I can't stand that pet.

Thursday, June 15th

These pets are driving me insane!


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Health insurance can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. That bothers her podcast is brought cheap today by USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter to 995378. Back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. Yeah Thursday. He'll all the things that home. I've managed to get done in my life. And and good luck John in my life I have. Re branding Thursday's your mind is one of my prouder accomplishments. You know I I can't believe you just said that because I heard I heard this thing and I said you know I am responsible. For pointing out that Thursday it was today that. Really did not have very much. An emotional appeal to anyone you have any love for Thursday until I've pointed out tee that Thursday. It's a great day to kiwi who gave way to do we can't you know that I've heard people say the Thursday as the day we weakened since he's. We use the bigs bunch of craziness we've ever come up with. But people say it all the time not hold interest rates again. It's it's like official it's the day we're the weekend it's one and I won't come but you know long after I leave this world I won't get any credit for regulating the weekend my mom that's okay yeah because I haven't successfully rebrand the Thursday is no small thing in and. We've also branded Tuesday is the worst day of the week Tuesday as the stated it is to be Eveready Brady said man two I love teased I don't know hopefully I'll play the whole it's a data show open I took what you said about Thursday in the half what's up with errors. Not at the end of the week. Not into the middle. Typical Thursday yeah. It. Have you heard on the radio personally would call it a day. You know I ticked up with the good the sense of pride though I I don't doubt that that's sort of ability. To call out days. Here's the thing I've been trying to refrain you're thinking since the first dammit you know I've failed spectacularly except with thirst and yeah I've called up the sun. Yeah I can't. There's no bugging you off the side is they say. With 99.9. Percent of the crazy things you believe that we're Thursday noon I succeeded in pain getting you one that's true I feel better about the week because if you. Panthers. Because you know you got I mean choose day. Tuesday is the death Kelly didn't you must be traversed just have to go through it there's another ever not never not seven I have to nineties and when say you're port for the week correct hump day. We know we should have went in a Wednesday you're like oh god. Yeah Mars thirstein QB yeah that's success she is staying who turned me and I don't know what I would have done if I had found this kick. Because. I mean if I'm I'll explain in about halfway through work. They we're the weekend Thursday's suppose I heard the news cycle real job or career or Julie awful doll may well I did them for awhile that's why I got this to make a really. I'm not even talking about. Awful. In the sense of picking up dead rats being on the Cole if I'm talking about sitting in the cubicle under fluorescent lady no idea I'd rather be pitied rather pick library. And I didn't. And my husband would he would die if you meet him were I think I would too I think he's worse than me that way he is such an outside dog he would die. There's not there's no way he can and that's exactly right plus dvd. Yesterday you left the house. Nice and I think he picks of tomatoes up because I wanted to make him a favorite things in the world and summertime is blt season. It's all summer long tomatoes are awesome I leap blt only appeal t.'s three times a week. Right. The only thing just picks in two meters out. Of course what team he remembered it do. He totally believes there's a farmers' market near where he was golden because your grocery store to me is disgusting and some go by. Our Clearwire are discuss thing go by the farmers markets you're good drive by commenting going gets its nearest you know just like come and go and totally forgot didn't get him and Madson anywhere got some somewhere else that work. You if I find if you put enough bacon around some then. Taste better did you can make it happen and I I had you know red blue bell peppers and then. Loved red bell peppers what should they taste like compared to green there should be a sweep us sweetness crest almost muskie honeyed flavor amateur radio pat yeah so I made my fantastic rock. Dish the other night bell peppers just nothing no taste whatsoever I went to a Chinese restaurant a few days later. I had some bell peppers and video con bowl chicken which is much effort no taste whatsoever and I getting a from the same place I am hearing KB you woke a bell pepper hacked it's going to be keying. Change yeah if you go to the on because I agree and also. A bell pepper or is this pepper really for 99 and hitting. Me so it wasn't for 99 but I paid over two dollars for bell peppers so here's what you do in yet in the pretty section. You'll see these bags of miniature peppers that are orange and yellow and red yeah I've seen those. And there are only east lake of the whole bag is 299. They are sweet and crunchy and juicy and delicious why are they good in the one right off the shelf it's not a mom well they're smaller. For starters and those big ones down I think as big boys are grown now and for and market for the way they look and wondering clearly are skeptical which is I that's fine you do you but if you would just behind this bag of these miniature pet person. And chop those off total game changed. Pump pump. I'm skeptical because it's from the single cover the comes into the store and they regard the chops it up. How can you turn one I'm talking about now these are not already chopped their whole peppers. But they're smaller smaller and their red orange and yellow and they have been named lake. Like Mike Sims are civilians or something like that well look for them is a big bag forget 99 out tribalism and and I'm sorry I was ever born okay we don't let your and he did pretty well you don't listen became very very theatrical ticket of AD did. He's just we we believe we went from dead rats to build peppers and a bag. And who got us there. As you can unlock it and kept pretty cityscape you gotta say ticket waited a week it's Bobby and Sherry hill clips I guess. Well everybody's very well I don't know if you guys have been following stories there's this amazing singer Paul. On oh Brandon Rogers he's a doctor he's just a contestant on America's Got Talent yeah. Being just an incredible voice who's killed in a car accident and now we know YA. The driver survived. On hold Maryland state police that he was tired and he fell asleep at the real. He jerked it on to the right shoulder went off the road and hit a tree knew he'd finished a long shift at work. Brendan Rodgers is riding in the front passenger seat the driver and another passenger in the backseat survived but I'm Brenda must pray and was killed. Tell you what this what it's terrible loss he was a doctor so look on the good because from the Ryan's beautiful voice so sad. But in this got my attention because com. Falling asleep at the wheel something that has really plagued me Newton and IIRD told my family changes are being made big major changes are being made because I can't. It's it's unreasonable. It's unreasonable to that what's expected of me and very as a human being might have fallen asleep at the will last July. To last a life. Second. I fell asleep at the wheel and hit an Acura and. And the driver were he's Aetna. If you're rich celebrity you just say. I just need to change my lifestyle I'm going to have to you know more time for just meditation yet that's not how that docile for most of us that's narco stock. Because my lifestyle then the things in my lifestyle that are making falsely that the we'll. Are at my lavish on partying and we can get away strike work you know I work weird hours and I have kids and the combination. Has become. You know when your phone sleeping crashing into cars I'd say the combinations dangers. I think we could say that without a dramatic but I was just sick at heart with this man's. Death and then. And Chris Webber is his image still a broadcast I think it was and yet on the TV show and everyone's like well maybe drugs and alcohol were involved. But says the national highway safety transportation and I can't remember all the letters and he said that driving sleepy is. As dangerous as driving intoxicating you know believe an American story here that braved really I was fired discoverable but sleepy driving is is dangerous driving so that's from what and this is you know no one death has a happy thing command that was sad. There was you know. I'll take something if you read it it as such connection attempting and it's kind of a happy thing the bat signal rule blade up the LA. City Hall tonight in honor of Adam West the first bat man in on TV I didn't answered yeah. I guess the only bad man on TV really there's a couple of that men before Adam West in these. 1940s movies they're little B movies. But he was the first one that really brought it to public consciousness I think and that's very cool that they're gonna do that he. He was the TV bad man Anderson cartoon Batman yeah he doesn't and then endorse the movie Batman music Khartoum bat Manto. Emilia big and they brought it back sometime in the 2000 Dreyer and then voice and then some of the people pair with the original TV show use their voices for the cartoon version themselves. This issue of had a good life. I was I was watching something I think it was on Twitter as Russian some conversation back and forth about out of west on Twitter. And and this person was like well you know he's just so tight Kasten the only thing ever was was Batman well the only thing my uncle Polly ever was was a plumber he should. I guess it's okay hey if you're gonna mean more uptight cats I mean being fat man isn't the worst thing you can be known and listen there's a lot of actors out there and the guy got some got a gig didn't even manage it well and you know he had a nice life is Hussein didn't. He's only imagine Reagan. That always close by by when somebody says are yelling he's has been out you know a guy could have forty hit records and that he's called. As god stuff. Think you look at your own life can lend people you knowing your family members you don't mind guide him. This guys has been beautiful this isn't Dell's comeback album I don't worry I know exactly who that's exactly road. Human beings it's ridiculous part we got more arrives in the news coming up for just a few shakes here. On the Robert Sherry show on the gateway to the reason that we mentioned not yet. Okay. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Otherwise it's. New. What was it you just look like she. Cheers. She this coming out with a perfume. And on it's moving toward invisible designed. Products that evoke the style or removed for people without conceding anything in. So. It be sentenced for your home for example like it's gonna attract men because it smells like meatballs there's there's saying that's the one thing won't smaller containers are he would say that area. They say that were looked like slow so obvious they're looking into the. I'm an obvious comedian you know grade on or we're gonna work that's what IKEA says they're looking into the world sentinel home blah blah blah drama. Or mice was ago that can meatballs go whizzing go my other favorite thing about this was I Kia said we're also curious to explore dissent by Kia. If there is one or IKEA smell like we'll let me tell you it's mostly frustration. If that's her to act on the so here's what I've put together so far from IKEA on dirt bigger name forward for sure you tradition. I have put together. A sexual. That took me all night and a lot of tears and then I put together a galvanized steel shelf for my pantry. That took about forty minutes I only cried wanton. Then mom I've put together shells rained and drawers in my closet. The first shelf and drawer took me all day and now I can pull one in an under five minutes and he conceded the key is once you figure out the first thing. You can build it all day long into the first one. I've also put together. On deck chairs outdoor furniture. And and a little stainless steel thing decompose like you know. Drinks on. I know you're that much into our Q I've only been there once or what are the oh small coach for one of my daughter's love IKEA I was so confused I sit elected by this judge share and they gave me something on. Gonna miss you go warehouse and warehouse area and I have to go and find the competitive thing in walking on what I shops like anchor friendly counter furniture rate I shopped I went and looked at everybody's everything from the most expensive down to the cheapest. And I am just here to tell you that for the price you can't beat Anke is quality but you have to be willing to. Go get it out of the warehouse hole to your car get it home take it out of the box sword out to gazillion different screws general metrics so. If you lose one and I've lost many got to go by metro card where at some hardware store do you think that it really is quality is sometimes when I look at like a little bureau or something. Looks like it's gonna fall apart. You have to it's it depends if it's made out of particle board it's particle board but like the outdoor furniture that I put together. A moment I took pictures and my answer Graham. I've got her first her put together is solid Boyd and where the pieces are bolted together. You're not putting screws directly into would I know I sound like god this is the Yankee carpet under whatever by. Hear me out like there are these things were a year. You're dropping der holes and then your job in metal leg comes cylinders and now you're screwing into the metal cylinder with with double washers and bolts. So you're not screwing into the would necessarily right Diana the waiter put together is really ingenious and I looked at. On the high end stuff which no one can afford ansari a 7000 dollar eyes couch for your patio men who lives like this Sutherland Christina regular. Down two leg world market and Pier 1 Imports in constant once often a key is is Donna meets the quality is so there and if you live somewhere out of the middle of nowhere you never you have no idea what actually it is. Because I would imagine they're not in places like Wyoming no Newton. Now you've got to be a pretty big yeah manipulation read every area him but I'd get YIQ wouldn't kill the UIQ is the opposite of what you want in shopping experience. It really is it's too big for you you like something that they can. It's too DIY. Ray you are not just that though and it's too much effort to find what you came for. It's probably true so that com that three way combination is not for the BOB and then. I get into the labyrinth I can get out and like for an OK so if you're. If let's say you're just like out of school and you've got your first place. You can't beat IKEA for dishes pines in hand is right howls I cued to something really cool thing they sell taos. And they're they're cheat right there's some cost very much. But all the IQ towels have a loop sewn into them. So instead of your kids like throwing Mattel's on the floor early easing. No child that I've ever given birth to a user tell bar. Right I don't know what they think to tell bars in the bathroom for a nationally can see it stealing but actually invisible you put a nail or look. And then instead of like the house look sloppy all the time that is a good idea there's a loop and you just loop that they know under the the hooking your bathroom joke together there you don't need Swedish people aren't on to some them and the good looks into ice freaking love like Newton and Karen when you. Mute but not for you it's the opposite of Restoration Hardware. Which is the perfect Bob Lisa store and I'm not the fun of you that is the perfect. Probably not it's not anymore not anymore they changed it oh yeah Alex several years ago everything in there now is made out of airplane medal or and has to be great. And I've a got enough and again over a mean I don't live alone in New York City you know lost me that's what it that the looks like. If you go to Restoration Hardware or use or you further blow web site. Everything is designed for a man who is living alone who is a multimillionaire. In a loft but has no armed and don't tell kids no walls in New York City. No that's what it looks like to me it's a great start is very high quality you're sure you're doing so well like I I can't if you if you have a woman in your life she's not confine. Unless she's meek. That's my style accept this kind of juice but I can't have that stops because kids and pets. The first time Jeremy this bills and orange juice on my eight grey elephant colored swinging. Couch I'm Melissa you're done here on this front go to IKEA hard morons in the news is next buttons shares. It's more on news planning is everything the 29 year old guy in Alabama it's still elude delivery truck yesterday. Let me try to get away with a high speed chase from the police. But it ended up being a low speed chase because it's enough to figure out how to get the truck a lot of first years. So now you know anything. The times have we should learn how to drive a stick I know I don't. Now we've touched on this I think yesterday the day before back in September 7 when you're there's more details her man a 71 year old guy whose name is Lawrence ripple. Rob the bank in Kansas City, Kansas and then he says done in the lobby and wait for the cops to arrest. What's he was in custody he explained. He wanted to go to jail again he's 71 years old she wanted to go to jail because going to jail and being in jail will be better than living with his wife. He actually wrote they robbery notes in front of her before he left the house to hammer home how miserable. She made hill. But his entire plan backfired big time because on Tuesday a federal judge sentenced him to fifty hours of community service. And six months. Of house arrest. So instead of getting away from his wife and going to jail you'll have to stay at home and not be away from his wife for 24/7. He could've gotten three years in prison but he's never been in trouble before and he told the judge he was himself that day because he was depressed after recent bypass surgery his wife was in court with him on Tuesday so apparently they work things out. But if they haven't. The next six months it's gonna be rough for him until sturdy good about myself as a life has. None of mine have done that don't that's right you know you can undermine your chosen prison over my sweet compassion should we feel awful though if you were disposed would you feel awful that somebody would rather good she'll compete with you. He would if that was the case he would he would be sad that he was in jail and thanked the jury that house or spirit I want to salute the all of very family. Who just recently through I can't Sierra for their fifteen year old cat. This is not accusing Harris a Latin American conditions tradition it's this it's a party that celebrates a girl's fiftieth birthday to her entrance into womanhood in well Luna turned fifteen. And so the family ordered capsized dress for Lou and online and bought a crown shaped Christmas ornament on Wal-Mart to service or Sierra. And then they took many many op photos from the event showing Luna and her kids Sierra dress surrounded by balloons decorations food and gas. On the here's what's awesome about this there's my favorite means because are on the Internet is this picture of this angry looking cat in a ball gallons. And and make they have caption this. How dare you call me crazy let the cat lady on this day of my tax she continued error how. Congratulations. And yeah. That's afraid my favorite movie or do then that's great. OK a woman in Florida lost control of her car he crashed into a concrete light post. And the reason it happened. It was us later landed on her leg had brought discuss do you remember last week we're talking about. They're not sure how many like random unexplainable accidents are caused by bugs but they think it's out why it yeah roads. I'm the public information officer for the Broward sheriff fire and rescue said that. The 27 year old driver lost control that Honda Civic right around 9 o'clock in the morning told the concrete post out cynics are good cars. She told the officers and there was a spider and web inside her car and and when it drops down and landed on her leg she freaked out. Meanwhile because law enforcement in Florida is completely out of it. Against competitors. Took a picture of the crash scene and caption did not itchy bitchy back