That links Sigmund doing all these genetic ancestral studies around the world. And certain names are linked to a viking passed so let's see if your name is one of those. If your name and send SO ON or SC and Lincoln Robinson for example bright or Jackson mean. You could very well be related to vikings I don't know it's been 900 years. Since the vikings pulled up in their long boots and pillaged and burned. Viking heritage in your family anything ending an SO ON or SCN. Mom. Brought any kind of ride germ. Or Rogers and doesn't viking names and anything. That OJ Anderson something like that mic guy Mormeck calling the cloud. Those are vikings surnames are. Robert patents and you know starve to violate the that's a viking named names that refer to personal characteristics such as long or short or wise or good. Biking names if you have a scan Indian it and Scandinavian name like linkletter. Aqsa blinking name. And dom delicious of course and a descendant of vikings. I would've made a very bad viking because the main thing I remember about. Well I learned about the vikings is they they're out there and they're in the north freak in Atlantic and then they pull in to a new. Area that nobody's ever been to before and what's the first thing that they do they burn the boats that they came in on. And why did they do that because there might be some indigenous people here and we're gonna kill them. We will not have an escape route there's no goers no going back so fun part of that crew. I am talking to the head viking and I'm since then here's the deal. Let's just leave the boat here for a while okay you never know. Wednesday Kilmeny if you get a bad guy and should the reason for a mess so when your SEN at the end of your name is because people in the waking aids. They didn't have family names like they weren't the least he's they had Patrick mimics where link your children would be named link Landon would be Landon. Bob's daughter new brain Robert's daughter conveying your some would be. Robert son didn't cease and that's all right that's how we end up with all of these placing names. And because when the vikings. Holding an am burnt their boats in what is now. On Scotland the UK Ireland. The aid infiltrated that population for a big time. They brought their strong breaking genes and their crazy viking ways and there viking names and then. Who populated was the first wave of immigrants in the United States. People from England Scotland Ireland Wales sake Kate if you know those DNA tests to tell but sure Nancy creek so. Is that. Does that replace the filling out some sort of reform. As I can only go back to my grandparents. My my mom did 23 may deny not tell you about as though. My mom called me up she said Sherry I got my 23 me back I haven't I haven't gotten my back yet. I got a 23 me back I hope you're sitting down were Jewish. Is that right. And you know it on the Judaism follows through them mothers line the beach my and where we've got grief can mess we've got Jewish MS. My mom thinks that on the I Italian side on her dad's side. That her that her ancestors. May have in order to escape persecution men may have become Christian. Really. That's remaining sauce so you don't have to anymore fill out where your grandfather lived I mean that's is far back as I could go above your G you're Tony three missions you genetic profile but I can't tell you that you had an ancestor that was a plumber. And that's ancestry. That you have to know lakes mead it's eight spray my can go back because it's my grandparents. Especially you still need there's a story earlier announced it locked away somewhere yeah. Anyways so if your last name mentioned that's so interesting hand the boy you're a white King and I think I need it don't view yeah it's fun series. Twitter source told us yeah Sherri dot com I will admit I look French Fries I do I went for awhile. Not eating any French Fries because they used to eat them all the time remember the period were used to go to Wendy's everyday and I would not have a double we just onion and tries in sit in my car and we have a Coke Wendy's new French Fries. Are so good it. I heard that they are. There's so great cowardly new. They changed the formulation and loyal late they cook him and solve polygamy in the struggle with Cecil to soak I wanna try those. Well here in the top ten Fries with fast food joints Wendy's is not on here so I guess those are new ones. They wouldn't of made this list. Starting to start with number one I haven't been to displacing gets a lot of bad rap but I you know it's a good place or beast they say Arby's has the best French Fries. They are pretty good the curly fresh yeah. They're not my favorite or not my favorite I know what they are pretty good McDonald's McDonald's has its third if you catch from right McDonnell says great French Fries just the right amount assault. They're very good. Five guys. Five guys are sure to imitate us those are into the mostly out and you get so many it's expensive. A G I is a bank in La. And chick filet they have to have those wall full ones. I'm not wild about I like another good yeah shake shack and monitor very often so I'm not sure what a burger. ANW. God move LaDainian W root pier in an opinion W hamburger. And ticks me right back to when I was a kid on my bike. Cultures. And finally white castle. And their pick for the worst French Fries Todd is not gonna like this in and out burger. I'm never try to sell tires are you haven't I don't think crying you know that they can cut them they're never they're never got lose and I do know that I thought they were really good. I might shave sort of everything nonetheless he raised five guys five guys who had hit this I like went much French Fries and my potato chips to be well done right. So there brown isn't a natural sugars karma lies in the Xoom so much. Better an amazing I'm not I'm gonna be honest I get sucked into five guys sometimes it's not for the on environment. I get sucked in there sometimes to say have all of those bags