It's just not getting done.

Monday, March 20th

Sometimes thing just never get done.


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I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there but it can also be. I really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox and gas stocks small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. All leave here with Bob boy are you torturing me I'm just a man and sharing so you've proven big boy it really is so much about. Broadcasting from the palatial Bobby Jerry studio. Spotting sharing. You know I really like judge Shaquille O'Neal but I cannot believe I'm I'm hoping this is. Joke around regulators. That he believes the world is flat. On a recent podcast he says it's true the earth is flat. Big earth is flat yes it is yes it is. Listen there are three ways to manipulate the minds what you read what you see what you hear. In school the first thing they teach us is Columbus discovered America. When he got here and there were some fair skinned people would long hair smoke and on the peace pipes so what does that tell you Columbus did not discover America. Solicit. I drive from coast to coast and display is flat to me. I'm just saying I drive from Florida to California all the time in its flat to me. I do not go up and down at a 360. Degree angle. And all that stuff about gravity. Have you looked up side Atlanta. And seen all these buildings you mean to tell me China is under us China is under us it is not the world is flat. Will the host of this broadcast took him to task and said it was the stupidest thing they've ever heard him say be checked to not back down. He seems serious about it I I hope he's just churkin. On humanity is remarkable and really short amount of time in in historical or universal terms we have com. Out of the caves we built the Internet. We've traveled to conclude although some of these letters for stink that that's a hoax. We've owned created the Hubble deep space in Kepler in the air Ciba listening station which cure diseases we've done remarkable things. But our biology. Has not kept pace with our technology and I think we've reached a critical point in the history of our species where. We're so overwhelmed by what we made that we're now regressing in going backward because we fear. It we steer the world which created. All I want to in fact less than we talked about this I got any Miller twosome were new which dog about Google Earth is flat send send a picture. Send me a picture of of the end of the world. Somebody's got to have one. Where where we saw LTM Arctic dead the fifty foot tall wall in Antarctica that NASA dole and maintains that. Is that what you are looking for him it's I know if that is yes flattered a lot of site visitors believed that a home. Their reason that you never seen the end of the world the flatness is because there's a fifty foot wall that was built and is guarded and maintained by NASA. She's she's not that Big Three not so this was a dragons on the other side of I can't really might tags money's been paid for that I thought boy that Obama while we're gonna make the wall bigger as soon as we get that food out of old people's mouths Mac so. Sleep tonight to sleep now. Say hello. Yes I mean come on show where do you go to college. LSU and he went jealous you know and this kind of we knew plays for for Cleveland Cavaliers he said the same thing we just flat did not tell our guys that's in this report that I had appeared to it it's just absolutely remarkable. I don't know that I can trust them. And go out by icy hot at this point the you know the flat earth hers gold bond. Although that works is a well or whatever shape you're just going to undergo a so I thought he did icy hot act. Spezza Shaq to. Yeah maybe it's Goldman put everything hurts a little anxious you know world whatever Todd said that he does in the Mac city does both. On the flatter no dirty and the moon hoax or isn't and those people they email me in and you know ban on my door on social media I'm just like you know why don't have a good day. On whatever shape you think the earth days because ultimately doesn't matter TU what she peers this because yours you're not gonna leave. Your computer where you're sending me crazy messages notes right here's commission triangle. Now. Earth could be contained. In a ball on the Belle of the caller of frank the Pug. Lincoln the first men in black you don't know which is is a manager so surprised to secure meaning he's. I'd like him so much and he's got a lot of company though would be different Shaq was all alone in his flatter swing and I would say a lot of company. A lot of OK okay this thing is the idea of the earth and gravity and on the verge you know income are depletion in this solar system in this galaxy in this universe. Is so terror finally huge and overwhelming and no wonder people go. Road seems like it's flat in Idaho and it should try the viewer called for us to give you any comfort that you could say a lot the end of the earth. Where would you go. Just to the epitome dragons the stumble that's what that's what I know I've seen the pictures. It's Buckcherry. Hi I'm sorry dot com. I don't know why I did this but I had a weekend where I just did little odds and ends around the house. There's no there's always something that needs to be changed your pick Topper whatever it. And I got up on Saturday morning and I felt pretty good and I said you know right. I'm not gonna go to a movie and knocking dudes you know as dual real long walk with the dog gonna get some things done. And we had a bad frame per queen size bed upstairs. That has been leaning against the wall in a room where I watch TV for a like a year. And and and it got to have you ever had anything like that where. You don't even see it in your columns invisible to becomes invisible to you but somebody comes and wires thoroughbred frame here. So we moved the bed frame to do I I'd I said I'm gonna. Put this roomed together it's a rule my watch TV and and so I moved to bed frame to the top of the stairs. Now it is banned at the top of the stairs for two weeks. And and very walked by your I think it is best friends or do you wanna help remove it down I can't do it alone but I don't feel like doing that right now so it stayed there for two weeks finally. Yesterday. I said we go move this man mama we got to get it down. And it was very awkward there and we couldn't make the turn at the bottom of the stairs right away and used it took like fifteen minutes we finally got it out. I got rid of that I've got two or three smoke detectors that needed batteries changed. And they've just been sitting on the table. Where they don't really do their job they don't do their job I got those taken care of I got I got so many things done this weekend. I only do laundry done all these little peddling things. What you're describing is all my weekends and I'm not traveling for dance like the idea when people say can have a fun weekend. Well yeah I mean I'm gonna try you know and make. The laundry as much fun as I possibly can and then put down lick your idea of TGI after it's the weekend I don't know. I don't. When you have kids that's over. Little kid get a little easier for G marks little kids were easier for me than H my kids are now right. Tim I did Friday I'm allergic to trees and grass like all trees on grass so basically allergic to outside. But some stuff needed to get time I spent six and a half hours on Friday. Raking and bagging. Meets Newton and doesn't. China in those giant lawn and leaf bags I don't do yard work for a couple of reasons one because you. Also because I spent the time your time coughing and sneezing with tears streaming out of my eyes and and also I don't have the the right equipment. I couldn't find any gloves. Went yard gloves so I wore some really cute black knit gloves with the stripes on the Newton. I have blisters kites split nursing. Only work clothes for not a gallows site map work gloves. And I you know there's probably a method for getting the leaves into the bag. And doing it one big handful at a time probably isn't the right method. After about four bags in which I loaded them handfuls of leaves at a time then his are also left out where I don't really have the right equipment. I was using. A little toy you break link from Fisher Price. So I would rate. Twelve lawn and leaf bags full of yards stuff. With the Fisher Price break coupon nuggets say it Lowe's is open and secession admittance okay Lowe's is opened it did for fifteen dollars you get the rape and and the globe street so after. But you know once you've committed to a job you have you hate nine knew that if I got in the car and went to Lowe's or Home Depot wouldn't do it I would also end up at Starbucks and possibly taking an afternoon high in the wheelchair and mr. Dextre through. I knew I was like I felt like come folic one of those people on Boston rocks on the side of the road Alabama and I knew that if I left Mike detail and escaped I'd never come back. So. I'm I did get the twelve giant lawn and leaf bags after the fourth the third or fourth one I figured out that if I went and got a box. And put believes in the boxing them into the box in the back I could go quicker so I did after that. This a home I check I Texan my husband who is finishing building the house so I can't really complain. I texted him only que no way too delicate for this hateful. Task link that is. That is a little less time knock wood I will do anything like that I am so. Profoundly allergic yoshi's do you need to get like a some sort of ground covering Richard Neuhaus that is not grass sort of lemon grass no progress or else we built the house in the woods there's no grass when there won't be if there's a blade of grass it came in through a bird has grown up planning or they're dressed very clear that of course I had an out of town. Dance competitions you know it really get it got me going I think more than anything else. Our carpets have not been cleaned like in seven years zero roses coming to clean them on Thursday you don't want him to see the congress he can. Learn. We're really trying to I just felt like I was I was actually gonna get ready. For them so those things together. We're gross you how they go when you come you know well your gross people you know I anytime somebody comes in your house to fix something or clean something. Clean everything you. First yeah that's kind of what I did I not like I was gross but because I'm a big kick well no nothing we're not grow as people are right. I want an easy easier not easier not to yeah. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love for you to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Audio clips I guess your father was serious thought well. Today's the first day of spring yup that's right it's also according to our listeners season LS national extraterrestrial. Abduction day. And she she wrote us. Trying to figure out a good way to celebrate it. I've covered myself with date season and stood out in the middle of a lonely tuning blacktop where they don't want me. I've tried and tried to get. Come on owner what are my spouse to celebrate the state and you know. An alien abduction because that would extraterrestrial abductions terrorist. Kate she's she is always dangerous. To aid we can now and you know. Like to kick would likely you know little little little flea season be shipper ups. Yeah you wouldn't enjoy. He rolled in here right now like ice cream cake better than with an ice cream like a cookie Pelosi. To celebrate from my relatives celebrate national extra special induction day you get down with that you know what. I actually believed more. And cookies. And you. Of course you do cookie twist this real I mean I could could bring cookies lets you hear some people don't think the people. So I don't know how I feel so well. And it's kind really it's it's in the eastern thing mortgage shouldn't ice cream keep it involves a fire remember it's been awhile since I've seen it could declines. I think third two point me ice cream cones involved and Zachary Louisiana right times. Well and cookie puss or not the same thing when some people act legs. Would come knows yet some actually. It's all the same thing in different shapes the punch you the whale is not at all the same things cookie play what would you do well isn't he like I've never had footage of the well I only heard about it like listening to a New York radio girl I got secure our governor would you do well for one of my kid's birthday parties and you're little it's chocolate ice cream rising eight click a little chip like a look like a blue whale. And it's all along and it's all chocolate yeah contents but you will whereas I believe Todd is for a blew me or is he Charlie Brown is brown. On that's 'cause it seems spongy. Correct me but I believe there's some pinellas involved in cookie place. Whereas fudging to well I think is all talk button. Which one what I like a ticket like what you do on your fajita will all the way all the way on the singing through cookie puss on the bed I would out he would I would. Especially if pushed secret kicker I. As an expression ideas I consider here. Tears come around new resolutions. QB you know. Just imagine how realizing we know we're doing low and show. It. It puts in Ramallah and yeah I together trying to get cancer and I couldn't find court for cookie puts it that guy do in the commercial I always like. He sounds like he sounds like she's running. An illegal cardinal this QB. I love. Just imagine how realize we knew we do you love your show. I wanna be are we got your guy coming into the game I know it shouldn't and you name is Joey go ahead Joey you know. Which which which year judgeships and cookie twist sounds like guys and against her nickname from sopranos it's time CIA. Once again cookie puss to do us back. A hundred I don't wanna look where they're making I don't wanna miss speak for Carmel when I say there's been -- involved in cookie puss I have a feeling the cartel would make a cookie twist for you in any flavor you know what they'd ever believe it does have the bush still can find out what's in it but here's the one to phone thing that never broke out of Carville. The hold me beer cake. That sounds like something that should be honest sex offender registry and Chris Matthew roll out the door whoever the guy does the predator one yet it's an ice cream lucrative beer has a leg hug and he barely there and cartridges and I don't think cartels everywhere you know there's like only one here. Hit it I don't know if yes I don't know if California does and your Arizona I know for the long this time they're concentrated in the north the North Sea which is why that guy sounds the suns' late a you do going to be paid me this week who work. I was so excited I forget which birthday wasn't I didn't like Bolivia's eighth birthday he's and I was like we're having a fudge the whale cake. And of course there's my kids have no. Lake sentimentality. For flights either well. Wrote got the voice the commercials there was Tom Carville a guy from Carville oh he's the guy he died in 1990. And then. In October in 2009 gorillas niece while court papers to have his body exhumed and autopsy performed to investigate whether he was poisoned. Some family members said he was drugged and suffocated by employees. That Carville suspected of embezzlement. Apparently that wasn't the case wolf this is a bit dark shadow over cooking bonus it's. Tell you how much cookie puss anthology the whale made him he was said to be worth between eighty and 250. Me. Million dollars so maybe they did Killen for the money while. You know what what a terrible thing a man that brought so my ex happiness into the world I mean he's an ice cream dealer. He invent cookie plus and five G. You don't get a free pass because humans that it cookie pussy could have been terrible of people. Maybe maybe he was terrible loss and that's why aren't they smothered them and poison them and. He sent it Treo I I think the Carville ice cream is we. Daddy here and like Jerry clean. This is so stands. Well you can't. Cookie twist doesn't hold together with air leaks union some fat to hold back Gloria partied together. And finally how many how many of them do you eat. Think it's okay that it has studied it because half it was a weaker U gonna sit down now. Arguing that we hail now I'm just mentioning music I guess he's more like you July though I can't believe they don't be spotty up to see if you've been murdered these. Wow and well. What exciting Monday what. Clorox in the news and solutions Shawn Marion a little while it's commentary. A 52 year old guy and catching England kept that is a beautiful part of England. This name is Clifford area he broke into a house back in January and he's stolen gold chain. Worth at least 500. Dollars but when the cops closed anonymous he swallowed good. He swallow food chain. And so the cops. Had to go into a waiting game. Clifford Ari can you know the rookies the one that gets back in Clifford very and you know the waiting was in very. Eventually eventually the necklace. Came out naturally. End they had it figured out. And thanks to that piece of evidence clipper was just convicted of burglary and handily stolen goods. The guy just got in eight years in prison for doing that. Eight years in these trees come forth the most anonymous r.s 500 dollars that was if 29 year old guy and Merrill Lynn got arrested a few days ago for sending a strobe light that video. To a writer who has epilepsy. If you have epilepsy you can't look at strobe lights up and he sent it to him because the guy wrote articles that have been critical of Donald Trump. Come on focus. Three teenagers in Wisconsin got busted for selling drugs at a gas station. How'd they get the putter they get busted why were they arrested for selling drugs and gas station because we're. Right next to the police station. Sometimes you have to look around on on that. That incident where demand in Maryland sent to user reporters. Stroke inducing them to get your decent stroke play. Thump that happened over Twitter. Just say you know often and if you think that. Things you can get away with that kind of stuff on social media can't get BI. Always a winner turned over the armed user information in the NC IRS that the guy draft good he needs to rearrest because he'd sent in as some as an MH yeah video listen we can disagree you don't do things like sleep but he's think that when you're on the Internet you can do stuff and a non imagine I ate up victimless Phnom bad thing again. I wanna celebrated her sneaky raccoon in New York City in their midst and that's snowstorm that hit the city last week. A raccoon broke into a Chase Bank. To stay warm. During the storm well. And a guy who just happen to be passing by. He was walking into his apartment and right max's apartment building as a chase branch. And it's sitting in the window watching the snow fall. Was a raccoon and a and in the understatement of all time mark Malcolm who spotted the raccoon says. I thought that's so strange and special corset is that she herself is correct tune in downtown I Manhattan and I know why don't you guys in Manhattan. Yeah bush is sitting on a grants representatives. Like a personal bankers stash you sitting on the dash in the window looking out at. And warm inside obviously so all I'm mark alchemy and his wife called 911. And they believed that there raccoon it sneaked into the bank through a hole in the roof. They captured the raccoon recent release and on a private property the next day here this is the prime bring historic she's not just because it's a recommended bank but because. It's the first successful instrument in the history of more runs in the news. Or someone broke into a building through a hole on the route and didn't end up and ventilation Don you're right you're exactly drifted Ari here's a funny one out of nine Toronto. There's a video game bean to bar in Canada there it's called the melt down east sports bar. And you go there to watch gaming rail link where its main. Well people have been easy series. In Toronto to ask for