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Friday, March 10th

It doesn’t take but a few minutes to figure out that the director’s favorite movie of all time is Apocalypse Now.  The movie is set in the 70’s right after the Vietnam War has ended.  We have helicopters, a jungle, and a soundtrack full of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane, and other classics.  The major difference is a lot less drugs and the addition of a 100 foot monkey.

The movie is also full of major stars.  Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman, and John C. Reilly to name a few.  But as impressive as they might be, the star of this rodeo, and the thing everybody is coming to see is the 100 foot monkey.

John Goodman plays Bill Randa, an operator from a secret operation that has found a never before discovered storm covered piece of land in the pacific they call Skull Island.  He convinces a government official to back an expedition to explore this island before anybody else gets to it.  He comes across as a crackpot but you realize right off he knows more than he’s telling.  Getting him onto the island is Colonel Packard, played by Samuel L. Jackson, who leads a company of attack helicopter pilots.  Obviously when you have helicopters and King Kong things are not going to go well. 

Along for the ride is former SAS black ops soldier Captain Conrad, played by Tom Hiddleston, and female war photographer Mason Weaver, played by Brie Larson.  Again, it’s King Kong, somewhere along the line he has to pick up a girl.

Not only is the island inhabited by Kong, there is also giant spiders, oversized octopus, huge water buffalos, non-speaking natives, and another monster that is an even bigger threat.  In the middle of all of this is a World War II pilot, played by John C. Reilly that got shot down over the island named Hank Marlow.  He’s here to explain what’s everything we need to know about the island and offer comic relief.

118 minutes, Rated PG-13 for sci-fi violence and action and some brief strong language or as I call it, Samuel L. Jackson.

John C. Reilly, like always, does not disappoint!

This is a movie where you are either into a major fun popcorn flick with unbelievable monsters battling each other or like my wife you’re bothered by the details.  Hello, we’re talking about a 100 foot monkey, you gonna have to put reality to the side and go with it!  I will give in to one of her major complaints, I’m not sure what product Captain Conrad used but Tom Hiddleston’s hair never once got out of place.  And Brie Larson’s hair seemed curlier and fuller bodied the more she rolled around in the jungle and got attacked by monsters.

Keep your seat after the movie for an extra scene after the credits.

My Score: 4 Solid Budweisers of fun! 

                  Unless you’re my wife!     


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Excite people's movie critic he's reviewing calmed school. Lamar. Good morning may I had no. It doesn't take but a few minutes to figure out that the director's favorite movie of all time must beat Apocalypse Now. Because the movie is sick in the seventies right after the Vietnam War is indeed we've got helicopters. That jungle the soundtrack is full of crude is Clearwater room viable black salve with Jefferson Airplane and all kinds of other classics. When the major difference is there's a lot less drugs and we've added a hundred foot monkeys okay go to the dead Apocalypse Now. Now. The movies also full of all 'cause a major stars. Tom middle stones and you know Jackson brie Larson John Goodman John C. Reilly just to name a few bit as impressive is they made me eat. The star this rodeo and I think it. Everybody's going to become in this seat. It's a hundred foot key I mean that's what the movie's all about now John Goodman plays bill Randall he's he's an operator from a secret operation. In the government. That may sound they never before. Discovered storm covered piece of land out in the Pacific that they calls goal island. And he convinces a government official to back an expedition so that they can explore this Allen before anybody else can get to it. Across as a crackpot but you realize drive at all he actually knows more than he's talent. And sewed the game on the hour and you've got colonel Packard who's played by Samuel L. Jackson. And he leads a company of attack helicopter pilots in the war and obviously. When you have helicopters. And keen come along things are not gonna go all whale whale okay. And we have a clean up of a confrontation. Between random and colonel Packard right after the first run in with cone. You are going to tell me everything I don't know. Unbelievable here if monsters axis. Israel as a crackpot but. Today. Job those charges plus something else. Who aren't. Ancient species own this or long before mankind. And if we keep our heads buried in the sand they were taken back. My agency is known as the monarch we specialize in the hunt for massive unidentified terrestrial organisms. Paying their thing without your. It's hard for human colonel who truly am. It goes home. With proof. So we comes from the show were. It's tough leader who says you'll tell me everything you know or I will blow your head off but enough about our contract. Superman also along for the ride in a former SAS black ops soldier captain Conrad who's played by Tim Reynolds in common is that this week. He sometimes are asked he saw enough I'm asked if he has this role I'm pretty sure and all he's out there's also a war photographer. She's played about brie Larson. And again it's King Kong shall somewhere along the lad he's got to pick up a girl so we gotta have worn a day right and not only is Allen inhabited Barack song there's also giant spiders oversize octopus. Huge water buffaloes are some non speaking made news. But there's another monster it is even a bigger threat and in the middle of all this is they World War II how it played by John C. Reilly they got shot down over an hour and his name is trying Marleau. And he's here to explain to us what everything's gore known in the island so do we know about it he's also here to offer some comic relief that I it's a 118. Minutes is ready PG thirteen for south filed ballots some at a lot of action and some brief strong language or Zach Collin Samuel Jackson. John does save rally like always does not disappoint this is those movies where. Either you're in to this major fun popcorn flick with unbelievable monsters battle in the each other. Or like now why if your bothered by the details. I'm like hello we're talking about a hundred foot monkey you gotta put your reality that this is that. Don't know. Their outlook given to one point you are one of a major complaints is. And Andre I don't figured out aid I'm not sure what product. Big captain Conrad was using but Tom knows too scared never once got out of place. Every Larson's pairs seem earlier in Fuller bodied the more she rolled around in Majoli got attacked bomb monsters but That's Hollywood that's our work. How about John C. Reilly does the guy who was shot down and it was was he staying there on the island yes because you know like the island or or he couldn't be rescued why would she still here. But he's told Allen that nobody knows about so he can't there's no way to go he stunned he's a car owners that are less than he's made a pretty good time out Arabic mock it if you go see this state you see that to the movie convicted very very in after the credits there's a senior inaugural wanna miss. I must score for the yes it's four solid but dozens of fun. Unless your mile wise if you mile wise maybe not so much negative. Right that's pretty good aren't we aren't things people's will be critical stage travels fast can come and things of that going to come on demand it be to watch it with the kids yet Bob considered.