of potatoes in the tell you which ranch they came tremor which are armed they came from. Yup you know I think that's kind of cool yuck how they do this and we're now Idaho or Maine. And after I've beaten the whole bag I know that I'm gonna end up on one of those rich. Crazy what direction disappeared but the best friend tries centric in my life were from the dairy barn when I was a kid but not go off dairy queen where I would righted tonight but I can they would have creek gold cut French Fries. In one of those little bode well serving traits things. And attached and hamburger we just onion and a bottle the class bottle of Coke. I do not like critical cut French Fries. And I don't have any time to stay Christ's. You don't ecstatic don't each hits a big flabby slab yeah I like things that they aren't the only candidate they can not be firm and I needed to firm crunch so I see I see what you're saying both of you know I would never stopped you from eating critical cuts to state tries to use this is America and I will fight -- despite on the hill for you eighty year old flabby Nestle is equal prize it's funny I will. After you I don't hear you got no complaints from Ebola every airplane free. She says I will fight for you if everybody what each. Then he's got I give her her poor loser I want my neck and then what's the mark she says now you would never fight for a million. You would never do this like your fairway there for this I do this for years you know sure she'd Gina said. Sad. I don't care if your crazier weird yeah. Just passed a tax sick joke she says she and you will be out to dump the IP. Like her people who make this straight to the border and our senior. Series this past 60 okay. It was whoever you want about him but he. Yeah. I am clean. And did you see my whole scale in a smoker and then pick and he's a seat driver that's road. That's true that's sexy. Lawyer Michael had a clue like let them off the market now are you worn out a boat as far as Auroio. Hope all the sale of all and I'll tell you what else if this man wants to eat a steak fry get out of his way to the Malone you know her do you she'll kick him he would wind chills but yeah. T well I'm not gonna let you be well respected anymore it's just a. Of the drugs Sheri show. Each to see. C dish and the bottom inserted podcast is brought to you by scandals the world's leading us all into. Elusive company for eighteen years in a row voter I world traveler words yeah. Doesn't a vacation because he is all inclusive sound amazing to. Great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Off for sandals. Call 88891. She used by 15968889125159. Back to the podcast. I met Bob sorry dot com I ate pizza with us now Steve watched his grandma grifters city. And that is got to be something Steve what was the occasion. Tom my grandmother is one of those that lead and don't match up my money my kid to mom yeah and this group. About 25 years ago we were Myanmar tool or sister's ready if street it's that they used to Evans small parking lot. I'm cute but how much district going on my older sister is corporal breakup. But you know teenager. And I assure you may end his sister. And my older sister got into a fight in one of the little score so we're right there where street it was taken topics. Well you know of course since it was in the store the police got involved and young lady mother came out. To get involved what she got there and I told my older sister Richie McDonald Kirk yeah career career and won't. You don't meet and I mean another sister respect America and watched in all of like you know. You know so person we don't put their cobra law. 00 I'm all. Tiller you know Arabia are much sisters their leadership you know she got it jump on botnets are -- small. So Peter can opt in it's it literally my remote to dinner there are big blow to what are coming into the parking lot. I'm Milledge got the parking lot that young lady mother was actually opened to the police. Bomb because they had been part and that Internet retail store. Com and my grandmother you know just like people would eventually come across the parking lot weather perch pitched so order a forearm. Didn't walk it out right between that late in the topic despite extra right based. We bright and I. On the contrary. Exactly dot com forward grabbed her you know got to face fellow brother of baseball and girls have started up. Middle or hate it okay yeah. Grandma I mean that you used to use her was like. Mean all our. People. The grandma object but so what's the club's doing and all this is going arm adoption. You know have a marker and all star overall is down British and I'm old but I didn't moon who it is Jew and. No he had do we had to Obama and seller we need to pick up truck than we have got hurt. Police department Abramoff our current chief just that they didn't expect that appear. On it did didn't hug the woman ever hit your sister like she was threatening to. Yeah she never dies never touch this but yeah good goal then Margaret all babies. Are happening yeah I'm going to do it all well and artwork. Demo work that Craig who and all of our world yeah she's content as grim have a record now. That would condemn the way but that doesn't grandma's first arrest wasn't. Bone in I didn't think so so I'll bet so when hard on her she had a record. Well negotiate she actually we we know of course if there aren't you know I'm pretty gray currently builds. I don't know as far as our belts pretty young when it all happened. Which though she didn't go to jail for a. No such an actual you know went over there when he took circular. Police station and I didn't know where. They would all that bush did not spend any time. Nor does curiously Boettcher grandmothers. That she got out of that big old boat and up up up bed it was Oldsmobile or. Or Buick. I think it was a big Oldsmobile. With. Up big and a little bright blue. And I know you know are quiet metallic blue yet know what I think that Tom you know we shouldn't try to solve our problems