a good place to find prostitutes. Which it never occurred to me to ask Siri that you. Because serious chance she used to seeing him play comply she doesn't understand me like if I say Siri where's the nearest best buy Q Syria will say. Searching this very pie you can right click it can't understand me growing. Syria has been sending people looking for prostitutes to melt down. A place devoted to video gaming is the last place. Can find a woman to do that story. And that is more eyes and then you are we have a lot of stuff coming your way today. Lamar is visiting his daughter did you pay. We're gonna talk with Lamar live in Japan coming up in about less intelligent committed young and that we're gonna salute. The greatest musicians ever. Chuck Berry. Producers can be so confusing. And so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought cheap today by USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance or your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter she's 99537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. And. Analyze previews and monastery dot com. I cannot believe this we're going live to Japan right now we had a time. Getting this called on because the hotel where the people's movie critic is stained. No one on working there at this particular moment speaks English and tides Japanese is very rusty her prestige. Since we had a really difficult time but he's. Joining us right now from Japan and the deeds you critic Lamar. I got there but I must needs you are ID must pay a clip art desk. Wrote shooter pure logical order a guy each market. It is so super impressive and very. That is very good about what they what does that translate into what did you just say. Sickly basically that's it does thank you very much. It's very nice to meet you my name is Lamar police because and to make. Are you sure you didn't say. The big redneck manner room 920 once bacon are not served. I want to tell that it speakerphone. Putted. It is sealed room 920 or 98 I thought Thompson grew 98. I know I'm twenty OK okay so Donna so you're visiting your daughter who lives there now. And I guess he's been little refer gonna plow and though her granddaughter. Husband seagate. They got married last year and over here when you buy your marriage license your record I don't have to Paris ceremony during your your mayor. So I think it really do any kind of formal. Waiting we've been trying to get there where everybody get together and so that was last year so this year we try to get where we can get. Both families together so we flew over to meet his stand when it. And every big celebration. And we actually did. She can yes we do appreciate. The waiting. Well at the dinner so I forgot to marry her cheat yes. Oh wow very nice cold beer ordering from there it was was this the first time you met his parents in the Shanle you know. Yes yes and they speak absolutely. Zero English. Oh I'm so jealous that would be so great that you wouldn't. No it was all some good Democrat senator Cardin Max a picture I don't know mop plate at dinner. The most beautiful plate. I've ever had to sit in front of me it was unbelievable. You all and don't just have a bit when you do this therapist this have a better. I mean. It's a gut when it's so I'm looking into the picture it's a work of bar. Yeah well. And and they have entertainment bit bid to better itself. Would say thirteen course meal and there was 818 covers. And we had we welcome dinner table that we had a man playing drums like ten of those big drums like the Japanese people bureau reported a big drove. Because a couple of six a couple of drawn so. Like oh germs. You had Tyco drummers yes okay. And then we head oh a woman they did this traditional basis with these small speaks there were hooked on the call. The secrets like the mouth and it would go way out which he would make and some sort it all worked for and then retractable backcourt she was tense and around. We had a martial arts demonstration brought some of the fair remembers. All we had a traditional group they have support every one participated. If black electrical plaza that what people can they ask I have this traditional man that's. And we all give everybody participated every absorb curry man you do have also been excluded. At the end of the night they had quizzes. About American culture in Japanese culture and also well Eric every inch seagate. Powell and that we did speeches and eat. Like what I do in my speech they had to translate my speech. Or did this family because you know. So you had translators there to. What are we can't she translated zero OK about it. Not now the dance you were out on the dance floor what what kind of dance was. Kick can't accomplish it didn't they canceled orchestrated steps okay yeah I got a spot alarmed up and they had like a Japanese person between each American person so that we could sort of watch each other crew my problem for the protesters circled around watching the American people I don't know what they do look at that my efforts yeah. So it's so prepared they're devout convert all movements and step and it was it has been around for ever hundreds and hundreds of years and it is braces as a bonding bats between two cultures they don't know Greg it's the Stanley has denied this. I can't even tell you because the nicest people. A whole all of this it would also. And it sounds amazing link every day. That's a wedding I wanna go to a and Todd said there was a lucky raccoon involved. You know over here correct cougar director who is not the reckon this blood keeps it's his testicles battle okay. So that you call a read on Japan where the record. Are there now we are overly broad brush. Yeah. The I'm flat out not. Good got a cartoon spoken to collect huge and the rest. And he had a medical testicles could go for broke through a lot of 000 update. It I don't. Magical testicles I need me. Pretty well I don't. But MRI SO IE insist that you bring whom the statue of whom will hungry to do put in front of yours and heartless home. What kind of bridge the two worlds I love this idea but I believe you can get arrested were you. That. But the hotel pocono oh yeah Boca de. The call at Augusta but told it is better than magic fingers if you want to put a quarter and it. This lack of pressure washers brighter. I'm gonna take extra oh you're gonna visit also if you. She's made a bet the raccoons love it. What is the back story on the rack moved quickly to deal with doesn't know. I don't know Pete came I would still wonder about issues it is the end Lisa your daughter out I can't a couple of. Well we don't this week hoping to exude from total opposite recruited look at recommends you sit. I don't know you don't understand she did look a little lower our go oh my god I don't. Gold mine died and I'm looking at a picture might ever loving guy. Well I don't direct them bring you look but he brought himself some one hour. It must be you know some sort of you wish for. Is it like your fertility utility. Oh good look look yeah pretty good you don't need any good luck good luck walking around. Bandit. Column bar have a great time enjoy it over there thank you wanna talk to you again before yeah on the day. I always felt tired awesome all right he doesn't really turning come into your life comes to bring him. So often not just in his emotionally and never learned I had no idea. Right straight ahead we're gonna salute. Father of rock and roll the greens are very who passed away this weekend bodies FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps and Bob Seri doctor. I clicked on these New York Times. Just today and I saw Chuck Berry died at the age of ninety. And. The man. And if you're young person like in your teens early twenties this just sounds. Ancient but if this guy didn't come along with people like Little Richard and a few others. The music that we listened to today that's still considered ruck funeral probably wouldn't exist. The guy was so amazing he came out of the east Saint Louis. And hum. I read his autobiography. It's called Chuck Berry and he got into of the end. That was. Are headed by guy named Jimmy Johnson the pew and he became the trucks piano player and he just took over the game because he had forceful personality. And he started writing these lyrics for teenagers even though he was like 28. But he understood what teenagers were going to become with cars girls. And not hold fifties teenage things that didn't exist before. And he started writing diesel songs for them. And he's probably the most copied to rock and roll artist of all time The Beatles used his songs The Rolling Stones just ripped them off left and right. On John Lennon said if you look for another name to call rock and roll you can call it just took care. He was married to the same woman for sixty years older we hadn't millions not millions but a lot of women on the side. And she still living as a matter of fact he's just recorded its last album really dedicated to her. In the 68 years that he was married to her there was some movie that myself when one of his birthdays. Called hill hill rock and roll. And whose interest thing you can do what the music was produced by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stone to put together a fan of we have Linda Ronstadt saying in Eric Clapton. And they interviewed his wife. And in the middle of the interview he showed up put us in front of the camera and says no. Why inclusive done. He just didn't want her on camera. Susan very complex man went to jail once or twice. He did some pretty CD thinks he did some seedy things along the way. But he also let cameras in bathrooms and stuff do. Yeah but you know I know that wasn't good but this guy's a genius and an owner of rocket ships somewhere in the space. The that they put some. Tapes of what we humans are like and won this things instructors music. This is why arm we are we should be careful about making idol sound of people because they're human in the fly they are on yes he and I'm just I'm just talking about. One of the reasons that he has that sound he would big here in this and he could squeeze two strings together. And doubled the sound so we didn't need to have horns behind. And then you know that was picked up player of the medicine place. Anybody had seen back to the future this was some Johnny be good was a big part of back out and plot line back to the other when you never can tell us the song that John Travolta and Uma Thurman danced to hey I'm no politician. And then brown eyed handsome man was so back in the late fifties and listen very thinly bills are. Racial harmony to comment on recent America. Women do. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Sorry dot com. Really early this morning I was mentioning the defense. I went through its I don't wanna call this spring cleaning put. There were just some things that needed to get done in my house like dud replacing the batteries in these smoke alarm. And picking up to do you have stuffing your house where it's just piles of papers. That you like you think gee you need to look at it could be taxes or could be cyan and they just sit there right for weeks and weeks we had a dead. That we got rid of in my TV room right. We turned it into a TV room but them that the the big. What are called rails the big for our team. I was sitting there and you know it's very difficult to get it down the stairs and it's been up against the wall were right watch TV for like a year. I mean it's ridiculous. Actual wild. You Joni concedes these things you know. Did you not see it but you start hanging like coach and stuff I want all and it becomes useful I know exactly so a merry finally said this is ridiculous we have to get rid of this thing I said OK so two weeks ago we moved it. To the top of the stairs. The door TV rooms the second floor the top of the stairs it's been there for two weeks. And it's been very difficult so she's walking up the stairs and she's got a a load of laundry in a row in her arms in a basket she said I cannot get by this thing with a load of laundry we have got to get this out. So finally the two of us. And is it in and it's bending back and forth and it's hitting the ceiling in the wall and you know and you try to get around the corner had a Digg impeding down and finally I said here's Oregon zoo going out the back deck detective Kevin built. More and tossed it over the side through over the side. And she said. How does a look at say I think looks funny to your neighbors don't need Blake cable. I know. Pitches up next year okay. First shot to pepper the rail ever put a match summit a big drop and it is well on the actually I put it over and I let it go as far down as possible. And then you try and that I dropped it so is probably six feet. Maybe ten feet off the ground and then it fell over in the grass. Sure you guys sealing its hill with Phil Cooper I was that was my original it's so funny though how you will. Put he'll have something like that in your house and everybody steps around it until it becomes invisible I know that's Dutch my reality every day oh listen if if she did not come up the stairs with a load of laundry you would still be there right now. I believe that my children could step over the mummified corpse of their own grandmother. That may not have been to bend down and picks something I told Jimmy yours ago yeah pugsley went right outside the newsroom and I mean with big time. I had I know I didn't go near her room for like you know a couple of weeks at a time why would I go up there and one Stennis. She's walking around it every. Well we were out cannot organ last year position listeners and I came home and there was a guard turned remember to guard her. The dog you've gone to the bathroom at the threshold of Kevin's TV room and he felt like leaving it there would prevent any of the kids from bothering him. So there was that sense replay and that's what I can only what the heck is this oh that's the guard her. God I can't lead the how. That's genius I can't leave that counts. That is choose that insurance vote. I am so you what you're describing where the bad free mr. sitting there and I'm so used to that knew him because I'm always the person that breaks rent eight. Is your plane is art let's see how long it takes before you people can't live like this anymore and knew the answer is. A long time forever forever live forever like newly Q I'm the one who breaks and and as we need to get the saudis some needs to be done do you. Yeah I took so I took a bunch of stuff to bomb a dumps the dumpster. The big city dumpster last week and the week before and because it was clearly obvious it needed to go. But everyone else was perfectly happy to walk past I told you what I do I I get these bankers boxes you know took the big bankers boxes and go around the house periodically. In if I see a pilot stuff that I can't identify it goes in the bankers bucks and here's why. If life through without. I could be accused of throwing up other people's things I've got stacks of bankers boxes now the viewed in in the TV room behind the couch. Still want to do that because she gets stacks and stacks and stacks removing sand. And I've told both my girls. Your responsibility. Is your bag germ packet out. And whatever his impact on moving day I'm putting in the trash I want your got into what I want so much different from mine did this just before he let the US soldiers asked if he he fired an actual dumpster and dropped off behind their house I would stack life. He said it was sold rate he saw something he couldn't stand right in the dumpster and then they come and take it away. You know it's not just. This thing that we walk around and until it becomes. Invisible men and sometimes it's the repair that doesn't give me a lawyer that we live Flint you know. Forever. Not just sort of get used to the fact that oh yeah that's saying this is what you have to do to operate in order. Well like the toilet in our lobby. I'm if you would like to go to the bathroom you have to take the tank often rework the guts manually in order to flush the toilet broke it she now like such a regular occurrence. That when someone else. As a four year high five them now Frieda thanks a lot for George you can toilet is more high 500 and you wash your tenure process. I so let's do this let's do this for the fun post today. What is the thing that you just him walking around forever your house what is the broken things. He's just been Jerry rigging forever Brothers and fix it and 8088 BO BS AG RI AD DG 627437. It's the audio clips I guess your father's RE dot com. My wife Mary and I finally got the queen size bed frame outside of the house in our backyard right get multiple. But shields and it's today and out there and address I know we're really good in the garage rerouted. So what is it that you there has gone on six. Hasn't been moved. You just you walk by it and you ignored Heidi NG how are you. Are good what is it in your house Angie. Outside a couple of years apparently had gotten way I'm in water locked in the same. And the lack our element. Well in order for it to work they've got this seems like. Scientists wraparound. Cockpit if syrup but has the door and they're rare and then there are. Paul Ehrlich while up against the pair held a closed. No way I that I'm already confused. That's like physics. We're Goldberg right now we you've got to share or Jim Truman a bungee cord and do what else is going on up. So is there no latched that you could purchase that could replace the broken one. Any advice that never got around to do that you have. No I don't have a lack I never ordered. No I thought at the brain at via a separate glow in the Pittsburgh but you what you have to do all that. When and I know you have news. I'm very very tight little inside lacked all I know a little quick you barrel click it back in the sixty kilos. You know what I would just Wear dirty clothes before going through all of that I I don't know what's involved with ordering the replacement part for it seems to me that it's got to be easier than what you just described in note and. A little confuse them back habit it's like. The bar and bought out another brand an active part of life that Warren. Yeah I've I've been in that situation with a Fossett he'll drive you what are your mind. It they had. And it felt they're gone they're yes they're type everything a late. Yeah so there's not there's not apply it sky the you can hire another expect expect expensive to have a guy come over but. A guy who could figured out for you. I'm certain areas but I despite and I outside. It's patently don't walk around in a little. Just go to task rabbit it's my new favorite thing ever witnessed it's this great website I'm weighing too you know anti can't do it online we're gonna just an NRA what does it to test grab it is the services version of custom made Siegel on task rabbit and you have this thing late and she has. Or on what you need help moving or you've got some IQ book cases that you you know that your you have you know that it will cost you your marriage. To put these IKEA bookcase is just so you go to the sweatshirt task rabbit dot com I'm not getting paid for this although frankly I success and some people their right. Task rabbit dot com and eat you put him what you need done. And then a bunch of people in your area pitch their services in their prices then that's pretty when Owen Rachel woman moved Rachel. She's test grab that we had these two enormous strong super polite guys who met us at her new apartment Obama unloaded everything Kerry did in an off they whine don't want to aunt had a separate go ahead and do that in GO OK. Just keep super gluing them bungee cording and using two hours and Bruce the choice is yours thank you NG 8088 BO BS AGO. Are alive Barbara time right now Barbara. So what does it all are all welcome never move never fixed just Livan win that. Yes our backdoor and all sit now ironic and there has been said he was gonna say it all mean and how much lighter he put the cart board are not that this is Ingrid. I am about eight years now. Only add that bathroom sink. He had a car or