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Wednesday, August 9th

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Broadcasting from the palatial bomb Sherry studios kids mom and sharing news over the past few weeks I've been trying to do more Hilton. And I have been about rightful stay healthy. And you bandwagon pretty easily would you be greedy you know. You know items rose and I are doomed I still won't go and have a cheeseburger. And sometimes those bad he didn't naive. Live your life and I never want to know when you go off a healthy wagon you go bill that's what I have been doing and I've got to. It's just no fun for you know like committed sports car and I've heard myself say. I think I'm gonna have to southwest. Chicken salad and I'm not. You want not what wins you wanna wings and beer batter on your prayers says once hot fudge. Brownie sundae going I don't know some looking at the least healthy restaurant foods that are available in America today it will known restaurants. And I'd like to eat all of every single one of them you wanna hear them I do. Number Watan. Checking in at 19190. Calories. It's almost 2000 calories. Stores that you what. The entire day. Is I hops cheese burger omelet without side of pancakes. Com. I TE. Love is trying to I don't I love omelet and I love pancakes and I love I hop but I don't wanna cheeseburger home I'd like to try to do with this sound crude doesn't. It's it's such great comfort food drink it like in February. Unleash Casper her poem would tell Cilic in February if you don't eat like that you may die of exposure I think so. It could void sheer. Number two Buffalo Wild Wings cheese curd bacon burger with Fries I just tried. It's a it's 19150. Calories the cheeseburger. Could. That the wings she's occurred bacon burger with Fries. It is about the same as eating five's big can double cheeseburgers at Burger King holy met. Hey head. And figure out that they can double cheeseburger a live album. The Carter or pizza until appetizer it's even busters. Let me say I know you all love Dave and buster's in the first successful at all enjoy Dave and buster's. I would rather him myself in the head with a hammer but you didn't bust our position that they don't buy a serious issue it's just so loud it's so loud. Anyway the I like your description of the carnivore pizza day pizza Dele. It is a combination of the meat lover's pizza and a case of dia. For whatever that is so it sounds like you're Jason deal with a lot of meat. And I 270 calories. They're always on here and there on this list twice the cheesecake factory's pasta. And no poll lead con. At 2310. Calories. Is this her leg in Maryland. And they are that's more calories singers was out all day. It it is worse than if you waited entire large pizza. What it does does it say no they don't they don't have it I think I'd rather have the entire I would PGA I would do. The loaded sweet potato at Texas Roadhouse now you think pitcher adding a vegetable to your mil. We're illustrious Manuel would blunder indeed general lets up at 770 calories so your sake let's up. I'm having a sweet potato you're eating Fries so you know yeah home. And finally. The Clinton. The flying guerrilla cocktail. From the Cheesecake Factory again which is 8950. Calorie alcoholic milk shake. No fax no thanks how many calories 950. She nor is awfully a little less than half of which is supposed to get corps didn't take once. Daily. I can't remember where was I was out. I'm with my girls turns her have lunch and they had you know some restaurants have little. Little on display cards on the table without a special aura dessert ever they have one featuring a special dessert. It was called the ultimate double red velvet cheesecake. So what do Weis basically wise. Which a red velvet cake inside it cheese cake. Frosted with cream cheese for hush hate the shop. And it why is slower. All day was the most leg unbelievable lease sensual sumptuous photograph. Of this cheesecake. And and just looking at me keep me to feel dizzy. So it's like the desert version of would you call lifting words they're Thanksgiving used to document a introduction and your doctor that you touch and it. So I wanna say it again so I what you don't imagine a red velvet cake. The cheese cake baked around it and then covered in cream cheese frosting. So the wind is sliced. Its cream cheese frosting cheesecake read I'll pick the cream cheese frosting red velvet cake cheesecake. Doesn't seem and I know I'm I'm a little Big Brother this clearly the B models desertion but against the law and obviously. I just American safety I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Meanwhile what my girlfriends like incident anyway you work they're announcing the Italian fire everyone and Michael hunt that sounds awful. Okay you're all staring at this exquisite. Unbelievably pornographic. Dessert that's part of our weed problem in this country does everything not only tastes delicious. Looks it looks delicious I know I feel sick I just from talking about it I mean. I know that you'll say I think you would beat him we should feel sick after I feel like you're like yeah. It's not as soon. Analyze previews at mother Sherry dot com. So Obama is telling us like the most unhealthy foods and big restaurants from a country we're talking about this. It seemed rental became intrigued incited cheesecake and comfort him fry stink and I was about to tell you guys this of all the time means. This thing that popped up in my news feed about calorie restriction which is basically. Fasting but before I had a chance to get it out of my mouth Todd said she she should come by a braves game prescribed. Please so I agree so I went on a road trip to Atlanta Braves came and you Wear when you go to the collected baseball stadiums and in that big hole crease when they used to have the little cups they were shaped like baseball helmet and oh yeah we need your eye popping yeah they in a matter of being a kid I thought that was the greatest thinking was sorry we're cool right well we're at the Braves game. And I'm standing there I'm in line of course getting a beer and this kid walks by and he's carrying a baseball helmet. And I went full size like a full sized plastic baseball helmet now hunt down an inside the helmet is a heaping helpings. Act of not juice and cheese in Chile and sour cream and ala Daniels. You need. I'm not shows out of this giant helmet and then you clean their helmet on I guess and then you can Wear on you're ahead this sort of heroin and it's this this is an example of what we've become an America. How how it's progressed used to be a little tiny helmet with a ice cream I know it's so full size adults helmet. And after you eat bad food you put discern who you are on your head it's O. OK okay notice they. You can't judge now do because I jumped out of line grabbed the kid by the arm and I said we're DG imply that I must locate Ed stand up. Did you get it didn't sound how much to the cause was like seventeen dollars. You'll stadium's food but that culminated to keep safe guess so laughter right to dissect the mortgage on a much and a beard some nachos and there was some of the reminded every stadium in Major League Baseball has that. I mean they all know the only ones doing so yeah probably to do road trip she could collect helmets from each clinics. The idea of I mean in the the archaeologists of the future. People will give Ph.D.s based on messed. And you need parents stopped people were known to go to a sporting event a group of men hitting a small ball with a stick. They would then all of this by consuming corn products and wearing the receptacle and their heads. This sort of a ritual practiced I'm telling you the people of the future are going to be gob smacked by a. Accident you'd you know what do you say when you're buying it you say well. We're gonna share it. But then you don't share you said Angel for you guys or else shared with the voices in your handicap. Or share. Well that's kind of what happened because I was like you you want some Grayson took a couple by two things like Abdullah. And then they and you feel W because you can just don't all the not just to get to the home again you gotta keep that helmet you're in the helmet tied and helping seventeen dollars why salute why we talked about how they're certain foods. That you can not practice restraint with major popcorn. Lay's potato chips pizza not show helmet not so obvious that if he is one definitely when. Critics he could go I'll just have for a chance thanks Eddie for having me tell you cultural. These in the badly mr. at all at the end of a welcome day in the bar and you know the my yourself. You know the satires newspaper the onion where they have you know forty stories and they're just they're very funny they have one that I never forgot the headline was local man says you just can't be eating cheeseburgers. What are you know I read that left only when you know that a home there is some two and a stick so there's some truth it's a good one. For Father's Day I got Kevin a real movie theater popcorn machine Madonna not Amazon.com. Now it doesn't make it's much obviously it's not like the one you'd find at this you know with the multi drug drug it's a real movie Jeter popped seen them. And we make popcorn with coconut oil. And cease all in the coconut oil gives it that buttery movie theater taste. It makes eight gallons of popcorn. Eight Cal's a popcorn. Wish it too must eat for dinner yeah when farm animals you know much better off doing better I just read the other day the one of the most unhealthy things that you can eat is my crew with the opponent Ali because well it's because of all the chemicals yeah. With a shake quarter to fix not shows orderly have been there. The smell of microwave popcorn to evacuate you from doing just that rhetoric you doors mostly she can meld tick Crayola crayons. And patriots like you weren't bad smell it first microwave. When people I've gone home early for the day here when that kind of thing it's. Real nasty. Health insurance can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plans. It's