Lee has been overrun by the animals.

Thursday, June 15th

Not one more animal!


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Right there you are an animal lover perfectly nice human being and good soul it's someone in your life maybe it's a romantic partner it's relevant. As a pet. What's the catch their lead. Close your eyes and point. Oh you're only can you lose. This oh we're not. I live in suburbia or point two acres Lamar are where I met Murrow I actually had to pat. And five month old and now we have. Five children. Attack. Three gardens a pot bellied pigs fried chicken. Sugar glider into fish tank here. Just put the phone down. Go to the car and leave we want to make sure obviously I want to make sure that I got everything sugar glider reigning miss downs and keep track. You have five kids one cat three dogs one pot bellied pig one sugar glider and two fish tanks. And I. Or five chickens I knew I was lead somebody to leave the chickens and US one point two acres in likened to like in development and spur development where you keep all of your creditors. These the chicken I built them a chicken runs like 25 feet so it's like a long time flying you know the pig here it's its. Run out the back yard the it's not like. It's not like an animal pig it's like a little pot belly yeah yeah he sure you know like. They're eighty pounds and they compare the the the grass but I created are rooting box forward and Chris like. The river stones in the and a sprinkle coroner in there and that way it. It could I refused to even. Our employee. All of your leave I am super animal early this animal hater you're the most awesome guy and I have two things the first is. This woman you this woman must be made of magic in sunshine and I love this woman. Is this a magical sunshine woman you love her. I love her or lose we lose that. That's what I meant in my high school. Not only would not have tolerated desperate or like you cut your hair and leaving. Just are not tolerated as I do I am dinner EU I am gonna need in her. Lee to nick tell me every Brady's name yet. Both are. You know as it's being meeting ever search she dies they're all on in the next day thing I do get on Craig's list hey. Your door free stuff. Tell me all the critters just start with the pig he. Ogata okay collude fears prepared bird dogs are fairly Chloe. And Chris stopped for certain. Chickens which you only told me about a dozen times but I so clever or the mall is who. Eighteen. And then a couple of we just got a particular two weeks ago. What's the sugar what's this order gliders name. Opt out court and what's the catch mean. Boehner Venus. You know what's funny is out of all the pat spoke only what I actually care about him and think you really cool. Here's the catch sheet totally act like a dark should she just wants your attention and she's won so we can show that. Deathly allergic to Catholic air full lactic shock. Are you didn't mention that you are deathly allergic that's that's the frosting on the cupcake. OK so two things you love this woman even though when she's dead you can eater pets do you love this woman. And dom when you name your pets to contend in your voice ugly you can kind of with a knife like I can hear. Lou Lou Piniella. In the league what was the thing you've built the track would you call it for the pig. A really botrus. Rooting box I just took film pressure treated four by fours who they are that children with river stone and if you sprinkle cracked corn and in the morning. Shall spend most of the date speaking through that rather than your yard. And that's Lucy rightly see a popular pick yeah did you ever think that you be sprinkling corn for a pig in your backyard. Yeah I don't I'd still the box art and then I'd put the river stone I don't if you look legal freedom. I don't bathe them. I'd like to point out that we got the corner we got the name of all the animals but not the kids. Believe I'm wondering on on our if you have days you know where your stepped in over the ticking isn't it. Knowledge you pass the pig in the three dogs to try to get to your wife to the five kids. And that the cat that you like. If you sometimes ask yourself what do an impasse like he could like Carmen that this is how I'm living. Do her new movie coming out of Bryan Cranston where he basically just. And Jennifer Garner you do give up and Edward commercial. The trailer is just him going into an abandoned house next story is and despite being. I'm not going to be part of my life for anymore he turned the office are ready to Milwaukee is the wife. And like they go and they say they set him up for the missing person then and then they have a funeral for many walks you through like yet. They're kind of like interest student another manner in the hole I just getting black hole who are. Then and dirty and I like I. I've lived my life ought to I felt like they're really your fuel than me. When walker or. Recreational must ask your wife must be some I'm telling you this woman like we should at. This woman you should be able to rubber for look click a Buddhist statue to Cheney's restaurant she must be incredible what. Now she is very courage of our hero if he's content how long did you she didn't breaking up over at. Then Graham I think beam at the port of her elation I agree you hello to do together. Or ten years and so I know that she started with cat Venus the cat and and one of the BB straight there's no he said. Which was the first is that how it started with a cap. It started with a cat and unfortunately I was Blake's so allergic to only had to make her from a 100% in torture after an outdoor Kara. And dumb. And then after that it just groove you know. What was my question is going to be what was the first crater. Once she got. Is English bulldogs. And then. Are the carrier and then back at. So you had the highest maintenance pet that he did you pick and we really. And if you got five kids have been married for ten years your wife's pregnant every other year right. Forty well. Became a born refused to Hugh Hewitt -- muffle them you must start with and then number we had twins oh I see a lot right off the back right right off the bat he sounds like it's time to get busy for another one. You know I was people who don't normally give effect because you're like under water cup that's. Torque. Should do shut the door nail U can't saw the tour is simply. Getting shot and you leave my girl and guy you're very good guys whose club and Jerry.