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Health insurance can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought chief today by USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter she's 99537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. The father and Jerry show went off on her name is bond this summer energy each kid anything did. And Jerry is a fantastic run. Hello hello all I could never knew better never mother and now broadcasting from the palatial Bob and Jerry studios kids. Common share all right thank you Max. Every year Forbes magazine comes out. We'll list of the richest people in America the richest people in the world. The richest people under 45. And also the richest women who are self made. And that's what I have for you right now America's richest self made women. Com. I think they do this. Just to make all of us feel more. Some of it is just breathtaking. Here sure he'll be in just a moment here she probably knows who this person and she's number one I don't know machine is. Oh here we go. Her name is Marion Ilic she's number one she's worth five point one billion dollars she and her husband co founded little Caesars to. In 1959. He died in February. I I didn't know the little Caesars had been around. Since 1950 million must have been like a local pizza joint someplace against. I remember it like and that's ninety dvds and most of the start that way yeah I'm. Sorry she's 84. Now I'm here are some of the others. Of the celebrities or we'll just go to the celebrities. Oprah is third with two point nine billion dollars. I hand that something is not. At this point nine billion dollars my goodness. After that you have to trouble all the way to number 32 and there. Rests Madonna. Who is worth 580. Million dollars if at all that's all. Celine Dion is 43 400 million dollars and she is followed by Barbara Streisand. Who's worth 390 million dollars. It's interesting the barber strays and is worth less than Celine Dion to you know the wonderful voices and Barbara's been around long tongue may love movies. All third Nora Roberts. Came in at number 45 she is worth 300. And seventy million dollars I think she's the one the cherry was jerking around on the air. Wasn't a nor Robert she writes she writes those. But this. Carrying novels. Yeah and so we had a Rochus plugging her latest book concern said well I had quite a night last night mine husbands. Khaki prison was just throbbing. And and Nora Roberts didn't have a lot to say about them. Let's see who else is singer beyoncé is 46. She is worth 350 million dollars if you put her money together with Jay's either at one point sixteen billion dollars. Danielle Steele is 48. With 330 million dollars to still cranks out those novels. And judge Judy's on the list court clocking in at 51 with a net worth of 300 million dollars judge Judy's husband just died Disney. All of those ages sound wrong to me Danielle Steele is older than 48 and Judge Judy is most certainly will Geddes and I don't know we're talking about this genre where they are. Then come back to the village family casino. Down. They had seven children and one of omens actually famous a ton this village starred in the old Sophie missed. Slumber party massacred to move peak. So the world little Caesars son is an. To prepare and so the pizza the pizza kind of little Caesars itself is slumber party massacre so I don't make sure it is. Great pizza great movies after they go hand in hand. And let's see Taylor Swift is 55 on the list. And she is worth 280. Million dollars so very shy guy needs to life he still alive yeah judge Judy's husband is still alive who could I saw Peter you reserve brought that up a I swear to god I saw that he had died. As I was checking out of the supermarket the other day looking one of the other tabloids. They do you Judge Judy is a decimated her husband gone they do in new thing on the tabloid headlines they do what you just described them but then if it's written to its word you were just one word could be. Could be argued that means something I mean something else and then you opened up and it's an article about how devoted they are to each other and help and let me just do or die if he did died that she would die just be decimated yes that's often anything that they too and it's. I didn't realize that it's their version of collecting. Ha. Get she got at least open if not my legacy. Yeah they did a thing just recently. On Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. Lavish private wedding. And that's what the headline lies right Selig almighty god they finally admitted there are couple and then actually got married and the article was about. What their potential. Lavish private wedding would be about the just made something up maybe a religious thing speculated wildly here. Why do people keep find that our future. You know cautiously crack. It's a comedian Jim guy figgins said. Armed you may be garlic I'm only McDonald's but if you're Brian us weekly for. That's your McDonald's McDonald's yeah that's right this is Robin sharing. Some news in late night television I think just a few folks were probably surprised. That TBS is giving you a four year contract four more years for Conan O'Brien and there was some talk about transitioning his show. To just one day a week or not long ago and even some talk about it being canceled. But heroes they're behind him he's getting your contract five days a week for the next four years and that is a substantial. Commitment. Yeah and a lot of people are like oh he showed still want his show does very very well for TBS it does dad I haven't seen it in its own body I've ever seen it. It's fun. Back when we had guaranteed channels I would like cents a you know. Also in an interview with the New York Times. Jimmy Fallon says the controversy. About his. Rosling Donald Trump's hair on the Tonight Show hit him very hard he said quote I humid people pleaser. If there's one bad thing on Twitter about me it'll make me upset. So after this happened I was devastated I didn't mean anything by it I was just trying to have fun. No I believe in there. Fight a do his ratings have yet to recover they have not they have not Stephen cold beer. By going after trump has just kicked his but he is he has so far ahead in the ratings before all of this he was not Fallon was ruling. For a road the first a year they went one on one. And he doesn't blame people for being upset he said quote they have a right to be mad. Well let anybody down. It hurt my feelings and and that they didn't like it I got it. I didn't do it to humanize trump I almost did it to minimize him I didn't think that would be a compliment you know I I just exit. Jimmy Fallon. Like Jay Leno just never wanted to get involved in politics. You just neither one of them wanted to be really political. Letterman was. Leno was non. And I don't think Fallon wants the plane that can be just wants to be silly and funny he I agree YouTube. By it but. There's there's so much fodder there that you know you end up playing in that arena right now well he sometimes going to happen. I don't think he got hurt because she doesn't want Plame matter arena I think he he got hurt because he had a moment. Com and he. Chose. To do something that the audience didn't follow. And I'm not ever get into saying how could that one thing I read that in so much after that show his ratings dropped and they never recovered. But don't you think it's more that coal bear the there are certain amount of people who want to see. Comedians go after trumpet and then that's what I'm watching I'm surprised that's the majority honestly. I'm a surprise that the majority isn't looking for an escape from all of that now. You know I it it's just breathtaking that Fallon was beaten me he was king of late night. I am here there are some interesting like if you. If you are you sitting TV in the way TV works and all of that there's some really interesting articles and theories about why. That was so damaging for felons ratings and and I. I hear everything your saying and everything that he's saying and don't disagree with any other written but there's no denying the fact that after that episode. It just never came back you you wonder if it will people just get tired of the whole political thing. And they don't what did they wanna hear the jokes anymore does he then filled. Avoided. By just you know doing that the silly funny things that he does. He needs to be himself. It exactly as anything other than that it'll come off as insincere found no I think you're right I can keep eat is doing now and he's free to do that now he is. You can choose that and then you know the ratings are at the ratings are but I am I agree he should yeah. If if you'll all of a sudden pivots and starts doing some really hard and that's trumpet lines. People are not gonna bust how his audience the audiences with him clearly doesn't want because call there was political with his other show even though he played a character. Obviously it was politically oriented right. So people you know kin sort of adjust to what he's doing right now. What Fallon did I saw the episode that we're talking about and what he did was what he Dyson it was completely and totally in keeping with who he is just an entertainer and what I Salazar about. But for some reason. The audience just. They weren't having him and they haven't come back tones. I'm supposed to call bears this beating Kimmel in this arena Kimmel has never had great raiders and camels a cult so. Yeah a bit on the channel goes after trumped you and evidently a bit Kim also different thing altogether Kimmel on his back hosting the Oscars again next year and caught some people say if you really why's that yeah. Critics say what you want about Billy Crystal on all these others he was not perfect Oscar says he did a brilliant job. And so they're they're bringing much like that show I'm like I watch it from the deadly it's not very often I watched him I loved the Jimmy Kimmel show I love all the stuff she doesn't like his mom in his uncle's I love you can show but it's never been the ratings blockbuster and. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Are sorry dot com. Know that the kings of the Netherlands he may not even realize the Netherlands had a king his name is king Willem Alexander. Tom they do have a king and the king is a pilot. For KLM airlines so few flown on KLM airlines SuSE chick stick king himself was a balanced plan with a kin you're I would think Jeanne come up then and they say he's very discreet about it he's for the last 21 years he's flown twice a month as a commercial. Airline co pilot for KLM and me he said he'd be he's very seldom recognized him when he's in his uniform and I guess without the crowned the secretary yeah or. Second that's he's set I would greet passengers over the ever come but not really identify myself he's been kings since 2013. After his mother Queen Beatrix abdicated any 75 he was the first king in the Netherlands. 323. Years there were three queens in a row before hands and her or his love of flying isn't secret. But he's never made a really big deal about the fact that he works just a little push for KLM. You know it's almost like that movie airplane where you get in the cockpit and who knew what curry Matt graves have our regard as the pilot. That is a navigator royal tradition he should go on Imus is your pro at the king and king of the Netherlands and that becomes there's a little this. Waved to the crowd. So cool led. Video is only being kings for four years April's kind of pile this. Well as mom abdicate when she was 75 so many casualties forty's he's sixteen now dissident yes and we had yet he's just different. Can she was 25 minutes or oral. He's been a pilot for 21 years she's been king for four. This thing is well I love being king and I love flying to. We must wonder who don't have a lot of duties like the British royal family has for charitable things he should they must not have a lot of money otherwise why would he be working well you know smaller country the only slice twenties does T shifts per month. And he he doesn't have to do it funny just he's done for 21 years. He's never believed in just sitting around he's always had his you know his mother was the queen and let him leave him much to do. Be my guess the prince of the Netherlands I wonder I wonder if saw his security with him when he flights. Doesn't say. He says that when he when he greets people from the flight deck. He says things like on behalf of your captain and the entire crew. So he doesn't say and and greetings greetings peasants and decide king villain at home that. He's very modest about it right now let's get so interesting is is that a Dutch airline combed out and he don't Prince William does of course in line to be the king of England. Until very recently was a search and rescue helicopter pilot who and people who had been rescued Newton but when his crew was on call them to freaky they would like plucked out of the freezing North Atlantic now it's Williams I was always very impressed that he stayed in the military that Laura and was that accomplished I mean that's a good thing for one of the royals to do right I know they have to open up new stores or whatever it is parks and all of that but to actually be part of the military and he worked you know of this he pulled the chefs with the other -- ask you guys can't keep it it said who you know who really knows but it's said that he was better read. On resistant and unwilling and sad about stepping down and then now that they have the two kids and and his mother's getting up there he has he they're grooming him basically it was Harry who was the pilot know he helped Williams a search and rescue helicopter. Pilot Terry well it is well carries a pilot is well very well I'm picture it was serving in the Middle East for awhile remembered was date they had to pull a Mel Bolton lost because he's getting near to al-Qaeda yeah here's the thing I don't think William was did not do in PT like our folks over for bragging stuff I think he was on royal time I think you know he kind of checked into the military and when he felt like it was time he needed to go in there. And mr. nice pin on -- time what do you know what I'd like to how many Yousef freeze at home hack and the heads are bothering me and I don't deal with a does federal so royal timed out eighty I don't know though when. Do you think that he they would have the audacity everybody else is getting up. It's 5 o'clock with the you know view with the bugle and he just stays in bed I don't even think she stay on the base Bob you know really the analyst he's got a nice house. Then and movements and that he actually thinks notre wouldn't from what I've read. British newspapers swinging K we're living in when he was stationed and then northern part of England and he cave in and angle see I think this what's the name of the place was he K rented a house there and he was. Bunking at the base and doing PT employ an all of the chef Sarah and now that was before they were stationed there. When non she got on your first married and she had William. And then he was stationed somewhere else and now they live more or less. And I forget the part of the country they live in now they live in a big girl. As farm state kind of things to the middle groove so. They were when they get dressed up in those red jackets for like a state function or something. That's some decisions. Those bright red jackets and their local wares and it has all all of the medals a lady and everything I stand on the balcony Weydedat commoners. You mentioned that you get beat you you're drowning and complexion on the ocean by a prince William and they happen to them bunch. Odds in the news straight ahead here in the gave way to the weekend this is Bobby cherry. Don it's more on the. And Newsnight check this out of 35 year old dead from Cleve. Lin whose name is Brian homestead was at Disney World and his family last Sunday. And he took her young son back to their resort I don't know which one it was but one of the resorts there and a stroller while his wife stayed to hang out. And what she was back at the resort he proceeded to get wasted and a poolside bar and he left his kids sitting in the sun. The hotel got at least eleven complaints about him. People also said he was pushing the stroller through the lobby and ramming people with the with the kiddy and and he was shouting racial slurs are so manager escorted him back to his room. But then showed up in the food court it's started threatening people once police got there they realize the kid it was pretty badly sunburned. He's also been sitting at a dirty diaper for several hours. The data at that point threatened the police on his way to jail saying he'd get Donald Trump to kill them. I'll kill. Some people just can't handle a crowd of theme park while. He must be the happiest place on the accompanied her beach Florida tried to pull over 35 year old woman whose name is Christine us or Argo a few weeks ago because she was not wearing his seatbelt. Eventually she pulled into the driveway and she went into damage control. Which means she spit out every life that she could think of when the cops came to her window she said this is my grandmother's house. Well wasn't that she stood my name is holly Smith. It's Christina. I'm pregnant. She isn't. She says she couldn't talk peace and because she had to go to the bathroom we cannot confirm that there with a cups figured out. Says she had three warrants under when they searched here and they found the best in her broad and took her to jail. His bad news. Speaking of messing. Carrie Lee in various and it's 59. Is that today's moron of the day he got busted in Portland Oregon the now he was using math. And he decided that he absolutely hate Portland. Don't block its I don't know Sicilian Linda's great bomb threat there. You know if you've ever watched two TV show port land DO Portland is its own place. And Kerry relief. What are inhabited anymore so Jerry Lee disguised at all an outpour of the best thing to do to deal with his hatred of Portland for beauty get arrested this. And so we got real high on mansion anyway now in public in broad daylight. And was arrested for vigorously taking care of his own business in front of people and tear gas. And when I saw Caroline. And where and again downtown Portland and when the officers who arrested him and the public was this was on a sidewalk and outside of social services agency in seem Portland the largest city in the state of Oregon on the whenever when the police officer said to him. No sir why are you doing and it's got this bigger self pleasure in public Kerry said because I've bleeping me Portland. And so they arrested him in the he's been arrested before Republican decency theft assault writing bad checks. How when you look at his mug size you'll be looking at the Jason demand. Who she just realized he got arrested for doing what I just described while he's a regular dog he's 59 only needs 59 missing night. Liquor which is a person that you know. For every young at heart but he's never learn the RA. A 37 year old guy in Austin, Texas name brand and as Smart. Is suing woman for texting during their movie day last week he suing her for seventeen dollars and 31 cents which is how much a ticket. To a treaty screenings of guardians of the galaxy volume to cost me. You should this was the quote first date from hell. She started texting fifteen minutes into the movie she texted her and I at least ten to twenty times until Yasser stops. When she wouldn't stop pieces just that she'd go outside to tax and she left the movie altogether. And left him without a ride home stranded him at the theater then refused to reimburse him for the ticket. His lawsuit describes her behavior as quote. Threat to civilized society. Quote I let the guys' side that is so rude B Dustin newspaper the American statesman reached out to the woman. And asked her what she thought of velocity and she said. Oh my god this is crazy. Q what's interest and she drove him to the movies gaffe. Didn't see that very often the first and well you know more more on first states you don't want like as a woman I don't want to be alone in your car we did get go but she said in the story that she looked him straight gas oil and she drove. You wanna have some good. Controls no I totally agree I mean I think women should meter guy at the restaurant or wherever this might. Even led Jeffrey Dahmer and in my car it weeks he was there because she left to Madonna ride cells that is really like the guys right. He paid for the movie seventeen dollars whatever was she's they're texting through the movie come. The threat to civilized society gosh I don't know I did and I think gives him a