so. He's had a cardboard sign that says do not use for eight years. Are you married to my brother. I have at the and it. Several years ahead a ceiling fan. Barbara you got a white hating you called a plumber because obviously the old man suck the fixes such an easy tax. I can you actually think big the he says well now we have to put elements are at eight. He'll be your husband's like me I look at the job Blake and I go we probably should just move. Do not use. Of the glory of all right so I think I'd look pretty I love that he has the sign in the midst. I'm like you have a lot of people who year old bathroom you know what I mean yeah I just it's not out of this thing it's an art form out Harvard it's always so Albert being. So they've pretty slow speeds lipstick it's you know. Com where are nice guy good luck Barbara good luck. Let's see if he's not replacing the actual. Losses. This I don't like hearing say there's nothing you and you know now fully 8088 DOD SH. Are my day. Did each dish. C dish and the Bob thanks Sherry podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all the time. Elusive company for eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. Doesn't a vacation because he is all inclusive sound amazing to. Great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. It's 65%. Off for sandals or call 88891. She's 5159. It's 8889125159. Back to the podcast. They analyze previews at. Bob and Jerry dot com. And I Mary and I we took about a year to get rid of this good framed posters and her house but only through Rudolph the back deck and Kevin billboards. A bug you 88 PO DS HER I hello there Henry. Harry you're not good so what's going on your place. Well I thought I'd couldn't come ready to call an up side called my wife. Yeah. Let the so we moved and are up about four years ago you and I mean it really knew the new built out but yeah. Madden are soured towards this isn't it really well even though I removed at our door what he meant in. They move and be replaced. But when. Ellen about four years ago. That acts so now I why should an arm master back there. Now my wife to take the door to kind of move that in part of the opening. And outright well in the hang backup but then. And you know what are you. You know odd mistake here in rare and out the door at repaid all the. Our sheet to take a shower to shoot have to take the door and then can block and a big Lockett yeah. Your four years you know what speaking has speaking as a husband myself all O Henry you have the intention. As far as I'm concerned that's enough. It continued every time that he you know it's like you worked yet ms. Brinkley's mood PM there in their Howard dory but very top the list yeah. But it always to be but a great two are at that moment. Yeah I know exactly what you are saying my friends. Content. We're what we're like soul Brothers here that's right we're gonna find an extra magnate to put on there are you not get fired at another. And get to go on and do it yourself and save money in everything blend in four years you know and it story years tells me you might want to hire somebody. Where everything that is that my father owns a a service as as a that does that and but it's all about pride now it's all about pride I will get it done. You knew what they say about pride Henrik. It Thomas before the shower stall that Henry. Thank you on. C you are gonna get a dumb what's the plan. I pick up over how important are actually you can but I'm not gonna tell her that if he's done next week in. You know I don't know why not your father's company Kamal tried are you not paying attention and brought pride. Because you don't wanna ask your father. Primer then he doesn't want to look like incompetent. Or helpless as well it's not that bad Henry seriously. It's you get used to that. Cold swimming pool is perfect and I walk around demise incompetence or just look at it I'm fine with. Updated people who don't wanna get him but if you get all the way and yeah do you keep east through death that your. Here are our story and nose and your stick into it I can Henry is very much good luck to you what with a shower. That's who had. You know we were years tees to it Linda part of her routine to take a shower is when I'm gonna get some towels and turn the water on the end chocolate to lift the door I know thinks it's important. Your guys to party your life Mary Ellen welcome. So what's what's going on at your house. Bob Murray and when I'm I'm I'm working like is relax it's what are they you know like where certain. I would paranoid that he's gonna need expert what he liked it there at the track out hurt them in your computer work. Elian and the T shirt during every dining room here at the ready as he could hear a case he is not without. But he like I have like new teacher. So every day you will break the teacher ever been silent here and Obama matter if they're already served there for fourteen. Drinking clean T shirt on the. So he wants surround crew he walks around shirtless soon. All the time and howry party chilled out let. Well it's not like everything. I think you're in the big you know I mean I think he'll open shirt let her if I didn't have to deal with insert. Very on the chair. This is what happens in marriage even a man takes insured often and his wife says. It's not much everything. How does he look these days by the way beyond us Miriam. He looks good app currently does eat dinner does he eat dinner without assured. That he too less or more. Yeah I am I want to so so years like let's say spaghetti and people's your across the table is a new ushered out. Or are they over. Public Jeb children. Just the two of Newton and Newton and then well you know. Teach their own rules that suppose he wanted to sit around with no pants on would you view okay without the to prepare. Now that's too much can organ. More meatballs and. Well on the one on the plus side. You're saving a ton of money on shallow right. It's you know it's easier to get spaghetti sauce offer fists assets and I'm really late tee shirt that's exactly right right down the drain it goes that her very apparent. And you make and a lot of women really really Jones this morning Maryland. Why getting a total streetcar named desire viable candidate to review a little bit. Not just giving such as and lean spell higher. Barrier Latin and. Have a great day sweetie enjoy dinner tonight. Think Barry know Los just buried up there. I don't I don't know. Like I do you do you think I don't know. VCR I don't know. FaceBook Twitter starts collapsed on top serie dot com. 88 DOD as HER IE just haven't gotten around dead possibly donating it fixing it. Getting rid of it you're just living will that Kim welcome to the show big Kim. And cards so what is in your house. I want to cut and the cut I'd go. Oh at around it is. You know. I I quite my eyes are at. Eight and we are. LP earlier in the market that and we are ready I'm not there. And about a month after we get the view out Barry it. It we eat my color you are rich and all trot I adore me completely to Allah are out there he is but to have like. Our league and our that they are there mean Al IRA. The word that magic and it worked magic Jim. I want attic added we've had a pretty terrible get an accurate and that is move but a holding up that back drop. If it's five if something's broken our house and I said to my wife's. Use the magic she would hear oh well be her magic she would disappear when Kevin says to me work your magic I go online site is somewhat. Yeah yeah. It's funny that he would get under way ally and he'd come home you know we get Edgar hello and that there are you. We have cratered classic Felix you retreat pieces of their pinkie like covering the hole. Let me let me say something your husband in the Coast Guard he's a co host Steve that's what they call them up the coast. The Coast Guard does not get enough credit for the job that they do. They know they're they're always with all of the armed forces durden they're the ones that are left off. When when people say thank you for serving at all but they do a hell of a job and they not only protect the coastline in the United States they protect American interest and other countries and people don't realize that. They had to like the moving keep. I'm very you know of the military. Yeah that's right by idea I would say young junior and a Coast Guard cadet. When I was a kid and as I told cherry I never did get to go out and a boat or anything we only learned to march. But I feel something for the Coast Guard in tell him thank you for your service. Iowa. And and I and I'm impressed by your guys Skittles yeah. Well I knew I can. Abbie again it came out I I I've Jimmy. Coming adding even married you'd be on the air conditioned house is Heidi well. Harden the moving came along side of the window there at any speed is yeah that we don't get any mosquitoes that are out though like after it doesn't have a peripheral blood keeps ill at. Actor at lake. That's gotten a good start stays up bias yeah yeah Doug million bags but not one of them got a I've. Or other good he should have your own HDTV show I don't watch it that's right. I really hate to hang. Did you get it's all well we're all you've got is there's packing tape ruler dispenser things. And you show the people's house is you fix whatever is wrong with your moving tape. I can be amateur database that proud. I. Keep using that magic on. Are carried by by just eating the muffin here that description of the blogs on the tape that was that was perfect. I not gotten. High stand ho are you out of are you good what's going on your house stand. Well my truck got a motor trend in and then started revenue. And when declared. You got what the window open now and then the doorknob quit on the and so are we there yet well see got to roll rendered out this great job opened the door. Warhol. And it's just not worth it to six right. We are actually mechanic and isn't that look listen this this this is the Shoemaker who has snowshoes right here in the mechanic. I mean you can't fix this weekend Shane Kim Hoover was moving teeth. Picks I know. So every time you wanna get out of the car you have to manually push the window down and then reach out and you gotta hit the bulletins and I'd just say that trainee in this context refers to the transmission. Of the car Billy Greg he's somebody was confused about. It's a stimulus. Yeah that's right thank you stand a good luck hope it doesn't rain where you are today. Are we got a lot of calls come and maybe you too. I want a thank Don Max for that clarification because members of the state legislature will start to worry about bathrooms oh that's right. It's a completely different subject barely OK all real mix of training totally different. 