are violent. But I think the you're very lucky lucky man to have a grandma like. Mike my journal black care what it would imam. Beaten somebody out for me and you are so lucky to have a grandmother loves you enough to go to. You know. Notre scariest thing about his grandmother she got out of that great big blue Oldsmobile. Without saying a word to anybody shoot my friend totally silent cut the purse on a concede the person who know her arm walking up nobody suspects anything here comes a grandma with a purse on the right arm. And she just walks right up and suddenly. Blitzer half it also. Is a cigarette dangling out of her mouth Q are there. Somehow get that vision is and I asked there are suggesting Steve that to this day on your grandma does not believe she did anything wrong can somewhat threatened when her babies. Program all out to press police there four years ago but yet she ever her most all those people that. She's you know. She believed duration believe didn't. That's being that nobody was gonna miss out there and then he was not typical patriarch of the family and what she'd sit where. Then there's it is always we're we're out of time what was your first name I just got enough. The bio look. Jeremiah relaxing for shouldn't burden thank you seem very much it's Bobbitt should audio clips. Your office Jerry dot com your living in a messy absent its workers are you hi Chris. Yeah all right Chris are you doing our own good and it says here Johnson put appeared you can barely walk through the house. Our our area. The meat person never for a memo on and keep count are crying when I want to put. I mean in a moment down we give up forward. Don't mistake them authority on the floor. And there are got up at the bed and went to China spirit or mind I'll turn a light on wanted to but give up so early. And I end up kicking the bar through them I'll. Stumble across floor actually angered Honda Doral open market there hangers on the door handle. And I do beaten Joseph and so first thing in morning both. Mean we live that way I did you don't think I'm really really tragic street. It's you're also sorry for his wrists I feel like gum. I've just started Katie was bad girl excitement at the idea of someone who just. Done with this tell us. Surely god never did dad and then she puts these tankers which are in essence our husbands or higher. You know it in them in the morning on the doors and avoid a shambles what she just I'm done with this and he hits the floor relate what are we talking about here. Blackberry. She'll come home and fitted polar bears I bit my component stayed there. Are you chill. You know knee deep Bhutto whatever and sort of polar I don't count and leave it there. And I don't Barack Obama might yet be kit we are trying to protect all the output you have let. If we didn't come on you just plopped it down and if you trip they're like you're like been mourn Belmont I don't don't know like loan wake her up both. Are you to fit everything in. I in the wake him up their bite out environmental our lack. How. Yes you are your friends are guys are I have to ask you some questions here with as a married man to man. But is this putting pressure on your marriage. Sometimes it goes she'll play until like a comment like. I can't believe that's how quite easy to beat the acclaimed epic yeah are you pleased there's I'm very dear. My target or mourning Tom I'm going there and it and my and I don't know what she does I got you take the bat when you presenter deep because there's water everywhere and all of Europe gonna mourn and come out brush my deep and how we never think. And I come back Monica. We kid you not care to be UF. Hello my non earmarked girls are what. You know Chris I did the feeling that you spend a fair amount your day yell and you. Need to you don't let. Us put this to her Assad. I you could say Debbie. And the highlight we had a band reunion every day and kiss is just cloud up I'm like well it's outfitted her opponent. What are what are what is the answer what do these people ensure you width. We don't have time agreement to a group that's about it. I've been we've been married first seventeen years and Canada's seventeen years I think ten years out my pastor clean clean the garage. Albeit sort. And I'm all right pit I'm sorry I maker mad because I guess I think. I don't claim drives today but in the did delete one car and their August oh. You can't hit any cars in your garage. I can't eat your cake and eat it initially got everything from plants are smooth whatever everything I and a wintertime I got to move auto plant in the garage. It's stuff is all have a garage we bought out from New York on guard the Nike needs the card occur odds. Are after. He's lost his mind if you do he has he's losses might feel like chocolate did show you know the laughter of a lunatic he didn't quite know what he was driven that way. Chris was driven that way you poured got you Chris basically are you a happy man. I love Ray Allen give her a free thing. Are you right away our. Why she's so lucky to have you battered I have true love and someone that is just a big hot literally hot mess of arm. Then to have a perfect orderly house and I know that there weren't iciness. Loneliness yes I I think it is better that way. All they knew everything perfect him but yeah how I can get Darwin wondered if she cleaned up outside probably come home. Have a stroke or Chris is somber. Did she have this same sort of sit and roll it off and live in the moment enthusiasm in every area of her life. Just love to cook it. Coach don't come home and my oh my gosh are very bad because there there's dumping a better job got a well how could not any kind of aggravated that in this guy he's an outcome hunger. Well our comedian David bitchy Houston territory here I don't that I didn't have. He know why you're wrong you're woman is on my hero because the idea of of just. Throwing stuff on the floor knocked stuff off the counter couldn't even lift clean and a trail of chaos and then