Lamar live from Japan

Monday, March 20th

Live from Japan.


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I cannot believe this. We're going live to Japan right now we had a time getting this called on because the hotel or the people's movie critic is stained. No one on working there at this particular moment speaks English and tides Japanese is very rusty her resting at this so we had a really difficult time but he's join us right now from Japan the people's movie critic Lamar. I got a good but I must see why I do you must stay with Lamar desk. Wrote shooter pure logical order they guy each market. It is so we're addressing the very. That is very good about what what does that translate into what did you just say. Relief and basically that's it does take you very much. It's very nice to meet you my name is Lamar please be kind to me. Are you sure you didn't say. The big redneck manner room 920 once bacon are not sure. I try to tell that it speakerphone. Putted. He is sealed room nine it's 18 or nine DA Doug Doug Thompson grew 98. I know I'm twenty OK okay so doctor so you're visiting your daughter who lives there now. Yes I can't speak a little earlier for a good while ten are hurt and her husband seagate. They got married last year shape over here when you bite your marriage license you're mayor Barrett then have to pierce their authority figure you're mayor. So they they really do any kind of formal wedding would be entirely. Get there where everybody get together and so that was last year so this year we try to get where we can get both families together and so we flew over to meet his family. And have a big dinner celebration. And we actually did. She had KB yes we do appreciate. The waiting. Well at the dinner so I cigarette to marry her Giguere. Oh wow very nice cold beer ordering it was was this the first time you met his parents in the Shandling you know. Yes it yet and they speak absolutely. Zero English. All I'm so jealous that would be so great. You wouldn't. No it was also the bigger upset tied in Max a picture of my plate at dinner. The most beautiful plate. I've ever had that it's part of it was unbelievable. You all and end don't just have a bitter when you do this several guys that haven't been heard. I mean. It's a deceased. So I'm looking at the picture it's a work of art. Well. And in the ever entertainment. It's a better itself. With a thirteen course meal and there was 818 others. We had we welcome entertainment we have a man playing drums like ten of those big drums like the Japanese people you're overplay the big rural. Because a couple of secret a couple of drawn so. Like oh germs. You had Tyco Pharmacia and. And then we head oh a warmer and the biggest traditional diets with these small speaks they would hook protocol. She could slide them out and it would go way out which he would make him into some sort all worked for and then retractable backcourt he was their Cinderella. We had a martial arts demonstration by some of the fair remembers. All we had a traditional group dance for every one participated. It's black electrical plaza that what people can they ask. This traditional bit. And we all get everybody participated every album Perry mayor and if you have also been recruited. At the end of the night they had quizzes. About American culture in Japanese culture and also well particularly in cheek eight. Dole and we did speeches and I know I wanted to give my speech they had to translate my speech. Two other do the family because you know. So you had a translators there to. What are character she translate it or don't care about it. Not now the chance you were out on the dance floor what what kind of the dance was. Six triple pumped make it a hundred day effort orchestrated steps okay yeah I got a spot alarmed up and they have like a Japanese person between each record person so that we could sort of watch each other problem where the protesters circled around watching the American people don't know what they do look at that might have put you yeah. So and so prepared they're Duvol cover all movements and step but it does that mean he's been around for ever hundreds and hundreds of years and it is bracelet that bonding day that's between two cultures they don't look great it's the Stanley has been nice this activity particularly because the nicest people. I hope all this it would also. And it sounds amazingly every day. That's a wedding I wanna go to a and tiger said there was a lucky raccoon involved. Over here raccoon current director who is not directly to this blood keeps it's his testicles that are looked OK it's. Oh actually you call a red orange pear wood director of the. Now we are overly. I. I'm not. I'm not. I don't know why. Don't got a cartoon spoke of the continent and the and he hasn't medical tester called boot build provoked a lot of 00 I'll pick it how I you know. Magical testicles I need me. You know I'm. MRI SO IE insist that you bring whom the statue of a well hunger to do put in front of yours and cordless home. Julie kind of bridge the two worlds I love this idea but I believe you can get arrested where you live for that. But the hotel Boca aka. The call of god but told it is better than magic fingers if you don't want to put a quarter it I. C block of pressure washers brighter. I mean external audio prohibit it also appears to. She's maybe a bit the raccoons love it. What is the back story on the raccoon like what's to deal with doesn't know. I don't look it came was telling me about ACC it is the end Lisa your daughter about I can't I can't well. Well we'd focus with a focus acute problem how about that recruited look at record achieved so. Not a million or understated she did look a little lower our go oh my god I don't. Gold mine died and I'm looking at a picture might ever loving guy. Well I don't directly to bring you look but he brought himself some one hour. It must be you know some sort of you wish for. Is it like your fertility fertility. Oh good look look yeah pretty good you don't need any good look good walking around this. And it. All of bar have a great time enjoy it over there and I am not one of our team again before yeah on the day. Always felt art awesome are right he doesn't really turning come in real life problems are being handled. His body Jerry.