Love has taught me.

Thursday, February 16th

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show:

Hour 1:

Watch out for our half-brother.
A Ninja's life.
Spreading the love and joy on Valentine's day.
Morons in the news.

Hour 2:

Flying with wildlife.
Roadtripping with the celebs.
What we learned from our failed relationships.
Jackie learned that you need to find another giver.

Hour 3:

John admits he tries to save em all.
Veronica learned to argue naked.
Jennifer learned that they need to be into sports.
Christy learned to teach people how to treat you.

Hour 4:

Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke.
Regis won't sit by Kelly.
Wear Patrick's jacket.
Firemen warn about 50 shades injuries.


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I saw last night myriad going out to restaurants and in the casual restaurant and this waiter I could tell he was a woman at first until he turned around his his million blonde was epic. It was. It medium oh look oh from a distance a little like can't be happy but thinner yet again today it. It was examined her meat and bones work the other the site of a book the size of the ball on my fist me yet right and a this thing was like. It was so I have to worrying Gibson girl. Hoops yet you had his man bug was the size of his actual head huh. A so it's really gave him great height. Kim Jong look Boone should it yeah. I should do is it owner bill that wound that's right good deals already died. Then you're very when you're dead you're very he'll need to calm. Hey they got the there women who evidently killed the Kim Jong goons on rather. LO LT shirt woman and the other one that shirt is like the big hit I think now over in Asia it is go and walkers on selling this aren't good how little we need to tell the people that. This is the half brother of the evil dictator can enjoy and Korea. Hit his name was so this will listen Kim Jung and Anderson. Anyway he's Playboy and a gambler and these two women came up with some sort of police in on the east. Cloths. At an airport who's on his way to McCall. And they put it in his face and he died he died a couple of hours later. It was on to James Bond movie told assassination. Totally so who are these went I don't know I cannot where I was driving in order to newscasts. And all I heard was the headline that they got them. I'm just wondering liquor today. Are they proves. You know are they some sort of not professional assassin spurred in paramilitary like we are these women with a rumor is that you know his brother. Sent them out to kill. Half brother because half brother. Is slight. By some people of power in North Korean they like to get rid of little Kim. And bring the half brother and or at least that was in his head watch this story is is that the evil dictator of North Korea Korea had his brother assassinated. The reality will be LO well T shirt is an easy sex and she list. And she snack she was really cat she is really anger because she was. Kim Jones brother is kind of a gambling Playboy age right here due out assortment. So why not let all the oil in the morning arts I'll go on 1 this morning sue gun. Zero New York Post ran a whole story and I'm sure you've got it's somewhere in and injure show Oprah put their brand whole story about his stuff. His Playboy lifestyle and then there was an also an article about the two girls. So we Knuble dig around seeping job I wanna read about who they think the two women are wouldn't it be something if they weren't assassins at all. It was pissed off ex girlfriend to girlfriend and her breast feature list and he's been the best you promised you would help me assassinated just back out now. He's been texting me for months and also and he just started coasting me you can. He gives up its here's what we're going to do we're going to mix in poison like I got a recipe online so you come over we'll have wind. I found on the Internet cannot be named something ridiculously Margaret in the NASA you you're expecting them to have these. Fine yeah yeah yeah they're all. What we're good to bond and bond villains. Thump thump our brilliant every thumper in Bambi resembles find out that Vanessa worthy shirt that said LO well. Because he's to complain when I would say LO Weller text well well well the last thing he sold and now. You know it's very possible it's totally possible it's totally possible. In fact I think it's a little bit more possible that that's an angry acts than a ninja assassin. You know the new Jews only used to Wear real mentions would only word dark blue not black. Because for some reason dark blue lands badlands better into darkness. What what were what was the purpose of mentions me worthy like curse the state police are. I think you're a kind of killing ever kind of warriors they were sessions for the emperor weren't they set was or would they weren't bailing them. Like some sort of royal guard kind of that I loved it she looked over being taxed. You are stealing names geology. That sounds right though there there're assassins nighttime assassins for the improved. I thought it Ninja's. That violence was only a last resort yeah that women does have other skills. But I think we're confusing now what killed TV shoot show come through. The closest I get to knowledge is about five years ago Hampton was one for for Halloween and but he was wearing black so he was not even an authentic none we now know we know now let's let's start Lou well it is the gateway to the weekend. We're kicking it off with a good assassination story. We can't do this is Bob and shirt. Audio clips on your body is Jerry dot com or are you we have the I teams you've torn on need just now from new rescue like court. Just come from. Didn't Ninja's were mercenaries Covert agents in feudal Japan and he on espionage sabotage infiltration assassination. Guerrilla warfare. Because Ninja's were coal burn. On they were considered to need to samurai. I'm very strict rules about honor and combat so the samurai is where the legit. Sort of special forces yet and a new and uses were in the terrorists basically images were guerrilla fighters will mercenaries right higher hard to do jobs that owes them one. And then binges were on the recruited from the lower middle class. And so that's why there's not a lot of on. Information about them. Because it's a parent that's on fuel to Pam was caste society even ten if you were in the lower class and you word as you were not considered. He equal of a samurai. And Leary didn't ninja women. And they had there's a Japanese word for apparently pronounce it could we cheat that's a female ninja. Which is what we got us on the subject to potential ninja assassins who took out Kim John. Feel un diamond ring from John whose brother. How many dead to their real name for new inches and tapped in Japanese culture should no be but we dig beneath me just stuck in the west boom. We'll centrist think it started with a with just one sentence that I religious work dark blue and not let me ask. It wasn't until the fifteenth century. That the new engines and on and they were they were trained to BC. Credence they were under cover. And they were still feel like you didn't he didn't go well. I'll be home for dinner sweetheart and a mosque to ninja or no you weren't you weren't undercover. Event that probably got their clothing of Brooks Brothers there's so much navy blue there that's the only place in music could shop and so there's all sorts of bomb. Legends and stories and some history and in Japan. It goes back to. Things that weren't done I Ninja's. As it does futile the words were you know struggling back and forth for power to we got signed at any more about the two women who kill the evil dictator's half brother. Anything time we do we know they have their names one of them said she thought it was a prank. Why she said see that's the best president this is best friend Margaret yeah I don't Vanessa was always tension is gonna kill a mile allow. I say she says she thought it was a prank yet. I was like Karl uncle scaring hand how much help you because that's like pong and stop. Yeah they're still go through an interior one all of whom had valid. Travel papers from Vietnam and the other went dead in a while mature about the ovals from Vietnam's present and wrong. So they were there was probably. Like oh hit job. There were they were hired another sign that online north and northeast Korea we met on line on the money a fashion. And he was sly ache and you know I come from this family than I'm trying to get away from because they're like really uptight and repressive and I was like and my god. Many cheated on me was some poker dealer and I decided to kill have I think like I can Kim Jong-un. Had been assassinated. He's done this before. Well but his style idol is not so. In direct. I'm the last time that we know that increasing dictator of North Korea had a family member assassinated. He fed his uncle to wild dogs and watched the dogs eating his uncle Kia. So a couple of. Ninja girl assassins in an airport far away doesn't seem like his style no it is though because she can't bring a couple of wild dogs into an airport. What is it you wouldn't know lights are did you nervous on message and it seems. Like Kim Jung un now of course we were basing Kim Jung whose behaviors on spy movies to. It seems to me that Kim John who would've invited his brother home. To make to peace to have a feast. And to celebrate his brother and then do something to own their Sadiq who watch him die does not seem like Kim John -- it does put the Brothers not coming and so how do you get into an airport without really attracting a lot of attention. You get to women not carrying guns carrying some sort of the women have scarves right yes they have that know their caring nurse guards. But the scarves have some sort of poison on it and they wrapped the poison around the guy and he's dead. That's what I think happened I've never heard of poison that could work like if this were on a dark Hollywood comedy. It would be to NASA and her best friend Margaret from college right and they killed him because he cheat and on to NASA and Kim Jong-un self paced. That they killed him when he wanted to kill him that he puts a hit out on them. And hijinks. In sales or he's so impressed and happy. He wished that his watch and keep my wants them to come to North Korea. And this is like. And I got to hit his brother he's so sure this stuff and we are. I hit a bad haircut. I really a more on some news coming up we just a little bit at first I was like boom GM and a limit of how lose everything. He could fit easily so jealous and possessive and controlling him like back offense. I'm telling you click new way and I'm like oh. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcast. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Honestly I thought this very dot com someone shout out to Austin. Adorable teen age boys let's go to Tristan Brown's first he's fourteen years old and he's from Utah. And he decided that on Valentine's Day. He was going to get chocolate candy. To all 537. Girls in his high school because you want the mall to feel special and unique. His mom said that he was brainstorming. On ways to give one of his female friends just a friend of president. And in his mom said it became more more about trust and not wanting to leave or anyone else. So they've reached out to a nearby her she distribution factory in Utah where they left. And said king is there any way that we can buy chocolate in bulk because. My son wants to give every girl at his high school of Valentine's. And the woman who bombed they talk to it Hershey. I thought it was such a cool idea. Did she said we'll excuse it candy. What's your skin begins to all the cancers they know a social media is so every girl out rocky mountain junior high school. Received chocolate. That's interest and is already planning for next February. He said it means the world to me to do the right thing you know what else he's planning for. Becoming the congressmen the Vuitton 2030. Because I was sort of thought process that gets you elected and I hope you guys. Because at least he's thinking about others and not himself are excited another teenaged boy that was slowing. It's equally fantastic. And yes do I agree that her she hoped to mob because of social media still. Still they hope tomorrow yes they didn't have to you know I'm not denigrating and we worked for a lot of middle managers that Lackey the Mac kind of fundamental vision exactly. Were you go. On the he's sweaty man in the managerial chair this week. We have an opportunity to get massive social media for Hershey candy are not doing apartments here. So you know it was his name his last name was spelt MEN and see what he's nobody's making right. Are you. We efforts here. Now how we goto high school senior exact Peterson and who on Tuesday morning on Tuesday morning. On gave every single girl all 625. Of them. A long stemmed red grooves wow how'd he do that that's sounds expensive. It cost him. 450 dollars he ordered the roses in bulk from Ecuador through Sam's clubs mom has a membership new. And he spent his own money that he worked for 450 dollars and where was he beaten by the other boy and he said. He said that he thought it would increase spirits. And make sure that not any girl in that high school felt left out. And he every stint with the school administrators. On he told them what he wanted to do and so she was seeing the jammed. And they got on the morning announcements and instructed every single Stevie to go to the gym and extend their and the girls lined up. And they hit and he ended a single long stem red Bruce to every single girl. He had spent more than eight hours over the weekend trimming and cleaning and arranging the flowers. And his sister who's a sophomore at the high school. Didn't know they kept the flower shop in the garage and it was a surprise she didn't know that her brother honest she was one of the girls. The kind of flour and school administrators said there were girls walking out of the gym in tears. Then that he had done its. No I know you're looking for the angle and for the skin. No I'm not I'm I'm wondering I come and ask Todd and you think junior high school. How would the boys. Feel about what he did. Toward toward him OK so Valentine's Day I would be heroes to all the girls on the day after Valentine's Day I would be transferring down the road to the next tie that's what I'm yeah. I'm really disagree you guys men and here's why. On every high school has a handful of senior boys that are so popular entered the fairest Julia the school. Arguing if you want they're the first Mueller's and when that kid and I'm looking exact Peterson's picture. These affairs healer of his school probably is in my high school there were the John gotti's of the schools to. It rose I would be known as rosebud for the recipes in my time there because you weren't the first pillar of your class. Every do you know what I'm talking about every class is in my class it was Jack broke feet. Jack broke feet where I'm sure he could be sure you can Brady's name but Jack Bruce Fisher was so he looked like a movie star. She was a Stoner and everybody loved him he was popular on such as a prelude uses real now and every social sex trade. Everybody loved Jack and bringing kids love them the nerdy kids love them they're bad boy kids loved him ever pretty loved Jack if Jack had done that. Nobody would've beat a month. We didn't even in it and we didn't we didn't have one of those in my school. And if you if you words he boys giving each girl erodes you would have gotten some trouble from from John Gotti well when you're the mean streets of old line OK no. And Lima. That's right nor shown at the Helm and a new era in your area. Back in your high school games you Rihanna. You're not matured in that hounding you later bikinis if I gave all the girls a ruse I'd become another classes for the next two years. And all of a sudden I get to shoulder your opponent I get a shoulder. If you're the others Hillary. He can pull it off morons in the news is next this is body's top serie a classic hey it's more on that good news. A couple of really unusual stories here this morning new guy in Boise Idaho whose name is Adam curl. Came home on Tuesday and realize somebody had broken into his house. There were footprints in the snow outside and a bunch of scratch marks around the lockout. On his guns safely so he knew someone has been there the guy who broke in didn't get the safe open though it only took a few things from the house. He could have stolen more so it was kind of weird. Of one of the cops figured out why they caught him a few hours later. She noticed. This guy had a bunch of tiny scratches on his hands so they figured out where the guy was I don't know how. But when they brought him in the lead looked in his hands there a tiny scratches. It turns out he was attacked. By Adam's kids world Jolie. You talk show we disallowed two free aren't aren't an honest how stuff. I'm just glad she's on about how. So Joey said under this dude comes in the Joey does not recognize and he attacks him while he's looking. Stuff thoroughly attacks squirrel there is no word on charges yet you're ahead and ended up getting most of this stuff back. I feel sorry for this burglar because he's going into the prison. And the other guys do is say how did you get caught. Yes squirrels. You're taken down but join the squirrel. And he's nickname will become a squirrel world jail and this don't make big time he'll say he'll flick me squirrel. They later on tonight I might IG or not. And squirrel decried huge bulk Clinton's mom Mario. Really sad that I'm not. But we don't developers is still. What you did you know you'll get a deal feel President's Day is coming up where we celebrate the president. Arguably could be the next one. We do the next we're here but listen this girl. 38 year old woman named Lucy Brown from London medical guy and plenty of fish last week and they went on a date to a bar. But when he contacted her about his second day she said she was not interest that. And so the guy center along text message asking her to pay him 53 dollars. Her her half of the day he said via text quote. Really like Q and save them some money to take you I don't know a nice day. As it didn't work out I'd be grateful if you could release send along something to contribute to the drinks and spend time do you. So at least you know have something well we can't do not cut plan. Lucy and sent him the money. She also donated the exact same amount to a donkey cinch a sense its sanctuary. Which apparently exists. They'd they'd take care of donkeys and she said I did this because he is a jackass. Let's go to Australia people the police need your help friends. Daon every lease closed circuit security footage that shows two people. Behind I'd like a strip it. Mall pave it's it's 3:20 in the morning on Monday of this week. And on the video that you can watch one of the guys. Pouring something alongside the building. Gas kerosene something flammable no. And many ignites it can and there's this explosion that temporarily. Blinds the Camry you know that happened to me yeah you'll flash. And then when the camera comes back into focus. The suspect is seen running from the police that his own feet on fire. Is there do you yes. This Australian police say helped us locate this illegally arsonist who wins don't put on her head judge confined hopelessly out. He'll be AMD SAT or I don't it's like she got the gasoline is still from act can be. It's just over Wiley Coyote and any quick stop tougher rules don't Toronto and we just put on fire are unknown. I'm Elisa and western news broadcaster Massachusetts we can probably get video for this team tied it at Bobby cherry dot com WW LP twenty student news. Meteorologist Jennifer Connelly who's reporting on that we can snowstorm and I didn't hammering the northeast right. And suddenly a man dressed as hot status botched. Began sprinting through the background in this no issues outside the dead meteorologists didn't immediately noticed the Mandel when she saw him she started laughing. Because he's wearing costumes it's made up entirely of marijuana leaves. And hot snacks watch throughout the broadcast he ducked behind bushes and. Tip my body Sherri shot. Massachusetts is a different sort of blaze sorry that was right. My last day on the air we brutalize a European management. You know what I remembered this way I went out there please. Where you go for a second red celebrities to travel win. Shirt. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business. Listen putting yourself out there but it can also be. A really expensive proposition. Especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox and gives stocks small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and if you own your own business and you are ready to save on insurance. Call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the bombing cherry podcast. They start. Smartphone apps I Cheri don't. We were just talking about this incident at the airport where. On a plane as it was taking off hit a deer 'cause they're everywhere Douglas or. And I saw a promo on TV last night I don't know what channel I never know what channel anything is on and I'm watching. But it was for a brand new TV show called not a series like a one off documentary on Nat geo or something even called city in the sky. And it gave me the promo gave me the Willies 'cause it's about eighty commercial aviation ness about aviation in general rotten at any given moment. There are a million people. In the sky on an airplane except crisscrossing. The country and the globe while and that's why they call it city that's what the name of the show is. City in the sky. And they show people on the airplane like. Looking at their computers. Are greedy you're taking that Cirque stared off into space. And the narrator is going. Well you're 30000 feet above ground an invisible team is keeping you'll lost. You you know I don't like to think about. That no not really keen on that at all the movie pushing ten via. Which is about these charter flight after that it was hard to fly air traffic controllers these are the guys really are controlling everything. So one of the things I learned from this city in the sky I think it was the way that pilots navigate. And it's so interesting they're all these things all over the world called wave points. And they navigate from wave point two way point two way point because the city in the sky narration man said. When you're 30000 feet above the ground going 500 miles an hour even the slightest adjustment in the wrong direction can take you hundreds of miles off course. It is very difficult to find your way through the sky. I'm now I'm like in a cold sweat I'm starting to hire I know she's talking about because I don't think about it. Armed if freaked me out when I first saw a map. And it was on television of the United States and they sit here in the mid day of any given week workweek. Are the amount of planes and they had little planes that are flying throughout the United States. You can barely see the ground yes city in the sky wet hole and I mean they're tight that the for biggest thing was. When was this about two or three years ago on looking out the window were we're going somewhere I forget where. And down below me going the opposite direction was another 737. So we're going one way some gas sevens going the other way you don't realize how damn fast those things are going and how close that thing why. And your layered. But third kinds of planes are traveling to different altitude athletes and athletic Wear your flag today have a great flood stage play you know watch out for dear right said the other thing that city in the sky did was they showed these men they're called the jet meant. And I don't know how I've never I assumed tied you've probably seen this course sort. I don't know we've lived as long as we have not ever knowing about or talking about the jet man. It's it's a person. With wings strapped to his back and nom and jet engines. It's a purse Sam who is tricked out to have the same aerodynamics. And the same everything to scale down as a 737. And he and their code to altitude by helicopters. And when they get to the altitude. Jet man. Releases them there and I don't know that whenever it's holding into the helicopter the tether release is that tether. And begins plunging toward earth. And that is jets on either end of his wings. Fire up and then then he's able to fly. And they jet the jet meant and they're just people with wings on them they look quick action figure toys. Until they have video of them do. All you have a video of them doing that you can't take your rise so plummeted scores most amazing thing and and you look at it and you go part of your brain goes. Our cell warning do that I would totally do that and then the other your party your brain is going. You would not so totally do that looks terrifying it was so exciting what do digit men do. This flyer rounding the video that the footage that I saw. Number I mean is there purpose or is it just recreational I think there's a purpose. Mean I'm guessing was awesome and are agreeing military or eight days stud he did Jack men. And the inane proves. Aviation install I think it's all OK and saw some kind of and this is a 100% true. Yeah skid you Google in the street I don't AIG Marty investigating an engine. So easy in the sky sports I don't have three more corn sire you should do initiative on just what they're aware of they were a per it was you type cease. Nobody he was a jet and was agenda and I everywhere and checked against Denver night anyway. Anyway. The ECD's check deeds. And their soaring over the desert. And their really high and are going really fast and all they have on their backs it goggles and helmet has special suits. But I've got these wings strapped to their backs. How could you not if you heard the jet man. At some point like look around and realize that your flying really fast really high and not panic and lose your mind I would be seen myself. You heard issue and should. I can look so there you are he expects. Carl talked about I would not want to do that. There in your body Jack man or not they're not American. I didn't know that remit what do they always think there were the only ones that could get something like it was the desert I know that I didn't know what desert either there I mine over the desert and they talked about the principle of list like held a plane gets in the air and stays in the air. And what the Baylor on this and the Ryder duke he dishing knowledge is power and if not if you're fearful flyer. That's exactly right I don't watch anything that has to do with the aviation and they assertive. They showed that these aviation scientists studying the way lightning strikes the fuselage of the plane to new yeah I. I don't wanna know but if I have to still it was so exciting it's not good that's pretty interest in very good art. So straight ahead celebrities that you would want to travel width and celebrities you would hate traveling rib on a road trip it's straight ahead. It's Bobby cherry. It's. Somebody came out with this questionnaire about average people in and would they like to travel with a road trip. If you can pick a celebrity. So there's males and females and then there are the celebrities you would hate to be on a road trip where. Which I will give to you last Eric sort gonna start out with the men most of the people in this little study said. That. Tom Hanks would be number one. 32% of the vote Tom Hanks he's always number one you know it's something good he's always number one. Right after him it's George Clooney followed by Denzel Washington Morgan Freedman and Justin Timberlake. I think does a pretty good choices. Now as far as the women go the most popular person to be on a road trip would be Jennifer Aniston. And that's followed by Jennifer Lopez followed by Ellen DeGeneres. Selena Gomez and beyoncé. I would I put consumer road trip I'm unify would want. Beyoncé now because she is in interest thing in beautiful. I just think that. It's too much. I I'm worried that. Worried that there'd be a lot of work. That's the thing with celebrity slip in and and I wanna get back to that in just the moment the up the young people that you would not want to be with would be Kanye West. And Andy card dashing and they are right at the top I'm gonna disagree. We've been around a lot of celebrities and sometimes they come into our studio and there's so nice like Ted Danson and his wife Mary Steen merchant. They weren't. They were so lovely they're a wonderful couple they were friend anymore and he may he watch this is us right anymore she was ten cholesterol yeah and you know we've we've had some really big ones come in and they're very nice but we've had some that have come in the studio. And they almost ignore us until the Microsoft. And then all of a sudden you know their plugging whatever their plugging and blah blah blah but it's a very uptight situation. I think I would almost rather be with Kanye Jay and the Kardashians. On a road trip. Because I would not be intimidated in any way you know. So I don't have to Wear his easy close 'cause what he does to camps and he loves her yeah it's still true now that I. I Boris how will I want to travel with Morgan about liberty and Ellis singled with Morgan Freeman because Gary I experienced you know like no matter what I ordered a restaurant it comes out wrong. So I would say almost can be great Morgan I ordered a Spanish omelet. She did not get it spends here. But don't always has that kind of the voice and a the hotel did not have free HBO. It would be great who's this somebody else appear on a road trip that you would feel comfortable somebody who's really need to bolster. Oh I know what I wanna go on president Amy Poehler and Tina say about Amy Schumer. Now huh. You know she her. I am. She'd. She's way more than I can handle. About bill more. Now know on Jimmy Kimmel yet mentioned. Who else. Nick offerman. That's perfect I'd like to go I'd like to go camping with nick off for at least you know he was it you know movie was and I forgot to tell you this I think I saw the movie about the McDonald's founder. Other Rick Crawford the founder under he plays one of the original mcdonalds with the guy that actually created McDonald's I love nick off from it doesn't even look like nick offerman is so funny yeah he be a good choice. Very more I think we'll be funded travel. I mean I don't you know things like if you could have a celebrity over for dinner none of them. But my life is stressful enough I don't really want to hang with any of these people bought it. For the sake of argument the game I would think drew Barry. More would be fine a friend of mine was invited to party in the Hamptons in Long Island New York a few years ago. And she walked to hand and obviously these rich friends that she had she walked into this beautiful house overlooking the Long Island Sound. And there with a glass of wine in her hand in the kitchen was Carol Burnett. She couldn't believe I mean here's a comedy icon right. So much different starts making the cell with Carol Burnett comes over and says let me help you out with us she said all of a sudden I may keen. Eddie on. Summer mix salad with Carol Burnett she's cutting costs onions is that not the coolest thing. I thought of somebody else so we go on vacation with Snoop Dogg. Yet he would be fun yeah. It's going to be a long vacation McCarthy well ventilated. You don't like even if it was a short vacation don't you go on feel like a long vacation that's I think that's right. How are gonna talk to some of our listeners who devout Jerry bugged phones straight ahead here. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. Audio clips I guess it's. Got all. That Halley Berry said. In the head wounds and maybe said she says bit. She feels really guilty because she failed at three marriages and she said women go into marriage thinking it's gonna last forever and that's czar prints on the shiny horse that's a fairy tales top music kid. I'm kind of anti fairy tales today but we go in there without. Oh and one of falls apart it feels like a huge stay alert failure and huge disappointment. About how guilty responsible suffered a lot of pain in English a believer. I do tip line believer in the man feel that too she said it's been really hard. Om and I've learned lessons because of these relationships and I'm grateful for that insurance can really harsh and difficult part of my life. I think a lot of us feel. That you know. When you fail to marriage you feel guilty in inadequate later. Yup you know if that came out of the mouth of somebody who works as sales person for the I don't know a big corporation and if it's say it's a woman and she says you know after three marriages. I feel like a bit of a failure. You would say young pitcher do you feel that way when it comes out of Hallie Barry's mouth because of characters that she's portrayed. And it and the great beauty she has and you see urge you know on the red carpet and all that you say to yourself. How could that have happened to that person who is so seemingly blessed and in every way yes. And and why and she feels like I did is she so. Says everything yes she feels like I do it's firm reality like yeah it would be very easy. To be married three times in Chile cure someone of a failure but I prefer to think Hamas has kind of source. Yes things are supporters of a wonderful instance we believe in the institution evil and the mayor wants them. Well what's up with you some of us are a little bit up. I day. I think we need to take a look at me this needs to be spread around the little the only one woman. All of this population this national park of matrimonial by the way if you are among the literal were only kidding Arquette. A home pictures I think we should do. I think that it's really easy to it tends fall into the negative it's really easy to go home I got divorced from the failure. It's really easy to do that our brains or are you may be wired a little bit for that. We need to look we need to learn to see things were positively instead of saying I failed at this marriage and now on the failure. We look at this relationship it didn't go all the way to happily ever after. Why did you learn from that what is the single lesson you took away from that failure. You've failed so love and what is the one thing that you learned that would help you do better next time. The one thing that I've learned that the biggest thing that I've learned. In my life. Regarding women is don't take seriously. Someone who does not have the same core values that you have. And by core values. You can mean a lot of different things for me would mean seriousness. About financial stability. A seriousness. About a life that is peaceful. That that's. What I've learned and not everybody feels that way and if you don't feel that way good for you pure carefree spirit good for you. I'd like likeness. In the relationships. But my core value is this the reason these kids are serious. And and being married is serious business here if we don't agree. On the basics. And a lot of it does come down to its financial. Now want it ends up being cat food if we don't agree you gotta go away. And isn't battered and to go okayed that's what I've learned brother and say I'm just so big failures helped but you know what you learned that an excuse if you take somebody's side. Who's a younger person coming up in their thinking about marriage and and you and you say let me tell you something that I've learned they don't want to hear. Because everybody's got to go make their own mistakes. I I I tell my daughters if you're gonna get married someday. On only marry a person that you're so crazy in love so crazy Danielle out of debt when you think of them not in your life she can't picture the horizon McKie can imagine what you're left it like without them. Because when you settle. I think it never goes well no and if you are getting married to somebody because you need to be rescued. And usually this is not a first marriage. If you are marrying some of these her rescue you you're gonna pay the price later on yeah you gotta we ought to save ourselves. There's nobody coming in to rescue so. Let's did that rather she only going mill and a mere four times since failure. Six other marriage four times claims such economists were institution of marriage what he has failing you'll love taught you about love what's the one lesson. They gave me Eric Eric. 8888. BL OB SH ER I 8088. She's six to seven fortress and it doesn't have to be marriage either because we're. Yeah because there people lived you know they. Really the wide open single unmarried people yeah. You've had a failure and love of some kind what you learn something so important front. It's obvious. I say US office Jerry dot com. Hi we're talking about the last stand a good lesson that we learned. Elite club is everyone does except for those people that meet your soul mate in fourth grade and up together forever remembered. We know they exist because they called child but you know who knows what they're up to. Lewis. I think it's unfair. Thank you very much yeah HBO BS HER I hijacking. So what did you learn after having somebody experiences there were no less than bright. Her. Well I'll give her and it taker can not be together to give birth sign to taker sign a giver and taker not so much. Which you know that's how we usually sets itself up go right. I mean for me personally it was that I didn't. Either I was equipment maker. Amen sister on the right there you don't you don't sometimes you know that. Because you're looking at something sparkly and I'm kind of attractive for and that's all you see. Yeah that's exactly it means it could be a couple of years but I figured out that. By ex husband at the acre not to get our and there are a couple of he'd get after awhile. You know if your ticker you for your wouldn't give her boy YouTube just landed in Disney World. Risk taker seek out carefully as they seek them out that's exactly right. Absolutely I would agree with that article. Was someone now. I am I not like Beckett marriage yet I am with that or a sellout ever. Very nice so to givers work out you think. Think I mean. Could your vote giving. You know hopefully equally yeah sometimes I aimed. Giving more or they are alike know that feeling you know the huge number but I mean. You know in Europe you're at eight Kirk you know when your whip and other acre garden. At least you're so lucky won't get ago. You have to takers together I have ever seen them true and thank. I usually to take your spot like you said they found the givers to takers together that's kind of all Bonnie and Clyde situation. You take us you'd. Your daughters are like those people that HBO did the documentary on they had all that money in Florida and they are the ones I lost everything in the kids relate. First and they flew one like delta. Through these strangers on our plane. That's that's true as too selfish people that's right thank you for starting a soft Jacqui we appreciated. 888 BO BS HER hi Michelle. So what did you learn from the field relationship. I heard I probably would learn from my packet and I think a lot of yell at. I try never is one of the people who always fixed things I was always trying to fix something dilute what I would expect. That Elise. And I got into marriage where. My husband decided that he wanted to be married you. He want to be married you need that you want to have a KE EL. And I kept trying to fix this situation because we had and that was it out team. What what you wanna you wanted to be merry tune had has kicked tyranny and be with other women also. He has he has yet. And unfortunately. He had another child shortly after hours and I tried to that situation I. I can handle that only one or can't match out. Accidents happen and you know how you tell yourself as. Whoa whoa whoa that's not just an ax what do you mean accidents happened yet a kid with another woman while he was marriage you. Yeah and then you drop very nice of you you brought the child easier my heat when a guy's walking down the street nine trips over crackers sidewalk and only friend is somebody I. Have pain him. I have anyway it's hard because I didn't want to let it go up and our income is I crap out should I. Got out until it got the point where I was like what might elect. I don't even recognize out here. You know I'm not happy. It was it was he was she picked coming to you and saying that I am seeing other women and that's just the way out. Dean or any very multi element every one else you know everyone else would kind of out of our league earlier as bad now with Allen out. And it was like I was that it is terrible can't you may eleventh at that they deserve our help and I was on it yet there is still. Oh man hits saint mission. It got so that I was like yeah I love not I've regretted about meat Packers. There that I lap I was like not like I'm at right they yeah. It might hit batter out about my Al. Are they gonna turn out like I did always wondering what am. Actually. I'd better really anything I am very happy there's about well four years together or we got married very very. And nothing that I have learned that marriage is yeah there's got beat me he's almost got he got. You have to be happy with somebody that. What they're trying to guard you're still gonna love that hurt me so you're happy. You know flat earth do you know he that would make you pay for your kids are Michelle that it would hurt the nobody wants to grow up getting divorced family nobody wants to raise kids that way they've. Your kids will repeat what they learn new home and you don't want them to learn that she's Irish blood deceitful disrespectful. Grammy is okay that's exactly. Right. Didn't see each dish. C dish and the bottom inserted podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading us all into. Elusive company whose eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. It doesn't vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazing to re not you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Off for sandals the call 8889125159. At 889125159. Back for the podcasts. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps and Bob Sherri duck. Halle Berry said she feels like a failure because she's failed at three marriages and she feels guilty about it. That's no way to look at it element of mistakes what did you learn from. We're still life lesson you took away from the time he failed at love John welcome to the show page giant. There are all right so what did you learn giant. And could even after all world and trying to save everybody. Expects. Kobe you didn't care you know grow and grow. How many or how many a damsel in distress did you go in rescuers try to rescue John. Who in the another mother could not inevitably lead when you're out. Good for you John Lennon so there's nobody you can save the campy saved. You LA bella was ordered or couldn't. I know our INS says we have to pay attention to the leader Trent. Yeah the girl gets you found somebody that we just had video a good life somebody who had. Her act together. Yet are working single mother of three so I've got all my head around. It covered Goldman if. That's great good for you thank you John that's those are wise words 8088 PO BS HER IE Adrian welcome to the show. My good what did you learn from the field relationship. I'd like in India. And I think people have expectations about marriage and I think that's part of the problem. Like everything else the life. You know I just gotta kinda take it as they come home. Adding that they have that people hold on The Who they weren't that trying to build what they what they're trying to build their marriages are going forward the date can be in the future kind of be. Would you I think that's really true not a standard hold onto what they were doing and learn what you mean. Added targeted and whole. You know home newspaper meter gamble I mean how encore I was never the problem let's talk about. I don't wanna get them all give all I wanna be the end of the baseball game I don't want to promote economic out not answering anybody. You know I don't know that I should have you know call and check in with mile wide because. You know I'm a man or. You know my men don't control means door in our should have been caught and then app can Wiki they spoke for experiment abuse don't know or. You know if you gotta come OK commit to look back it's here a couple and you're working together at. All. You know our older individual yeah exactly it's a partnership. And if you don't want abused pardon you ship men don't sign on for the role so so aging he said that them biggest thing you learned was that you yourself can be an idiot can you give us some examples of how you vision idiot. Everything or that they're in the gym not time. Usually I go. A well you know I allowed to undercut our group of Foster care so. A quick comment Obama want to be dead. I don't know why but I wanted to be a bad that you you know my first wife. You know it oh woman are bad you can't bad I met her out on the street you know oh. You know minute like. You know not that I could pick there about like I dare go bam it got it. And come up I'm out there and I wish you crazy you know apparently it was great it was a a disaster and leave them there. Four years later found out I got her pregnant that was great so I had to go back and because if my kid. Women women you got her pregnant she had the baby you didn't find until four years later. How did that go down Adrian. Well I was I don't know different. Eight you know and talk in the report here you know what I thought I was done and I literally covered up through the car lap. And all of a sudden a preschooler shows up on your doorstep. Oh no not at all for paper Novell and I was like well oh. I'm like well I mean I didn't notre I don't like it had been a couple of years. She never she never called you in four years to say that your child that a child but your father was born. No idea and ended burden gets even crazier oak. I color out of my head got your picture off the note to you know be very combative let me I quit my job I'd move back up there. And I have no money had not an offer. My girlfriend at that time and inspect wire. I have come from what you. So I go up there I got nothing but two duffel bag and I say you know I'm I'm gonna go take my kids from. This woman and then retreat raised right you like go to court she hadn't attorney I don't her attorneys named a leader which is funny. I the Phillies didn't have always. Anyway open until my homework or spent eight months not and the law library studying those so long to figure out how to represent myself yeah. And I want cut after eight months because she's that bad. Omar while you never hear anybody who represent themselves as winning a taste so you got your child. Ager child want to go with you. Our great sport I don't know exactly how much you wanted or didn't want to do probably a little bit of both you know. You don't have viewed the situation and her current. Boyfriend or husband or whatever word abuse in the kids which is part of the reason I got him not adding it really aren't. Raising Annie got typical vehicle by as a result of that. Is he doing okay whole issue how old is your son now. It turned a keynote Friday needed and juvenile treatment center in Alabama the you know enjoy it. Use in bad bad man number one and there are no merit numbered generally don't like to have David Gergen it's great sponsors. Come on this concourse to be a dad owns and etiquette coach he has got to spend and that it was my birthday and that's. There's little apple because that's used it ever met over the. I knew him it's about didn't work out and are you on number three now. Out of work you are. It is very nice girl you ever. One analyst at the heart of a sham. Yeah yeah well good luck Adrian and good luck too much and Jonathan OB cleans up his act IRA are Kobe does he probably will and our continued good wishes on your journey to not be an idiot yeah. It's a dirty we've probably shouldn't get import but there are subtle that's it's a crowded bus. This Bubba shared. Sherri does well. We are talking about our relationship that did not go the distance when you learned something from a Veronica welcome and what did you learn. Did you get an idea and every cut but Barrett. Act when night candidates ideas just Dexter is not open I didn't thank it. That's. Not expecting our resident Veronica all of the neither that's great. And I don't know by the bank of bad elation Daisuke if you go ahead the. You know I think that works for a woman going to a man but I know concludes the other way. Really kicked in to do and all the sudden he's like our let's talk this shot or print out and I don't know. Oh the last two he's got a everybody's got a dual boot you know if you started. And and she doesn't pick up on it. Alicia you get a new DV expo women don't like these didn't mean it's things were you sick or no we should have or your argument. But stressed or green to be naked while we're org org if any if any yell or planning to break I didn't hear wedding vows please invite me so that's certainly there are quite. You make up. So. Whenever I am married. So little thing and we're and that came right now it don't have an IQ PH well are you ready act and he beat. Idea again and an argument a small one with Mary once over at this restaurant we go to and I tried to getting naked with the argument that we can't go back there again more too bad they had great wing hi know what I am going to do thank you Veronica. Thanks very much. Eighty days and I don't really unless it heats. The soft failures. This learning exactly the most valuable lesson about love hi Debbie Debbie. Good morning art area only we refine merger fund now what did you learn. I've learned that the other person in their relationship can't evaluate you have to offer the relationship. Like to me an example. I've brought love and me he and warm. Relationship. No I. Hard to explain I brought in Q people. Yes the security you stealing ups to bill. Security and ability you have almost what they hate them. Mean. Erin and that was an that was not a that was not appreciated. Let down at all what was said that this person would have valued T think whom I mean money. I. Age. I made mine and but I didn't know. My. Why did he wanna be married to you if. He knew that your father did not own string a flick I got to stop. Com. Click. Dead or somebody was looking Debbie could earn her own money like she doesn't have to have a gallery. But that's where she was implying that that's he wanted to get that out of a woman let me wanted to not a fan earn money or whatever he wanted her earning more. He wanted her more successful. Well I thought she meant that the you know you had like a. Inheritance or whatever Shanley money and that's what he wanted to Marion he wanted to more he wanted to woman with a more prestigious career and a bigger paycheck and more successful. Out in the world profile. He wanted to add DDB but the chief neurosurgeon or the vice president of the bank or what have you. And what deadbeat is is a person who. Is about heart and soul not about dollars and cents and he didn't value that. We absolutely. I was more concerned with how people feel and their emotional wellbeing. Darren would all of their craft that view we know what's great about this MD is the lesson that you learned. No one can tell you that with words you have to live it in order to get it. And we thank him for his gift of this important piece of wisdom and we send him on these shallow. Way in the. It's right thank you Jimmy thank you very much reason I said that I knew this guy you get divorced and the Netherlands as an appearance in her. He said the next one the comes along she's gonna have money. Student I want a woman Mary snow. Are you kidding are saying that a loud boom. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast. Dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Audio clips I guess all I thought it was scary dot com we have Jennifer joining us right now we're talking about. Thinking of ourselves as failures like four Halle Berry feels guilty of like a failure because three marriages didn't work. Instead of looking at what we learned about love from those experiences Jennifer welcome. Think he has first and color. Hey glistening what did you learn from a relationship that didn't go the distance. Well. My ex husband. Bricks he played great in the beginning. And then I'll certainly eat changed don't know why. I mean export and I'm like get that from my dad out the public crowd up a albeit tomboy. My eight and really wasn't much base where and and it didn't elaborate well I could. I'm what do they are you know world. Delicate TB. Didn't he would get really excited and I'll act like everybody else does not work. And you Billick they can't hear yield and like you care. You know that's always song. Rick could you didn't know that it's not like you stand there the tin foil hat on. Right thinking that the players. For the 76ers are getting your coaching. You can hear you of thanks for that and Q. Why are people such wet blankets did he know this about you before he was a few. Oh yeah he get heated. If for example this. One day. To what we can get on the utes. Immediate end. And go with what and the diabetes apart game. And they were going off an own plate you know a prayer for the text and I got up Alex uttered they're about the Downey's by come. They can hear you and I turner and elect him and I had enough. You know didn't I said if you don't like it. You're. A can go outside and beat the fact that it is what it mean and he got up and you went out. Airmail. You know what dear to any part for you was he used that line all the time didn't. RU ST yeah yeah I like to go right. One. Time it's kinda cute but if you hear a day after day year after year it's just an irritant at that point. All I know and sixteen year Mary. I put up or pat yeah out. Was there anything else I mean it it must have been there must have been more irritations other than just your big football fan. Oh yeah well yeah here today I have three boys and an emphatic when I. And they're all very quick they. He would spine after oh this is where I couldn't twit was born. That when he started playing it. So. I don't know. If he has the reset met them and you look at children don't get me wrong. I still displaced like he wasn't able to get any attention because of the twins. Com. And possibly and the other off it because I was doing every day he could help out that. I was getting up with a twang and you know beating him and everything and he's slept like a rock. I cannot wait may end up I put up I would say it may not get up. So I would get a happen and I would you know take the twins and egotism day out of my chair together can they were all. And it says there are now the bottle cap actually. Shut our nerve opera like apple to get. A bit. Were you worried how did you breast feed them. No I did my first I'll bet and I didn't. Yeah I guess I would be hard. It would be hard woods wins I mean he told these. What shows are worried yours hot until he wounded and must be so right so what's your situation now Jennifer. Well. Living with his girlfriend and I think that he cheated on the US no. And I eight lives here with I have kids I'm primary primary cast eight. And eight now go over to. His girlfriend and they it's his week this week except my. In the afternoon you have to work and out in get to this weekend. Now I have the joy of it's hearing everything Winnick did get back out how unhappy they was then that doesn't do anything with and then. Our son if let's get Boley an Al best app and I'm like. I'm sorry I just a typical. I wish there was certainly didn't but they he had you know. So would not do not. A what do you do with your Sri weekend. I'll have a date. He mood is somebody knew how did you meet him. Actually madame Le lion. It. Which sat. Ellis Ellis which and which which one. Are. You met him I can grow. Your chassis which aren't she Jennifer. I'm all yes. We're gonna are you gonna meet him molecular restaurant is something like an. Yes actually we met a order. We can we talk but we're actually going to beat this I could tell you to street. I have had more of but ones that particular app and like plenty of ventured that. I'm like forget the other because there's more curb so pretty if there. Yeah I don't. Geez this is about to issue see indeed it plenty of fish to get his mama I you hear such horror stories about when you try to read about it just the other day that's truthful Jennifer Howell and her love for now. Hope you're thinking he uses what she learned jet you Bruce what she's learners right. 88 HBO BS AGR I eighty days to 167437. It's obvious they are. I refuse I thought it was very dot com Christine welcome to the show tell everybody what you learned about love from failing at it. Need a wow all of the let me start out by and that I had but it it tests. Oh good so we had a successful story their act. It I am but I learned I mean I can read a book and everything. That. Relationship prior to my heart that probably the big and take away. It's teach people how to treat here. And I did I let him treat me like. And I think the biggest breathing for Atlantic. I didn't understand. And the value I had and I and how outlook I felt. Boy these these are just absolutely. Such insightful words that your soon. Well an act burying a few years but yet. I'm eating eating and their troop. And it you know hot part of intent he. And chat and opt out like I ain't you know I kept letting him get away with that obviously you. And yet he had every advantage. You. I bet I learned that in order to. You know habitat are glad I needed from other people I have to learn how to lock myself and that way our. I took. Tirade at eight. I don't from Beijing I really get that ball searching tried to I know about you like Al Allen had a lot of might help. I decided what I whether or not we're not tolerate from other people. And let it very very eye opening. That is horrific it was was that a husband who is treating you like Federer boyfriend. A boyfriend now. And that's it's so lies in its so simple but so many Jews stoned to it just it's it. Do you have to set the boundaries. Where you say you just cannot do that could put up for that crap. I've put that you were to yourself I'm rolling the dice 'cause it could angered them and you know all of a sudden you've got little to secede but bush term you gotta do it. That kind of thing doesn't start on the first day right. Great and you you're in the relationship when it. When it starts camping up right I mean nobody like on the pretty hangs out after her first day was somebody's of emotionally abusive. Grade well and you know from app from the first time I had. View it that talent and expectation and me and I changed in higher corn. Every part and that right David thanks. And you know and let up until last practice one day I don't have called in the everyday when you're you're allowed are IE I mean I should compromise or it would I had and it Cyclone Larry may I am gonna married and. This is the guy and this is the guy you met on kettle of fish. Whenever I. She's another dating back. Up when you finish up at. Noon. That's why when I was single I had a hard time I kept trying to go a little bit shock could lag gotten some fish mongers. Sure they were flagged for a while but after you know of a certain amount of time there's no amount of hands sanitized and against the smell this bill never left. We need guests friends no fish just well pick it seeks a. Yeah it's great Christmas. That that's cruel rumors so go hello we've been married now. Well they celebrated three years the past Cabrera and we have eight children have their honeymoon AT and I'm. Last week. Fantastic in your very happy. I'm like I felt happy and neither bank teller or whether you're related I you know our rent the thirteen let's talk about. Love. I hit that bad and it's been a lot that kind of what I did I did I pay my herb what Taliban expect. Why pay you know a lot of tape and let a tiny bit about Andy did not all that although they. The effect on their elite there that day. Odd how to act simply treat about it it's unheard of ice and rain. Yeah yeah birds not a magical stadium feel very good congratulations. Christie congratulations you. My diet have a great day okay YouTube by by. Middle of the defection not a bad. Let's do this let's don't let's see their spokespeople. Are you pesky carrying you're tired of dating guys who just want burgers and steaks. It's time to check out Kendall affair just. Jellyfish dot com is a very different waiting. What dating site jellyfish dot com is for people who love fishing remaining cash to meet someone lower your cholesterol. How inserts can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought cheap today by USA health insurance plan to. It helps ensure it's your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do to. 84 quarter 299537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. I'm insanity. It's seems OK with the sports you pays me. Thursday morning here's how are you doing great how's everybody on the Bob and sheriff shows are just great we look good movies and there's a new one that's going to be coming out. Before too long about. You Tom Brady Tom Brady did I say I don't say the name everytime I come in years like this I wish we told what's Tom Brady doing do. So this is a movie that do is play and about them coming back from 25 points down in the Super Bowl. Overcoming deflation gay did this four game suspension. Oscar nominated writers Paul as the ball to Massey do we know Eric Johnson. Are gonna team up to us we would they wrote to a patriots day. Of course Mark Wahlberg movie I wonder how they're gonna handle the need to