come out. Saying why didn't you could be in that. Yeah you know I'm reticent brings. Our definition of clean it move beautiful one room to the other. I know I know what Chris needs as we go out Chris you need to get you when you get enough points that you would tiny house. Put it right out and barely stopped knows she can't go win you will still went. No IG is not allowed in tiny house take great would you be ever allowed to have your own tiny speech. The other thought I'd. My garage to myself but I don't have that. Hey this is Cheri thank you so much to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Our street kids it's very. If not for Sarah we're talking about. And all that Jack cheese you have what is the wind you would love to get rid can you please control columns are Boggs said that this is connected. Had she teased out a young Q because what's wrong on the show you Dawson. At 8088 BO BS HER I hi Sarah. Or aren't we're fighting here on tattooed Tuesday. They already are. What are what are you wanna. I've removed Sarah. You won at it and I would like spirit of the paper while I got. I was nineteen aren't salivating at that I'm and I wanted to get Matt intact is. Only young and it bit banged. So obvious. When UN and I got my iPad is notable tribal that I'm and it had to work no regret. At the bottom and it's ironic yeah need to approach the other new artists but what does not very good. And so the personality yet but I'm after I got mine back outlook. And never got what. Pop off a. Many regrets many regrets. Kerry says no iPad is bullet but never where where where you haven't tattooed and please don't say your book. I don't know about credit and much of a quiet. Marie grew move how big is and we just say. Our kids about it then you are forward at all and I. Had a day she and jig. He no regrets. Are. They act yet but I covered up by about eight by eight. All music that they need. And even though there was the pat is there. Let's look on the bright side she didn't have it tattooed on her forehead. There's so she can now become a bank robber not be worried about being in morons in the news on Sarah why did you want it that big. Not. All but probably about how a lot of speed can help. And we can't believe that B Taylor attacked in the leader deciding. I wonder what happened in America are. How long after he chickened out did you break up with him. Art and actually about there won't later. Once but I. What do I don't like him and you know who we is but I don't like him amid does not a real big does not say you'll woman let's get matching tattoos. And then back out though you know if you're watching someone get if they're going first and the artist is really awful and it looks terrible. How do you or your teeth in you have to US and. Yeah I'm I'm not bad. Dallas I want and I and it that they didn't like pretty weak but clearly I'm went very negative. Like it thank. You. It was a sign that he wasn't committed. How are taken off Sarah are you gonna have a pleaser to offer whatever they do. I actually got them you got put another cut it directly upper body hit the edit what spike is different path because our. Well I am amazed when they can do that I now seems to me that if you had a giant tribal that said no regret. Philly thing that they can do with that is give you a big black rectangle host your back. What what do you have what they put over it. Aren't in about a eight eight. Old need to act and it's a different color different note. So we'll that's nice mature old right yeah that's right that's pretty he at least I what part are you a merry dealt. No no I'm not I have actually outlook but what art. Oh I see okay yeah aren't well no regrets. There you go. Thank you Sarah. I'd get another series here on tattoo Tuesday on the Bubba jury show I Sarah. Harry good thank you so what's the Tel two that you regret having. Weren't they eighteen and it was my very first one thing you know you pick it out of the wall off the wall. And I'm I got cherries. Really cute little cherry red on the front of my head. And then you know two years went by and I got pregnant and my son was ten pound. They're not period anymore they're apple. Lulu but that's all the things you don't you don't really understand that about workplace these these expand if you get a little. I'd probably don't like there are a lot of so wager they experience. Did the the color stayed the same pretty much. I'm at a current campaign they're just not Kerry anymore. Yeah but they did good is Apple's casino police are out how well you didn't do it and apples they don't look good because I got stretched and it decided to go right through the pack two of. Not that you're market nobody wants stretch marks on their apples. Or pesticides those the two things we we don't whoa Erica pretty induces nobody gonna do. I just. BO OK I if you can't stop my without care. We have so watermelon doesn't show when you Wear Brady's no woman wants a watermelon under here. I remember her feeding it that like primary summit in women have like this year. Flood handled how it. So a year of it covers up your Apple's. Yes nobody knows about apple the govern how well everybody else. Well and your husband doesn't mind great aren't they off. Of course you where you had a baby thank. Serra got you let's say she's so much you are who you ask questions today you know what I'm so far behind the times. The watch will never let me say that anything has anything about somebody's husband again. So Vanilla and his title as it can give him a picket fence. Plus I'm sure. Smartphone apps yeah Sherri dot com. Carried so if you miss it flew less com. So less had a friend too was writing to a guy imprisoned me she said this lets you totally need to get him on his prison penthouse thing. So it's less threat to a guy and she got the letter before she opened it she said watch this is going to be the guy Paul Wolfowitz. And it was and he's in prison for murder and what was in that letter slashed. That made you fall months. Now wouldn't