up. You know I look you first interfere at Florida anymore you know and also hey lady if you can its fighters lives. I've been in their lucky enough to build the word you want to have your car cleaned or something right now beyond the officers also said. Does she fell and the airbags saved her life she hit it hard she hit it hard enough to take got a concrete post stand. And they said that she not to Wear your seat held this outcome could have been very very different so look I'm not easy did you spider boy Wear your seatbelt that's more on human needs. All right coming up on the book the Sheri show. What is going on with the bachelor TV show. Have you been following this. That we discussed this the other day they studied their own well there's a drunken hook and there's more information go to veteran talk about that in a few minutes plus forty. You murdered and you don't secure and maybe you were returned and maybe the judge of that that's coming up here. We are on loans and about forty minutes. And each did she dish and the Bob thanks Sherry podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all the time. Elusive company for eighteen years in a row motive I world travel awards. Doesn't a vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazing yeah great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. It's 65%. Off for sandals to. Call 88891. She's 515968089125159. Back for the podcasts. Twitter sort of collapsed on top serie dot com. Howard Jason wonderful that's good news image a little bit better about this world back in 2016. And lose place. Or which is in southeast Washington DC frank W Ballou senior high school. Bakken 2061 year ago only 3%. Of the students. Met citywide test it reading standards and can I say this is a struggling school this is in 2016. This is last year. The scoreless struggle with the violence in the immediate neighborhood and poverty. These kids are struggling there are 170 seniors in the graduating class. And earlier in the school year this year. Mom the school and the seniors all got together and they said we're better than this. And M were we wanna go to college and the schools have we will do what we can to help you go to college where's this again this is really Washington DC Washington Lisa remember one year ago in 97% of these kids failed citywide read a standard tags him. Aren't they just announced hazard they haven't their commencement. That all 170. Seniors have been accepted to colleges well ranging from Penn State to Virginia stage two smaller universities all around the country what was the difference. On the they got together in the beginning of the year and they said we want this and we think we can and the school said we believe he knew we will help in one year they turned that are on the true degrees around all 170. Senior us amazing. Have acceptance letters to colleges. One of the students who is going to have to soon cook in the University of Florida said. Everybody they were betting on a spelling but we all came together and we graduated we did this. So what about their grade point average though it's not just one year I mean all all I know is that on you know especially with kids. Kids know if you've given up on them they can steal it they can smell it in the air these kids made a decision had to be better indeed just in to do different and they Adam. I just think that's an extraordinary story where it's at. Is such bad news in the world and now you know you so much terrifying venues are here's something fun for you on the Tonight Show Miley Cyrus was Jimmy John's guest. And they pulled Hannah Montana started meaning they put on disguises and they went down into in New York City Subway station to buy ask for money to sing for money didn't. And now we have the sound. So they started singing Jolene and they both looked ridiculous and at some point you hear it they got a little crowd and at one point you hear the crowd cheer and that's because they took their disguises off so this is how well. The top. Me. Okay. Dawn new game. He's a good their car. Beauty is beyond compare the blame not so mom and ivory skin. Maria Palin to. Okay. Can't tell you hill. Vitaly. Yeah. These guys on. It's not gun yeah okay. And then they did under. My release party in the USA Miley Miley got a bigger applause than he took it. Well well I mean she's a big star she all they also did edge. And then nasty and my torso and will mean nothing you can. DC after my closet please please stay at tonight. If these medicines we do not like I just don't stay. On my whole life and Johnson who employees. He know that was weird it she's so loans is that how does it it's really like her more. It's ridiculous how she and. There's still on the subway station now. And everybody knows they are. The space is no big dish yeah right release should isn't what you. You can try to get up to get a lawyer you can. It's. Outside. It's when you hear or do you Jose. Classic country CA. Oh yeah she did that. Darlington she's always her godmother yes friend and yes she did on what it was on it was on the it was on the voice wasn't it whose owner shows that he goes on the Jolie yeah dude and Shuster at I don't need. He came. I. Okay. That was Jerry dot com. But to my wife yeah it's kind of almost like being here and Arizona aren't suggests claiming you. Kind of pushing W roku. Device and you know the a year ago for father's thing that she did she hide the instructions and Monta and Isa. I just didn't get into it. Right I just did not get into it. You didn't 2.0. Yeah I mean. I know where to go to get kind of what I want you know and so she was in their shoes and she had it on choose watch an orange is the new black. She's seen the entire season like in two days. And so she said you should see some of these documentaries there they're fascinating. There's so much good stuff out there on FX. On Netflix the and as opposed to like watching the godfather it and there's so much to China so I was looking at some of the things and there was there was one well there was one about inside North Korea. And what children are forced to do. I'm not talking about slave labor just the average child. At at a certain age to fold a girl who was like eight years old. And her parents workers under the bus she gets on the bus and she goes to the training center. And how she's indoctrinated she's a little blue uniform choose indoctrinated about Kim. Kim. John Bruton Chung who needs of family and how they drove the Japanese out and held the west to see people. And all of a sudden if you follow her and you watch. Hershey's and indoctrinated. And then she's just brainwashed for the roster for elected to make you cry in and Sosa bats good there's nothing in the mafia one after another source of you know I wanna see some of these documentaries I can't type I've been missing your closest thing work. And she said he won't go to figure out. Awards she should just call me issued a can be able to figure out just show me how to do not pressure her to. Occasional Camilla figured this is just call me asleep that's a minor Fam I told you about where on clerics went where the term they argued over the remote 'cause clerk couldn't operated and made a bad. That armed. Still had to teach their dumbest child how to use a stick but it's and he said Lou can she say a ha now Healey case if that's. It's a basically do is some I'm guessing because I have time fire stick and apple TV which is you know the roku is just them. The delivery system I read them right way he likes it he's changed the input on your TV hit there roku remote and boom there you are. The problem is the key Tiki room that I men is pointed. Out that none of the remotes work. Fifteen was wired to the TV guy come over he said I've never seen anything like this room. It's wired so weird. It has speakers Iran were bought from the fan that we bought it from but it's just wired weird so there's like one. Remote and then you've got to remote from have the dish people. And then you gotta get the roku working on that and it is complicated but she knows how to do it and she could show me how to do I couldn't write it down. That that my old house arm and it was the same kind of crazy wiring right so I find this guy who's like a genius at these things. Online tonight you can haven't come to your house and he's like from Czechoslovakia. Rain very exotic eastern European guys write because my house and he's there about 45 minutes he comes to me says. Situation I skate do you like this you need to move. And I Jim can you not just like how are you not just. Rewire raiders start over something he says and not need but I had a guy come over. All right this guy is brilliant just like the guy out talking about he came over took a look at it he says are got an idea what's going on here. I'll call you back and get an appointment. And then he disappeared he goes to if yes he coasted meat and he's a neighbor yet he lives took two streets over you know why because he didn't have that. World weary eastern European Asian Issaquah or he could say you need to moon I know I'm assuming this guy said to me has been doing a wiring in DC men these walls no this is not so now she's downstairs I gotta go. Everybody. That watched TV. This that there is a gangster thing I saw the other day can you put it go on for me is here stopping you from then Galena link figured it out on your own or just kind of leg. When shedding it just stayed up there and pushing buttons so you figure it out. If I start doing that no one in the entire house is gonna seek to movies some are gonna destroy everything she won't show me. I think it's a power thanks to. Which isn't so yeah. Perry I think it's female Catholic she causey Ding Dong I think it's fun to keep being done in the dark. It's this it's fun it's fun plant that is secure don't think it's seeking to undone in the door Kirk cousins something. But it's. The only and it brings you yelled down here I'm watch TV oh well they left. For. Him such a powerful presence. There to feel a little bit of control of this stuff. And that's probably end I don't know I would go look at that it's like a one do. I don't have. That's still obviously is what I cannot see that it's so yeah. Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. So yeah. You don't be very surprised at how this thing breaks down but 41% of women say. I will not dates someone who has an annoying pet. 32% of men say I will not dates someone was annoying pet we look at our young or our women are more removed. And I look I would tell you are more willing to work with you knowing pat that we are. No failures a how we just usage but she's really cute I hope it's true who. So strippers it's true so I know that you're going to be expecting. That the on annoying pet is more likely to be a cat named. But it's not it's a dog. 45%. Say a dog broker saw compared to 32%. Blaming the cat 18% say a sneak a no you didn't yeah I was wondering about that. Only eighteen proves he sensed that I can't be do you have a pet snake support you'll percent of women say that I would not data got a ten annoying packed. And it's and a dead pets in creepy pats are reflections of the owner. Noisy dirty trick on watching us all the time clean BI. Will not date somebody. Who has sec going on that's surprising. 41% isn't mean. You don't ever is looking for love you look you know connection you're looking for your two flames so many you mean you're you're playing so many can and it has yet to slobbering bulldogs you're out there. If well fickle. Where is guys will say oh she's so cute I hate that kept them no world. I really wanna be with her meanwhile port Kevin we have to keep Keating kittens one loves me trash yeah. He's given up that worker and. Three dogs and give it to reduction for casually one of them was his parents go so well armed all the dogs were candidates mean he came to the relationship with two big dogs than his parents passed away and we got their small. Sam exceeding diaper wearing through sex ruling wing nut dog. My dog best friend. And then I had mr. fluff no I got mr. Washington when Kevin and I were First Lady mean and then mr. something Tim had his companion. They both passed away tragically. And I needed to Katie best friend so we just started collecting them until one love me bash is the only woman I've ever dated independent married. With the pet was married. She was the only one. That was interesting with Kiki you've whose original name was kitty. And who is now who has chosen you well I you know I went over neurosis orchard cat's name. Kitty. But you come up with a man that. Execution should institute chi chi hey Kiki chose Bob and it's one of the most tragic ironies. That of all the I think he's in the world finally a female can't get enough view and it's Kiki Kiki and a no she likes to do. If I get a new shirt. No choice to get her sent right idea she wants to put the shark to buy put it down on the chair but I I just got it out of the store right. It's a nice new shirt I put it down in the chair to go do something. And she's very quiet and she gets right on top of this hump she wants it marked when you go through the door she's telling the world that was mind. But there are also my foot seven and recorder that's stop it. It's the third old so I'm from the ABC the boy is mine substance but that might mister member yet that they're dead girl's mind Michael Jackson. Then. And that's you you didn't want your market. Means all pit. Scott puppet and I got a picture Michael Jackson's face and her head now. Her you know they have stink glands in the top of their hello stuff you didn't. I moved this marquee new up like they do we have sent cleanse the top of your head that's named head by EU in May yeah no and a group that's discuss the. Well she really doesn't think you're a 100% awesome you third and clean. Hibbert knew she gets your smell and she's like oh heads didn't occur should hit she blog Z. She does and you should be grateful for a shame on you shame on you that you squandered DelHomme of the living thing licked us which make me feel badly about myself. My hat. How many preachers to White House to cheer for in this World Cup's what these guys to be shut up I can't I can even look at and some of secure room. Get good luck good. You know what if the day ever comes where you need your diaper changed you look over here consists of toothpaste coming actually delighted. You can like both the. Going OK okay. Oh I'm finding funds today. You love animals he do. Put someone in your life has an animal that cannot stand and he doesn't have to be romantic partner could be your mom and evenly murder and could be a coworker you can't stand the senate we don't know why you just like this creature so much. But you cannot stand this animal but I doesn't have to bureau manager Bernard would be good for her. We worked TJ DD ODS HER I 88882627437. It's very dot com. G-8 we're talking about how 40% of women and 32% of men will not pay someone who hasn't been doing head so. Your animal lover but there's a pet in your life that you cannot stand. Who is it for you who is at Jacobs. We're pretty march. Sister's dog so not a romantic partner broke my sister C. When she got out of college wanna one other thought it was night and Cho with that kind of relax permit thought but we got a big American all thought. This animal has more energy it's almost like it's during the monster every single thing. Every fiber of it being want to be on proper view that your basis the very sweet dog but totally energetic and that bit like a dog that is. Eighty pounds of solid muck bowl it's the end. You know I have never seen a Bulldog like that you're right they they all seemed to be just kind of loopy and hear it because your thing an English and French bulldogs may be so this is a different creature Augusta that but don't she'll love Jacob women's wanna dog you know just wants to be would you isn't the greatest thing. You know when their sweetened its relaxed and just kind of not know quicker feet no but I guess I'm all about it but yeah animal wants to be about one inch from my nose. At all parts and equipment that they could take down a liar if there and yet I tell you what. It that is your sister married or single. You marry. Well also there's a guy around there it's not like you know there's no there's no men and shown. Other guy came in after that darker right guys trying to be like oh OK I can work with semi main electric. Not on him down if Bennett. Or. My nephew hasn't done glued you know what's the name of that tour. Are kept. Of course. Now it's. It's a little too and I know that's should immediately collider some more tournaments throughout our Greg thank you Jacob for starting a sore this morning thank you very much let's go to Dina hi Dina. Right so who isn't and what's the pet. Well my right click it and apparently act eighteen it actually beat feet. And what was what was so awful about Kiki they can't. She wants it right. He o'clock and she can beat you every think Greg thank you. Like. And it can't erratic she put it we're beat Al. And let's let anyone know how Kirk pattern that I got better. It partly because we can't theaters got mom let. There Lee tormented the app because it would mean we would take it fishing do Coke. And prepare and pack only on the end and an up and Italy K. Parent. Call eight month high it got caught audit and it very rape an air and it wouldn't call it dirty bare. And my mom very let it be about it. Mean. I'm guessing the step mom is not a part of the family anymore. Why yeah why was she so evil what who how did she do present herself. Well she wanted to write it hurt dietary. Coarsely record our Mary. She hated are edgy with 22. When my dad married her and we worked in senior high. The and she put her out she hated that it wanted to act of relief. And the naked live together and -- and being array. Hell hole how old was your father at that time. I'm like gosh it was. I went there are eight and awarding you know she was 22. And she is quite an issue completely gray it quite cheap that she dyed her hair. This is starting to sell more immoral again grooms fairy tale well you know or lifetime if you're according to and you married guy in his forties and your raising kids now I guess that's a bad combination in match. The company mission anyway that wasn't great decision. On and on either their parts well is that. She couldn't get married. Ranging from Cuba aren't I Q a great scope that we did you're not everybody we outlook farm in the country we all act cowboy hat. With a little wedge I had. I got mad that we would take his cigarette butt and really sit on the couch and like pretend like they were really looking at joining a sitcom person personally like you wanna get up. Hi you guys were hands have a you have to entertain yourself out of the country. You make your own fun. Yeah you're right and you know. We are you think we're not like a different you're like you're. I couldn't handle yell at when I joke so I would not I'm not sure that's so this step mom your your daddy's your daddy's wife was about the years older than you. Yeah. It just feels like arrest those are your masters all nights out here on the floor. Thank thank you Dina and very much yeah that is a big cat didn't like countryman. Let's continue on your kids in the southern farm house the and please do two years old I don't know but if you do you get a ring on it. I can discover long it'll last state made eight BOB SA GRI 88883627437. There's someone else's pet. She's cannot stand that animal. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. A really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox stock small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the bond insuring podcast. We're here you are an animal lover perfectly nice human feeling good sold. It's someone in your life maybe it's a romantic partners it's a relative. As a pet. You can. What's the pad their lead. Close your eyes and point. You only can you lose. This oh we're not. I live in suburbia are point two acres were murdered are where I met my wife she had to pass. And five month old and now we have. Five children. Attend. Three dogs a pot belly create five chicken. Sugar glider into fish tank here. Just put the phone down. Go to the car and leave clear we want to shirt obviously I wanna make sure that I got everything sugar glider reigning miss downs and keep track. You have five kids one cat three dogs one pot bellied pig when sugar glider and two fish tanks. Arctic. 