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Friday, March 17th

Hanging live with Bob and Sheri.


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Also on every day that a living comedy legend strolls into the studio but it's happening today joining us right now is the one in only Gilbert Godfrey. Cargo you're glad to have you been hearing. You wheeled can am and I am long game sese of the living a night and. You've been performing since you're kidding you are there's nobody like cute oh geez. It's so it's like being enjoyed gene. I know our power. I don't know I'm no I didn't he FIAG. Now. We knew we don't want you won't angle and I can bring out these younger. They're. I. Don't hurt how do you avoid single while I was still. Because I think kids loved good to enjoy each and everyone he emails go and Georgia. The south act out act act where we're and. Did you realize that you had bad reports. All god I don't know IE was on these things like. You know eight eighths to me at this point it's like have been doing it so long and it's like kind of like if you walked up to someone in the street and say. How did you develop that walked back yeah yeah yeah we'll hold you called really. That's yeah I've been doing it's I don't I never had any country is still a. But you must have realized somewhere along the way this is a unique sound that I am I yeah I'd I would see people cringe. I. Know so you started at fifteen. Doing clubs in New York has a fifteen year old get a gig. What are they see that's the thing it wasn't gigs for years and I mean it was pierce. Going to these clubs hoping you can get on Newton and then when you get on you get on an Omani and all right guys so. And then Dana and surely Yankee years and years and year finally start seeing some arm. Right. And and dew I asked this of every comedian that comes in it. Do you remember the worst booking your agent ever stopped Q with. All. I didn't so Lizzie Eric bookings. 18. I can even play my agent of blame IE eight and everything else. Want to IT IE. They asked me to perform at this place. And it was in this city was in Manhattan and I remember I showed up. And and I saw it there is no club or restaurant around here and it was just like I'm bill thing yeah. And then I went to the actress they gave me and it was like a like a loft or await your house race. And we like them you know 23 folding chairs. Are now open garbage on the ground. And then I said okay we'll start him off five minutes I I don't want any balloon material. And now and then I made up some X. Use that I had to get something across the screen and you laughed yeah I yeah I I thought he might still be wait how. Athletic chain saw and not know tell us about you do. You do voices so very well and you were in the latter and which just about everybody listening right now saw. Playing the parent and Robin Williams was was so one of the voices to. The juju your stuff that she's up there together it was it was funny way because I hear so many stories. And where people say. Me Wayne Gilbert and I'm being got together that that was crazy and never once. That I work with them on we were doing O line. I did every song never Randy were together for any of your scenes together now. Now wow not not once neverland and two I mean at comedy clubs and Brennan's in my budget times. Act and dirty no I had never once I I ain't that. The only person I think I worked with was that guy that played Jeff far a ha. I edge Jonathan Freeman all and also the sultan. But yeah the others I didn't meet Dalai know the princess and so the movie came out I. I can't figure out why you're not in every single animated feature because your divorce is just so much fun to listen to CC you should be my. Go to waste of time now is it is it tough to be you because your voices so distinctive and you've been on Saturday Night Live and an older movies and all your your passing through an airport are you just stop all the time. Are all eyes. Yeah it did so weird thing you know it's like. Didn't eat when I'm when I'm walking and I think oh god these days a group of people are all gonna run over to me wanna talk to me. And then if I walked past front and no one says anything non current. We know. And I can't be happy any there it's a two edged sword yeah. They're not attached or know what happened your sport I saw your parents and console and yeah yeah I was I eight EIA is a nagged gang war. Perhaps in the blinds us. That was my gas gas gas because I was in the count by the floods. And then that grips got a problem and say hey we fly. Handgun in his out of business that's. I enjoyed an hour. Now there's an answer all their call helps her. How can how can people tracked where you're gonna be adjourned the website okay I'm Gilbert Godfrey dot com right now and I got up. When did not give and you're how old guild now and I know and when that title game. And now that's going to be opening injury death in April sir Fred and I got up high school Gilbert Godfrey it's amazing colossal. I'm gonna listen to us out that's are fed up but they're not comic he's very good I'm good luck with the movie and everything else is saying do. Did Gilbert Gottfried it's funny series.