give for a long promote. I could tell you real simple hearted real original course. When world. Took one of the current kind of personality and a what are you know it against Arnaud. Woman's intuition found dawn I mean. So less of we'll what do corridor you know no matter what school you will learn war. There's murder and then there's murdered what was the crime slashed. Okay now he didn't have to learn who global do is learn how to correct it on what happened when. You thrown under it can curry everybody was couldn't. Or wouldn't do. Backroom and found in his girl with another guy. So you went Laden's rifle. You know and so on can kiss my Internet and the moon. You can shoot himself in the head. And she rushed the end you have got rattled bark. Wouldn't know them trailer and shot her. And she died. We are all go to war and they didn't believe that that was the case they thought that he saw what was going on our way giants girl for like second or third degree. I true it was so long ago not doing. Thirty year. And like I say he can gotten so much I'd never been very soon. You're wrong. I see I'm sorry is he still going to jail. Oh yeah he got in the matter fact well. When I moved to North Dakota you know I had a really great job that I love Koonunga major. Our college I was 25 years it's time. And I don't really vacation not putt well and your move not I'll go get you know the rest my food down near Norton you know. The golden mean this I know we've been writing back in order in. You know I just there's always love my car and on top it is aimed into the bidding war. NN com. Who are let. I want and I'm still confused who who and he he shot and killed somebody and then he. He got out it was at manslaughter after what must first degree murder you don't necessarily dueling sent how long was he in their Celeste. For ten years. What do. That's something to a lot about a lot of this recently passed within that income long. Did you see him at all during those ten years have you did you ever lay eyes are no faith at all. Never did I needed a good. I'm a picture himself. So are you one of the very big picture thing. How long did you have a relationship with him when he was incarcerated. I think it's a question. Okay three months and then he got out he'd served to stats correct after ten years yet and so then you happen to be an org and you happen to be home and you guys met face to face. We have no one happy he got out and and I'm just tell me why I'm even more knows you know he didn't even where most you know the American. He had this look. Long black poetry but glossy hair and those who read this motto in this milder flu like. Oh knocked me over with a I have no beer particularly know. So did you marry him. The same day did he got out. You met him again after he got out of prison after being in their ten years you you met him and saw for the first time you got married that's unique. We didn't have a dream the court of court. Can you tell when I'm only you can put the paper clips and nationally you know what I can say we were there. They are loose tobacco would have been better off are you still married. Now we know we are the World War II years. All my eyelash woody die would be dying minutes are a number coroner's. Paul kind wildlife slashed but he he straightened himself thought he had a job and everything he was good oh. Well you wouldn't we want our wonderful years together in this world just got one letter. Balloon like as far as we really. Your good players really improved your good person's slack. Well wouldn't much. We're we're here and I didn't know no money not where is my best friend who's. I mean your good person because you were able to set aside snap judgments and see him for who he was like. You're talking to a woman who once stopped to dikes I found daddy like Terri SP wagon okay runs hum corporate and and public. But so and I think you're a purse or for being able to look past has I have to tell you suicide here he. You kill your girlfriend and it was a jealous drunken rage he's. Come on I gotta tell you that you're able to look at that good. So let's thank you very much have a great day in the Dakotas. Well perhaps we think they're. It was thirty years ago I'd be appropriate and I worked for me I'm right where they're adults. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there but it can also be. A really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox and gas stocks small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policies starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and if you own your own business and you are ready to save on insurance. Call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. They tied it at Bob Sherry dot com thank you mom is someone morning. Helen Dobson of these fascinating. Popcorn facts that I had learned from the folks at jolly time and we ask the audience. Should we have the president of jolly time popcorn on to give you some of this news himself. And the resounding answer was yes so please welcome the Bobby shares showed the man himself from jolly time popcorn Gary Smith good morning Gary. The party tell you why and how is everything in Sioux City, Iowa today. It's a beautiful harvest day in all honesty it's gonna be seventy degrees and harvest is in full swing up here and you out there have a little Indian summer so it's beautiful to city right now. It's scary to think nick captured our attention an arm was this news that we got that people in Iowa volunteers. Created the world's largest largest popcorn ball the way more than 5000 pounds. We were so blown away by that we had to have you on the show and tell us some exciting things about popcorn that we just don't know. More popcorn has been consumed by Americans Cindy anywhere around the world we consume about 51 course per person. And over 75%. Of Americans consume popcorn and once warmer and other Americans just love popcorn. Did you ask a healthy snack isn't it. Absolutely. Popcorn very high in fiber so it helps clean