05 chickens I knew obviously it's an opportunity to chickens and US one point two acres in like a duplicate development and sperm development where you keep all of your critters. Kind of Kirk. The F. Particular night I built them a chicken run like 25 feet so it's like along with compliant no particular chip and run of the backyard that it's not like. It's not like an animal pig it's like a little pot belly yeah yeah he's sure you know like. They're eighty pounds and they compare the the the grass but I created are rooting pox forward and crew like. So. The river stones and MS Michael corn in it and that way it. If I could I refused to even learn. All eight all over your 89 super animal early on animal hater you're the most awesome guy and I had two things the first is. This woman you this woman must be made of magic in sunshine and I love this woman. Is this a magical sunshine woman you love her. I love her or would we move. I've men in my life who. Normally would not have tolerated this to their like you cut your hair and leaving. Just are not tolerated as I do I am gonna need you I am gonna need you her. Lee to nick tell me every Brady's knee here. Folks are seeing there as it's been meeting ever surge she dies they're all brought in the next there's interesting that you get on Craig's list hey. You are born free stuff that. Tell me all the critters and just start with the pig he. Oh god okay food appear prepared bird dogs are now he can't blow we and could stop first then. Chickens which you only told me about it though there aren't but I so clever or the mall you blow through eighteen. And then a couple of we just got a particular two weeks ago. What CS sugar what's the sooner gliders name. Opt out core group and what you catch me I've been there Venus. You know economy is out of all the pats only what I actually care about him and think you really cool. Is the cap sheet totally act like a dark should she just wants your attention entries and so we can show an Arab. Deathly allergic to Catholic air full lactic shock. Are you didn't mention that you are deathly allergic that's that's the frosting on the cupcake. OK so it teachings you love this woman even though when she's dead you can eater pets to you love this woman. And dom when you name your pets to contend in your voice ugly you can kind of with a knife like I can hear. Lulu and he know it. League what was the thing you've built the track would you call it for the pig. I'm really not earth there. Rooting box I just took some pressure treated four by fours who are there other children with river stone them if you sprinkle cracked corn and in the morning. She'll spend most of it paid speaking through that rather than your dark. And that's Lucy rightly see a popular pick yeah did you ever think that you be sprinkling corn for a pig in your backyard. Yeah I don't I'd build the box I and then that could be reversed over the final few good legal feed him. I don't save them. I'd like to point out that we got the corner we got the name of all the animals but not the kids. Believe I'm wondering on the odds are if you have days you know where your stepped in over the chickens and knowledge you pass the pig in the three dogs to try to get to your wife to the five kids and that the cat that you like. If you sometimes ask yourself what do an impasse like he could what is like Carmen that this is how I'm living. There's a new movie coming out of Bryan Cranston where he basically just. And Jennifer Garner you do give up and Edward commercial. The trailer is just him going into an abandoned house next order is and deciding. I'm not going to be part of my life for anymore he heard golfers are ready to go watch his wife. And like they go and they say they set them up for the missing person then and then they have a funeral for many walks you through like yeah. They're kind of like interest student another may have been the whole party just getting black hole who are then and dirty and I like I. I've made my wife ought to love but I don't like it's really your fuel they're great. Who almost walking nowhere that Clinton. Analyst or your wife must be some I'm telling you this woman and like we should. This woman you should be able to rubber for look like a Buddhist statue of the Chinese restaurant she must be incredibly. Ball well and I there she is very courage of our hero if he hadn't how long she didn't breaking up over at. Then Graham I think the American support of her relationship I agree you hello to do together. Or over ten years and so I know that she started with cat Venus the cat and and one of the BB straight there's no he said. Which was the first is that how it started with a cap. There's started with a cat and unfortunately I was Blake's so allergic to only had to make her from a 100% in torture after an outdoor cat. Then I'm. And then after that it just grew you know. What was my question is gonna be what was the first critter. Once she got. Is English bulldogs. And then. I'll be scarier than and that's. So you shot the highest maintenance pets he did you pick out. We really terrible and if you've got five kids in America for ten years your wife's pregnant every other year right. Forty well. Became a born refuse to be viewed fix my folder and you must start with and then number we had twins oh I see a lot right off the bat right right off the bat yeah sounds like it's time to get busy for another one. You know what he role because normally give affection because you're like I don't wanna cup short. Shut the door shut the door nail U can't shut the door is simply thing. They needed hitting yeah so I bet you lay my girl and guy you're very good guys this is Bob and sugar. Sorry I just hope I don't really pay that much attention to the real housewives of New York less is to say something caddie about one of them. Crew time that's due. Hello Louis and we count to slur when doing whatever and Thomas is she still loves it she got married and is part of getting married she dropped to countless title. Where was she comes. I think I don't know I mean she was legitimate gun ownership relative is what I know you have to really be something to get me off accountants. You have to do you know this is idea for me to give up being the duchess and it's Allen has surrender if you. You didn't do any faith in themselves. Learned what every account as the one their rigid reported the it's dance song yes at that they made the turns. Or insurance I didn't dance duo while she's saying into attract almighty god and bloody episode this kind of feature her wedding is called are you ready. Counties and no more. Now some people on Twitter who are very very SaaS he said listen. Khalid had to do was lose the always she could kept him forever after I. AP ED TDs don't dream yeah. PH CR IV. 8882627437. What I told you people. Twitter is not for the cents a barrel for the scene of our candidates were talking about how 14% of women will dump you. If you've got and in doing pet. So there you are your perfectly nice person animal lover but there's someone in your life just take you need Heather welcome they have other. Okay so what kind of an animal who has it. Well I have I have started but I'm Mandela did not work an eight pumps at all. Eat pork past three years. I've met many pets I did not light. But that you are in particular that really stuck out to me where the sixteen year old rat here here easy. And they had about Greeks eat between them yeah they're they litter that looked like he know regarding Iraq. I can't stand them and I was doing meg kinda nothing good old. You know Wall Street and my album boyfriend at the mud there announced training camp and I'd get like these dog godlike here. They're given their med than he'd like or they get paid them since that yes you know the life. We go to Mary actually offered it seemed and then they're not interested taking expressing an a lot of them buy them. Eat and I didn't I'd just I'd really daylight as odd but I think they're still taken. You will relationship you had your training your boyfriend. Was it was that was that kind of awkward and weird or no. On that Palin and all of awkward at all until like we broke up one summer we're still working together that got chocolate. Hey how you do and I know he's talked about got a bunch on the show but have we ever to focus really specifically on. The recount and the horrible awkward aftermath of the three cult was somebody dated at work can be terrible. Lisa gee Jack I broke up with somebody wants an and I started dating somebody who works for her. That unless whoever Adamo X zone. Whom do. She went to my Erickson said I just wanted to. Which you know that the governors seem to fix it surprise you. I think the youth today which is faithful think it I think better than I had drama you know I think I would pick a team that knew. It's just a lot of offenders are both great when they are grown ups and professionally women's network that this huge commanders say I'm sorry I'm leaving the show like I can't commit myself and have to work. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the body cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Audio clips I guess everybody was saying dot com. Good thing about. Kids and vegetable you wanna hear this this is how to make your kids vegetables. You have to jazz up the name of the virtual. I did like wholesalers ghost broccoli that's a good note in her dude yeah because there weren't. Yeah I mean it's too late to be either root I think they're gonna be embarrassed as adults when they discovered that it has in the. Her name of the tribe boring labels at Stanford University like corn and green beans. And then they switch it to vitamin rich corn. And reduce sodium corn and that did not make a huge difference but when they use labels like rich buttery roasted sweet corn. 25%. More kids ages. Just by changing the name of it they didn't add anything else to I yeah the word fiesta to a lot of things to try to sell it. Always say do we had a coworker one time and their mother used to serve membranes and eggs in Kona Batman and Robin eggs yeah and it worked and that work they did not. If you if you Kim if you give your kids spinach Pritchard called sweet spinach they're more likely to eat it. Because of the word just the works and you don't see disarm restaurant menus or something and if it's if the description as word it just the right way I mean you're more likely now to go yeah I think so much trying to. I was out of town a couple of weeks ago visiting my daughter and two not to say the name of the restaurant and went to put every single town has one of them. And it was late at night not really but I mean pass the dinner hours like 945. And so like I set the bar and I