health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work kennel in vision surgery X series accidents and war. Why don't give USA health insurance plans to follow and see what they can do to. 84 quarter to 99537. Need to back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. And. I didn't head bobbing Sherry dot com. There are some things in this world I love one of them is like Americana Hugh getting on the rude and and seeing lake to cool uniquely American things that are out there I know you do and I love when couples have a shared. Dreamer shared goal and so when I found out about Graham will Leo ordered her from Indiana they had a shared dream that America X sixty years Bob. And they are one. Location a way. From having visited every single Cracker Barrel restaurant in the US a kid out of here I did wave there are 645. Cracker barrels. In America. And joining us right now I should tell we've got to talk to ray and will Lee Yoder. We've got re on the line right now ray how are you. Yeah. I'm pretty good it's just gotten thank you are not looking forward to rear issue tickets cannot you gotta to meet extraction checkered. No wait they're gonna take its use today we'll. Here but I don't wore it because I Cabrera on the actual night and he didn't. So I wanna talk. I wanna talk about you when Wilma sixty years married I mean that's an accomplishment already solutions at what did you do you crazy love birds decide that Cracker Barrel was your thing. Well we could keep you know you read and edit dirty type forty years or get certain that's older than you brush our tank at the and you were they anyway you know it can had a cordial on or else pay down our. Are we initial reward our companies that we deliver recreational vehicle from both. Manufacturer tournament to you're sort of literally each year I'll see you Lauren Bruno had a non terror expenditure on cherry. That's that's fantastic. And I I wanna say like I think a Cracker Barrel biscuit is an excellent column saying I'm a big fan myself. And so you're on the road anyway and Cracker Barrel it's everywhere it's consistent. At what did you to look at each other though and say you know what. We should go to every Cracker Barrel in America. I well there was about 8080 or do I do I would cherish somewhere better. We all I'll maybe we were there power generation old paper. Remote control really shy and straight you need to do. So so race is that correct it bureau away from just one and then you will have completed all of the cracker barrels. Yeah I Wear it and clean the kitchen or Noriega. Alone or do you saw its own little war is Omar Walsh are. Are you. Are you know you also can we do let me teach pressure we're Bittermann on the worried shorten. So so Ray Charles it's true I hear that when you guys go to Cracker Barrel it's not just to eat you make a point of also visiting the gift shop every time you go. Oh yeah she's healthy review every golf. They're actually we have compared to order a lot better work Luigi you met or not you know there socialite starting Oprah that they expect job. We will are shocked and from the Jewish child pearl restriction on my memory. And then world by any. Should bush care package or somebody. What's most number of cracker barrels that you will not have hit in like one single day. Well nourished bush didn't unbelievable alert alma Coulter are open and I'm. In one. You. Yeah I want a huge dollar B Schroeder you Nicole had a hard early in the morning there appear to cherish it and skate worth grew very sure. Moon moon. Movement yeah. Why and then all of a sudden it's lunchtime and then get have a snack in the afternoon then you got dinner come and. If we had to visualize Vermont courts under for a new world are all her little fire all due to Cold War double dip. Trial court. You spent. So we don't have a Cracker Barrel does the Cracker Barrel restaurant know about you too. You have been assured drew durable warms children RO BO sirte yeah. Our guests are going to be some arbitrary important 500 correspond charge tournament. Let's go and and do you get special I mean. He nonwhite either reveal any of you know your swanky styles Chris doing well may get a little special extra love when you go into a Cracker Barrel because of years. You record setting yeah. Yeah I am too old whichever indeed true challenge you do employees. But overall how much you know radio we don't have been invited. I'll bring Armstrong or should we have social all invited us to come true BD. Ribbon cutting cherished your visitors find this really hard she should Bure did trawler and get emotional moment BIG term. But my main scorer so we usually don't she's your cultural revolution I really try to orange. Summary I have a question that has nothing to do with Cracker Barrel and everything to do list. What can you share from your election experiences sixty years of marriage. To a woman who's obviously still your heart you know you guys are still in this together what can you share about the seeker of longevity. Not just staying married but in staying partners and in love like you had. Oh yeah. Should well definitely ready. All LaRoche or your mom mom one another compatible. There are greedy rich or from our murder or restore tradition agreement you work itself. You dispute our belt or. The problem would be used them and also aware picture emerged there were over I believe people's. During their skull are sure old Christina yeah oh yeah leisure or I have a little mirror courtroom where because she had. And your leadership it happened injection real shore there's. Schools or we shall we are sure marsh use. Oh my gosh which she pulled out through or ignore whoever happens Jordan or helpful or remove all parents should look so my doctor didn't give Sherri coale felt good after a wheel rim. Paulson shares your week coming up. But here we are we are right now ladies and Joseph mundane yeah there are only one store away from visiting every Cracker Barrel in America you know ray my wife's got something similar ish I think she's trying to visit every shoe store in America. Hey I'm happy. Craig good luck with your juice today I'm thinking about she you know. My whole hearted humor appreciated I assure you I know we're almost sure to thank you race. Good luck getting an hour and that's Graham will Leo her every Cracker Barrel in the US aid is his bond and share. This area. Yeah. We are so go we had that fantastic story of the Alabama jail break where dozen inmates escaped by easy. Chris in sandwich Peta butter sandwich and stuff. Did she's the number on a door in the church in new employees opening the door to be outside oh yeah yeah that's right and I was laughing about the idea came in he said. You said you wanna hear some other really amazing jailbreak it she won here a couple of these this afternoon Brazil a guy named Renaldo are still. This came up with a plan and his girlfriend and the plan was he would sneak out imprisoned dressed up as a woman after she visited. So he put his girlfriend's clothes on in the wind and some makeup and tried to walk out into the prison like he was just another visitor here. He made it past a few guards yeah Hannity get caught it's one guard noticed that this particular Levy. Was really struggling to walk in this high yields in the stock durst struck up a conversation and food that's how Rinaldo got should warn flats. I have been okay yeah you know in Brazil the standards of heating your very different in so happy to be on flat maybe so I've got another Brazilians here celebrates. This captain Don French or Brazilian gangsters. I decided to bust out of the penitentiary they were caged in. Like knocking a hole in the prison shower and making her tunnel kinda like Shawshank redemption break right. But what they didn't stop to think about lessons. You can escape prison through a tunnel. You need to make sure that tunnel is big enough to fit through. The first escape being managed to squeeze through the but this second one got stuck it to waste strapping the other two prisoners inside big guard. And that's when guards around them screaming and crying for help. And instead of immediately freeing the man. Called the fire department and they stood around and took self into the latter half. So the little one got away the little one got away. Burnham tried to escape from a jail in upstate New York by posing as another inmate that was scheduled to be released. Everything was going grief accepts ten minutes mist wine is tiny detail. Unless you guys that was scheduled for it would release was black. My hope hope you know. You know yeah. Yes she did did. And when numb yeah. And legalize currency and not a concern so facility noticed ray discrepancy and slaps Kenneth Burnham with additional criminal charges. For the failed escape. You know you know it's funny that you did this because it's secure imprisoned and you're sitting in the cell for so many hours you should be planning. You should be saying what could go wrong with this week. It is still a give so much time for planning. This was so obviously. I'm thankful that can McChrystal locked up because I don't think he's fit to be among rookies right for you since you filled an obvious you know I'm pretty campaign movies when. Prisoners conspired together to make a great. It's it's very nicely choreographed right all right here's a great story earlier this happened in New Zealand. You prisoners decided that they were gonna make an escape attempt fleeing a courthouse. They were handcuffed together and as they were grinding away from the courthouse together handcuffed. The chain linking them snagged on a pole winner the morale and it's a match Iraq. Each other. Right now I don't know. Leo good cartoonist Wiley Coyote style you know you guys to have that on video. There's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. I'm really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox and gas stocks small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening. The funny Gerri podcast. Or. Did not have time for this story important news I can't stop thinking about