8088 BO BE SH CR I 888 feet 167437. You don't fix it you don't get revenge is living within its buttons. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love for you to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I'm Sherry dot com okay are we gonna season now we're talking about these things and our house had. And don't just collecting dust as we don't ever moved to for get rid of them were. The British still broken forever. Shall enforce 61015. Years AD HBO DI CG RI season multi Susan good morning so what is it. Well we've. And good. Gallery dial. You know on the equality are running very that he and then I never decided which pictures of credit have credit and that praying that you. And we got in these frame hanging our law thirteen year. Are in. Are there pictures of like to know that they have some mud generic Shanley to talk or are those inside it. More of what they're framed that one of those big fraying who had Matt went like twenty court picture yeah that I had black and white picture that's. Nature stuff that came where only outlet outlet that only are you the IR at current of people are urged why. And scroll. And it looks like you're making some sort of statement. Maybe I'll just call it art but it can be a lot crap that we don't even notice that and think about it after we've had people are how else. And I think what any inkling they would give parents the wallet and eat grain. Well below it would mean nothing to me because like going in my wife's bathroom she put up two frames to us filled with pictures of her kids. Now she had she has pictures of her kids all over the house but in the bathroom. It's the same thing is your house. I get overwhelmed and not speak about. Near their pictures what delete credit and let die than what went which were all as you know I don't. But buying direct Barack should be beautiful the. You get to know what I thought we're gonna put you on hold I'm gonna give you over to Todd tellem the size and we will send some pictures of Bobby and Sherry over secure our. What better way to hook up what. What better way to welcome your guests and we have a nice one of Bob durst is Napoleon riding a three course I. I'm gonna that would make a statement our guess our pentagon Susan Todd is coming to you right now. All right bye bye. Do you still have to picture I gave when you were sick Max by U by the don't mind that all work out all why yes why yes Bob I still haven't. But good problem is us just as mom you know what I couldn't give this to somebody else because it has my name on it and it's too precious keepsake why would you wanna give it to someone else. Oh he thought you were suggesting that he had to sees no no no I'm just checking. Master and now several partly Max was ill for like a week that at one point and so. I sent over. Personally or group that's. British said. All my best bets Bob. Aunt I don't know the you're aware of this amount Max has taken out special renters insurance to cover any loss or damage to that complete solution don't you don't guilt trip you are so precious. Let's go to a lie John realize a light show or you. Good good so I don't know what needs to get done in your house. Well. Turnout. 68 years I don't have a doorman bedroom. And then. So I care about that time I hit. Like I don't want to go to not attended a great thing that we did you do it to another doorway of pride and mean it. And then become a mom thought it would ugly. Reroute a bookshop and trying to connect. Com what was the other toward that did that Mickey going through that whatever that other door was. I got all of base and we never you never used yeah. And an arm another thing I don't really have problems it just there are I don't know there and I betterment that they about it. And the truth did you push great group scoreboard in my bedroom and into this scaling. Like in the act as college cup tie up stern won't work around it by this and they're dead paramedic. Can you look down through the floor board and see the living room. I don't know if it goes through the roof then that's not what that's that's an architect I don't wanna meet you know hope her. Health. Yeah here that's how slick it while see your father just didn't wanna put the door in your room on. Aren't sure yet. There's cramp your style if you know what I mean a light show a little bit it would look bad you can't close the door in your bedroom he's intense. He's attention if you ask intensive yes nice that's very nice way to put it. Well we ought to Doral well yeah I mean you know you are good. I did not on our long thought yeah that's a long time to be door Louis well. A life should have a great day today. I know what a lot of parents whose stated that all forty do it in there that you need to door the other season to really do or you don't need one. Men. Who aren't even needed door cookie cost me. What do they need and you think he could behind closed doors and be doing right thinking about it. You need is you need as teaching our sleep. Curry the doors bedroom door shower doors card orders the American married gotten better. Daughter once you're not a machine later some cash to the door runoff that's the classic and Doral changes and left to right here. That is that is classic maneuver drovers. 8088 to 167437888. BO BS HER I just never got around affectionate bond insurers. Audio clips I guess your body's Jerry dot com. It's been so much fun talking or listeners about things that just don't get done just finish this bigger. We're on their houses like Marie way. All right. Oh. Shea morning. A legend here. And hair care. Act and guide you guys are here I'm glad it is here are. So Marie what is not getting six that your house. Hey settle last year of my daughter Wyatt and your bed you because he had been saying that the issue is. But I'll I. Felt I'd argue that. Law or say that it that she picked it felt really crazy. But the pieces are still prop up until Becker in law. What this year shall turn sixteen. And we are redoing her ram. And then go see it I actually had a bad no new weary Willie shopping yeah. Under patent. And that piece this two where are propagated the other ball and her bedridden. And actress I've got to go that one is on top the mattress that I got to go with bad round last year. It's it's like there's some sort of a message almost what you think sharing you can hit two bids rob how the first bed that was propped up comedy months or whatever hasn't been there. Bought in march of last year or the year about a year and up and now she wants another one. What's the deal which bar and anywhere yeah and out you know what's the deal there. And. I think more than anything I'm a single mom I work for piety. And see pat and extracurricular activity though you. So. Yeah we're mad do you read this weekend. I'm actually not someone taking a barrel last year mom and get and it was someone that need it. And that would render this weekend but he had beating you beat came out good I'm not going to remain in good things to now I have Monday. Are you needs you need to go on our farmers only dot com pitching in new boyfriend. Our farmers. Say anything's you know I mean farmers and I. I believe that I can't bite career you know our farm and not expect right back. Out in your boyfriend I do not need to editing and yet you don't wanna thank you you don't wanna man you're life is all our god there's so much travel. Yeah and we'll talk to you yeah they're they're much travel yeah. We've got up late fall. I don't need you out now and I. Terry love talking about getting a dog on I don't know there's just so much to. We are. Have a dog at my daughters are talk and walking the cat as well yeah and the manager based al-Qaeda. Should dog should ms. Ximian once in awhile you know they narrow there you go now. Now. Now and. You have you know. How many knows is that now. A lot yeah I've I have. What I did and first say it in my life. In the league and my life earth. Thirty years. My daughter god honor you won my bachelor and yeah there's yet bad enough you could gay gay gay man that but that. He said. And understate. But he should have that half the shows up every once in line comparing year are right our birthday. Ball terrorize and exports are rotten out. Mom is there Bob is wondering about your needs it is is there's some romance during that I'm one time and I'm. Well we will actually expect how we met we met through mutual friend when we were like seventeen I and they occurred a wild and will not get it would they're not very gut check them out mom. And we can't stay kind. You know every year. You know never you don't need anybody else. Now no now. No take them at that aren't here we go in their. And Ron pierce led the night and that could get us on guy gets it done Beckett at Erin they're rare accolade he did. At our. Just when it comes to another man no no no no no no no Harold you know. Yeah and we'll be. Here grace Marie have a terrific say good luck with the Fed Funds to say thank you are. How about you guys can you don't have the Sicily and second site I was getting the feeling memories a nine inches since being with command oh how do you do if it's. How did this this isn't sure did this and I am I'm so jealous I. I don't have the old line so now now now. No. You know. Nine. He sure know your grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where health markets insurance comes into. They