things up about the pipes sometimes in the it's but mostly carbohydrates it would use when they're colonel explode slips it is literally turned inside out in the and that and that's starch primarily. Low in fat almost no fat popcorn itself the fat comes from the oil which you put him to put with a bid to yeah upwards very good for you. Jerry armed and here's something I didn't know that I don't like to share with the audience. I didn't realize. The popcorn columns in two different shapes and depending on where you're getting your popcorn you're getting one vs the other. Well that you're talking about to shape the colonel I suspected to have and the the other that most of the microwave popcorn whether be jolly time grieve and are one of our competitors should give just how long dated colonel where could they call the snowflake where are. Or a butterfly shaped kernel that means it's got some wings thought I'd. As opposed to a mushroom. And they and you'll often see mushroom and caramel corn that's already popped it's just a round ball. And the problem with mushroom is that it it's very true he doesn't even as well but I. Kabul quarters like it because it doesn't break apart when you put sugar Cody not actually there's more than Apatow you do it too simple to the shapes of the kernel that's correct. Fantastic we're talking to Gary Smith the president of jolly time popcorn a hundred years right. Yeah I the American popcorn company as a hundred years old I'm fourth generation of my cam we have in the popcorn business. We did it begin who is the first person that threw some colonels there and went. Check this out after we got smacked here. And I hope so it seemed accurate maps. Late eighteen hundreds somewhere. In fact county Iowa which is about. Three counties east of us Donna miles east of us there there was a lot of pop corn grown in the even that area still has some popcorn contracts. But that is the root of our county is my great grandfather moved who has an adventure he was a drug cure all Murray you've started a phone company and he's sold all of this businesses then went to work through bell telephone and blocked farmland near his hometown. Team moved to see city from this little town go to vote Iowa Brad Pitt the farm is back there and obviously in the summer of 1914. Dependent on that pharma. Gruesome popcorn and when my great grandfather went to sell as green. He got an argument over the price of the there is grain and was challenged to find a new market. So we called it to the basement of this home currencies CD and he would my grandfather who is a junior high school took time. Spain and shelled the first proper jolly time popcorn and your basement. Years has stumbled beginning in a year later great group of business grew to their garage. And hereafter that they move to build a plant there on the present location where I'm located right now she. You know it's amazing we were talking on the show the other day about how many great American businesses grew out of basements and garages attributed jolly time was one of them at a who knew. That you can't popped just any corn Bob did you know that the corn that pops is specific breed of corn didn't know that is that great carry. This correctly and they're just actors really about it there's. Simplified there's three types of course there's corn on the cob that we all enjoy every August especially up here ma'am we eat a lot of court comic up appear added and then the primary crop this down more and admitted it and that's primarily animal feed and ethanol and then some varieties are made in the corn tortillas corn chips and that type discussed. So that's the main variety deadbeat dad court and then it did you have popcorn and what makes popcorn unique from the other type of corn is still hard outer shell it's called Kara carpet. And how hard outer shell hole some more assured the water inside the colonel. And when it's heated up and it's heated to about 450 degrees for good poppy. The more sure expands and finally the colonel explodes because the pressure from the moisture. I tell you Gary Smith arm for small you are a profoundly decent human being that's is coming through. The story of jolly time popcorn is fascinating and you are more interesting person to talk to insert an Academy Award nominated actors we've had on the show I totally agree I I have learned so much and I enjoyed meeting you and every time mighty dollar jolly time and I've got to targeted homes we have a little popcorn she's. Picture your grandpa in the basement in Iowa or even have any popcorn and our outstanding. The other if you wanna learn more about our company is our web site is awesome it's www. Jolly time dot com. There's a virtual museum. That'll take you through the history of our company and the generations that Venus my grandfather followed my ace. Great having you out there and obviously I've followed my father and so there's there's quite a lineage there and and we've got a great history. Then in addition to that because we're celebrating our hundredth birthday. We put together for a minute video. And it's our home page if you locate our hundred year logo which is easy to do just tap on NAFTA and you'll see a four minute video that really. I think portrays our company at a very favorable and positive for an actor replied yeah. Tell you Gary we're out of time Bob Kerrey great season coming up end up will enjoyed your chronic. But it could again bags like gears and jolly time popcorn comport. I thought it was Jerry dot. Pretty laid on Wednesday night and just my little enhanced dance classicism. But on the other side of the moon and so by the time we drive home and all. You know it's it's pretty late it's kind of a long day knowing get home around 730 quarter to me that's a long day when you start as early as we do and can. So last night armed I walked in and house was quiet Kevin wasn't home yet he's a blue cross scheme with his son knew Rachel was out. And Olivia was home and nom on those nights Libya does her