it non. I think it's more than just. Crime that got committee here I think we have here an example of how you can get into a hobby. And he can make you a little bit crazy. And manufactured judgment. And you just completely go off the ranch in terms of your priorities you because you become just totally and sat accessed within what are the obvious just toy anywhere. You don't even realize how kooky you've gotten any known people assurance yeah I'll listen to this is SATA tend to see. Vote police there. Arrested a woman who tried to steal a 1000. Dollar doll house. And she got caught because she couldn't fit in in this in inside her car she just had like a little Sudan kind of garden and the thousand dollar dale it doll house within the car. And she seems to realize they've surveillance video because it was she stole from a storage unit mean she seems to realize that it's not gonna fit. Because she after she can't get him into the trunk she tries to stuff it into the backseat can get into the backseat she eventually gives up and tribes away. But police are you know she's still a crime just didn't succeed as a make or less the current break and I'm looking at this and I'm going. Fans market recording stop market for hot doll house well she might you collector though he does not only at first I thought. And that's something that she's. No whistle weight or here's elation meet most still some and it's easy to see how he. And break that's grown there still anything. I don't know how she knew was there but Dennis as I thought about it. I resigned this is someone who's collecting. Who's passionate hobby. Has gotten away from the. And she had to have as she knew would sooner have learned she had to have that she was over at the storage unit place with a friend or something there was an open unit she looked in and she saw the doll house she noted the number on the door and she says to herself come back. Coming back. I've known people who have been obsess over things I had a friend. He he's helping to learn how to play golf this is this is yours ago. He was so obsessed with call. That it started to interfere with his marriage. Because he was playing during the week a couple of times and then on Saturday and on Sunday and hit a family. And then you go and hit balls. He was so obsessed with golf that his wife said to him. Our marriage is not gonna last if you keep this up. So he went to the local driving range he said RR I'll cut back he went to the local driving range and you told the men at the driving range. There's fifty dollars. Every day behind that sign. Leaves to buckets of balls and he would drive over there and sing but I Henne going into work. Can you drive over hit balls and then go into work. Actually lull could not say you know he had a great swing. Maris went like that a special level that I don't have a choice between waking up earlier to hit balls and no I'm not gonna do that yeah. I had a breaking them I do but I do a great gesture and jumped an hour earlier at all the idea of I see how it can happen again do you understand now what can happen. It's just you're good at something or to justice is so much fun whether it's like like Tony use or or because cells are shocked look strains. And I could see how you can go to Jack rabbit hole and you wanna spend the whole day in that room always from the family watching nutrients. The hard thing about what went this year passion unity you can go not slick this lady did. And you don't relish going nuts you extremely hard is to be. Married to earn a relationship. With dispersant you remember when we took phone calls that day young guys in video games yeah. Lot of those marriages Abrams SeaWorld Barack because of that guy would come home after work some of them quit their jobs. I have the wife work and just played like 121518. Hours a day. I axis in the coins if you're coin collector if you're a member of the fast paced and exciting world of new mission ecology less. Good for you live your life. I do not care even at all and Alan coins or corn collecting. For me on the if you wanna show me a coroner I hope we're on our way to the vending machine to get some crack excuse you don't. An error. 22 we even like each other men and women anymore because there's another there's another version of obsession it doesn't have to be collecting it doesn't have to be golf at public binge watching. All right so I don't care the wife Suzanne to orange is a new black right aren't so I come home and she's got she's got the and mad men and the new one is the hundred. I tried to get into the hundreds it's seemed like how. Two or three other movies that were the games this is not much I think every I come home so what you watch in the hundreds. You know I've. I can't. We're not together we're not together and then I'm downstairs watching whatever the crazy news in Washington Oregon and other every every minute of every day eight well I don't watch a hundred. Washington needs an issue comes on what are you watching a much in the news it's crazy there. It's not good you shouldn't be watching that alone you know I like we're at restaurants and not us but other couples are always looking at your phone and not talking to one another. I like to cook. I do not need Kevin Nash in the kitchen while I explained to him when I'm doing in fact a brother to be left the hell alone to do what I'm doing. And if god forbid he decided to collect coins. No I don't want to see your swing in knuckles eagle nickel or whatever the hell it's call I don't care I don't care. So after two weeks both the 100. And mad men in my watching news constantly on CNN. And sit down last night. And I put and this is like around 9 o'clock or put on HBO and I don't see that I don't wanna see that. And I found my favorite movies of all time god to catch a thief. To catch a thief set I saw it as a kid in an old movie house she doesn't want to watch I holder and I said this movie it it takes place in the Monte Carlo and I carry grip please 88 thief it's a. Color itself for Hitchcock. She looks good news. And I didn't know she was asleep and and I'm I'm describing. How much I'd like this movie you know this is where I really and I looked Ritter. Well I've got to hang with a sheet for younger I'd like to show again. Good day you get. Their loan and also are not steal things especially things Biggio and I don't do. Buried. I didn't had Bob Sherry dot com so we were just talking about it. These people have this. Hobbies or interests. And there's so obsessed with the it becomes like the major part of their life. And you have absolutely no interest in in knowing about it learning about it watching it at all and Todd says who is this person is who was they and I was I was dating girls for awhile we went to visit dumb. Her family and one refer all calls. Has a collection of stamps now when you see stamp collecting you think that it's all those cool things like the upside down airplane and state flags almost. Now it is one specific stamp and it's a stand that's put out. By the palace. By the royal good by the queen in like England yes fundamentally good sushi they put out the stamp but here's the thing. The stand doesn't change very much from year to year's gotten little nuances about it moon and down. The day he decided to pull out his book is stamps it was early in the morning had had a full cup of coffee yet. And everybody else that they only had put up with a stamp collecting for allow fresh blood so I mean I add. I realize that there end up eating my English muffin and drinking my cup of coffee and lifted stamps all over last all pretty much the same now what word would you be saying he would he would just tell me about how these stands how he acquired the stand India you know there's did the club that he scene is like this will stamp club these people only collect this stamp also wrote and so every once in awhile they take a pilgrimage. You London. And they onetime got to have tea with the queen of England are they looking at these stamps and so he just would Altima and on and on. And I'm like wow that's a great goal you look at this one on this page that's girl in this one on this page. And you want to know your your caught your caught like a Mac I. Yeah and net you know I'm a kid named DE I when I'm caught in the situation like that. I wish just for this one moment to some very polite person adjust this one moment I could be the guy that says. I have absolutely no interest in this and it's boring. And walk away those people exist already doing on this cheap lying no but how. Did you get away with it and seemingly they have no problem with everybody kind of says all that's just Bob. They just they get away with it here's hunting on the one hand like I Russell Russell. The English actor. Russell Brand Russell Russell Brand it is that guy you would you say you let's. Just pouring ice rod. Or waters of Pink Floyd interviewed on the Dan rather big interview channel that. The tenant likes it's he interviews all these legendary musician here it's great and it's a fantastic and I you know Roger Waters was in a very interesting man and he said. He said I find that you have to consistently relentlessly and absolutely say no to everything if you're ever have any time to reflect and be thoughtful and in your own head. So it brings a lot of dollars extra every here's a thing like I've tremendous sympathy for Todd who was caught like a mackerel on the end of a hook. I have tremendous symphony sympathy to for the stamp collector. Whose life is. Just fueled by this passion for geese dams are these iron until somebody about it here comes somebody did tell. And I know you know when there is no more lenient in that room and you know when you're trapped in your trying to make eye contact with the other people to try to get some Helton you know. They don't know they walk away all day not only do what players they turn their backs and album even left the room death. And I'm standard and out the other room their sanction. Mail resume to we looked him in there really don't go yeah I bigger motor and spend some more time. There that's exactly right I just I'd I would like to be that guy just to be able to what is it like to not care that much you know. She just say our free. I'm not gonna listen this now when you are that person who knows I'm sorry is touring and a one year Mel and yes he just died he just dodged the Steve missed my chance to. Here's kind of a big goal. Then you are delivering your. So I can't have been taken Bobby Kennedy. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now backed about a shared. I thought this area got all you know I keep the Padres like. How we get on the subjects we get on because I don't even know how we got on the subject of weird collections and having to listen to other people talk about you started this. I don't care about believing in tennis she tried to steal a doll house or whatever but guess what it was it reminded me of something that I some random rabbit hole and fell down on the Internet. It's just stuck in my head so after we talked about this someone who looked again there's this guy who. His name I guess she's directs his name is yen's verbeek. And he's he's only forty so he's not like he's like it when you hear why I say is only forty you'll go well he's a 49. Yeah verbeek a 1516 years ago when he was in his twenties. Went to San Francisco on vacation button and Molly was. She's from Cisco she had to a flea market employers are both flea market he came across one of those old chrome. Retro toasters from back in the day I guess the fifty's or sixty's yeah. As much you can still get them at certain high and Swede get their repercussion the reproduction actions the other there I think there English I think this is an authentic one guy Jens verbeek and now you're 25 year old guy in San Francisco for the first time one of the world's truly great cities. And then came it captures your auntie isn't old toaster at a flea market yen said. This is why I remembered it is it was so random yen said a little hit it was love at first sight. On the story shorter all these years later he's not authority. Usually has the world's largest collection on the old toast no he doesn't any hasn't toaster teasing oh no it's it's up to snuff. Whereas the museum in in the Holland while armed here's a good thing about it and his toaster collection right I know your wondering series hot. Mining is yens for drinks toaster collection worth while tell you at this point it's worth probably about seven grand. He has. The online toaster museum he converted his apartment he lives in Germany now. I he converted his apartment you aid toaster museum. And he didn't want strangers and I guess the building wouldn't allow a lot of strangers to come through so how. If he would like tour EN uses a reporter meant only online or online yeah okay you'd you do don't I noticed we haven't heard from mrs. yen's yet and he's a health big. I'm and send it it's an expensive hobby that some of the rare earth toasters cities invest it and costs almost 3000 dollars each and a lot of I'll have more than doubled in value well in he said it's just you know it sparked a love affair immediate goes unto this day. So here's a fashioning new thing for me about the sky. We are. All so. Different and you click the expression every note she human beings are like. All you need for all is precious and unique I'm gonna have to agree with that Newton. I know his favorite movies. What oh what is it the one Khartoum with the little flying toaster. Remember that cartoon. Every day you're I was an only on the screen saver were the toasters have wing wasn't there a movie with a flying toaster. I think that there was. Yeah why you know I bought you very nice toaster. Four. A person. Know what the bread toaster that's exactly that's his favorite movie. Active. Cab that's right cave that's right. I bought at Williams-Sonoma. A beautiful toaster from England Jerry Recco enrollment very retro you turn the dial. And it could kick kick kick kick kick kick and in that you can maybe turn it halfway you'll only toast this is exciting it's toasty here or. I. Get there and she what are you know I know. I don't look hey I love this toaster that does this. I got me an entry drugs for me I don't know him that a guy better be careful. Anyway I gave birth this toaster for like your anniversary is something which shouldn't turf war. Any cost the cost the couple hundred dollars. Hey I still have that toaster in my position and it worked yen's verbeek would say bubbly Seton. A low. Comedian who didn't terrorists church and screwed. It is not a common thing don't be ashamed of what critics are dishing did you toaster love. Post your love yeah. Hey you you're free garlic and put this guy and yeah. Our speech it isn't just your loan was not a shared I'm worried about getting books. People are we should not like that toaster for you've seen it writes hey hey. For the Stosur and it's in these in years later still works. Could stir. Ever could've happened to you was that she didn't she was he even appellate Steve appreciate encourage terrorists or rich like me when I left. How about when I left that house I took did toes through under my arm. Click the movie could have got this toaster this wine bottle that's all I'm in the certain types I and the church you have that yes. So I know you thought you were gonna make up. Opponent yen's derby ex toast no no I don't get it there I get it I'm not a hit it I tell you what drove. I'm not man enough to do with where he's going to like fight over. Because I know the love that I have for the one toaster population here that we comedies the FLA. Surely. You 170. Big yeah yeah posted may. Honestly yeah Jerry dot com I'm just that he expects him calm enough. I read about this guy. And I am not sure you know Sid zero and one toaster man and that's a rare breed that's all I am so that's all I am. Deserves to have my wife. I walk around me canal like you and thought cool I'm I'm doing this for her you know I Goldstone Myers saying you're you'll look almost too easy phony liar I lie I got. No sin not prepared to this guy whose name is Jordan. 29 years old from Westfield New Jersey. And he just tweeted his method for always spying the perfect gift for his wife Tonya. Knew he does he do. He stalks group's interest page under a secret profile to see what she's into and picks yet spaced on that. I usually let cool. You medication. That is she millions. That is changed its. It is and yet I wouldn't want Kathryn do you. Carlos. For me. She found out she says that's fine that's fine that he doesn't he's so sweet to I'm not criticizing. I wouldn't what part of the reason that I wouldn't want Kevin to do it is. I can't imagine a universe in which Kevin knows what do you justice well this was my problem with a two. Like I could go ahead and do it but let's be honest I'm gonna have trouble figuring out how to do. Arms I just and I don't even know that like ruined him enough. I really have all you don't want you wanna take it anymore now I've got a mom Pincher actually. I mean. Shame on me it's just at the last couple of gifts are as ordinary and not gonna know why that is. You know what that is because you by marriage things that you would like to have. I don't want a pocket okay. What are you talking about how quickly you turnaround. That is some some mine to listen blunder that I committed but I can't even see it's an amazing blunder. Yeah it is. I order a doctor butcher in Iowa and I want to take you don't want to put on your book. But you say to yourself if I would believe he. Wanted to block a book the book I would blunt it's bright green it's such a great cheerful colleagues a cheerful color and I gave a tour in the spring. Right where you saw or renewal and if you were a woman that. The one you would Cary she did get hurt something you won it if you can't put that question. Can hopefully get that way. It's a human being I'm gonna have to come from my own you know his sense so I am not saying that desire and right and wrong and all he might not saying the bubbly she resolved. Girl I would slave for Kelly green Mike. Course the picture I am not. I'm just saying do you did you look to dapper green thing and you went oh yeah dot CNET. Even know you live what this woman and she doesn't carry anything looks like that ever. That's why she needed it it was different announced what blackened age okay. This is okay pops you have to use it every day but it popped I will tell you reassure I should return to I would tell you this about your wife because I completely understand it and so many women feel this way. Your wife does not Combs from any kind of money SuSE scrappy single mom and the idea of spending money on something green. That wouldn't go with everything that you looked that would Wear pretty quickly. When something slacker Brees would last forever do you see why she doesn't already have a green warm. Do you remember that program director we have about seven back. And he was so boring my world as base and we call them my world his vision then go to him finish. I don't you we're trying like too public a little bit I love color. Because if you were a lady to accept your name was Betsy lacy. You would be back to you that leads to I would bet secret it's how I am not that seem. Commercial Melissa see you. Bo. Anyway but she wondered how did you or do yeah. We. I've wondered all my large. How to get here. Did you take your drawn games and you you can make you hate to again. Kinda came that would rock eighties Nancy Grace three. What incessant. What's to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Otherwise or use our. Shari got off. I'm so disappointed he doesn't have a cool nickname now he has nicknames that he's not consider listening new school. He's like I'm the bug stir he's not considered cool to be no Christian chat. He does not considered cool to be known as teach answerable pillow no man would she keep it does not like his remains yeah maybe he'll be jealous of drying nickname Bob hey Brian. Sure you do it good thank you for listening what's your nickname Bryant. Well I would say I just retired after 26 years locally culture. I. Let's give our