can show small business owners group health insurance options they're not the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better welcome financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 8557503537. Helped markets insurance. Honestly you this Jerry dot com. That's the. We're going live to Japan right now we had a time getting this call Don because the hotel where the people's movie critic is stained. No one on working there at this particular moment speaks English and tides Japanese is very rusty her prestige. So we had a really difficult time but he's join us right now from Japan the people's movie critic Lamar. I got a group like must see why I do you must pay Lamar desk. You're a shooter pure logical order they guy each democracy. That is so sooner or access. That is very good about what they what does that translate into what do you do say. Basically I basically had to sit there and thank you very much. Oh it's very nice to meet you my name is Lamar police because and to make. Are you sure you didn't say. The big redneck Mandarin 921 speak and are not sure if. And I want to tell that it speakerphone. I did. It is sealed room 918 or nine DA Doug Doug Thompson grew 98. I know I'm twenty OK okay so dot net so you're visiting your daughter who lives there now. Yes I can't see that little or for a good while and our current and daughter a husband seagate. They got married last year and over here when you bite your marriage license you're mayor identity or ceremony during your your mayor. So I think it really do any kind of formal wedding we've been trying to get there were everybody get together and so that was last year so this year we try to get where we can get. Both families together and so we flew over to meet his Stanley. And have a big have a celebration. We actually did. She had came yes we do appreciate. The waiting all at the dinner so I cigarette to marry her Giguere. Oh. But very nice cold beer ordering from there it was was this the first time you met his parents in the Shanle you don't. Yes yes and they speak absolutely. Zero English. All I'm so jealous that would be so great that you wouldn't. No it wouldn't salt some the bidder I'd say that tied in Max a picture of my plate at dinner. The most beautiful plate. I've ever had to sit in front of me it was unbelievable. You all and end don't just have a bit when you do they take orders this have a better. I mean. It's got. So I'm looking at the picture it's a work hard. Yeah well. And and they have entertainment bit bid to better itself. Where they thirteen course meal and there was 818 others. We have we welcome dinner time that we have a man playing drums like ten of those big drums like the Japanese people bureau reported a big draw a because a couple of significant blood drawn so. Like good terms. EU anti urge congress yes okay. And then we head oh a warm and the biggest traditional status would be small speaks they were hooked on the call. She could slide them out and they would go way out pitch he would make and some sort it all worked for and then retractable backcourt she was canceled around. We had a martial arts demonstration by some of the fair remembers. All we had a traditional group dance for every one participated. It's black electric supply so that what people can ask I have this traditional that's. And we all hear everybody participated every album Perry Mann you do have also been excluded. At the end of the night they had quizzes are about American culture in Japanese culture and also well Derek K we think she creates. Knoll and that we did speed Jews and I know I what I do in my speech they had to translate my speech. Did the family because of it up. So you had translators there to. What are we can she translate bitter about candidate about it. Not now the defense you run on the dance floor what what kind of dance was. I'd kick can't comprehend that they canceled orchestrated steps okay yeah they got a spot alarmed up and they have like a Japanese person that between each American person so that we could sort of watch each other crew my problem wasn't started to circle around watching the American people don't what they do look at that my efforts here it's. So you know prepared their Duval Congo arm movements and step up and it was just been around for ever hundreds and hundreds of years and needed braces as a bonding day that's between two cultures they don't look great it's the Stanley is denied this. Can't even carry you into the nicest people. I hope all this Duvol. And it sounds amazing link every day. That's a wedding I wanna go to a and Todd said there was a lucky raccoon and almost. Now over here raccoon bit direct and food is not directly to this blood keeps it's his testicles that are looked OK it's. Oh the that you call a red and Japan where the records and I. Now we are overly large commercial. Oh. I'm not. I'm loud I'm not. Going to got a cartoon but it got a cartoon. In the rookie. And he had medical protocols would blow provoked a lot of old apple are paid its credit I wrote. Magical testicles I need we have so much. What are let people I've already been but tomorrow I guess I insist that you bring whom the statue of them will hungry you do put in front of yours and cordless home. Julie kind of bridge and the two worlds I'd love this idea I believe you can get arrested William. Listen that's. About the hotel pocono not okay. But they're the call I got deported back to the magic fingers if you want to put a quarter and it I'm. C block of pressure washers right here. And Easter are you open it but it also appears he's beta. I got the raccoon slowed it. What is the back story on the rack them quickly to deal with doesn't know. I don't know Pete Campbell would still wonder about issues it is the end lease your daughter about that coming up well. Well we don't this week hoping to exude from outside said the credit look at record achieved so. I don't know you don't understand she did look a little lower our go oh my god I don't. My guide and I'm looking at a picture in my ever lucky guy. Well I don't know the wreck and bring you look but he brought himself some one hour. It must be you know some sort of you wish for. Is it like your fertility utility. Oh good look look yeah the pretty good needed to you know look good walking around. And it. I'll Lamar have a great time enjoy it over there thank Tim wanted to talk to you again before yeah on the day. Always felt part awesome all right he wasn't a big turning coming your life comes in my hand who. Stories where Smartphone apps and yeah Sherri duck. Yes indeed I was just reading this in the New York Times this morning a little over two years ago William. One of the Wall Street's freshest and most self assured hedge fund managers was on top of the world. A billionaire before he hit fifty he was generating double digit gains for his investors and Rican in. Hundreds of millions of dollars in fees for his firm. And himself. Hailed as a master investor he clinched his high flyer status in the fall of 2014. By paying nineteen million dollars with some friends to by the penthouse at 157. Age thirteen 1500. Square foot. A Condo in midtown Manhattan overlooking Central Park you pay ninety million dollars for that Condo or by the way he didn't plan to live there. It was just an investment property but until he sold at the apartment he said would make a good party space. And he could have his friends over for parties. In his nineteen million dollar Condo. Today things are very different for him. This company's performances weighed down. He's in the midst of an expensive divorce. And on March 13 he and his investors in funds run by pershing square capital management. Swallowed 84. Billion dollar loss. On Valeant Pharmaceuticals. International. Well. Four billion dollars in any new I can't do that he had a lot of stock in that company. And you know how we made all his money up in the prices of the drugs. Yeah that's but that's how we did at his company did not invent any new drugs they would buy other companies drug companies. Jack up the door is shut up the price a little. A ninety million dollar house we just take your friends over like on Friday night's. I can't. Imagine a ninety million dollar house side now and I'm not sure what a ninety million dollar house has going on well it's overlooking Central Park aren't. And it's probably the penthouse and many stories this building is. And it has thirteen 1500 square sheet. Now that's a lot of square footage anywhere little New York City. I know are these thirteen thousand square feet made up of puppies and why it. On first is this house and what's go one on here OK the low key so look I hear you know location and it and and the size of it. I mean a 5000 square foot house is a big house. And this one is almost three times that size overlooking Central Park in New York City but the thing that got me OK you're a billionaire you could afford to buy that there's no doubt about that. You just. Leave it empty until cells and have parties and it you know it's almost like haunting god. You know. I still. I feel guilty because I had so many preconditions. And could more have been packing heat from. Why do I have so many baking dishes it's like come running a church picnic you mean. And I feel like oh my god what is wrong with Hugh you Weinberger conspicuous consumption and if I did in ninety million dollar party hang out pattern. Here I would be I wouldn't go outside there's lightning. I don't beat terrify you imagine what the property taxes in New York City earned. 20000 dollars a month. But then there's probably caught she's in the building yes definitely. Your property taxes. If you care to complain about the new bill. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now docked about machinery. They find it at Bob Sherry dot com. Do you remember when I told. Priest wrestling. I'm that a few weeks ago couple weeks ago where guys would wrestle each other. Vanguard. Our Greco Roman style but they would be covered which Greece so. I don't know why the starting to catch on but here's another article. You know what the it's it's actually all avoidable big covered themselves and olive oil and they're gonna look young forever yeah they well. And the big win the match by pinning their opponent. Or lifting him up and carrying him just three steps. So if you could lift the other guy off he's all greasy slick and we like greased pig. And you can carry in three steps you're the winner or you can pin him down that's how it works it's the national sport of Turkey who knew. My AI youngest child for her science project. On each of the kids drew I disease or an affliction of some kind out of a hat if she drew ring worm. Which makes for low sexy good tired I was gonna say. So she went to Michael's and she got some supplies and she made three dimension all our ring worm patches which she attached to poster board dimensional research three weren't. And she came to me and said mom would you like to hear some facts about reform him. Of course yes yes. And one of her fax was is that you know it's transmitted through skin to skin contact. None and so wrestle Ers sometimes o.s that are are afflicted by rumor no I didn't know that is safe now bigger more you now. I remember as a kid sometimes that they would say all right. You have to pick a country. So anywhere in the world to do were reported on. I don't know why did I said I choose Romania. And why he's. They like what was happen I think you and there was any there was a there was a list of all of the countries. And I guess they went around the class and very quickly like the Italian kids you know you know what they're gonna do. And England everybody knows and by the time we got to me there's like 31 kids in the class. Who was a lower. Selection number he did and I got to our gala no it did employed to use Dracula flabby and he'll be asked that's. That's why you did it isn't funny how. He looked back on your arm early school years. And you realize how much of your education was strictly random death for my ninth grade own mid term history project we had to do a ten page paper I mean on an American president right. And I didn't want to do the usual suspects George Washington John F. Kennedy. Or Franklin Delano Roosevelt should pick. You lose your best gray. Because of the usual mean yes exactly you know and also because one of my arm best friends at the time went for Miller's fellow lawyer. And my friend herb Kinect class job. Already Millard Fillmore reference 'cause I called Millard Fillmore and that this other guy goes I got James Buchanan and I said I see your due in Kenya and instill more and I breezy Ulysses as grant. So writing a ten page paper know about Ulysses S. Grant genome every member of Ulysses eskimo he had a drinking problem and I did. Just on the right right I remember right wasn't Buchanan considered the worst president. On new respect I think historians have raise you the worst president I I think that he was ranked that because he has a museum. In hindsight. Grant was and not all that beloved either no he was not. You know it's funny which you remember though I headed to historical or purse and I do you know who I did. Packed into this this was the the need most might think. Patrick Henry. Fire brands of the revolution the titles on I'd give you an I don't know for I wasn't sure would have firebrand was what he's branded it sounds good blurring it sounded good so the same child that did bring worm eaten. And and by the whale except in people a year are killed by ring worm just say you know. See no ring worm can take you out good to know missing child on called me into her room last night while I was getting ready for bread and said mom. I'm going I've chosen on the a historical figures from the state of my birth. Do you think John Edwards is a good to us. Let me just refresh everyone's memory John edwards' arm is was disgraced after he was busted having an act he was running he was gonna be the vice president. This morning's Greg the president president of the United States of America and he was busted having a scandalous affair. And his wife was dying and his wife a beloved person was dying at the time of cancer dying you know so I said T putt no you cannot tour profiles of John Edwards and I told her why she might. He says patient ahead. It isn't funny what kids do little. Another one was on there were trying to get disinterested in going to college. And so and this is in Connecticut where they have yield. And and they have the university kinetic kid we have all a really good schools. And so. Bobby what did you choose which college to chew research in cancer they're they're doing Fairfield University doing Yale New Haven college. Quinnipiac College I went. I am chose in the University of Hawaii. Hope. She. She just looked at me. Of course she did and the teacher my eye yes I execute you wrote Patrick Henry firewire or brand of out of the revolution and it's. It's not necessary audio clips I guess the obvious yeah. Couple things in the news about ensuring news here this morning beauty in the beset box office records. With a massive hunger in seventy million dollar opening at the US box office. And a previous record holder was last year's findings Torre. Which was a 135. Million. It also snagged a record for the best march opening taking the title from that me and vs Superman. Which debuted at a 166. Million last march. Beauty and the Beast of the seventh best opening of all time in the United States. And second best non summer opening behind the force awakens. With 248. Million dollars Emma Watson how much and she got. Oh gosh I don't even know I am Valerie million upfront but depending on how well and it seems to be go one well she could pocket up to fifteen million dollars. So there total worldwide box office after one weekend. Is set 350. Million dollars for Beauty and the Beast that is something. Wow I belong Skull Island was second. Can with these dollar amounts don't you measure saying it saves you say to yourself this isn't this current and now it's you know sit near kind of casually and then you know if things go well known can only fifteen million. I you don't own Julia Roberts was she getting ten million dollars like twenty years ago. Yeah something in that neighborhood gym and playing bell. You know that's a big deal. Is Jim glaring hole at his site was getting twenty million a picture cable guy. Well guys and I might. So they are doing pretty good but then moment Peterson find glided to talk to Julia about how she hit it just stepped it back yeah that's that's exactly right. That's right. Actually you know the movie is pretty girls there and have a lot of pretty girls out there. Good business. Army is not what it was even at the time of Julia Roberts getting that money for pretty pretty woman but that's a lot of know this movie is different I mean that's a lot of money. The three million doesn't selling very much compared to nod for playing bill announced that exactly but then you know I guess she get something on the backs so fifty million dollars. I don't watch the real housewives of New Jersey. And so I don't know who this person is Kim. Di Paola. Kim di Paola. And she is involved in a double homicide but how involved is a matter for the cops to decide. And Audi belonging to Kim she's one of the real housewives of New Jersey. And Audi belong by Kim was found torched in Paterson, New Jersey on Friday two bodies in sight and by the way. The bodies were badly burned but that's not what killed them. Both men and been shot in the head. I gotta tell you it isn't this the kind it on thing that gets you picked to be your real housewife of New Jersey talk about the new reality show cred I know the car is mostly used like Kim's son Chris. But he was out of town when this happened he had a friend. Drive into the airport Wednesday in that Audi. Israel was supposed to bring your tractor chris' house. Said this is probably nothing to do with her or her son probably not. And Chris is worried that his friend is one of the victims because nobody can get in touch with him. Yesterday Kim tweeted that she and Chris are both say power. So that's all we know about this I mean I looked at this. Idiot the real housewives of Atlanta it ain't the real housewives of Beverly Hills or Orange County it is the real housewives of New Jersey but he can isn't. That here's what Fermi was always wrong with that particular. Franchise mean. The real housewives of Beverly Hills of Orange County that felt like those women and it Lannan feels like those but that police but the real housewives of New Jersey never really got the Jersey for me what was missing do you think. Com. I don't forget. Two of them. A husband wife marriage failure. I was missing was more of the Jersey news Sunday no. They felt like that but they could be. Big could have been in New York could face fell just think rich people. Named anywhere like I was missing this. This kind of thing that you're describing right here adorable Thomas I guess I wanted it to be this sopranos but one of them went to jail what what do they have to do for you. One of the what they're and the husband went to Joseph what was her name I forget her needs to Ricci. I realize I'm being very demanding the White House wants. Here's what I wanted to here's here's what I was disappointed and it's unfair to live cast of the real housewives of New Jersey. I wanted to be all the wives of The Sopranos gangsters. It's funny year. I wanted to be fit I wanted to drive big pluses wife Adele on its. Maybe Carmelo I want it to be all of those CF. I which you're hoping I didn't wanna see Teresa GD she having enlists freaky lasagna boss phase in her gazillion dollar. House which by the way. Was sold for a song pose that road yeah. Did she flipped the other table over there was no wonder thing that was at her house Sutter post I don't I don't remember which one of them. Detained by the thing that I've watched it once or twice as I thought you know just like you might feel like The Sopranos put a softer version. Nobody was funny you know what I mean. There was no game studio and one liners.