homework and kind of takes care of herself from. House is quiet and I thought I saw some amazing. And it's cleaned house is quiet and clean this never happens I'm just gonna sit here for a second in bask in it and then when suddenly I heard thundering footsteps. And gasping whaling sobs come off so you know now when you when that happens to you as a parent. You're out of your seat and on the scene without even remembering how you got across the house and upstairs or we don't even touch the floor you don't need fly and so meant. Bush and I'm killing animals as I go if everybody's still lives is our old cat commission says is not doing well only god is everything okay. And she throws my daughter brewers are my oldest throws herself and in my arms to some whaling. Honey what is it what's happened. I've British but. Now I warned her. When she picked this book this is one of the saddest books. You will ever read but you know she's what's the name of a mentoring a second she's that she's at that age where if I say something is. Bad scary shattered dangerous. It's not nearly as bad as I'm making it out to be and they and they must experience most experience at and I don't really censor her reading have anything in the house that's not. It's you know inappropriate or dirty or whatever didn't have a lot of books that are on intense men and this is a book called never let me go. It was made into a movie with Keira Knightley an injured Garfield and Carey Mulligan hidden you know nothing about this is this so unappealing to you bubbly see that there's no way you would even pass this on the street. You throw a grenade at a it's the story of it's set in the not so distant future and kind of had to still be in Great Britain. Where people rich people can afford to have themselves cloned essentially. And they use these clones who are raised in boarding schools not and families to race in these boarding school environments. And their whole purpose of existence. Is to have their organs harvested as needed by the people that that's not government and this is not for Bob Lacey no. And and it is not so distant future these clones are not I'm believed to be human in the way that you're human. They're believed to not have souls contenders this mean they're just a collection of organs they are not. Human souls right Brent so they don't have the same rights and privileges. But they are human beings with all the same impulses and drives and there are so love triangle the center of the story. An as your reading the book is an adult you know you can see it coming there's no freaking way this ends well right and it doesn't. So she was crying Kazaa. Did you book broker hard right exactly I know that feeling when you get home and all the so there's a child that's in tears and what what day of the week was this yesterday yesterday. Two days ago I drove into the driveway it got to the cars like five in the afternoon. And I hear crying from the back in its Hampton and he is. He's way you all know he had no real luck and so no no I run but once again don't even touch the ground to the back. Where is he and what's happening where's the dog and I get back there and and he's on the ground in his follow and he's holding a citizen what happened. He said the basketball came up with the hope that I went four to read it to a tree. So it just stood there and I'm Richard was accused them broke it's a device over it's gonna have a hard time. Guarding LeBron should provide enough. As the trade like it's fair hitting and on yeah yeah yeah it's always they're trying to show people that LeBron is all over the place. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcasts it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love for you to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. Realize previews at monastery dot com. That's just the other day how sometimes. A famous artists will turn down a song when they get it in demo form they just don't hear it doesn't feel like and they don't think it's going to be hit me yeah it's a very good sunk right so they pass on it and then it goes on to be a monster hit for somebody else. And we have ten of these. And Max has their songs for you. Dead have been turned on by other artists Britney Spears. Who turned down umbrella and then it went three on also turned down. It's your. I can see or hear her sing and dance around. This song explained everything about my daily life to lose. I'm allergic to cow's milk I don't know milk shake is that I can't bring any voiced my yard and by dishing dirt it was written for and instead. Was recorded by Aerosmith. This down. Don't hear her sing that song I know you really because I don't know I don't know here a lot of cool things like when the spiritual all night long. I played so much the spiritual night along the same woman that made it hit out of the song that basically said yeah sucks figured dead. No no but my heart scan in Orlando I think about Cynthia interpretation. Of this next one became a monster career defining hit. For Kelly Clarkson but it was turned down by a pink and Hilary Duff. Yeah. Kelly Clarkson. Had enormous head with a song that was turned down by Christina Aguilera. You can and that song is miss independent. Those that read yes CIA I can hear Christina regular gas I literally. This next song was turned down by Paris Hilton Americas thanks in pairs team and recorded by the pussycat doll. He knows what he's been hit by herself and she really is not a singer. And there are some people who would ensure that I'm. And they know heard the sonic would've been a pair yeah yeah yeah. So now this song became a massive career hit for Mariah Carey and I think it was the song that was playing in the delivery room. I generally don't Miley Cyrus what I want to Miley OK so this song is Miley Cyrus. And Rihanna turned this one down and it sounds like Rihanna song from. She doesn't get doesn't. It sounds really was it just yeah okay I'm moving on this actually like I said was a huge career hits for Mariah