I don't know because that's wonderful thank you for serving your community. Well like you I appreciate that looked you know one hour yarder I think every year by choice how much notice Kimberly. But not only 560 wait about 23 element crushing Volkswagen to more not a walk into prisoner processing one million or about five also responding with a girl guide. And he looks up and he makes a statement he says you know how okay Collie almost. You know right and that's spank you look tournament director to. And every Koppen Marie and stopped what they were doing turn around and looked at me. And 26 year later amstel spanky. All alike contest you got your nickname. Our government and I am from a couple of drunken. Free person that one. Yeah I N you know really it really was not by dialing 882 things mormons can be seen in my but it. I'm. Sitting right next to me off some dry paint don't mind. I had to go for a colonoscopy last week I never get to listen to the radio want to hear what I wanna hear what I want my daughter in my car and I social Lovett got ladies. One day can I listen what I wanna listen to. On the wait list of offerings cannot I was so what I wanna listen to. And you know you actually won out that date so the only other thing that is really wanted to save another avid runner won all those dudes drawn. Oh yeah straight over a bright eyed after. I won I am I I'm gonna ask arm on your way. Officer tried to your colonoscopy. Wasn't the bobbled Sheri show you want to listen to show the love of god or did you wanna be spared the bond insurers showing you can be honest. You know I wanted to listen you have real assumed something else I don't have a collapsed. Well good thing because you know. I would rather than you wanted to listen to us on the way to that than not it. It's there's some there's some may sort of message throughout sports are live large and are restarting the. Everything came out okay every mom I remember trees are no problem. In your results today I didn't. Well every every time I was here he he walked in and not and so Richard we're about to get start ups and look how hard Obama are more about being way too close because Obama first. I accept. Wow now oh yeah lets you are your cop you can bench press a Volkswagen. Armed did it bother you to be called spanky or did you just kind of role today after awhile. And I would you know it actually went to a different apartment are retired as good deputy police chief sort of that it different department about followed me from one apartment to the other our guy you know I'm the number you got to police department. And somehow walk and got Palin and her commitment must thank you. So why don't you go away. You know guys you guys are merciless. ER one and what they are close something if they if they spot something that they can dig you with guys who. I the world model cops and tell you man. Well I tell us you've seen it all you've seen humanity at its absolute worst what being a cop for 26 years that's G Cedric three sixers. What are what's being a police officer for 26 years what is the best and worst thing you learned about humanity. I the best thing that I learn about humanity was lit you know we started to come up please Obama I don't remember the karma we started community policing program. I'm not need that we we got very involved in the straight community and we end up when Charl have been almost protests. We gotta protest and not in my helmet and it went off dramatic pitch because we got great community and all the what I learned that was it. We couldn't support one another doesn't matter whether we agree on things are not so UT beat people have a natural tendency to want I don't wanna accept one another I I believe that. How does to us liars and invent I this I'm sure sure that's true Munich that is inspiring. Now let let me ask you this that Jerry Jones the worst thing you learned about humanity yeah go ahead. People can be actually kind of so called one another. And you see dad as a police officer and you see the worst when and when you were when you were a police officer like John patrol or whatever. What was the type of called that you hated to get more than any other. Our drug related people. The only real that I knew we go to Mora isn't news you know appreciate your drug related your pixel appealed somebody. And. Hours you have to be a cop two you know I. The new line is. It gets better it gets better. You're going to prepare the backseat your car get used six. Obama yeah yeah. And dad oh wait wait wait to see you're you're when they vomiting your car you have to clean that up there's like a bomb squad. Well you know the tournament so really well make include up so well so. You who willow. We will let a guy who's drunk and naked is he almost automatically going to be fighting you. I had to cancel a deterrent to make him on all out all yes cocaine yes on marijuana they want so much use them or hear. I encourage such a cliche. Frankie did did you get used to earn 26 years haven't wrestle with sweaty naked people. Cutting get them into the. Irons you know whatever. Our lie in my younger day how I enjoyed the national scrap it didn't bother me too much at all but step toward me and mark Reeder. Much you know sort of being coached him. And after I would usually get it in a Debian I mean you keep our eyes and so are you get no. Not go home and and not recover from the mount some reviews autumn leaves us to got to get better way they can tell you these people look back. And that's what he and his deputy chief so are you mom are you retired retired or have you launched into a second phase of war Catholic readers something else. What you'll need karma wise dash grew that you know I was what did you do retire but apparently I'm supposed to be working so other what I'm gonna do yet. I want out of the house get out officer officers thank you very much land sea and then take care spanky. You. Exude good luck with what comes next. I'll do that's true very cool spotting Sherry. Source told us the necessary dot com. I would talk in the kitchen you right now and we got the subject not long go about making decent and you can easily county about my Brothers so. Tiffany let me hear what your Brothers and it reminds. And and they and they can't let me people first we need a net and get bigger. The beach and eat it and I Albanian Prague the one thousands and the amber yeah. Are we have to stop and they know it but that's not how I got that nickname. Am I actually got more avid Fisher that we got platter digging you know look dogs bit Clinton told her everything well. One day which are better hit. How did it during an and the boat he had it written am am. Ann at Doug ever spent. Oh wow so they they motor hit the the bottom of wherever you were fishing. And that and that and blocked it threw him enough. Burn him at the bottom of the boat and outright. There's no way to 8 what am I am good to look a little boat. There's no way he's getting around the young Flintstones thing though everybody's gonna. Similar to Halloween Abbott pitching got I don't mid term but it got a. Doubles at all it's so funny when somebody has been nicknamed it seems to explain where comes from being just as soon and then you find out. Where the nickname actually came from I knew a guy. Com who worked in. Pyrotechnics like fireworks linked you know companies acumen into big fireworks so bright and his name. They call okay you're gonna get all the weird Richard chimes oh I'm not I'm not. I was so loose this morning it's fun would what do they call so I'm working in media and I'm introduced to appeal this is you know comment blasters or whatever the I don't remember the name of the company. And this is Jim so and so and this is Steve and this is Debbie and this is Dick trigger. And I am. Zero and. I believe you assume that is less than English triggers first name was Richard and that. That and that they he just went garlic a lot of guys seem richer he wrote I Joseph and that's not his actual name joy and really want to know your that that was not his actual name but he did not get the nickname Dick trigger for dirty reasons which is what you're expecting to say seniors swallowing hard rate now. His name was Richard and his family called him Dickey when he was little his dad was also Richard play a big OK just. And when he got the nickname which trigger him because he was big guys did a bit upset Dan fireworks off when he blew off a finger when he was younger. And so he was called trigger finger for a while many was Dick trigger finger and then by the time I met him view this picture girders. Tiffany if you water runs we understand it. Might. Give me that when you meet your brother bam bam. And it's a toy stones and we need to trigger yeah nothing's gonna fire portal meaning that yeah that's right. She there must appoint Bob else. Newton and it circled right back around and you know what we learned about today friends we learned about snap judgments you know you're right about that and hope we should take the time to get to know person before we just do not. That we understand why they call them Dana bash thank you Dick trigger thank you for that knowledge. That is. He was introduced. Yeah this is then this is Dick trigger lol hello who. You know that he didn't have all of ten OK guys we should Tanzania. You know I noticed that I wasn't going to say yeah you normally called me. Where's your fingers but there are also used to call and in that they're going to be yet to even hear it anymore although they're still way. You can see the house ms. Sterger in the same mind you now. From where your mind it's time. Good to each dish. She dish and the bottom Sherry podcast is brought to you by scandals the world's leading all the time. Elusive company for eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. A dozen vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazingly great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. And 65%. Off for sandals. Call 8889125159. It's 889125159. Backed for the podcasts. I'm sorry I can't people are wanting to funding means you can I have your