Portland man who. Leading this city has more of a threat to civilized society you can check him out of Bobby Sherry dot com that is more on the menu. Coming up at about fifteen the worst male fashion thing ever. Yeah each dish. She did Shanda Bob thanks Sherry podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all the time. Luce accompanied his eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. It wasn't a vacation because he is all inclusive sound amazing. Great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Opera sandals just. Call 88891. She's 515968889125159. Back to the podcasts. Analyze previews at all this area dot com. Also this week judges the other day I realized that my passport it's another day. And we might be travelling sometime in the near future so I've got to get veteran know it yet socially and what a pain this is going to be. And I thought to myself you know it's just send off and and you know you patrol passport in their. It it might take a long time so what can I do and went on line and they found that local postal yes it's easy they've they've got a they've got to. A little authors write in the are so similar script and it went under the one nearest men. And so there's a long line of people who were milling packages and wind tunnel when it and I looked over and I saw passport office. And the door was so. Yeah it was close but not all the way in there somebody in their I sit and discuss statement here. And so I'm standing there and after about five minutes door opens and this couple walks out and there's the passport late. And she looks at me like who were you. And I sit high and another to get in my passport. Renewed you can do that on line. Oh and yeah I know put you know my printer is not real good I wonder if you could help me here you have the do you have an appointment I don't we you can do it online. In the palm. But can I get like the information. To send off we have an on line you get that on line. OK I'm. What's what's that stack of papers over there. But those are the applications. Can I have one and weather available online a student who put their I concede them. And she cited and gave it to me. And I walked out and guns in the only iron muses that. These jobs are being taken by automation which is on line. You know you see you'd think you'd want to protect your job you know let. And so anyway I guided and and I children out and I had a heck I had to go to who have. The pass for please again for some reasons and I thought you know I'm gonna go to a different one so I went to a different one it was the same thing I've waited in line it's the waiting repealed to east. And then the door open. And I and I said. It is. I mean much non unkind that's just how it is. And so it's it's another woman. And she looks at me and said I'm I'm wondering about this do I have to have my birth certificate you can find out on line. Can you tell me whether or not I have to have a person just because he'll play sun had to have my birth certificate. You don't needed if it's a renewal okay Ken IE. Leave disc by mail this year you can find out online and sent. You have a a men's room you can do it on lied I mean if we did we. Show me a little bit healthier I called a we told you this I called on some place to change my address. And the guy said to me you know you can do this on line. And I said I know but we don't have Wi-Fi eight ready 48. We don't have one higher or TV at our house and so I really can't do it online he then proceeded to may explain Smartphone Timmy. Which of course I was talking to hello no he said she knows this but if you have certain kinds of Smartphone GD Internet on your phone. He didn't say that I should I have that I have an iPhone and I do have the Internet and on it. But I've only got one bar of signal here and it would take so long. For media changed my address online with one bar signal. That I thought I would just call you in and do it over the phone to which she said to me we know you can you connect hook your final year why shy. Which brought us back full circle draw and we don't have Wi-Fi right at this house you know. Hello I liked your right why don't they wanna help you latest job security you took another call you helped another person. I mean I guess for the same reason that I would prefer to do an online actually a shower not some form meet. But I haven't done my passport at the post office in beetlejuice is waiting room. First of all the passport office the post office I went to it was only open for an hour a day. And you know series like coach and you had to have so no exaggeration it was open for one hour every day and you had to happen appointment. And you had to have all your paperwork which he so I pull up on the day that I've got my appointment. And as I'm pulling into the parking lot other cars are pulling in around me. And we were all locking our cars and people are breaking into a dead run. Because you get there they will serve here's what they say can and we will serve all of the people we can until 2 PM new and then this office club. Yeah. So you know what kind of toy may you've got to be there are elbowing you know running to get to it is also. All I guess one of the mice said I don't have my original birth certificate. On how do you go about getting all the time find it online yeah. I mean joy joy you think you know like contact the hospital I was born and in New Haven find out online. And then finally when I go to the second passport office they said oh just three you'll know they didn't know what they were talking about the other place unity of her pursuit of. I do wonder can I just ash click don't explode. Why why didn't he go on what you're at least look. Did she wait what was needed before I do it yourself to the actor Jason I did and I had a question. And there were two phone numbers to call and nobody answered either one with the first when they sit at your calling to renew. Called the other number I called the other number this is no exaggeration because I called back to verify. I got a recording that that was way off Mike. This office has been what it's in Miami yes Ari it's in Miami this office is not open at this time because of flooding. Are all of us have been flooded. There's nowhere you can call to talk it is at least in this part of the world to somebody at the national passport. What's funny is if you go there they do have a video on how to apply in person. But they've really discouraging. They really don't want even you have to find out on online yet they can't keep Opel what you don't think hell I don't think that there's global warming the passport agency in Miami was flooded out. And it's close to Ned Colt began with. Please listen closely as our menu options itself which is one of the biggest lies in American life right now totally alone it's about. Smartphone yeah Jerry died. You know sometimes when I'm where much Taipei a similar reflections on a city myself this is appropriate to be wearing pants this fight and then I Ridder and tiny. Done at the bottom there. In other. Then the kernel at my performance pants anyway I was reading an article about robbers for men problems. So what are called problem yes. The first time I saw a picture there was Cam Newton. And he works Ella. I Coachella and cam is a very flamboyant Dresser so I figured our he's just doing his goofy thing you know soured they had he's gonna Wear romp present a W the end of the but actually it is the style and I went online and pull that up in the Ehrlich six guys with robbers. It is ridiculous. It it all started when their group a business suits in Chicago they get a kick starter campaign. For the rumpled. And they've raised 35000 dollars and one day which led them to believe that there was a real market further problem out there. You've got a shirt pocket you got from pockets of adjustable way stabs a zipper back pocket and as a person like which is handy because is any woman will tell you guys. Trying to go to the bathroom wall where you're wrong. It's a real hassle. It's ridiculous. There's a your country music singer his name is chase rice. And he said on Twitter yesterday first dude I see wearing a guy romper porn appear all over his head and flicking him in the eyes of. The problem it's very affordable. You can go on to their kick starter page. And you can buy a three pack of wrong poems for 255 dollars or a single problem for 95 dollars. You should get them for Kevin goalie I concede Kevin or with a nice. Romper on the summer. Got a shoes would you Wear with your grocery chains. Com. You know I don't know I think it would depend on the pattern you could Wear what I forget what it can more retains the Coachella but you don't reward you probably wore shoes he wore one of those 1920s. Hats with the it's kind of round had a flat brim. If you go with Steve pollution amber eight problem I think you can bring your perk Sox media and some running series. You would where you would Wear them. Oh romper yeah the only time where romper insists it was like a request to be warned it's somebody's funeral that I had to Wear no I never see another one piece armed button front jumpsuits that some. Men Wear when they wouldn't get to be old you know the wanna look yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah write it this is just that with shorts here's the thing I'll never Wear something like that because growing up my grandmother went through a sewing fees. And she used to make jumpsuits for the kids couldn't name could you ask yeah. I've been in my brother where they romp through life know they were full laser like it Bob jumpsuits in and you know and then let the Jackson 5. And they would have played cool like email hell boy patterned fabric of a lot of emails how old were you I was probably like singing you know I'm gonna take. I. And that went well with the Dutch boy hair 'cause she would gimme a lot of new and sometimes they go my own child was also terrifying isn't it it is that treasure and open radio. Paycheck act. Yeah elect I'm not I'm like you know I I just couldn't go that IOC you and rom com I don't. You know I think African American guys who are. Who weigh about a 120 pounds can pull it off. I don't know why but some of the models that I saw when I was online. There's two or through them wherever can Mercury doesn't one Munich that we could have to be a real late. Hipster to near real often mainstream