Carrey Gloria Estefan turned. And then you'll. Let's listen to is this why is she playing in the delivery room when the twins were born it's. All right this is a massive hit I don't hear Gloria record. I'll begin this next song you're really cannot understand. Why Justin Timberlake won a day that Michael Jackson turned it down this sounds like Michael Jackson. So much with my don't know. I am Brian may has Carrie Underwood to shanks for this next little. So here. Sorry Max for this next one can you play the Victoria Beckham version. Posh record at this but decided not to release it. Meanwhile. Fiance heard that's impossible my dear. I mean nothing on your story about how we want to do is. Fiance and finally the just recorded this did not release it and I'm glad because it's turned into one in my favor Bruno Mars songs with DOD. I was funds. You're seeing guys who have really noticed that it's finally Jerry. Twitter Smartphone comes at a monastery dot com. It's Jerry has doctor ordered she's she's grown mentioned stood under early twenties when. Rachel yeah. And lives with her and she's there she's a great girl she really is so great that Mary and I asked Rachel a few days ago if she would keep an eye on. Or is that my step kids because Mary is going to be working up a lot during that day and ritual said that she would and I was busy so she was gonna take care of the kids. And so she texted me just before she came out to the house. To meet the kids and she tell XP and then she said that we're what is your address and I'll put it in my GPS so I gave review dress you know text her back. And then she text me back and I'll repeat what she wanted to say was I'll be there shortly. But auto correct hit it and it came back Albie either shortly. So you know hard you can see that somebody's texting and furiously I knew that you know oh my god I just called shorty. So I I would be even faster and I went that's that's what they call me through. And that's Irving dear Ricky no liquor yeah all right or it's not your. Evan you're shoddy oh that's true too yeah yeah yeah well. I'm not her shorty. Leadership or I'll be there surety. You know I've only known one surety and he was about 638. Hey lipped especially in certain parts of the country like the year he's much shorter not even if you're gonna be sure you'd have to be shorter to be surety but maturities are always tall I mean that's why typically that's based like bill unless Sharaud Whitey. Why these I've found is. And there we talked about their server phew what he's that are left there I mean she didn't need to. My uncle Whitey was sort. On what he was sure that more margin was four foot ten on uncle uncle white you don't probably either had white here or very very blunt here. Very light here or light skin I don't highlight reel whites can my memories of him mark as an old guy with silver hair. But am Margie was really she was this tiny. Foul mouth little monster. But very funny and Smart and then uncle Y eighty these are these are my grandmother's cousin's my middle Kuwaiti she was like fourteen and he was like 51. So it was kind so he was the to a point where I was why he wasn't he wasn't century in Newton isn't that funny and I mean I'd rather be weighty then. Shorty I think. I prefer why don't you don't just hit it. Sure let me short a short while you shock played. And others are rapper admits. Actually that's not the head sure what idea. Snub better or no it has since certain. Listen to this sonic about it short why are weighty. It kind of self effacing so that kind of works right half year old white rapper so you got to play off of that right you're not you're not pretending anything exactly. Sure sure wait eighty. Her did you ever think that day will calm when you could embrace fat no no pioneered this why would so be sure why do you like it if I could wrap and make all the money. The second. Tech I'd be dog you know what. The trip Clinton. Aha. Hong kind really blogging short one short war eighty. Yeah. I can be like you know there always have like a secondary wrap it in like her are. Like there's the main rapper guy right and then he's got like Katie a guy that comes out in the middle of his rapidly does a little bit you could work with hip bowl yet and you're set up guy did like seven foot two. Exactly and he's doing he's doing the heavy lifting right in the and they got the girl can actually see. And they always have one of those. And then he goes right now my man join me on stage short why did you have for sure why idiot I don't already does not they go nuts and that and I hold the microphone upside down like they do not mean. Short why do you mean. Shaking you you're not on the big hip hop fan. But they hit. Terms without gracious yeah. Hip hop has given you a way to embrace what you are and what you have like nothing else yeah and now you've been white chocolate you didn't shoot ten hits. Oh yeah it kept up yeah for you to be able love yourself yet to realize who I am and why do. Lick and a about it. You're like yeah are quite content. Yeah it works for you in the world to headline I can be used and listen heads up to any young hip hop stars I know Europe this time of the day listening to Obama Geri show. Because we got a bubbly sugary lapel pin you get rid later actually didn't seem obvious first hit short weighty sure I'd call it. Yeah and then you could drop about all the things you call yeah he's always call and stuff. And I would have no problem even though I said I don't like rap music selling out I mean you know me. I said. I saw just like well your disdain of rap while wrapping maybe give you street cred gaffe that could be your and you are exactly right. That's it people we talking about you he would he hates what he does but he does it anyway. Yeah yeah yeah I got a seal yeah look at him he seems to be enjoying it I'm not sure what eighty the rapper that made self hatred and our former. Yeah there you go. This feeling good now hustler every week yeah. And now they are short wave.