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Friday, April 21st

He's back from Japan with a fresh movie take.


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All we're so happy to have him back from Japan and ladies and gentlemen. Big warm round of applause for the people's movie critic in his review of the face of the curious to fire. Lamar when you're picking a decent year parents garden in Georgia got on the farm did you ever think somebody would. Recognize you and welcome you back on the radio for your trip to Japan. No that was not my fondest dreams when the yellow jackets was staying emails back and it had to do I overcome the on that now are outside the fate of the furious. Yes yes I got bag just in time president since this is number eight in the French as you have to know what you walk in into our running into based on the amount of money it took you know and we can't a I mean this franchise has found the sweet spot. And it's working it for. All its worst fast exotic cars scantily clad women massive explosions just opened soundtrack. And a story land that does that matter in the least. And the movie has all the usual suspects including Jason stayed in these back plus. Charlize there and as the villain. And Scott Eastwood as little nobody. Helen Mirren had meats in their one time she would like to be in one of the fastest series movies and she's got a cameo. So that means with current Charlize you've got to. Oscar winning actors better in a fast and furious movie it's hard to believe it is really hard to believe. I'm pretty sure whether that elevates the move your guitars is Oscar I don't know which way to go there but but the movie opens up with dominant lady on their honeymoon scuba after getting married. And dom runs in two cipher who's played by Charlie starent and she makes him an offer that he cannot receives in this Pitt's dom against arrested his team and of course the fate of the entire world is at stake. Now if at this point in the movie you haven't already turned off the logical common six party your brain yet need to. Cook because I did not at this calls me to miss out on some of the enjoyment that this movie is designed to bring it is sort of like getting a free all you can eat buffets that includes crab legs Mongolian grill self serve last cream chocolate found an open bar and biggest danger turned trying to record all the calories in the Maastricht sap okay. I yet don't do that. You have just sucked all the joy out of the perfect moment yeah sit there and a movie and started stokes and on stupid things like. You have a house speed chased in downtown Manhattan at rush hour. I don't know how I'd go oh yeah mark. We did every cab many bad utility vehicles get the driver list option allowing him to be controlled over the Internet I am not you wound and what's the odds of a Lamborghini. Being chased by a nuclear slope on the holder I. I cap. It's all these things are messing me up was sacked cleared ahead of any kind of rational all cannot look away. Any expectation. Of meaningful dialogue that didn't involve dom discuss in the importance of Truman and started folks. The rocket and Jason statin had a great. I mean you know it's big headed way Johnson. I stated before and I still maintained most perfect mannequin on the fast lap in 2011. He saved this princess. Tonight is can I ask. Can I pass something before you go. I've never seen one of these movies except you know may be on TV for a few minutes and HBO. I'm. Why are they driving so fast and and who were they fighting. Why it is an area slightly hilarious why are they driving success and why or how are they saving the world by driving so fast and a must. This faster use drive the quicker you can save the world less everything's on a Tom Watson from work from everything you say what do you. For everything but who is is had an odd way breezy just say the faster you drive the quicker you can save the world Bob I want to apologize Sally today I'm very very sorry. All she knows I can't ounces yeah. And save the world and you're not. Judgmental about this. This happy people's goodwill written McLemore no wonder he enjoys not a bad idea. So you don't. When the rock many and he breed the whole new life into it and they spend wrote pretty good I'm not sure how much further breaking goat. This is one of those movies that isn't immune to criticism but says it knows Saudi has. Gives them what they won't wood out any apologies but after watching this one ounce can get pretty close to the hand but that doesn't mean they're gonna stop. As of right now these movies have made four point five billion with a B dollars it was. You're exactly right guys I read yesterday that it was the biggest opening for a movie worldwide in the history of films. Nobody especially Hollywood walks away from the economic point it's just not happen fast imperious 919 and already on the books scheduled in their doing it and it's not gonna ended told Vin Diesel walks away and then they'll try one more time probably set up an outer space somewhere in that movie will bomb and then it will be done but until man and it still comments and then here's where it is. The word is Lamar that the next two fast and furious movies they're gonna instead of going even bigger 'cause they've gone as big league big east they can they're gonna make them small again. And greedy here and more about story so I think the next two could be really get it. Well they could but they're gonna have to do so because it's get nuts Nat if you do go Kuwaiti get to combo start much and turn off your brain and have a great time because that's what it's all my score on this is for but blasts its body Siri.