kind of hipster guy until the problem goes mainstream you're gonna have to really diss somebody's eye. Think it's not gonna go. Miss skirts never did and there's a difference between skirts for men and kill us. No utility kilts are having a moment. It's sexual play it's like it's more utilitarian. So instead of blink your family to Harden it might feel they can heavy campaign spend dogs sort of the thing with pockets. Up like coo Lotta. Particularly its utility I don't sexiest keep all my god there's nothing sexier than a minute until I could walk into the. A public place wearing a dress Oscars it's not a dress succeed sure you kill my will was less than you saw anybody wearing kilts. Oh I saw a guy on FaceBook a few days ago in his utility chill out towns. I'm not eliminate the right count on. This is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love for you to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. I did end up sorry dot com it's it's the gateway to the weekend it's almost the weekend so I just wanna let everybody know that there's a brand new. Golden girls themed version of the board game clue. Yes. Right they can't get here fast enough. He all the golden girls are there and two mystery players should appear to be roses long term boyfriend miles. And Dorsey sleazy ex husband stand. Come the murder weapons are hairspray bathroom high yield up lipstick a wicker chair himself fetus first. And the rooms are all. Ripped right off of that TV show that show that show has such legs and it's unbelievable the who wouldn't I never thought new movies a show the last few more than like a season or through. I'm amazed he's ever arsenal while don't be like a flare up on social media. I'm something golden girls and they never want this posting about it is like 26 year old guy named Justin. Sure I know we took that once you know judgment because there's someone who only get two channels of TV. I never dreamed I would watch the Dick Cavett shows so maybe you also brother Carl again a couple of channels some golden girls is what's your life. I told jurors on vacation and its own turn. With the golden girls cement. Goosen there was in Mexico marinara invitation 00 they yeah. Yeah and so I I'm you know I'm just bopping around looking for something to watch role she's getting ready. And they had golden girls look alikes in the dirty movie and it was a kick code or movie. Why did. It she and they use that thank you for my friend scratching. Like I don't know. Go back to mean that there's more of them wind I can move. Who keeps Estonia museums we. I just want one guy out there that day says glance yeah June you do at Formby otherwise important important X how do we get on the gold. And girls subject is I never even seen a one of the golden girls all the way through but we got on that subject one day and you write these 26 year old guys were calling or yeah this is my favorite episode in it and then I watch it every single day I mean it was the weirdest thing I what's. He appealed. I don't know I can and it's not it's not too bad so I don't know Wyatt 26 year old guy named Justin is tweeting about it. I think because they may have watched it with their parents there may be a certain nostalgia with one you the the activity of doing it with your parent yeah brings back some some sort of positive recall more than the actual show itself you know I think you're right. I think you're exactly right saw easel so as though the characters even though like that it's dated and it's way too bright and it's way too loud. It was never your reality for 12 like three's company is a great example that for me I have never lived one day of my life. In anything that resembled an episode of three's company. Here's something about it we're Regis he can't turn away if you if you crucify Mets on TV land or whatever. It's so cheesy looks so she's just just the video to the quality of the videotaping was cheesy how much you could never do that show tick is the premise of three's company wise. You girls in the guy roommate and he has to pretend he's gay civil landlord doesn't think anything's going on. In the sewer and that is our culture now. They the show be called three way company yeah I don't print ads about anything that's exactly right. Think you can never have another part of those of deep Childress has you looking go. And well known now until all watching Gilligan's Island re run if I come across some on TV land. Just for the satisfaction in going. Seriously. Could you can't build a ham radio out of coconuts that you can't flagged down a test and shed. I'm every episode is this chain link you know American and get rescue but you can't stop yourself. And and the landlord and three's company there were two of them Don Knotts is one early and who was the other one the guy died this. Don't know her then the roper their Michelle was a temple university graduate that's kind of enormous palace his picture is hanging up to India. School of theater are you kidding no blah. He was always some suspicious about what was going on with the sky with these 2 o'clock girl's. You know knocking on the door without and then Jack Welsh flame up a little to address or her get like it and touched me. They didn't know what you guys are just egg. Gat that concern. And so those old TV shows and maybe for 26 year old golden girl super fan just an interpreter. Some sold TV shows made you part of the appeal is is that. There's no way that that could ever be your life in that when you smarter family that. Can you you can see yourself in those characters in him when you watch some more serious. A mom greatly prime time big hit TV show. Where lake. The one with Kiefer Sutherland where she's the last survivor at capitol building has been bombed the one before and I know he wears a resident yeah less survivors some that it was called here. I'm sorry that the world we live in today actually jacket after India a big to bomb the capital we can be stuck with only Kiefer Sutherland but you would a white suit with a small person yelling that. And I've been waiting for somebody to come into debt to have a fantasy weekend. And that was supernatural by the way yeah the kids Spanish island were real I'd so go I'm so down first supernatural it's the ultimate bachelor who is. Clubs to it. When you think about it remember that the bachelor I I was just reading days somebody's own leak. Questionnaires from the upcoming season of the bachelorette the guys that are competing to be on the bachelorette. These are the most loathsome human beings and these are the congress is dressed up as people he's not nearly so not a fireman or something like that they're answers more than once they leaked her protest greater answers to some of the questions. Com. Horrible like this one. I met this girl we had a really good time to go back to my place I looked up total one nighter. This got a phone call to her brother was missing and I shaped do you sleep so I wouldn't have to helper. Move and that's one and then one of the guys that's one of the contestants who wants to be on the bachelorette and then the other guys. What do you think of marriage I think it's an institutionalized. Sham created by people who believe in false gods deployment to Greg girl back. It's awful to useless in Rio and let's talk about Moya and feed TV show I am do you really like even though it's super bears seemed to admit America craves. 8088 BO GO NG SH ER Riley you're you're kind of compares consistent big thing you love it. Think you're gonna confessed to a key piece of cake made 888 Q 67437. It's got to. Audio clips I guess your father Gerry got. Judge you but we make you do a little bit what is the weird television show could be your real old woman. Probably is a really old ones just goofy that's goofy that you just love to watch for weird like I told you from this channel. And unplug just popped up around itself around. 240 young mind like. It's a collection of peaceful. I guess 1950s and sixties black and white cowboy shows. Like I couldn't tell you mean with the goods that come into the middle of the one of them finally watched till the end and it was called wagon train. It's read about a showed he had read what I racing and it's a drama and then there's another one called the Virginia. And they're both cowboys coach just like tech in the fifties and sixties I guess it's I know that they were very popular a couple of minutes from your TV shows a lot of one thing they all have in common they may be movie old west. Dirty nasty town. But they're heroes. Always have fun to lose. Breast outfits perfect here. Lean a little scarf around there and you know that's not real that was not the way it was back there. That is what I really did what it was what it was like back to bed. Dating game BO BS HER I 8088 to 167437. This shows that he knows fewer admit to loving. Heard people that give you grief it's not here today Jessica what is it what is suggests. And I I like to watch Arab 1960s. I don't let. And. The original debt man right Mumia movement didn't. Rare is bad and I even seen that in years. It's got a lot of good camera Democrat bill 1 morning and. Like feeling in the apart like TV lands one of those who don't like the. And what is the appeal of this where you it's so much like a cartoon you couldn't. So CNN. Aren't easy and so goofy but I got me to tell stories about where out of my new envelopes Ed. You let him. We'll run his grandmother throughout great afterschool could go watch that they had colored TV. Yeah and outspent he would just run home every afternoon our record turnout every afternoon after school to where he can watch. It's your desk live at what he would again and. Have you seen the episode with the Joker. Played by Frank Gore shouldn't that the guy who plays the Oscars. He was francoeur and right so and francoeur she was comedian and they hired him to play the Joker on that bad men shelf. What was the riddler and the riddler okay yeah the question marks on his seat that's where. Yeah joke so just when Sherri and I were first together frank mershon was some sort comedian any of the I think he's passed away. And he came into the studio and we were gonna interview him and I says I have to tell you frank you look great and plus Furman and he said. That's with DC when you get Knowles a couple I have nowhere to. Expect. Jessica imagine odds. I YouTube by by what I'd do we have time for Emily you're now one of the appeals of watching those old Batman episodes is that. You're dealing with the villain. Who's wearing a custom made question Mark Siegel then how much would you love for that to be the biggest threat to world faced a very well I don't know race at let's say is an end. And random explosions wouldn't be great if we were deal with some nut job which you know Kim Jong Hoon and looks like he is a that Mandela and inexplicably happy and dealing with the increasing has haircut didn't need. Is crazy lifestyle screams that Mandela and his outfit and. And mean it was a Joker he. To be a Joker and I never sounding very funny. Why what he's pretty funny. She also that was user Romero. I only know the movie just got really remembered the Joker how the black man I know if it was still runs the result tongue in achieving. Am. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there but it can also be. A really expensive proposition. Especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox. Stocks small business insurance was created to help you receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and if you own your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. I street kids at fox Jerry died conference about two feet TV shows it's almost in my prayers. Yeah it's almost embarrassing. To admit that you watch this stop. Who do you have this weakness for facts of playing her or Mr. Belvedere which was well I'm going to deer was Belvedere a spin off. No no he was his own thing we will see all the respect to OK and so respected me what was he he was a bargain respecting the people here is. Yeah you're thinking of the TV show events in which well isn't a god yeah so. Had a brief. Baffling love affair with but we are close quarters I know they shouldn't it has not been bundled. 00 this weird TV Butler I think your thing you mr. friendship mr. French business do these idiots Jody I'm. Yeah hey look under the showgirl what is a year almost embarrassed to admit he lives. Then the senior model. 00. Yeah oh. I don't know how I finally got teen mom I've dug seeded a couple of times Mary was watching it on the one hand. They seem to be having a little bit too much fun on the other hand this is what can happen to you if you get pregnancy better watch out what's the appeal for you Emily. I want to go to work the only kid then I don't applicant could hit children think they're probably gonna be my client well today probably how they got. The he just you look at that. I just hated one when there's a scene in teen moms when she addresses the camera will Jodie and I know we're moving into our apartment and he's gonna get a job and I'm really looking forward to my freedom. And I just think about some girls are just hates living at home and she says you know that might be your ticket to ride right there. But wait a minute if you're 16 am pregnant moving in your apartment. That is not the F word that's going to be applying view you freedom is the last thing you're gonna have you can add. And Euro freedom going counted bills and assure that ability a kid that age doesn't see that though. Men. That's one of those reality shows that calm you watch which is sort of your jaw dropped. And it's a mixture of their but for the grace rate go I and mom so glad that is in me announce. And how do you how do you get Audi mandates when this is you in and. So ask some of those kids have done out of stomach Qaeda you know when you follow back on the before you've got to you've got to really have in the a real foundation. And a lot of smarts. To get out of that situation. And make your own way. You're in the whole half the time having had teen parents. Home she. I don't you know. Doesn't always work out. Now it's enthusiast and in time always work out thank you Emily a baby take care let's go over to Alison right now hi Alison what are you watching. Well about the I'm trying to remember the name of it doesn't say this cyber thing you're on paper there are people on the way. You that's show I'm telling you it's keeper Sutherland I think Intel and Sony BC maybe. And the capitol building gets bombed and he's ever killed except war. Kiefer Sutherland does meet its. I think you could designated survivors of kindergarten explain it to me because it's wherever there are several parts anyway. Newspapers about my favorite chair look what I was designing women. I want it to be Julia I went to grow up and be Babylon you could just you know found out what I was thinking more about our particular way nobody would listen you know instead of the car. You get hurt you got a radio show. I don't look at what are you act great help who had any right that I really thought I want you to think we. Are joined the firm. No idea our armed people look at them appropriately because I can't articulate what all the way there are no one on one with plenty. It's it's centrist thing that your saying that is one of the keys to the success of this radio show has always been that cherry literally came to and does that. I mean she will say pretty much what is undermined we're not a political shows 'cause we just don't wanna be bothered with a aggravation of political commentary which you get. Blowback was but Sherri will say pretty much what a lot of women who are stifled at home or at work would love to be able to say. And I really believe that's that's one of the things that bonds her. Two women and you can see when we do personal appearances around the country but. I don't have any design talent and I don't have Julia senator Baker's that was her last name rate are trying to remember if I do not have actually use sugar Baker's. Naturally you have to be born with that kind of innate elegance and you think Alison. Yet look at Obama didn't that would benefit of the whole outlook that was the assembly where what what I'm like fast food broke sudden I'll never forget this. Why should go to the close your list I want them too and he thought the heard. Thank you just finished and it can look abnormal for a bit cooler are there. And more dynamite among them is important wanna say you know that help up front. It's a little late okay Sarah generating I don't exactly there. Yeah I know we want to do that woman that I need to try to keep that level by. Alison just say don'ts dogs don't say I'm gonna try to be that woman say I am that one. I am a little more about that we found what I'm a bit I don't let me at all on Bartlett and. Like when I stop smoking like two decades ago you know they said what you have to do is to say I'm not a smoker. Don't say I'm trying to stop smoking saying I don't smoke I'm not a smoker. Wrote quote current and yet she just was Allen dean and I see women like I know women and are women in this building who just. They were born with this sort of natural. The way that they moved their hands and cross their legs are just naturally so elegant and graceful. You know my hopes. I don't even look at football player and it was oil are only good for burglary because this was classic film but it doesn't hold water left. And Oklahoma girl. The report before they report oh look I can't thank you Alison thank you very much I have never been to the taping of. Show your recent ones now and this isn't such a fun thing. 8088 GO VS HER IE 8882627437. I bet if I wore one of my cat shirts that Todd buys forming. And went to the price is right I meant to suggest the race all I can bring you down I'm backside years. Hard thing. This just kind of embarrassing duke. What do you really love it and you still watch it eighty day BO BSH your rights Bobby shared. There's Smartphone upset about Seri doctor I'll talk about TV shows. Just love and you're watching them and you're almost a little Bear Stearns knicks coach he's. I do love it I'd Tracy nature AC. I don't wanna got you morning what's the show. I a lot of Little House on the Prairie. See you we finally learn how contrary down on boarding career and older I'd still love Moreno. Well those books to BC com and god how I love does books music can I. Books and said there boxers are better than the show. You know on the appeal to me is that the simple life it was before interest and all that crap and your biggest worry later. If mr. Goldman gonna let her have all that fabric for just to have a governor and. Check back row. While you're prairie life was not released that easy. Her life some new interest trust live that's when I was smaller. When I was when I was small tracing my down my family moved to the prairie. And we didn't have a phone TV we did have running water we didn't have. Central heat we heal with a fireplace. And now paw my paw. When one of the animals will look a little shady he would take it out back and shoot it I'm here to tell you prairie lakes not a good time. But are there is an amazing series of books when we borrow one of our RV trips. We went to love the place where her large angles homestead. Was it says it's a place you can visit now are you kidding me ads so court's stay it was a good. Trying to remember because you know our RV trips relate fifteen slippers thirteen minutes. Armed when she was a woman's look Missouri good anyway juicy. So beautiful lake where she actually live it. That that was set in in what. Would ticket in the eighteen hundreds. Our. I was in colonial they sold in the seventy admits it's. I don't know how he has made history now I'm in her. I different papers. I read the an account that both the Childs who became a teenager wrote about living on the prairie in the early eighteen hundreds. And she said we had dried. Meat. 1870. And she said we we had dried meat that we would keep in some sort of a storage area you know and they're out there and there's nothing around. There's there's no neighbors around and she said I would sometimes cry. That's just the thought of having a fresh vegetable. Are they middle of the winner because all we were eating was the salted beef Laura Ingalls Wilder earned her siblings they would get an orange may be at Christmas time in. Like the most unbelievable luxury in one of the books and I think this was in the TV show too but no TV on the prairie citing its CD TV so much. I'm in one of the books they butchered a hog and it was the most exciting day and Laura. Wrote so vividly about it's creeping the bristles off the high aid. And boy Aileen. And then they would smoke all the Mika this was how they would have to live and all paused took the pig's bladder. And then blew it up into a balloon that the kids could play with. And then that took him picks him. Women out railway links what are bullying. I watch it seems Jalen Rose today. Any gala tomorrow as a treaty she burned her fingers and Malkin it was just the most magical wonderful seeing blow. Everyday that every would finally get her eyesight Ballard can never ever did. But she ended up happening anyway. I get home today's random white fights they've freedom my house look at how my girls pulled up. Kevin can you all of pin letter to play like you know what you're really say. Sounds good but don't have to eat vegetables. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the body cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I love Sherri dot com just wanna say that on your ninety's music fans. Chris Cornell sound garden pass to waste just two years old song that I know 50 years old I am on he did. It is cause of death is not known yet he did battle addiction but there's no. No reason to believe that that is related to a step. There's enough giant Seattle. I I won it. I'm the team featuring Tom mark Kemp who and Max and I know he said journalist and the he's worked. In on the music industry. For a long time he's written some really great books and yeah he was the music editor Rolling Stone he's an markets terrific Marx had his own struggles I want to read what mark posted about Chris Cornell. On FaceBook this morning he quoted Chris Cornell. On certainly after I Scott island from Stone Temple Pilots died and here's a Chris Cornell had to say quote. If you going to a twelve step meeting in any city in counts 75 people and you ask how many people are musicians are gonna get to. Everybody else is going to be from every walk of life is you can imagine. This famous Scott violence mother crying her mother's crying who have lost their sons or construction workers mechanics. Literally anything you can think of and it's happening every day the only difference between musician it's famous and then other kids. As we don't talk about them on the radio and that's kind of that they're not somebody gets a public personnel and personality that's already been talked about for other reasons. Com so Chris Cornell was talking about addiction and other mental health issues. I'm the but they wish everybody it's true or not it's every welcome your life you know what to do the old saying that it was only you know certain neighborhood are certain. So cold classes of people it is right from both. Poorest of the richest it's everywhere you know so hum I'm ninth man I'm eyes huge sound garden tram rest in peace Chris Carrino. Let's go back to the phones now on happier subject we're talking about goofy seemed full. Embarrassing TV do you just love you can't stop yourself Adam hi. Hey Adam how are you going. Good morning Bob sure Dario good thank you for holding on so long what are you watched that is just kind of kooky. Well how much did it I grew up watching a cartoon animation called Dragonball the mount prop forward. Fifteen years minimum late Kwame is and they have a brand new series doubt that only in Japanese. So every Saturday night at 7 o'clock I grab my phone or laptop into this down. And I and watch the brand new episodes of that in Japanese then my wife. Give me accretive to look into you don't know what are you listening till. The honeymoon trip. If so much period what's what's the humidity get dragon Dragonball G yet can you see you watch it in Japanese have you learned any Japanese as a result. You know is how I'm I'm starting to to pick up on some things but but he Beulah. Have some English subtitles but then kind of follow along but. Yeah you'd be surprised is. From the start you start to pick up after watching a hundred episodes in the definition. And I was Speed Racer Japanese yes yes yes yes I was watching HBO last week. And the Speed Racer movie that was out just a few Soledad so I thought I was tripping. Honest to god I thought I was on an acid trip it was so awful. Speed Racer and his girlfriend was named Trixie. The enemy was racer action to be able little monkey named Jim Jimmer something something like that gas and my older car that was the M five for eight. Now that I don't now I just I remember my older brother into the. I think it's the M five. Or oh wait a minute that's that's the Secret Service and England. You're getting your James yeah. I am getting an aloof Adam thank you for listening Porsche expects and the water five. The mach five that's exactly right our let's go to Kim right now get on in here Kim power you. Aren't very good what's the word TV show you're watching. I am still a huge fan of the Flintstones in the jet setting I don't know why they're polar opposites. But I love the fact that this out on the front on that have. The baby woolly mammoth and Beth. Their pockets you know the water faucet you ask. They would be prepared be the camera in nineteen. At a picture of every one of many of the polar opposite of being captains where. I'm eve and I remember that the sort of felt like or the cool he had. You talk mark I'm like a disconnect us. How all the as I indicated it and then my kids that graduated high culture don't mind you know you can repeat should not taken their homework I'm going to try to. Isn't that weird. It was I don't typified a night still have a parent grandparent like yeah have you bought any time and what he went bad you know what they you know like a quality start is ordered for the Peter out but. I remember I don't remember. Say the Flintstones are one of the things that impressed me was that Fred had to stop his car with his feet. Yeah it and now he's got to like heaven and bigger and yeah health. I thought the six foot seven so he has oh and they'll react how we always you know talk about the good stampede guys. Yet it was applied in any wriggle back as two years old I DN. Sun has set is six feet seven. He is six put 726 years old that is that there's lots of really tall people in your Shanley. I don't I don't expect column Atlanta how thick Wynonna my grandfather and his current other optics or not. You know I know who's really tall. The former a thumb FBI director combing. He's likes seven or six feet eight years and you can see him walking another playing him on TV brutal and most. I even. I can't see my son had a great 2000 yelled Raymond and we'll put a hand up record deal a couple of. Ed do you love me last dance convention I was out with my daughter went the other studios put out a big production number of the Flintstones which is interesting because these are kids who probably never seen the yeah. Yeah yeah anyway they got to with the dads to play Barney and Fred I'm complete with the dead animal skin guy and Alfredsson had a giant feet. Did was make two moves things Elizabeth Taylor and Sean and I and most don't couldn't. I think he was yeah. For 888 DOT SC GR rides Bob and says. Audio clips I guess it. Sorry the Georgian court broke the news this morning with a statement. From so widow of fox TV founder Roger Ailes Elizabeth sales posted quote I am profoundly saddened heart broken report that my husband Roger Ailes. Passed away this morning Roger was a loving husband to meet whose son Zachary a loyal friend to many. He was also patriot from a grateful to live in a country that gave you so much upper tee you work hard. To rising to give back during recruited stretched over more than five decades has work and entertainment and politics and in news affected the lives of many millions. And so even as we mourn his death we celebrate his life Roger Ailes turned 773. Days ago I believe on May fifteenth. That was a rough end to elect though I have to tell you. That's not what you wanna see where that's not tell you while. That's not how you wanna have been sued by a woman after woman after woman. Just wonder if the stress involved humiliation wooden shoes think I mean who knows I'm I don't know well he didn't he didn't look like he was in good health I mean he was the. Not a healthy looking and no he well he didn't miss the casting call for Baywatch she got that aspect is here and even further. 77 he he did look kind of rough who knows. No cause of nothing yet has been released in and just that statement you used what entertaining game shows he produced either some. Really well known movies certain may be taken somebody else I was just surprised that fox TV didn't have this that made him break this story this it's not on their web siren and this is strides then they're tweeting yep but Drudge broke the story which is interesting because you thought that was his network well. And wait Barry on condolences to his wife and family and the people who loved him. Let's go to Deen Al talking about TV shows that you're almost embarrassed to admit that you love Heidi. I scary. What is it fast enough. Darryl posh then walk. Girl that was on line and a place I was yesterday it's like I watched like twelve minutes on it. I never saw hospital. But the one actor never pretty shirt on that what it's come to ensure this girl. Went up there yeah I can't lose what they call GH joke is school what are. He what's the what's that they're not that many so Parker's left anymore they are doing shows on her talk shows because they're cheaper but what's the appeal of general hospital as opposed to. The bold are the Bold and the Beautiful Serb still bold and beautiful is that yeah. Bold and beautiful young Brit wasn't gonna fail. And I think about what state sent out with a little girl started out watching that was my mom went out as a teenager. What an RO watch this bear yeah. But it definitely guilty pleasure can now look anybody locked in the breaker and or I'm watching how much you can try it I'm not watch. College guys used to watch that years ago when it was first on. I read it read a story about Sosa same thing was that don't want that Rick Springfield the singer was in. He realized doctor no leads me is that yeah. Yeah. Our military. And to be honest I could give Springfield and he respects because he was a soap opera he can you keep pianist so proper opera and your rocker he can't. Against the rules. Think that that it says. You can look at who are so. Oh you remember that those. What was their deal Luke and Laura. Mary it was a very console her her well it was a very controversial story line to