email here Bob Brownsville. And he said the. Nicknames came from his fraternity which was sing menu. At western Illinois university press pause here and a lot of people would think if they didn't know you well and you would've been a frat guy. Oh no no no pity. Because blew it because you kind of look like a track I mean you got that all Americans sort of prep. You've you've you know you kind of have that vibe. You. The last guy that will be a track I know I don't want to bend over and say sir may I have another I just infants just love music. I. I've seen Campbell Haas and we're going and yet you mean importing a classic please for a lot but there are what's yours yeah I don't think you're flourish our dinner while we. Full time when I was in college there is working full time that was going to be important that could even if she had an I wouldn't Hearst and audio pleasure you know I did and I know I'm not. No I admire guys because they keep friendships all their lives and it's great for business contacts and it is all that is slow but I can't can anybody in this room see Bob doing like a secret handshake. Now nuance now. Or I mean hazing is out of the question. There are some there and I return the slick yields. This is your turn you to matured should slow and bones skull and bones and they're all very very wealthy men. And almost all of them men. Who kept in contact with each other had been going on for decades it's blood and is still not a business gets done in politics gets done it's very mysterious. I mean I've okay. It's not part of my world at a fraternity it's club action it's not part of my world but I know people who do you shootings. With because like oh well I had this frat brother or my sorority sister blown out block so Cheryl he sent me this email I told time call him because he's technically great track pro nickname still high HL. The only thing I know but fret nicknames. Are from animal house. Let them know wound. Yeah over the Soviet declares it dead nicknames that. And in that not all else is there are are the animal house saying we're pretty rapid good it will rabbit how's that. We we could have some some incredible nicknames. Okay well. But my favorite of all time was brother and we avoid. Artist I didn't know what the smartest. All the media the. I don't I don't seem to and so good I mean you did so. What did it doesn't mean anything but it means everything you know that John nice about this kind of acknowledges he's not a bright pretty and a terribly meet. I don't trust her right. I don't love it what's another one. Well I was gonna say it was because he was a botany major but it really wasn't the case in I didn't know and I know we have liquid brain know. Would bring our people is so perpetually drunk and this didn't happen. I'm not you miss an app for one your buddies that's a cost that is awesome cute dog is. There are drugs that under I would reduce. This is where it was cheaper so we came up with us bring us. He knows quite accomplished. He says the team he rejoined the navy ship became as a fighter jets I call sign. And I think now he's running the entire lit up Pacific fleet for the US navy's. Are curious do you burgers running the Pacific fleet red. Get off about and I could both the best match but it seemed to worked so he's under our Bruins are definitely in over achiever yourself. That's solid and I know and I notice it liquid to Reno doesn't have a resonate there is really dazzling. You know kind of lost site of that I don't know what happened to a considerable. Who else are there others. Well we get straight argued played administrator. I. We did have radio an accounting major you can and you know I didn't Google Talk a little. Coconut sauce. Did you know time. Junior download. Go go okay so again we politically correct picking up how good you're still did you have one. Are you know I have many still a thrill loose an obvious one how. No my voice seems got a guy also recently as Tommy Jacobs. Of. What spelt differently they. There. We weren't we're setting in order to be. Even though Bob looks on the outside like a frat guy. He would not do well with track rules and an all ballot what year pledged sis experience like I was crazy eight ball. Well you don't know our our attorney was actually founded against a meeting that was cute charter member. Of our fraternity was segment through and have. There's a situation where you're almost since attorneys want the largest fraternities. In the country that I. But it that it was formed it Virginia military institute and the whole premise against it was against anything so I. You know so we we need it just didn't we actually did a lot of community service projects and things like they have and he did so earlier typical. This stuff we've that would run downs were you have to memorize here. You know the redo the senior members. You know means in order from them you know personal care. Would you like Bjorn taping a brother to a tree in front of the sorority naked right. No no we do we we didn't really doing today at you know we can we didn't are there are sure mr. if I mean one time we. Went into BS sorting out some explorer and removed all the furniture from bear up under formal living room where mirrored division. Division president met Libyan town. So they came out so the president comes back to the soaring house for a meeting or whatever and there's nothing in the house. Well this was in the middle of the night when he woke up the next morning their entire formal living room was cleared out all the furniture was in our house I woke up to. To allow banging on my door and it was just under sixty year old Al smother with a rolling pin banging on my door. So let Salo was a slam the door climbed up the window and took off. Usually the holes symbol version and animal house ever ever now. Well we we are sure parties you know one time we trust the united. A whole world. Truckload of sand into our basement and put it in the window and it says it may have to. We party together and this kind of cool isn't very very cool bill thanks a lot doses some great names and thanks so much for loose. Under the. To join us. It's fun it's I guess your father's daughter. Our last caller filled game must be some unforgettable liquid breed known nick needs and want to visit frat buddies and critics said Leon put me on the show because I have a point to make Lamar always a pleasure to have you here. Listen listen the human brain no brainer better have been merriment ma'am OK it is. Because I. My whole life how that he would I want the nickname of one Cooney made the older and little more broad commitment or swimming lessons and wanna get my certificate. It's dead. Yeah capital whales small way bearish Carroll school BMI are blame mark with a look for it blew the lead deal is slowed to a mastectomy and nickname I might not so good. They'll look kid until I got an odd middle school how much and I need to make many awarded how light leaks you know sports type things. Yeah her cup yeah so much there I couldn't get met it and yet not amenable how do you edit that big import job I would get so. So let's get Matt this text is that it. And so all the way through my life I was looking to live and so I gave up on it donated nickname I'm good. So I haven't ordered but why there at that time probably. Big cheers and yet at home the place. Palin metal part of state that he came up. Peeled fairly often in and had conversation momentum toward more like six years not living probably forty pounder and you know 21 they know we're meeting and sort of belittle our hallway there where bill. Oh you're like mr. Buell are aware your culprit could a couple of doors there's so income through one door and I'm going to lift to a number go. And I speak to a migraine ma'am how you do it and he is great in it I'm what you can handle and I'm trying to get away from him. He did good this idea the law. Read this already got the end. Yeah and Michael what I would band right now I was on a truck ready uniform and I have them able uniformed total marks the only read the first two letters. Yeah. And most considerate and all the people who are. Really encourage makes absolutely no sense at all who does that. I don't know but he didn't immediate threat and so I know under attack Abreu and critical when gathered there might bring you a little bit. You know I'm forty good years left finger down and he let me you're not every day but I've stated. And all of couldn't. If he's reading it now who are. It's taken maybe right now he married it is still work you mayor Whitman used the word middle all the only thing illegal would outlaw. Oh I don't know uncool does not find Sean how are. Really good but luckily pillow at this point. So. I never heard of everybody I mean look at look at my name tags can call me blow the closest I can get to law. Is married to Carmelo Anthony's love Los. Yeah you know where you wanna be that's Zander rode. When when Alan Luby's you my brother brokers are married you live in my whole movement must cholesterol. Are summaries she called me literally march and I might must keep it there I'm I was telling the little kid but I knew this was not one. Yeah well and work on New Year's parliamentary it. O line and so colorful car have a little penny your wife is she a little pet named three. Oh no no they're not good grip and aimed at me mid flight you didn't you no matter how does and it's let him. As some heads and you're just like mart everything. I can't get lucky for you hello sugary I can you close your religious. And doesn't usually the kind of guy who would have gotten. Colleagues and big hearing. Think nothing. We're out of time right now a lot. Lilly car. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. I Sherry and I've got some karma payback. And at first I was all like oh I don't think so and then I realized. That it was exactly. Karma commonly get me here's what happened so you know. My daughters have grown up with me telling stories about them on the show right and the stories don't usually go access. And then she got in and we were also proud the end you need to stir British tend to go like this. And can she stole the Apple's iTunes store earn or. And then she flushed smitten down the toilet and com it's always so compare receipt and I think gotten older. Arm they're Dirk coolest chick you know they have a great sense of humor about it they rolled their eyes and stuff but. I think I'm older they will point out that when they go to a friend's house since. The parents know them by peace stories of awful and embarrassing him bad behavior low. I met chose this parent. And solidarity new B because blah blah blah and here comes the story in that time it's cowboy concert or whatever it was great movement. So and you know and how we left and I told them hey it takes a village to pay the bills around here convince yarn do wacky dumb things are much talk about himself. So I'm bush stepped my younger daughter we spent so much time together in the car. And we talk. About everything like I tell her about my day she tells me not her day. And we're both verbal processors we think out well we we com to realizations Al out both my daughters are that way. So. I'm gonna my daughter and I'm telling her something about I Kia pages. But this chair Bernanke and I put it together and I wrestled with the chair and the chair and I and exchanged words that were very inappropriate. But I I eventually owned chair my game that cheers Wednesday some telling this to my daughter. And nom she's listening. And I I look so her and she's got a phone in her hands like they always do because the phone has now grown into the skin of the above her left hand where remains. And and she almost she goes to meet. Mom. She sold this funny waged his mom will you tell me again what you said to the IQ chair. Don't even get on the ball so what I said the accuser. I'm on her snapped that she's rolling meat on her snobs. Oh she and her friends. Our. But more so my wacky year discussions with her in the band. Is this kid thing or or is this this no this kid they really and I can't teller. Don't do that how dare you global blob because it's stone cold payback. This and that interest and when did this become big thing it happens all time as a matter fact the other night it happened at Riley's going through her you know cheerleading auditions and stuff like that ensued they knew she was show me some of the dance moves. Literally one of the dance moves is almost network moved. And so I start going you've got to work it you've got to work it got a tour did if you wanna work it. It's like Darden doing network Q and what I wasn't paying attention because I was also clean in the demotion variety stores run its net chat and all the sudden you hear in the back you can hear that they'd run it you can hear me go. If you wanna work got to. And you're under such yeah during ball all how long does it stay. Well there's nothing they say that snap Chad it disappears of that he'll be like it's it can crowd attacked this prayer oh yeah that's what they want parents to think that's okay ask professor during this to their parents it's not just future. I'll get I don't think it's just us sometimes a thumb drive than in somebody ticks me off on the road most are here and giggle and in the back and it's Riley and her friends are laughing Keisel snapshot like me yelling at the drive yes that happens to me all the good stuff I'm. And I can now I know could scare me it meant I'm so on to her she think she says smooth facial her she gets is 200 divorce her she goes. Are you experiencing broad reach small and cheap and I am an unwritten some abstract and that's when I know. John if I had that would I was security would have been the most boring snapped shift all the would be was people in my father going. The truth nobody knows with kids people who say geez who wants Liu who has turned out crap that cripple offered rare crushed me image itself because oh. Oh god I'm so glad this is happening you two happens all the time and you know Bob actually your dad would have been like snapshots dog. We do know you may be right at the end of that out of your eyes freeze all the time yeah that guys yup and everybody knows your friends what started saying stuff would kill me. You know these kids get. You jab when you know what else we're talking about you know what looks back. The listener Neil joining us right now Owen in meal I I'm confused by what I just told me. Tiger said the U burned through three vehicles a year. It's my averages so. Sincere loans sixty cars aren't. We want to so orchestra and I think we mentioned weren't 33 guards here. Under the current stand where our roots going through the coat. I. A car every two weeks. Are these huge old cars or what's really terrible driver the most unlucky man on the road or not. No. I don't know I'm just loosen extremely naive and pretty trustworthy and that's sort of I have just trust the people. And let me example of how trusting someone. Bernice your sweetheart she's here. Okay well it's been nearly laden figure out you have to do that kind of social and decision in his underwear and cars like OK well how much is it convincingly and there are different path. And current political home. Oh do you do I had a room where we're using tiger word I'm. No one example is I invested 2000 dollars and been purchasing your goal now I knew they needed some work. Mind you I did not ride in this car one time. And then I did about 3000 dollars for the word on the bottom in the engine could prove it to put bring in these supplemental. On the top of the union. He and so my mechanic would drive me home and the bottom of the engine fell out. So I would help our grand. Mail I concede now may beat this happening once maybe twice. Over this course the big time. Twenty years and you are are you American men do you have a woman in your life. Are you know I know. This is horrible woman you know I have to tell you we are an awful lot of trouble this sure woman can be a helper. Well Lou I have and asked if you had a woman in your life you are so were you picking women as you would vehicles just sort of taking them at their word. No no. Yeah I'm Leo had to use. Two girls more experience. Home and so. That's you know I don't know had you know in the same room. Your way whoever you're you're you're very adjusting match you had to two women in your life your 41 years old. We are heroes school actually the title of your book to women's sixty cars. Yeah you couldn't prove book. We really we'll leave so I just want to make sure I understand do you spend five grand. And the engines fell out on the way home from the mechanics shop. That's correct solemn. Yeah I mean mechanic walks. You knew since I'm glad I'm driving in this to a new missile particular card and I didn't drive and it has parliament can derive from ever had a comment and probably five minutes. I wanna come back to year vehicles but I want talk about your lady's first so you've had you've been with two women in your whole life went one was your high school girlfriend. And the other is the woman he married. But you're not married anymore. No I didn't marry her but don't you wanna get married. You. But the car broke down on the way to the church. I'm confident. No I always sorted here you know are you deal you wanna tell us one half feet. I think I would rather not include food and our story okay I'm long good hair New Year's recipient multi car. Do you buy all our you do are you like. Sear buying a lot of armed noticing beater cars for your buying a lot of cars that have. That have been owned by other people and fixing the mob does that pretty much your message. Knows what I was doing I have to learn to over the huge. That you can't just concern do you have but I'm counting those well. I do put a person's car attendant sung like I need to come to his shop he's a really under the car and my guess concerns and do whatever it takes and get. When they're you know and to. Here's what I think you need Neil. I think Jim with three cars a year under the same guy's head could show you need a bossy woman number one who can just tell you what to do. And and they are everywhere by the way they're they're everywhere so they're easy to find. And then you need a new car you're you're not a guy who can fix up cars and get away with a U. We're really. Over the last. Students who want an average just over in the west. Three years. I haven't had. To change my car. And that's good stoke. I mean the averages or is this says. Our first three or four years now. And I just think it's a new car a new group model car responders and our our very own it's if you don't I'm tired. Paid player. Is what is gonna notice and order what is the most mentally there it's harder what is the most money you've ever paid for car and what is the least money you've ever paid for a car. Slavery. Invested in the car is fifteen grand. Okay and what is the cheapest car you've ever gotten your hands on I don't. What is this five dollar Carmen mantle. What's it say well look Carlos I've typical. So are you don't I just police fear the we're here in Salem north Carolina's resent deeply personal ushers phils I was off site because there resale all we did talk to our home. Now I am from the minute they don't all my attention unless you want but they note never anticipated them watching longer doing. They needed your first five bucks a bit less till midnight need to do. But over I get a marketing G-20 yard sale for five by. With this garbage like him pretty good for your goodie. You learn you can just. But I'm living a lie you. You wait if anything can happen and plus you won't. I'm Sherry you sure know your kernel when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where health markets insurance comes into. They can show a small business owners group health insurance options they're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees mayor received better out of financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 85575. Mode 3537. Help markets insurance. I feel like your father was there and saw a news story that made him very brief popped on about a week or so go. And I meant to talk to you about