Morons: The bandit won't leave

Monday, March 20th

The cold weather has caused the morons to be easy targets.


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A 52 year old guy and Kent England kept that is a beautiful part of England. His name is cliff Kurd area he broke into a house back in January and he's stolen gold chain. Worth at least 500. Dollars but when the cops closed anonymous he swallowed Booth he swallow food chain. So the cops. How to go into a waiting game Clifford Ari can you know the rookies for one think Afghanistan. Clifford airy and you know the waiting was an area. Eventually eventually the neck lists. Came out naturally. And they had it figured out. And thanks to that piece of evidence Clifford was just convicted of burglary and handle these stolen goods. The guy just got eight years in prison for doing that. Eight years in these trees off Bertha won't listen not a must first 500 dollars that was it. 29 year old guy and Merrill Lynn got arrested a few days ago. For sending us role blue light video and to a writer who has epilepsy. If you have epilepsy you can't look at strobe lights up and he sent it to them because the guy wrote articles that have been critical of Donald Trump. Come on focus. Three teenagers in Wisconsin got busted for selling drugs at a gas station but they get. How did they get busted why were they arrested for selling drugs and gas station because we're. Right next to the police station. Sometimes you have to look around. On on that that incident where demand in Maryland center user group ordered the stroke inducing them to you're decent stroke play I'm. That happened over Twitter. Just say you know often and if you think they'd. Big you can get away with that kind of stuff on social media can't the FBI. Always a winner turned over the armed user information and the FC IRS that the guy that good he needs to be arrest because he'd sent in as some as an emanates you know video listen we can disagree but you don't do things like you but you think that when you're on the Internet you can do stuff and a non imagine I ate up victimless Phnom think again. I wanna celebrated her sneaky raccoon in New York City in the midst of that snowstorm that hit the city last week. A raccoon broke into a Chase Bank. This stay warm. During the storm well. And a guy who just happen to be passing by. He was walking into his apartment and re max's apartment building is a chase branch. And it's sitting in the window watching the snow fall. Was Iraq cannot let up and in the understatement of all time mark Malcolm who spotted the raccoon says. I thought. That's so strange and it does of course it is because you're so there are raccoon in downtown Manhattan and I know why don't you guys in Manhattan. Illinois city on a branch representatives. Like a personal bankers stash you sitting on the desk in the window looking out at. And it was warm inside obviously so all I'm mark alchemy and his wife called 911. And they believed that there raccoon it sneaked into the bank through a hole in the roof. They captured the raccoon recent release and on a private property the next day here this is the for I'm bringing historic she's not just because it's a recommended bank but because. It's the first successful incidents in the history of more runs in the news. Where someone broke into a building through a hole on the route and didn't end up in a ventilation Don you're right you're exactly driven are here's a funny one out of nine Toronto. There's a video game I've been to bar in Canada there it's called the melt down east sports bar. And you go there to watch gaming greatly twitch Maine. Well people have been using Siri. In Toronto to ask for a good place to find prostitutes. Which it never occurred to me to ask Siri that. Because Syria can't tell you seen him play comply she doesn't understand me like if I say Siri where's the nearest best buy you Syria will say. Searching boost Berry pie you can right click it can't understand me growing. Syria has been sending people looking for prostitutes to meltdown. A place devoted to video gaming is the last patient gonna find a woman to do that story. And that is more I.