cheesy greeter at a Disco. Lots yes. Why it's yes and yes Iran. And and they got mere eaten and they fell in love oh my does storyline ever have a society today to this day it's ever shall. Will what are order. Now she's married chewed the actor who played number two on Star Trek the next generation. Yeah I think she. That's showing that's how I know we see is some attacking. My god DD two of us is so embarrassing we should go into witness protection it's at. I know what they think the only Christian people that walk in the break Birmingham will work up like Saudi infrared somehow wasn't that bad but the. The fact do we both knew doctor Noah Drake we we can have no other friends it's just it's not now. Why do you have a great day to day here. As UK okay thanks lumbar lower. Shane and you know on Saturday nights if I'm just waiting for married to get dressed and unpopular around the if I hit PBS and I see the word school sure. Can't you in my eyes turn away and you don't go so we don't know what is your. So embarrassing. You sure know you're grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where help markets insurance comes in and take you show small business owners group health insurance options. They're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings employees may receive better Elton financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you call 85575. Mode 3537. Helped market's concerns. Are. It was a game we boards continue to. Yes indeed we re talking about a model good morning Jim. Themselves up. She was interviewed. Was around the today issue there was a CBS CB with Charlie Rose that's right yesterday morning and so the story years. He asked her question general encumbered he's made the comment that he's going to be forty I guess this year that it instead Thomas said that he wants to play into his mid forties and god knows he's so healthy probably could. Takes very good chairman self. And then she word's out that he had a concussion last season effect he's had a number of concussions will tell you why that's a big issue with a National Football League but here's what that's samba was. You know I just have to say as a wise I'm a little bit you know it's as you know it is not the most like. Let's see an aggressive sport great football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much and I mean we don't talk about making it does have concussions in his. I don't you think it's a healthy teens invited to go to like half. You know to that kind of aggression like all the time that cannot be toasty for you right. This is strong troubling on several levels one that she saying he had concussions which physically is scary. Secondly. By rule if a player is suspected had a concussion may need to go to concussion protocol on reevaluated she is claiming he said multiple concussions this is to become a league. Story into the patriots as well who have been known to day we don't know everything your but they've been known to circumvent the rules. And so for the patriots organization if it is true that he was playing with concussions this is very serious matter because a league. Has had concussion lawsuits against him as a very serious issue with a link. Well when when Will Smith makes a movie about it it's really seriously yes that's a barometer dual Smith makes those aren't real open near Dallas right so did he have won last year is. This is the first and reporting tells the first windows not a officially as there ever been on an injury report dated reported ankle and knee it's up they never reported head injured. And from what I've seen it on the team is coming out and go oh no you didn't just sell Gisele. Who spoke before not about concussions but about her desire for him to retire. So he doesn't. Hurt himself and I mean she doesn't want a means she's famous he's famously all the money in the world and she's probably sing at this point equip my modeling want a husband who was has brain damage she remodeling a 34 so she wouldn't have a career ending injury. And get those seals and you can go right off that runway. At a stated I know what I'll I'll tell you what he Max was just saying before we went on he has nothing to prove. Why not just say that's a career enjoy the money enjoy your family and enjoy your health and and and keep your help for the next 4050 years captured Jimmy garrote blows in is your same bed every day he's the backup quarterback from the page and please can I play good to let somebody else have a turn. Let's talk about this guy man he is in the news all the time all of our ball this guy we had him on this segment several times so tell everybody because a lot of folks don't know who discussed. Ryan is Alonso ball out of UCLA. And they just had the NBA draft lottery which such the order for the NBA draft and his son is expected to be the second pick in the draft coach shoot the LA lakers as expectations and big player UCLA couple things we talk about this before Lamar ball has been marketing his son's collectively one entering college one's still in high school the three of them together. For a shoot deal. His asking price has now gone up from one billion. 23 billion if Nike under armour dias at Adidas and who wants a partner with him as he is putting out out. She was a cost 500 dollars 495. Dollars which is like. Two to three times more than even a Michael Jordan LeBron snicker would go for which the reactions of people and the shoe business and in the sports business he does have a partner yet there's no really he's a guy said he's better than his son already is better this stuff Currie. He's the dad said he could beat Michael Jordan playing one on one basketball even though he averaged himself two points a game when there's a player Washington. And now the other the fathers said yeah we had a story last week her father said that he would beat Michael Jordan while one. But it can you know he just showed how it's going off half com click a fruit basket I mean we. Of coral bar you. Yet it make in gold bars the deadlines as a Sonny's make in this awful on the sun. Yes and yesterday he goes on Colin coward show on fox sports one and Colin has a female co host who asked him some questions. It is very derogatory about her told her to stay in her lane. Call our hater willow she had mentioned that he's not. Promoting the issue try to towards women he owes you out if you have a women's company were talking about big Boller brand. Being derogatory goes. He said to her I never disrespect women by tell you if you act like that something's coming to you and it's okay. And she pressed him on this. And he said she she's try to turn my words I would never threatened you. Said I don't know what it is I'm not a psychic she is basically saying you're gonna have something bad happened to you because you're hater of my brand this is an. This awful in this guy has some personality defects I mean this is just crazy got a kid in high school he may or may not be a great NBA player. And you don't even though he's no part of the package up. You overloaded don't know for sure it would Johnny man's celebrity thought that he was going to really turn it around for you on the browns right. This guy. This guy is just not doing skinny baby no it's not as good a mark on his back he's it was just got to play data sets to sit in the stands in the future. Brought you know all of us who had a crazy nut case for a period. Are gone off. I wanna hear about this next story really is pregnant she's married to a quarterback she's hiding. From people in the town that you please for I got to hear about this straight ahead. Bottom cherry. It's. Jerry died I just wanna hear about this story about the a Minnesota Vikings. ESPN well she's an ESPN commentator and she hid from fans when her husband was the quarterback yet for me and for Minnesota because they were abusive and she was pregnant you know she wrote what is the deal why would you be abusive to the quarterback's wife. Because your husband's. Not a good kiss your red corner track down the aisle doses. The five and a six years ago and have Christian Ponder was out of Florida State twelve overall pick in the draft Minnesota Vikings quarterback didn't play well. A sample honor Samantha ponder. Was pregnant at the time she now is hosting ESPN NFL countdown begins his work your way of the television latter ideas beyond. But she said we were targets when we're in Minnesota. We did and announced we were pregnant. I didn't leave the house to protect my stress levels from the fans on the street. She said things were rough and public at some really bad encounters basically kind of stayed home for awhile while we live there and just comes with the business she says I get it and they got so bad we are there we decided to protect us she didn't tell people she was pregnant and hit in the house because of the stress. I used by viking fans and our own hometown is what what does he do now. He remembers when he used to get quarterbacks. Another girl not sure what Christian Ponder is doing and here's that they when he was drafted nobody thought he was that great it was just one of those years reverend decided periods are quarterback. He should not have been high for tropic we not his fault so he doesn't play at all anymore he wasn't it yeah. Then now I feel sorry for is she sort commentator for just get on well she actually got promoted to I'd totally certain radio hosts they're not Mark Cuban he's always an interest in men to talk about so the move coming over the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas and Mark Cuban and obviously savvy businessman. He has been talk in awhile about the NFL agreed to level in this bubbles gonna burst for them and he does not like this move of the team to Las Vegas he goes. There is no good reason there's no disrespect to Las Vegas it's a great city and it's vibrant but they're going to a smaller market from Oakland. It's transient. As just another example of chasing every last dollar and that tends to backfires or he thinks his whole move of the relocating the raiders to Las Vegas. Well not do I agree I said the same thing the raiders have won the most loyal fan bases always tell America young and valid going to Las Vegas which is a tourist tea. Yeah or tell the people live and sometimes for a few years like max's parents and then you know. Either loses its charmer whatever in the move someplace else