looked at the menu and it was just sat and was a sad menu and so I went with the half records rips. Have figured you know I got a shot at least. And Iraq came out and it was slow leak. I don't know where it was meat but it was formed so perfectly. You just try steroids and it just did not look right and it didn't taste food. And I'm looking around and there's a couple of guys. Train can. Here in an old man in the corner me. I looked again at the rack of ribs that look preach one anthrax it was to switch back at tufts. It's searches said united. I don't know what I try to do is whatever I'm cooking I give it a fun and exciting name McQuillan well I don't ending. Because they won't just. He's Serb Moroccan pork toughest. This is. That helps a group this is skillet fiesta. I could change the name than a month there for you do looks like Colin why is not a it's not good age. You need to maybe pick out a single ingredient. A lick let's say you're doing your serve five with strength new color pops dancing insurance. What are you should should dance how delicious they are they danced into the pan Arab PS. He needs clubs pubs since he isn't sure or something. Whom I mean though let's have made fire crackers some dinner the other. That's good view of the worst firecracker yeah and loves dancing anything I don't things can work. I'm does this do he keeps things fun names like who worked with funding to carry out key crock pot beef thing that you do that's pretty good yes. Yeah none. That's little don't change the name of long cold walk resale because I heard you do it I'm making Chinese food to a dozen films tunes. Bus and hang on Madison I'm making Chinese food tonight. You know Madison we're having Bob's dancing firecracker shrimp tonight but I'm gonna see that or all about it. Or you announce to the kids that your gonna block and rule tonight. And then you put the stones on in the kitchen lawyer cook in and then you're walking in your tenure. Should or should go to college two months early or heavy for a lot of maybe they just elect Chinese food. Big bellied it okay billing insurance it is if it's take out Truman you know certain Chinese restaurant or you call it. Sash she chicken walk enroll breaking some adjectives golden and Yemen more of an effort Bob Stinson anything though. Shoes pants. Shrimp or not doesn't work much of the week like I took some green beans and roast at the many of them. And I can't just say these are rose to green beans because I'm gonna get so many objections and their bitterness never make in the stadium it and so then you have to come up with that and you go this is Tuscan green beam explosion. What does that lead to explosion of flavor you get it up. So public that's about this Bob's not know is much like I put my name on huge anymore I might you yes and it's always an. It has for years and I'm amazed that we're still together and on the year. There was frank ensuring would have won a long time ago. As sweet and spicy. Shrimp. Because the Rolex they light sweet they miss you dad and he likes a spicy let me kick it wanna open not sweet firecracker pressure she firecracker sounds like so does that something's gonna simply yes sums come right here right now I made a pretender Atlantic sun drops soda. And made it into a marinade and and called and called it sparkling suns are up big time. And no heat no. Adopted unit able it is you know coast broccoli was my greatest invention. You know we're gonna do on Friday. Knew we much of their first six party given day and everybody got these airborne yeah lawyer weren't. Owners to haven't underneath the dining room table. And is firing off while I'm tending to be talking to you on my iPhone. I'm gonna I'm gonna run video it when it's gonna go viral. How can make a connection between the air horn and beat you on the show and tell me. About it is that we I could roll the video. And she's been fired your. While men while medicines. Oh you're too pretending you're talking to me that the how he's dating I don't know do you guys aren't old and I think we need to call that. Startled when he gets us. What should clamp startled Bob you'll see you'll see it. The strike by the sheriff and allies previews at Bob sorry dot com is a sweet moment last night no luck I don't know student I'm a student happy because I didn't realize what it once a month. I'd gotten back from taking. Taking care meal to dance so it's about 830. And is having sit on the couch haven't gin and tonic. Just sit there have many gin and tonic and being very happy that I wasn't driving anywhere he nice money. And my older daughter had on a bunch of her girlfriends over and they were downstairs in her room. And so she comes up when she says some accounts next mean she starts talking to unions were chatting and I know our friends are downstairs. And shall we talk for about twenty minutes about you know just stops. And then she goes are coming back downstairs is are you gonna come down soon I should down. Scarce. She's a common countersuit see my friends may well yeah okay. That's a big jump on news okay we and I I was down. She left in the sinner and flippant I channels and I'm gonna suddenly hit me a minute. You have my daughter this needs who once you do it calmed down stairs. And hang out with her and her friends for a little while Newton. And Paula Newton. Not a low morals merchants that's about a year and a half to two years early yeah I what I've noticed with the married. I love my kids' friends they both my girls have really a really good crew of friends really nice kids boys and girls. Sort of stairs and they're just hanging out and non. So I got down and they're showing me pictures from their social media and we're talking about you to stuff and I did not overstay my welcome. You know did not save their hung out them for about fifteen or twenty minute Newton and then arm went on my way. There's this really. Really glad about Backus and I was a teenager so I have my mom when I was a teenager but I have my grandma and all of my friends loved her I had this one French or jet. Who during summer break from school. Would she lived with him walking distance she would show up at my grandma's house with a bag full of clothes and her own pillow. And would you stay. Like for days on end really until her parents will call and say you need to kimono first few days and your grandmother didn't mind my grandmother loves to that are you kidding when you're the singing when they like her mother and there was. No such thing. My grandmother never wanted an empty house she loved having it was a sing with my brother mark's friends she loved having. All of our friends over and they loved her and she was just fine and warm and wonderful and great cook him. And she really listen to think the secret to it. Was that she would sit there like I would come into the house and Georgia would already be there he and she would grandmother will be sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking about drew jett's life mean. She was such a good listener she actually engaged. Mary does that with some of medicine's friends and I noticed something has changed in the last couple of weeks. We had that graduation party over to our house for Madison graduating from high school. And so the last thing that was shown was a video that Mary put together and it was you know obviously pictures when she was a child and her heart wrenching yes it really really was and then people toasted Madison and Mary do the last toast. And marriage is not a crier. But she says. You are my best friend and the two of them just hugged each other and there in tears and I noticed that since that party. Madison who committed the house can she's you know she doesn't leave for polished till you know what eight weeks from now. And Mary B in the in the backer on the deck looking at the squirrels and Madison will go to were room and then go out pull a pitcher and just talk with her mother. No I'm not saying they haven't talked before but it's a different. It's a transition she's leading to her mother right now. And I don't know if it's conscious. Or unconscious foot. I think the clock is ticking down for hurt. And she's bonded with her mother as an equal. It's wild one of my daughters on Q do you said so and so one of her friends wants to know why you haven't followed around in sticker and yet I'm Alina because. Most I'm cute girls your age to not want other peoples mothers I'm going to wanted to write protection emergency Toshiba's other artists to gonna make sure you Laker pictures quick. But that's a tremendous compliment. Yeah I mean I take it that way now. Could he know I was like all prepared she guys stay in your room and do whatever I'll keep my guess and I almost missed that moment. You're the fun moment. Sure that the mom that it's fun to watch because she's kooky. But so also to pick one or the other. Terry dot com. Looks like the bachelor tennis. Shown that it is every bit this comedy as we thought it was no boy this is quite a story. Karine olympiakos. Issued a statement on the sexual misconduct allegations that prompted bachelor in paradise sure to shut down production she is one of the contestants. She said quote. I'm a victim although I have little memory of that night something bad obviously took place which I understand is what production on the show has now been suspended. As a woman this is my worst nightmare. It has now become my reality. Karine has hired some attorneys and says she is seeking therapy to begin dealing with the physical and emotional trauma. Meanwhile the Mario Jackson issued his own statement he is again I guess the bachelor because I don't watch that the bachelor paradise. And he is proclaiming his innocence he said quote. It's unfortunate that my character and family name has been assassinated with false claims and malicious allegations. It is still unclear what went down but apparently a couple of producers got concerned when Corina to Mario got hammered and then got physical in a pool. There's talk that Korean was so far gone she couldn't have given consent and there is also questions about why the crew did not intervene. As the crew was right around there I mean that is really. Uncomfortable. If she's in that bad a shape she shouldn't be any near near water near water not near more alcohol not near guy you know it's this sort of thing where you go well. I can't believe it's this easy is I thought it lives it