Lamar reviews - Fist Fight.

Friday, February 17th

There are many things in the universe that are hard to explain.  Somewhere between crop circles and Stonehenge, right above Bigfoot, is Ice Cube’s movie career. Yes there’s Friday but only the first one.  It also gave us Chris Tucker, who wisely skipped the rest of the Friday movies, Ice Cube did not.  To his credit there is also Barbershop and the Jump Street movies, but then comes XXX: State of the Union, Anaconda, the family friendly Are We There Yet, Are We Done Yet, and the never ending Ride Along 1, 2, and just announced number 3.  All of these depend on one thing, his scowl.  He is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the knitted brow.  He can hold that look forever.  I think he sleeps like that.  The bright spot in this movie should have been Charley Day.  I really like him.  He floated under the radar in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia until he broke out in Horrible Bosses.  As hard as he tried in this movie it’s a big step backwards.  The good news is its February and few people will see it, and the ones that do will eventually forget it like a trip to the dentist.



The first tipoff to what to expect out of this movie is the fact that it was scheduled to be released in 2016 under the name Teacher Fight.  All through the movie different things pop up using the Teacher Fight title including a Twitter reference to #TeacherFight.  This is a remake of an 80’s comedy called Three O’clock High about a nerdy guy who is forced to fight the new bully.  They just changed it to teachers and added the F word a few hundred times.


In the movie Charlie Day plays a teacher Mr. Campbell.  He’s married, has a daughter, and his wife is pregnant.  This is the last day of school and also Senior Prank Day.  It is pandemonium

and there are massive layoffs at the school so he’s worried about his job.  He gets into a situation with Mr. Strickland, played by Ice Cube.  Mr. Strickland is a no-nonsense teacher who constantly goes off in a psychopathic rage at his students and fellow teachers.  Strickland winds up challenging Mr. Campbell to a fight after school.  In the midst of all of this Mr. Campbell is supposed to dance with his daughter at her talent show at school.


I see what they were trying to do but as I’ve said before R rated comedies are very tricky.  Too many genital jokes and overuse of the f bomb, especially by teachers in the classroom, can push it past funny to uncomfortable.  Add to that Jillian Bell, who I love in a comedy, constantly talking about having sex with students takes you Main Street, Creepy Town.  Tracy Morgan is also in this as Coach Crawford.  All I could think of is he manages to survive a horrific car crash, struggles back to be able to work again, and this is what he gets?  His agent should be looking for a job.


Rated R for language, sexual content, nudity, and drugs.


Good news is at 91 minutes it’s pretty short, should have been shorter.   


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All right it's that time of the week the people's movie critic joins us right now. For his review of this fight starring ice cube and Charlie day hey Lamar. A skills there are very very many things in the universe that are hard to explain it. And somewhere between crop circles in stone change in riot above bigfoot. If I excuse movie career. I mean yeah yeah he did Friday but only the first one was really good. I and that would give it was Chris Tucker who lied at least give the rest of the Friday movies ice cube did not passed to his credit though there's also barbershop. And the jump street movie and then there's xxx state of the union. Anaconda. But he did the family friendly are we there yet in the media all we done yet and did the never ending route along movies won in two and they've just announced numbered three. All of these movies depend upon one playing. His scowl okay that's true yet I can't also forced to make needed morale. Can hope that you were ever stop pretty sure he sleeps like. Mean that's his deal. You know another bright spot in this movie should have been Charlie day a really like Kia. You know he's floated under the radar for years and it's always sunny in Philadelphia. Indeed he broke out in horrible bosses. And it's hard as he tried in this movie and he gave it everything he hated. It's still a big step backwards for his career really good news is it's February. And very few people are gonna clear and the ones that do. Well eventually forget it like going to the dentist you know today don't pay equity for a little while. Now the first tip off to what to expect out of this movie. And the movie the movie we haven't even mentioned his colts this fight. Yet how this type let's put it they can't they release their quarterly this movie 2016. Under the main teacher spiked. But for some reason they pulled it out put back on the shelf and then they rereleased it now and now they didn't go to good new name this fight. And also the movie things keep pop and abuse in the teacher by Pavel reference to including they have looked Twitter reference to pet tags teacher fight. And I don't know what the name change battle I don't get their tomatoes say it's but this really is a remake of an 80 comedy called 3 o'clock how. And it's about a nerdy guy who was forced defied the new bully in school and how they did here they changed it to teachers and they added F word a few hundred. Yeah. The best in the movie Charlie day placed teacher mister Campbell. He's married he's got a daughter and his wife is pregnant and this is the last day at school and it's also senior prank day so which pandemonium. There also massive blood elves at the schools so these were everybody's job and he gets into a situation where mr. Strickland display but I execute mister strict live like this no none of its teacher. Who constantly. How often do a psychopathic rage cities students and so what teachers. And Strickland won that challenge him mr. Campbell to a fired after school. And in the midst of all of this mr. Campbell is supposed to advance for his daughter and her talent show at like the middle school now. I think what they were trying to do but I have always that it. Rated. To maybe genital jokes and overuse of an F bomb it especially about teachers in the classroom. Can push to pass money to uncomfortable. And then if you add to that Julian bail. Who I think is extraordinarily funny in a comedy is constantly talking about haven't six was students. This takes you the main street cred because you know the did he gets to the point you just like Eric and Tracy Morgan is also in this is coach Crawford. And a whole archipelago is he manages to certain about their horrific car crash strong. Those who waved back to hale went to work again admittedly gets. I'm brigadier they get to be a super job this is by the wily coyote. Off the cliff survive and get run over about transport. Thrill for the man. Is rated. And this really killed it because only people this really gonna think this is funny is sixteen year old boy and can get into the theater. Go to other government is. It's ninety minutes ball which is fairly short for a movie but he should have been shorter follow this is too good sponsor.