you're right you have a number of people obviously it whether it's a growing city but not in the NFL stadium. Filling up ready like that is so which again I have as lenders unbelievable loyal fan base now you're gonna have people in Vegas Hillary get hey while we're there while we check out a game mean of people coming in from Chicago or Miami or wherever you like a real fan base there but pretty big hopes to because. Arm an NFL game is expensive and that's not why you go to Vegas and that's what you just said is exactly right Carrot Top NFL. Her thoughts uploaded herself and yeah I've got a limited amount of time in on it. I'm not a big guy and I gambler Bret got a limited amount of time in Vegas I'm gonna give up an entire Sunday. To a football game three team that I made really not care one iota about I don't really get it. But it may be a tourist destination but it's one of the fastest Syria grow Ares in the country's first growth is concerned is it still it still is and I look at it the other day and I want I thought that they you know because of the Aaron recession that we have I got stopped completely it and voted down but it's now growing again. The desirable place to live and from the NFL standpoint they're saying it is a growing community unlike Saint Louis which is at a city that's losing population every year. No but but Oakland is the Bay Area I mean you've gotten a lot of it here every drive to Bay Area not a people didn't affect. Carrot Top NFL you do I have a lot of key royals moving to Vegas and working in Vegas but is. The NFL as an expensive hobby. If your fan that is an expensive fake they priced me out slice out exactly right to me out from being being a stand to get there but a lot of those jobs that are there are actually in the entertainment hotel guests nervous and I worked there were trimmed those working and there are cutting bank are you gonna get like four guys though who go to Vegas and for the first two days they gorge themselves at the tables. And they say no let's let's not go to the tables today let's go see NFL game won't take about 1 o'clock right so it's one and one game like you go play golf during the day and I'm gonna has a night is an activity during the day in most cases none. It's not it's not like. Don't want thirty bucks it's a big financial commitments routine you may have no passion for me I think it's a gamble I'm with mark you've. In commencement of that reason I'm out. And it was a sand shark tank you know who's this be great. Who shows us the great different when you saw him in plus vigorous Rod Stewart. I'm I'm looking at the Delhi that show is terrific and he's very personable and tell stories from you know. When he was first popular. So I was out Rod Stewart Terry Tucker. My same friend of obscurity huh. He's just very tough does this affect your Chicago. Thank you do. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast. Dot com now back to Bobby cherry. It's Jerry died. We're reporting earlier that Chris Cornell. Singer songwriter frontman for the nineties grunge band sound garden. Has passed away and the he's only fifty to the cause of death hasn't been announced but. Sneeze import news outlets are reporting this possible suicide. Yes. Matters that are unlocked the oh lead to a possible suicide ball all mean and and so we we have something here wanna kind take a moment and remember Chris Cornell sure. Ninety's grunge head I am Todd is that that's our favorite musical era. On when we look back on we have very special Chris Cornell performance straight here. He did this one Chris Cornell those not only the lead singer of audio slave and sound Goran of course he became famous for sunburn Temple of the Dog but Chris Cornell was also a great solo artist and he went around you this is the studio acoustic performance that he did. Of the prince's feet covered nothing compares two U open. It's game. I he's. And. Yeah. I. Do. She. I mean my. Fans. Away. Yeah. I. This is and this. So I. We can't stop. Okay. Yeah. I. And yes. And. So I'm my all time favorites and songs like I read this break up song trip planned to have power that is one of the most interest thing. Songs. I've ever heard. I look he's not there. I love San contest that he almost puts a little country into. Todd is it possible to post a link to that about it sure you dot com examining get a lot of requests. From people who are. Prince fans Chris Cornell fans fans of that song and you know original beautiful cover the original hit was hard to beat. I'm not saying she did a great interest they play that song she did she really did first time I heard and I went low. And you know what really makes its spooky it's that to you. Here's what that song is it's a great test. Of what you experienced in your life because if you hear that song. And you can't really imagine feeling that magnitude of loss and you've never loved to moss two athletes you've never truly love someone. Acting crazy in love with someone and had to go south then I remember it's better to have loved and lost than to. Have never lost at all. Or something like that thumb. Yet there's something about that song that there's it's unlike any other song ever hurt. You know I mean there's some truth is that have a similarity there I've never heard another song like that and prince was way early ailing prince understood where. Where language is going text speak language hidden because they're entitled the song is not change. Compares. The number to death TU the letter you. That was. Then before or text yes it was explained in this giant. I always see I'm sure you know that gets lost in this sometimes when you're around. Further grunge scene and I know Chris Cornell was. You stay in the game. The touched pushing. Feelings right now monster.com. Plus another great artist Chris Cornell. We. Sand. It's common share. I'm sorry yeah. I have very happy ending to what was or complete tragedy first family Michigan their home was destroyed in the fire. And the dog Chloe then dog and a cat the dog is named Chloe in the cat was named ringer. Slowing the dog nearly died in the fire but firefighters made an improvised oxygen masks. And resuscitated the dog oh that is wonderful but Arizona but the family was grieving because their home was completely lost and they. They never found ringer and they had to assume that ringer the cat had passed away Newton so they've recently went back to. Though the site of the police the wreckage. They were there on Sunday afternoon in the family brought Chloe did dog. And Chloe started behaving very oddly she began whining and digging and scratching and scratching at the floor. The family the Stanley went to Selig what's going on with Chloe. The cat was trapped beneath the floor boards alive and Jordan of the dog found her off. He asked so the clos is okay. Chloe to dog is okay ringer the cat is okay in her career is being described as a miracle because the cat has been there for two months with no food or water how could that be ball mice. Green against Brazil successor access and it's not like my daughter. Who couldn't. Who if I left for two months she wouldn't come upstairs to the kitchen you'd find her mummified in her bedroom watching Netflix on your phone with my. Formerly unlimited data plan which has been throttled by eighteen tee because we're in day 49 of no Internet. Anyway the fire factor segment. She you know she slid that in very beautifully done I think that was craft but I digress this firefighters said they had searched a home. There early we picked up furniture we'd be dubbed buoyant. I'm you wouldn't think that the cat could've survived by Chloe is the real hero and I'm Khloe is the person who found the cat that. That they brought to ringer to. Said ringer skinny but doing well. We assume ringer was eating bugs and spiders and stuff. And he used up probably more than all nine of his life span he's fine that's Harry handing them out. Let's let's go to another cat story this is in Australia and good the wait wait oh this is really got. The Connecticut we do every continent. I can't sub run out of time. The pet adoption agency cats of Melbourne Melbourne Australia. Has posted a hilarious armed pitch for mr. bagels also known as lord giggles worth on its web site. They call him and under under under. I can't even say expletive who throws tantrums and doesn't like to be stored and I'm gonna read from his listing quote. Lord Eagles worth does it despotic dictator will let you know he's not happy which is often because things are often not up to his high standards for. Learn giggles worth likes couples on his terms sing your lap when he decides it's time but the stroking is not up to his standards. He will nip Q at what he does possess a secret subsite he loves sleeping on the end of human sped. And in is capped at any stories just a little which is cute and he loves to be on the backyard stocking the chickens. And supervising the gardeners. Now this thing has gone viral has gotten more posts then at a morgue where rom. Repose sim and the other thing cats of Melbourne has done it's been the most shared. But the dictatorial kitty cat with the alleged heart of gold has not yet been adopting it. The guy who put the post ups said. Eagles worth has had a lot of responses since I put this profile up but sadly no human slave has offered. And so far as a sacrifice as of yet it takes a special person rhetoric and the picks her up lured giggles worth that accompanies this post is these jet black. He's really shiny and he's looking at you like. And you say. He's got this glare he's on us speaking. Of the jet black cats I was on line somewhere the other day and there's a jet black cat and somebody made a Darth Vader helmet. And he had to ponder caddie were so hysterical and how they did it cools. Kohl's I know that's true. I won't even casual ideology now we need theory yeah. But I've been I've not been home very much and my kitty best friend Larry Munson he's having withdrawals from me you hear me. Yeah when I come home he launches himself badly. Throws himself from my arms into a little ball buries his face and just hers and hers and her it's great when they look dealer driven to come home business. They get so excited. I need more time here's my common go to management I'm can be more time with my can lead us. What is there to let me read my schedule to be adjusted. That I have there CBS halftime.