it. Now the news cycle is so fast. Like should pictures we aliens could land. And you'll be shoved off the front page by lunch time does your news cycle is so fast so we never quite got to it but. This is an incredible story I want you to imagine. Being the pilot of this airplane. This was some ups plane with 127. Passengers on board an Airbus A 320. In Istanbul Turkey. And they were in the air when there was a sudden unexpected hail storm. During a under storm. And they hail stones were trying can take in and they were smashing. Into the plane god that would be scary to hear that wouldn't it. He also owns were so big and so violent. That they smashed. The cockpit wind screen you know the when she no no no and nearly tore the nose cone off the Airbus wow and you didn't hear about this at all no. Up to know if I'd roughly the same time this is happening. That scare Machida I was getting fired yet whatever the right. Passengers in the planes were crying and fraying and screaming. The pilot couldn't. Their nose cone is torn off so the plane is now completely unstable. The wind screen is broken so ST pressure rising. And met the pilot and this coming in the pilot captain Alexander act of half. Who's been flying. For thirty years was under hound and the damage to the plane took out the auto pilot. Which meant that there was no. Technical assistance whatsoever. To get this jet under the ground. I'm sorry where was he flying he was is they work he was in Turkey an insurance you okay come. So let's keep that day it gets keep that in mind that the auto pilot is on the nose comes torn off the cockpit windows or broking. And there's so damaged that the pilot can't see the runway. Andy has no auto pilot so she's literally all on blind drain right in every way this pilot. Thank god he had thirty years experience. On the radio air traffic control. Said. We're gonna let you attempt a landing even though the entire airport is closed down because of this police to storm. Some put all of that together now in your head. I went home basis thunder storm with bowling ball sized hail or whatever new airport closed when schemed screen broken. Plain unstable no auto pilot. The pilot somehow brought that Airbus safely. To ground into an old. It was a little too much no one was hurt can you imagine what it sounded like in there. Mary and I were out knows about a week or so ago and there was a hailstorm. In the late afternoon. And I am seeing her experience here a little while but it started peppering the car I pulled into a gas station just so. It would blow by in my car wouldn't be damaged just would these little tiny. He old pieces. It sounded. That lick lick an assault legal battle re imagined larger chunks. Hitting decided an airplane you probably sounded like like don't flyers it was so scary so there's the plane. People are. Sobbing. And wailing. Plain right it's using all over the sky. On the ground below even though the entire airport is closed because of the weather they've got ambulances. And fire trucks and men and rescue personnel. All the other planes that were grounded at Ataturk airport because of the weather. We're Schering on the radio what was happening in this Airbus when this pilot somehow managed. And he's Ukrainian. High at least from the creek and when this pilot managed to get the plane safely under the ground. Add on the plane in the airport other planes people were crying in applauding. Pilot sitting in cockpits of the other ground between starts flashing their lights just you know go to signal to this other pilot that they were glad that he was there I. I wonder if we didn't hear that much about this because who was not in the United States Maine you know sometimes if something like this even something as frightening as this if it occurs someplace else people just tune it out. It's like these are not my people I wouldn't have been on a flight in Turkey I wanna hear about it or guys like ultra. If you are sick you're going and and there's always someone has my email still with people who go I -- tuchman does a guy who made it plain blind no big deal. OK that's good for you I think it's kind of an off yoga president of Ukraine. Uncalled captain and that the captain was awarded the Ukrainian order of courage. 127. Lives were saved this pilot with thirty years experience was able to do. What sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel just so scared I have never heard of the windshield of the plane being blown out. I don't had I known I didn't like pat. I mean that is. You know you are about Lincoln nut case we're getting lower amid sliding opening in the downer then yeah. Com ice shield that could happen but the idea that hill song come break the wind's kind though do you think you're being impervious to anything like that you and died. I didn't prepare well good for him that's fantastic. And if you're on big. Patient or a little indication. That the heritage you never really out Sully Sullenberger they have movie about this skin I would imagine that's bad though if I mean. It's an incredible story. It's it's just as dramatic it is just as and you got pushed off the front piece. Everywhere and off your news or even like the second any hint I don't under mini I'm continue. It's financiers. Our. Series all about you remember that arm I had a dead copper had sneaked in as a bloc freezer bag in my freezer for the longest time. Remember in my head about that a clear the copper had snake cannot cannot loves nature but this one kind of coiled and came match him so he killed it. And then you know Libya was fascinated by took a picture her friend Courtney was like only MG key save that for me wanna make. Make something none of it's booze or sub accuracy grizzly current. So we Baghdad on an as applied freezer bag of its snake its hearings. In the freezer next to the Louise Italian nation majora mouth right. Arm which reminds me of the latest commercial trends don't eat let's frenzy delivery. So they're faced similar Peebles said to me friends don't let frenzy to Jordan's been in my freezer next to dig up Brett anyway. Such home from work and I was like to put in the driveway and Isaac. Is that smell and Kevin goes according decided she didn't want to snake after all sites are brutal way in and that's that's a snake that used smell in the trash. And it reminds in the trash in the kitchen known outside a wild animals in the conclude. And apologize to our current debt first snake in my kitchen trash can. I mean was that that you could be outside and smoke yeah it was pretty it was a big seat and they remind me this lady I read about in Oklahoma X com. She's 72 years old her name is mrs. newbie. And she. She holds its options. Eleven venomous snakes at her house with a shotgun a shovel and rake 72 years old. Over the period of what time. Com. In two days in two days and the day after she killed eleven she killed four more. She killed a five and a half foot long western Diamondbacks rattlesnake last month apparently. This lady 72 year old lady. As a venomous snake infestation. And she scared to know how she move and I guess now I mean this is like I my mom who. Kevin messner don't hold your mom it's like no one knows its fifth. I was told what my heart which should be around that is such seven sounds about right. On the I'm trying to picture my mom. Whose idea of a strenuous day is rocking out of tea bags that you can't picture my mom out in the backyard with a shotgun and an hour and a shovel and if I'm gonna have prolonged. Rattlesnake I can't see yeah I. Just picturing a woman who lives alone you know of her husband. To his reward and she's not leaving the house. And she grew up hardscrabble. And they just don't intimidate her I Felix you have to grow up tough to buy juniors tough I mean I don't think so I think you're exactly right. Thank you I don't know I mean yeah. A tough can you grew up tusk and then gets soft leader or you always stuff. If you come from like a farm background you know I don't know I grew up tough on pretty soft and I got I've got a real soft. But surely can't be your mother a lot candy. Like candies and a lively match first five and a half foot entitled. You know why you would think that both candy wants nothing to do with no snakes now but I have seen Emmitt now walk out there and he will snatch a snake with a hand. Aegis and with his bare hands of just snatch a snake and are you knee is it all mean now I've seen him do it in like you know. He must know what he's like you relax makes it are poisonous yeah you Lou Gramm is now he'll grab copper attitude he's insane but he's you know he's he's a little more. You know sneak up on kind of thing but I've seen and snatch a black snake that'll just like an old latch onto his arm. And he just carries it over and throws it into the woods. I have a question you might not know the answer we'd have to probably call and met but I dated a guy and his he was from very very very small small small town. His parents grew up like really really in the country. And his mom said to me one time she asked if I want to go for a walk with her. To look at the neighbors watermelon packaged and I certainly did. Because. Almost I'm almost chilly here and and you never really been enough watermelons Al west Wyoming great site desperately want to. See the neighbors watermelon patch and here's how she said to me she says showed. Would you take awhile to me out to see so and so's watermelon patch. And absolutely the answer to that is yes it so were out there walking in the watermelon patch. And we saw some things live there and she said I hope that's not a puppet mouth. Panels a puppet mouth they actually is used by sync content. Hot Malkin got stuck its neck you so there's no such thing as a puff piece you know for how many years outlook or put out a Dell there's no problem now snake let me look. Mirror and I am wondering Jill my ignorance disease my boyfriend's mother and so when she said I'm sure that's not a problem melting ice said. Lara bat. Which gets you ought to be any situation. That doesn't even matter what is. Yeah cut amounts that are not popped.