fleet Kate whether or not they'd leave that nebulous whether the east you know say that it. Implied that it was actually done or. They're selling their patriots fans some goes to the rescue things pro new and Ilya. They also did the movie the finest hours when I was a book and movie that had Chris pine and Casey Affleck in its Newton. And pretty Bo Brady that was interest and is his veto and it has Gaudin to visited choice Arnold Schwarzenegger hours of your choice not Matt Damon is nominee because he's a big fan and he's got the hair. So he's a good Motorola page she he's been held I don't know is overweight I think so yeah just you know Tennessee by the way has ridden one other screenplays. Related to football and that was air bud golden receiver best movie ever about a football playing dog. The everywhere but movies yeah. Vaguely I saw the first one I didn't see the sequel which apparently was Golan as I didn't see any of them but I remember the name but the play on words golden received no that's right. Forbes NBA money list of Forbes magazine the financial digest. Has the most valuable franchise and the highest paid players I'll start with player this is not a surprise or is LeBron James Newton maybe surprising in how much money comes from not playing basketball so he made 88 million dollars last year five million came off the court in endorsements in movies 55 million yeah he made 33 as a player 55 doing. Stocks not related to basketball well. That's pretty good that's pretty darn good and the team the most valuable franchise surprised me. The dysfunctional New York Knicks I guess because they are the New York. Nick of rockers at Madison Square Garden this is a team that traditionally misses the playoffs let alone the contending for championships. They're valued at 3.3 billion dollars yeah our lol imagine if they were had a good owner and a good team new viewers I know the lakers also not good for years now our second. At three million dollars the NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers are eleventh on that list even though they have LeBron at one point two billion dollars well there is a difference between the venues I mean Madison Square Garden Madison Square Garden New York is your credit good points. And a father of UCL a basketball star and maybe should've kept his mouth shut I mean his son is good Alonso ball star UCLA. Number six in the nation are the Bruins us here in basketball Lamar ball as his dad he's made a couple outlandish predictions so to speak. I mean just under pressure Oz what he's doing first he. Predicted that you ceiling will win the national championship this year which again the rank sixth they could. But his latest statement this week is that his son when he becomes an MBA player will be better than stuff Currie. Multiple time and MB MVP and NBA champion. And again his son is good and saying he's not he may go on to be sentenced effort but who wants their dads say and they had to raise in the bar. When you're nineteen years old to that level. That's terrible jokes put around kids snack it really is he's now. He's got to come through and prove that he is that person and that's a terrible terrible way I'd be worried about seeing seeing. I'm which I know is superstitious Sen knotts I'm worried about fans go on your know Seth Curry I knew Seth Curry your nose. It's just why is it's just I needed he's good why would you compare to him like he's burying Michael Jordan while. Because a lot of sports friends and his father. Probably is one our knuckle that's when it comes to the game out you know that that they just wanna say something loud and proud dad needs attention to what astounds what happens in place. And president truck is declining ESPN's offered that Obama used to take up every year. S of course President Obama is a huge basketball fan in every year he reduced predictions to make a show a lot of it on ESPN we're your unveiled his brackets for the NCAA tournament field. I'm Donald Trump has politely and respectfully declined. Saying maybe we can partner on some other thing in the near future I don't think he's a big college basketball watchers say is I'll blame on. I don't remember George W. Doing one I certainly don't remember Abe Lincoln and James Capel knowing bribe us. So I don't think it's of that big of a deal but not surprised that it would want days they were gonna do something with him down the road maybe have brackets for national security advisor president Benjamin Harrison would often pick the bracket yeah. The Dallas Garfield was the bass all well I mean you've got domestic okay if this is good presidents day humor. Coming up and finally a slave master what are we talking about there. James Dolan the owner of the New York Knicks uh huh so dream on great place for another team the Golden State Warriors as a treatment Charles Oakley receive from James Dolan. He likened it to being a slave master. I I think to me this is now getting way out of hand yeah during what slaves actually were in this country and the other in amount of millions of dollars these NBA players are played yes they do work. For the owners so to speak but. In everybody's making money on this yeah yeah nobody's right nobody's orca prefer. Ichiro all right we'll sounds like a good date night but Tom Brady moving. Huh huh. Jim's okay thank you very much of this club and Jerry. Scary and so they are making. A movie about what happens in the characters in love actually. Fourteen years later it's only going to be a ten minute thing though it's just yeah. I was short I thought it was going to be made maybe twenty minutes though it's going to be a ten minute thing and not ever brightly Emma Thompson is him participating not everybody's doing well Allan Rick man a pass tests way and that's why she's not participating but here's what you do get. Or who you get. Hugh Grant Keira Knightley. Colin Firth William niece and cool night he I was just listening pronounced 9909. Isn't that how you and I'm sure DH wise is memorizing pronounced. The night. Andrew Lincoln. And I joined him at consider crimes hero and I consider who is so funny is unity as the guy behind the counter. I guess most people have seen the movie but I and I haven't the human if you have an ever watched less Max if you haven't ever watch love actually sent sourcing it. The original writer director respect to. And who is aged best you think out of that cast. Kara Knightley I guess. Recent Russian Max looks the same T does and you're grant looks pretty much sent. An and ensure Lincoln has changed. On being. Being the lead dog in the survivors of these zombie apocalypse has put some meat on it mr. bean doesn't. Is he does he need he sleep doesn't change but he used to sing in much. I can remember the last thing that I think Dallas the last thing I saw him and he was very disappointed he didn't have a bigger American career itself I tried hard but it wasn't able to. I'm just here the way he was in Britain. So he's still a big star over there I guess you always done yet. Yeah he's a comedy legend or there then. It's a funny acts it is an when he played debt that's snooty. Salesman at Bloomingdale's or wherever Los Angeles blushed and gift to we had to be wrapped and it had to be tied and then it had to be placing a special Fagen the dried lavender was content and then another verb and was tied I was screaming and some pebbles were put in there for way that I was hysterical. But it does that take place in London that worst must be so Wyndham Bloomingdale's who would have been parents Mary and everything I was dispenser that's our military it's Regis Philbin does not have any kind of her relationship with Kelly report. They were together for ten years religious hosted live for 28. Years and for the last ten he says side by side with Kelly rip. And now he said in an interview with Larry King where is Larry King. He has some sort of it's he does have some sore platform because I've seen others who do an interview by amp. And he looks exactly the same like he would it almost looks like he's doing the old CNN show I saw him doing some sort of an infomercial. For some sort of ready. Energy products and use the same set the used to use and I went Larry come. This is kind of Hokies team Miami though. And bridges said that Kelly got very offended when I left she thought I was leaving because of her. I was sleeping because I was getting older and it wasn't right for me anymore woody go back to TV. And he said to Larry King I don't know how often would it be would be every night every day I do miss it or times or really misses but you know I just figured. It was my time to leave it's so strange that they would work together for those for that matter a decade. And just. And they both live in New York City and have absolutely no contact with the chosen because she was really hurt at delay that he left. That's the story. Under he and do you take her side to even know he didn't he didn't. She got blind sided and that neighbor and that history repeat it was Michael Strahan. And she's so could do what she doesn't that show me I don't see it's very often maybe we were on vacation. But she's really really. She's not just cute and globally she's most sites you know she should take notice yes she's very funny. Who's who's doing the show with her now they're still looking they've had a variety of posts including her husband who has filled and it points along the line other Larry King show is called Larry King now on Hulu. Are going to be easy defiant. Hey give all of describe that threw us I know but all of the venues that she get television shows. From its overwhelming don't you think you're you're allowed better edit deny him. You know they Pearson thinly I don't give her many opportunities I look firm green knee cold day went. The kids have projects or dance or whatever and the only thing I can do is Danes and the like curl up clicking evil villain with a remote swath. And once I catch up on the shows clarity life. It's really hard to find that I think although Giroux prairie Morrison news show. A ton Netflix called the cynic 32 diet mean and where she plays a real estate agent who's been turned into a zombie. It's supposed to be fantastic I'm restore presume that next if I get a ring needed cloudy and gloomy day I don't know much inch TV. I just stare. Only streets. Think bad choices that I. Boy you've got a whole library of scary on demanding your head to. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I'm sorry dot com so Patrick Swayze sport it's going to sell off for charity some of his stings at an auction. Lisa is his widow. And here is what is being offered in Los Angeles April 28 and 29 and I guess anybody can go the items include. A jacket. And that's the jacket from the dirty dancing a leather jacket from dirty dancing. And the surf board which is worth 4000. To 6000 dollars each from point break right. Hum there's the maroon silk shirt he wore in ghost. Which has an estimated value of two to 4000 dollars the wet suit from point break is also going for about the same price. Parent also script packets from the Saturday Night Live episode he hosted in 1990. The one where everybody has seen this where you went short list to audition for the chip in Dale's against Chris Farley. Remember oh hey yeah that was so funny that's script you can get that script for six to 800 dollars. Swayze also had a Delorean which is expected to go for between thirty and 50000 dollars I thought that was kind of low. Until Lori knew. Patrick Swayze still lower than. And they Harley-Davidson soft tail which is worth eight to 101000 dollars she said that she is going to donate part of the money to pancreatic. Action cancer network. He died of pancreatic cancer in 2009 whose only 57 years old so that's good thing she's doing some of those things things so I mean rather then. The idea donating your for charity and his fans will have better man and planet Hollywood I guess planet Hollywood still think Newton. These auctions come up every once in awhile I was reading about one that was. Two or three years ago and the sport jacket. That Cary Grant war in to catch a thief and Alfred Hitchcock movie. Which was I think grace Kelly's last movie people before she can be came to a princess. Of Monaco. Are his sports jacket went for 30000 dollars what is it what would that be into game today kind of money and an ally. What was not many years ago probably about 50000. Today. And whoever bought it they said they're gonna put it behind to the last infringement. I can't early on if even if I crazy money. On I can't think of a single piece of memorabilia that I would not even those who buys stuff oh no. Gave me every flavor of the creek so iconic that somebody up there has the ruby slippers. Yeah I don't know I can't think of any memorabilia grab go yeah I gotta have. Except for me BD regional carbon night Han Solo. That'd be cool that a vehicle that had a very cool thing. Replicas of that are sold now small and they are replicas is that are sold on line is their way up. I'm a wizard devise person nor that he I have total respect for it and it's. It's interesting now that I'm a grown up I couldn't stand to watch it and I love. We can't ever Wiki memorized. Which is of course based on the loser revised. But the movie itself I never really connected to an acquaintance who was a musician the jazz musician when you knew Loomis include these jazz musician. And he played all over the world and backed up you know wrote for Sinatra and all that he owned one of torture stresses from The Wizard of Oz. And he had it in Iraq mountain house. It was displayed. In his mountain house so if it isn't really means something TU. I guess this Q anything that I would spend and on. Trying to think about some. Iconic movies that have been out in the last few years. I'd like to have Samuel Jackson's wallet from pulp fiction had a bigger. Any shadow boxing had how that would be very anything from Shawshank redemption I'd like. And he little old memorabilia from that like the book where the F pick ax was or does that the claw hammer wise. You know would be hysterical to have you remember in the movie clueless. The giant really bad oil painting of shares late monarch who died from a botched liposuction and asked her truck it's how. Fine he would it be to have that would be very cool huh but the axe from the shining. That's enlightened to creepy creepy and I love this Chinese. You creepy you know I have pushed tone share just found that's something. From. That they took some footage out of that movie that they originally had shown in now was. At the end of the movie they made it that they couldn't find Jack Nicholson's body. So that's with a guy who owned the place to hold shell right volatile stylish told me that and they ended up taking it out because that would have led to a sequel. And secure and I think he did you don't wanna do that. I think it would be great if next Halloween. We were decree between us from the signing at a. You wanna do that make sure I mean don't you think that'll be hysterical and the two of us we'll just walked on the holes writing holding hands completely so I think they'll be really cool and you have the legs weren't I didn't think it'll thank you very much appreciate you know that hotel or so and that doesn't look good in blue sought. I yeah I saw an ad for that code itself. Tony who worked with his wife surprised him with a Valentine's Day trip to that hotels the brought more. That would and they had to sit I think at media day had a parent who excuse there yeah I doubt seriously this just have to namely no kid last weekend. We. Woo a girl you're opening your run not right. Man. And where is that color. Leave it hasn't announced his car. I would you do have to pay more to stay in like one of the things rooms are. Mean there's some kind of shining tour. I just know that it's a. To a loss came as the crease between us from the shining we don't Halloween next year you're going to do and I'm looking creepy walking down the hall some people would normally lives. They'll just go oh no another day another good. Find this an audio clips I guess we. Somebody sent me this Joseph. Told coconut it. Could be headed back to the WW read at 63 there's a lot he can teach the younger guys. Like goers look for blinking red light before you make love. That's still as one of the trial is set is one of the freaky stories that one of his friends one of his best friends. For us. Quiz life video with with his friends was video in them and since sold its two million. A website how much the local content. He got ripped from the Wharton they're a millet tens of millions was nab it I mean you probably never seen. All of all of it. It's it's true I mean you would never know where these little cameras are. You know. They can be so small and so is killed even trump was talking about it a couple of weeks ago we said man nothing happened over there I've been known I've I've been aware for years that. There are cameras with which you're well known person their cameras in your hotel room if you're in Russia. And how I don't know who knows what he's talking about are not in that area but you could see how the Russians who used to do when you're tourists in Russia years ago. Somebody would follow you around and a you're OK GB yeah for your entire trip there you never know it. But you'd be followed her around if there's a group of Americans traveling to Saint Petersburg or somewhere there's always a KGB guy following around. Hey speaking of getting your romance on. On firefighters in Great Britain in Croatia. Has issued warnings to on its fans of fifty shades darker. Like I. Because they've had multiple embarrassing emergency 911 calls for assistance. On to free people that could knock it out of their handcuffs or restraints. During romantic and commerce so and a dot during the movie but when they got home to London fire. The London fire brigade. I'm used a fifty shades of red campaign to encourage the bondage curious to exercise caution they said in the past five years alone. Over one million dollars in taxpayer money has been spent on emergency incidents from kinky predicaments. Durbin number one runner to handcuff related. Incidents in the past five years. And 800 in ten incidents where the emergency responders had to remove objects. And from Porsche says and you remember Johnny Cochran's famous. If they entered the glove don't fit you must acquit the London fire blue green says if it doesn't fit don't force it. Well if you're gonna buy America so it isn't a thing you really have to remember is where you put security keys are. Relief but the British are so dry you know doesn't fit don't force and that's as they think it's it's very polite it's. It's the most thorough more Elaine weighing. Just say that I don't think so. I don't think so. Might have weight loss mistakes. I'd like to pass a law. We're all concerned about staying in shape or losing some weight right. Buying low fat versions of everything that's a mistake they usually add more salt she's sure to make them taste good so it really doesn't help that much. Only doing Carty oh and that lifting weights adding muscle is what kick starts your metabolism so you should really do both. And I don't lift weights that much a little bit but not for much. Well you do lifting this building for years secure healthy CUNY did you receive more reps than and a not getting enough sleep you're more likely to gain weight if you get less than six hours a night. Seven or eight hours is ideal and wonder why you Wiki way if you're not getting a lot of slow visit Jackson's your body's own production of hormones so I had capitalism or stuff that would that would make sense. Setting unrealistic goals you have to think long term. And not expect to lose a ton of weight overnight. Otherwise you'll get discouraged. I saw that they're for Nutrisystem with Marie Osmond yes today I didn't know that she's lost fifty pounds and she's always seem to be the same silenced them. And this seems chase think she's exact same traits she's so pretty she is. I'm not drinking enough water makes you feel full so you're less likely to snack. And then what we don't have to worry about this one weighing yourself too much. Your weight fluctuates during the days of his two point weighing yourself more than once today and Cheri and I feel at no point even when you get on the doctor scales the weigh yourself. But every three to four decades. Limit the numbers are so stressful you are bank balance your credit score your wave dash now mean. I go for the alternates back and by way. Big news that exactly. That Mattel the doctor next time I go. Highway and that's big news.