is his skis he. I mean it is it has ramped up the skis unison the last couple years don't you think I don't watch the show you this is just reports that I'm reading. It is seems easy from the get go to meet him the last time one of those didn't seem sleazy to me was Tristan and Ryan type can log on why don't ask. Omelet that you know that there is something really serious here because. If it had to be more than shenanigans in the pool shenanigans in the pool is what those shows are about well I mean what they're. What their implying here is that he took advantage over her while she was. Either drunk or pass that yeah that's I mean that's what they're saying. And he's saying that did not happen that was not the city she's lawyer not. I mean that the the the first few years of such show. I it's a catch a little bit because Mary was watching. And it was cheesy and it was ridiculous and as a guy you knew you wanted to throw up. But then about two years ago you'd see them go off. And the implication was maybe they're gonna make out for a while and then they then she was staying the nighter he was staying the night and yeah we are a little bit more sexually oriented and now this was sort of inevitable because anyone that you talked to in the business tells you. That the producers do not single push these contestants whether it's. This or any other reality show they approached him for drama. We yell and I mean they do that on shows slicks for her yeah. Don't they get them all wired up if you have a situation where you're pushing and pushing and the same time you're pushing people to be there were cells. You're also pushing the envelope to Jeff to top last Sierra excel wasn't a sort of inevitable that we would have something like this yet and once once the cat's out of the bag it's not going back yet. There's there's knows that there's no sync we got to put in reverse for awhile now because the audience at this point is Joost to see something that's a little more provocative and you could say well that's the end of bachelor paradise. But I don't think it would out of the end forever yeah they may pull it off first season and then return. A were reportedly filled a ton slot with this I think was on a couple times a week right. This is the great thing about realize that blessing and curse of reality television does that it is cheap to produce. Newton. So I mean you just pull up another reality concept guests and I mean my god they're bringing back battle of the network star. Who were the networks Horace. And if you can. It's gonna be episodes it's not gonna be like. Though back in the day when they had it won it was the cast of like three's company heiress is that they're gonna do like geeks verses athletes and then they're gonna do like men vs women you know it's going to be. So the gonna pair up different teens who would really battle. They will they utterly how to they battle they do competitions they do physical you know as Hugo like track and field events and stuff like that. Was there a TV showed the most celebrity. Circus or something worthy published. Are the stars that's for. Didn't month they didn't try to bring that back don't mind confused I think that we I feel like they bring in guys and it gassed early. That was like one of the first reality show notes amid and that must have been what twenty years ago and it was I didn't think it was like a summer filling in show bad. It was bizarre everything is like back in the day back in the olden times before somebody premium channels and streaming. Seeing the host of Entertainment Tonight dangling from a trapeze man if children or if you ask you know all. But now I believe that she Mary Hart was like horse you rode an elephant man or some something had. That -- Acura has asserted stuffing you know your parents your grandparents live announcements from our old. Look at Gary Knapp IDC and she looks guide to. She's on an elephant and the other Jerry. You sure know you're grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where health markets insurance comes into. They can show small business owners group health insurance options and they're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better Elton financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 85575. Mode 3537. To help market concerns. Bob Sherry dot com. Talk about. To me more was on that. Tonight so to me talent. And she shared a picture of herself. I am missing one of her front teeth which she said fell out due to stress and that can happen Kazaa and women heading Google it. It just falls and you teach can follow out now I have I do very stressed and I really need to keep my teeth. In my head where they postponed the move on your your teeth can fall out two distress did you know that no I wonder how that works. That's a lot of stress but then again if Ashton Kutcher left me for Mila Kunis I also it. He they have some stress it's not a good day and then my ex has been married to supermodel had a new baby. And then I can see my teeth falling on to mean more by the way on the Tonight Show looked. So. Beautiful. And legs zero time had passed what did she do now because I'm sincere in anything I haven't seen your. Linked to movie you work I think you know years when you have that kind of wealth you Kim what you do can be live your life chef she's a mom. And I think she produces some stuff and I think she's been through a rough patch and has really been focused on getting better. I guess we always take for granted that you know if you word that type of a star. Igor may already know that you would in some way. Be able to pick up some work somewhere in in that you wouldn't just give it up look at Phoebe states. Indicates. Didn't have the stardom that. That she had. But. You know she was a beautiful and still has some beautiful young woman. She got married and live your life and she got married and lived her looks does and she's married to doctor Kevin Kline in my arm I know that if a trust me. If I had that kind of wealth we went in when your. We win the lottery. And people go oh my god Sherry lynch what do you do now I can live my life no buddy Dyer is a full time 24/7 gigs for me yeah I want to live my life. Demi is worth a 150 million dollars yeah that's what she does today yes she sits around living her life so. If you haven't seen that the clip is on its online and on YouTube. She looks actually beautiful and she shared this picture of herself missing a front teeth and you look at and you go oh my god Demi Moore with our front taste. Stress stress is terrible now here's a second teaching or talk about. The I trapeze artist I'm probably in a butcher her name Erin bureau Melinda. It's planning to hang by your teacher from a helicopter over Niagara Falls you know today. The performance falls on the fifth anniversary of her husband nick Melinda you know remember that televised high wire water walk over Niagara Falls. I watched that he today's the five year anniversary of that that's the basilica spicy and that's the gambling that flying Linda's right she will be tethered by her waist as she performs a series of trapeze maneuvers. On an cooped suspend it from a helicopter 300 feet above the water then. And she'll be doing this. Hanging by her teeth she's attached to the hoop by her teeth. I hope doesn't feel any stressed. I'm Joseph where there can be along truck from wearing braces was an offer. And you know hole I just don't think I can dangle from my teeth over anything. And the bats today did you say that's an and it's now she's doormat today now we as soon. You know whether wind all of that I can eat cookie Googlers who at times she still on the tab yeah that's happening today she says she's not afraid. And she feels honored and blessed to be doing this and should she marry into that Sam yes she's married that went room. She was probably my guess is she was probably this. And that's how they Madden because if I'm married nick well Linda I'm sure as hell I'm not hanging from my teeth over Niagara Falls you know they always told that Shanley the flying Melinda Sarah. But I had a comedian when times say. How about the we're staying on the tight rope will lead to death because I'm a liar English kiss that good and it's added. She said that she's going to be listening. On to classical music on violin on headphones while she hangs from her teeth over Niagara Falls under are you into assembly once I was kind of by my teeth. But it was a different type situation and a lot longer than one OK you know. So can you like aren't you almost funny about my teeth. Think when I when I see people are hearing people described terrible accidents that have happened with their teeth. I get this weird she ever read. Queasy feeling you know that's a very queasy thing was that an old picture of Demi Moore with low to Smithson or something Reese it's very recent. A. Both her for her found out she just showed the picture with one but both of her front teeth fell out what's what's the stress though if you have a 150 million dollars. Well but you know you've lost love then it was he know. I had seen him. You know each struggling to raise three teenage girls Zou asked us he deserves some things that money can't protect you from and heartbreak as one. Humiliation is one. Mila Kunis is once you go home to a comfortable exquisite house you never have to clean your own kitchen or cut your room grass. But here there's no amount of money that can fix a heartbreak she was with him for awhile what they were married Paul Cohen with a minute and five years. Around five months. I mean. Your people that would go out western culture Brooke go between nineteen football out from distress call myself yeah. But she's doing great now and she looked. And you saw iPod she looked amazing it's. Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money. Podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry I feel it's. Foot locker says store that sells you your sneakers and stuff in heaven and coming up for Father's Day and a lawns a ball. Is featured in the hunt so let me remind you guys that Alonso ball sure doesn't lessen our super sports night. One's a ball is their basketball player whose dad low bar. Has become an Al Hussein my son's better than LeBron he's better than Michael Jordan a real caught up now he wants he wants a billion dollar Foote we're aware dearly yet allocated stolen high school. Yeah Lamar ballwind on Jimmy Kimmel and he said that he could be Michael Jordan game of one on one because Jordan's too small. And that now he's never lost a one on one game in the Michael Jordan would cry if we if you played him so. Lamar. All Lund says dad has some has been in saint. And this wise. Like the first of men not the first step one of many insane appearances he did this one on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Lavar autographed a bunch of cards containing some of his famous phrases which are now on eBay combining for 5995 apiece. And so Alonso his son is in this commercial source shot blocker for Father's Day. And he says. Course there's that day when your dad breaks your high school coach in front of an entire ground that crowd for not giving you enough touches. And they they ask them to talk about everything is dead stone for him growing up and Lund says says. That's special moment when your dad sits you down until sure we're go we're going to college could copyright C named to make it part of a friendly lifestyle brand. And then tells 29 out of thirty teams not to bother drafting you know it's so. Finding. That's amazing that that got to London I never. Curtis an ad like that before it's this day it's it aides played like us happy Father's Day spy but Alonso is completely deadpan now how you know it's an inside joke you gotta follow sports and now it. So if you if you strapped in and into college. He wouldn't be able to do any of that woody. He's going to the pros and he's going to be won the first two picks in the next couple weeks in the NBA. His dad already has created issue in the price point on the issue is war hundred dollars. It's yet to be seen that done that's all gonna come together. And he's trying to get a billion dollar deal for thank him and and he's got a brother two he's got two Brothers who bore the brunt of them are they are they are good yet broken loves a balls is is leaving after first year UCLA the two Brothers are still in high school they're already committed to give UCLA. And and so yes he's going to be LeBron never went to college to now he he went to went straight school yeah. It's just it's a very funny Spock his lines it was just straight up dragon is that a message but it. What I love about Alonso ball is his name is named as the ones are all sounds like something you've played Jim on green eyes exactly all right. Put the parachute down for playing Alonso ball. It's a great name I hated rainy this. It rainy days in June school oh my god would you never rainy days were such crap shoot because like at my mental seasonal Wyoming. One of two things happened and re need ace a mystery we did three things we play duck duck piece which I to look to this day I wish adults play duck duck goose a parties 'cause I love it. Duck duck goose we got up a pair shoot or be square to square dancing I was waiting on that. Wish we could and we did a lot of square dancing at the North Haven middle school. And that's that's the point special you're bored you knew you'd just starting. To kind of feel cool and you're starting to be interested in girls you know how to handle your soul right and left all of the sudden it yours that you're doing that hokey does she know what you're doing and Josie Joey put your arm around her and she's a foot taller than you are and all of my daughter was awful. Now doesn't that may dot Duncan Celek about member dodge ball a joy to play dodge ball he's side. I still love doctor goose duck or goose was so Darwinian you know because it's the blade that you had a crush on was it. And egregious bleed for him to touch the top of your head conduct could I could sustain you for weeks spit at a Todd cook touched I have. And then if tied cook and she came around the circle to to doc. There was his hand on your head you're never gonna push Erekat. If she tags few and said can use. That was a sign that you two were gonna get married and have babies Taft I'm just telling me that that's straight up now or I have this lawns in Baltimore OK we tell your age this is different players at the beginning of this saying different. Father's Day and it just so close together the locker asked us to reflect on everything nasty price Bono journeys to India. That's just version. So remember Donna tonight close games of one on one in the driveway where he'd let me Erin fox. It's just you just never listen again Jason Tatum of course there's a big day clumsily emirates are glucose. Confront Iran's hard crowd Friday in new enough touches. We can no relief. As always tournaments on a special moment when investors are down and those who are you on carlin's copyrights and aim to make him a part of a family are suburb went off first take. This out of metaphor for Stephen listeners are you're already better than the reigning league MVP. Are those in the stands are caused games public's best withdraws hunger is somebody somebody international news events us and I'm out of thirty teams it's a number of attracting. It is safe when facing a lot. Tonight is a genius is securing that it is. Are we on his current link we can post so that people can watch that on our FaceBook W bush set up just not want to polish your audience and having to work very. I killing time to work you know what I give it up to new yo ball and the Bruins grown the most have you had a certain time. You're human your word on the street is just that Lavar is not grow yours out right but all publicity is good publicity all right Todd is very. Sorry dot com for the nineteen community. My best hockey universe Steelers owner. Said that people who are sleep deprived are very bad at reading other people's emotions. Yeah well were very slick Detroit on an artillery since that's the case well I mean not everybody word you know we can't help be exceptional. And there's we shouldn't have to apologize to. She saved I went to street Boston say the mics open up and should check this out I'm even one night's. Bad sleep. Armed damages your ability to read facial expressions. And people were Rel well rested are better at detecting happiness and sadness I think it's it's I don't read people's expressions well. Based on my sleep patterns it's because my eyes are closed fusion sausage yeah. Now check this out I think this says a lot about where we are right now as a culture in this moment because as a culture we are sleep deprived. We have so much media estimates light pollution a and so much bone most feared missing out right. So many entertainment options were working too many hours were not getting enough exercise. Sleep deprivation damage is served really leader detect happiness and sadness some other people's basis however. No matter how tired you are you can spot anger fear and disgust. Boy that's interest and yeah. And probably what is it you go pick up and happiness in passing sadness sadness but anger sheer disgust and those you got now. And that I think about what that says you're tired you're cranky you're edgy you're irritable your hair trigger you spot discussed her anger on someone else's face and it's. And go time now. You know I just read the other day that if you don't get much sleep during the week and you think you're gonna make go forward on Saturday and Sunday it does not work that way. Yeah and this year is no making up for it's not like you're putting something you know for a one kid he's gonna you know. Get the payback later on sleep deficit it's real it's which you know what SS first. A lot of people including notched. You've basically gonna live your whole life in a state of sleep bankruptcy. Now differently does that though I think there there's there's got to be people out there. Who just get plenty of sleep. They go to bed at 10 o'clock at night they get up at 6 in the morning in the fuel refreshed. I very rarely feel well rest. And I don't either I mean I just. And I don't it's just a job even when I go on vacation I still don't feel well you don't rest is you're not able we talked about this the other day like if you let me I can sleep. But you are not and cannot do now I can go to sleep a certain number hours and I'm laying in bed yeah uncomfortable between the two if you put. What I noticed is at an and it really upset me was. When I would go to get my here caught witches I don't know maybe once every four weeks something like that I knew I was sitting in the chair I would become sleepy. Because I would have done the show and then go on to get the haircut. And then I noticed the next time I went to get my hair cut I was getting sleepy in the chair. And then the next and the next time with that system he is always sleeping in the afternoon. I was over robes couples weeks ago when I got eight inches cut off my hair no one noticed that day. Well look through there and Jason she Jason's leg were really do a sexy summer kite and give decent color all right. So EDU they put the color stuff onto an any woman has stunned highlights and low lights of color knows that. That's good for five minutes to an hour that you just gonna sit there are some I had some demo I was working on in the nineteen much moon and I fell asleep sitting up which is something I do all the time like a person with narcolepsy. They'll sleep sitting up with my own. Leaning MySpace on my festina redo. And I JC came by and woke me up because I'd gotten my hands in my hair cut off men had a big old rounds fist mark on my. Wild girl that is something to go to sleep and that. Positions so Jason magic clean my face up you're basically had to get some stuff and scrubbed of color off my face. But I'm someone who will fall asleep I would flawlessly yesterday I had twenty minutes between getting home from work and driving my daughter to dance. I sat I didn't dare go inside he just comfortable inside my home we have furniture and electricity and there you cannot have a comfort if you're me. You must suffer to stay awake I sat outside in the hot sun. Fell asleep and tipped over him I had to. Oh that's not good. You know what you need to do you need to do what I'm doing now I need to win the lottery nonetheless thank you must say listen to me on this they say don't watch TV in your bedroom. You've got one in there you put that bad boy seaspan. You turn that C spin down. Wait for good southern politician to get up there and go on and on and on you gonna fall asleep. It's not that I can't sleep it's sick I had twenty minutes yesterday. You can go get your season and now on when there.